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  1. So I shot a guy with fort 10 times...

    366. tkm has no penetration at all. in real life it wouldnt even go through the armor fort is based off of.
  2. Armor--Proper Armor

    6b43 6a armor dvl 10 rifle specter dr optics sig bravos eotechs magpul d60s sig p226s mp443s vltor ar15 uppers lvoac keymod handguards big steel plates arent old school but these are?
  3. New servers added!

    complaining isnt feedback, its complaining. feedback is telling them what is wrong with the game, not complaining about the servers. also, my experience with U.S servers yesterday was as follows: if i managed to get into a game, the desync made pvp almost impossible.
  4. New servers added!

    trust me if the devs truly cared this game would look like pubg. the only reason we are allowed to play is because they want feedback. they know about the servers, complaining about it is just beating a dead horse. that is why they don't say anything
  5. New servers added!

    the devs don't care about what you or your buddies think of their unfinished game dude.
  6. New servers added!

    thats unfortunate. im not gonna act like woods is all that great though. its the only map ive played except for scav runs on factory until yesterday and any customs games i played on the day of or the day after the path released. everything else takes at least 20 minutes for me to get in.
  7. New servers added!

    woods is the only map that loads in correctly lol
  8. Problems witht the overhauled health system

    i like the changes but i still feel like the tokarev is the only viable round for handguns
  9. Please fix this awful patch changes.

    the med kit changes are fine except the amount it takes to bandage scavs spawn at the construction site almost always now so i am not sure how you are still managing to get surprised by them im not sure where you are getting this scavs chasing idea from because they don't chase me any more than 50 meters out of their general area, and since factory is basically just killing grounds you should be surprised if everyone is hunting each other.
  10. chirp chirp
  11. sex and love in tarkov

    plz tell me this is a joke
  12. Please consider reducing AI difficulty.

    the problem with the ai is that when you die to them its generally bs and when you kill them its generally bs.
  13. lets not pretend guns should be better because it took you longer to find them
  14. Wipe

    next wipe is soon they don't want to wipe anymore after full release.
  15. Your suggestions

    Zhokov stocks are trash. I want other magpul stuff for aks tho