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  1. Scav patrol heli, no thanks hahah
  2. Claymores on this game would be insane hahaha every checkpoint mined up no one would extract!
  3. 5-Man Teams

    @FLP @Lewisukmaybe worth locking this one down? Not really going anywhere haha
  4. 5-Man Teams

    @Satah You haven't really suggested improvements. All I was saying is if I didn't enjoy a game I would leave it for a while. Not worth getting worked up about. Stress is bad for you. Also circle jerk, interesting idea, maybe you should put that forward to the devs.
  5. 5-Man Teams

    @Satah If you don't enjoy the game, you should leave. Go play something else, PUBG or CS. I have seen lots of posts from yourself "bitching" about the game the today. I believe one was even locked by a mod.
  6. SpeedHACKER!!!!

    Been having the same thing on customs.