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  1. 8GB RAM seems a bit far fetched

    Then why is it, with my 16gb or RAM, I only have 4gb of it being used with just Steam, Discord and this one tab of Google Chrome up, but when I load into Customs my entire system takes a poo?
  2. 8GB RAM seems a bit far fetched

    Defending memory leak with "its 2017 bro" as an arguement. Good joke. Also, if your ram usage is getting to 10 gb, your pc is fucked.
  3. 4 Prapor quest keys at once

    Wow, aren't you speshul.
  4. Performance drop after Patch

    Yeah its cancer
  5. Report to a pistol glitcher

    please stop your making a fool of yourself
  6. improvised suppressors

    grow up. lol. good one.
  7. improvised suppressors

    yes, because every pmc and their mother knows how to work the machinery to create an adapter to attach an oil filter for a gun. also pas·sive-ag·gres·sive adjective of or denoting a type of behavior or personality characterized by indirect resistance to the demands of others and an avoidance of direct confrontation, as in procrastinating, pouting, or misplacing important materials. if telling someone you accidentally tipped an "emotional imbalance" they apparently have based off one thing they said to you on an internet forum isnt passive aggressive, i have cancer.
  8. improvised suppressors

    devs didnt seem to mind when i was using the word BETA alone repeatedly as a reply to everyone complaining about how bad this game is. and no, oil filter adapters would not be found commonly enough (if at all) in a situation like the one in tarkov to warrant the devs making models and the works to make this cheesy idea happen. and no, pmc´s with less money wont be bringing in oil filter adapters because they provide all the disadvantages of a suppressor while at the same time providing less-than manufacturer quality of sound suppression, they will stick to the cheaper standard muzzle devices, especially for pistols so that way they can get a proper sight alignment and be able to use their holster. as for entirely improvised suppressors made entirely out of improvised parts, i am fine with that. maybe i should have elaborated better earlier, but adapters to attach an oil filter to the gun would not happen.
  9. improvised suppressors

    no need for being a passive agressive d wad, i used all caps simply because i know it would get your attention, and it worked.
  10. ETA regarding improving soundsystem?

    alpha- implementing core game mechanics. beta- implementing content and bug fixes.
  11. Suppressors

    Yes plz i am not a fan of suppressors being stupid quiet and still able to have the power of supersonic loads. add subsonic loads and the required tools and modifications to make a gun cycle with them and remove supersonic cracks from these loads. if the gun does not have the correct modifications it should have reliability issues (these would normally be shortstokes, stovepipes {i think}, failure to go into battery, failure to fully chamber a round.) i want suppressors to dirty guns faster i want replaceable wipes to be a thing this game is supposed to be realistic, and realisticly you do not automatically gain an advantage on your opponent just by putting a suppressor on your gun. you kinda need more than that to get the full effectiveness. most if not all guns with suppressors are still not hearing safe for the shooter until you load subsonic ammo. that means if a guy on factory with a suppressed m4 is shooting at you and you cant find him based off of sound alone, the suppressors probably need work done to them.
  12. improvised suppressors

  13. Look for people to join my squad

    I am looking for people to join my squad so they can teach me how to play the game. I have all my traders max level and a good amount of money so if you have gear I will be able to bring my own as well. I have a discord if you want to join at or you can send me your own discord disclaimer: If I think you are a baby or a cutie i won't play with you
  14. Game needs ballistic adjustment for realism.

    your right, except the 9mm round will do tissue damage at close range, where the 300 win mag will go right through and do no tissue damage. because of this, velocity does not always mean more damage. if you truly thing otherwise, maybe should try an ar15 for home defense.
  15. Game needs ballistic adjustment for realism.

    finally someone understands more velocity does not always mean more damage God bless