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  1. Skier broken after update

    Skier will only sell me level 1 stuff and 2 items for crown and nothing else, also can't trade with him now.
  2. Toggle for Comtac Headset

    Hey it would be great if we could get a toggle for the Comtac Headset you could even make an animation where he reaches up to his ear to toggle it.
  3. Nvidia/AMD game ready drivers for EfT

    Nvidia and AMD don't optimize anything it's on the devs to provide them code for game ready drivers.
  4. They already found a way!!!!

    don't be a little girl, go out with M4's.
  5. Prapor calling me "sugar" via insurance claim?

    don't join any EFT community discords, you wont be able to handle to banter.
  6. State of the Sound Engine

    Alot of the problems lie with unity tho, like the zoom in fps drop is a unity thing.
  7. CeraKote For Gun Customization

  8. connecting to wrong region

    So as of lately 3 out of 5 times i've been connecting to Luxembourg servers instead of Sydney servers this pretty much means i have 250+ ping and have to deal with dsync and it's pretty much an instant lose of gear for me, can we please get something to stop this?
  9. First Post - Observations/Suggestions for Improvement

    HAHAHAAHHAAH ""successor to Counter-Strike""
  10. Rare weapons rare spawn

    i am, just grind factory with a saiga, and sell everything you get to him.
  11. Rare weapons rare spawn

    You know whats more rare, then an M4 a ASVAL, i've found like 4 of them on the shelves on factory.
  12. Rare weapons rare spawn

    M4's aren't rare tho.
  13. Special weapons

    if it's not used in real world combat on a large scale it's not gonna be in the game.
  14. HELL NO, i love all the easy gear that i get with just an axe.
  15. Player scavs killing each other

    or you know learn to look for signs that it's not AI like movement.