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  1. Latest Scav Supersoldiers

    My only complaint about the scavs is; Why can they shoot point blank, when we cannot?
  2. I'm honestly not sure. I would probably send in another report. My experience with their support has been as follows; -Find a bug in game, making a level/game unplayable/unenjoyable. -Get stuck in area, attempt to tell them about it. -Months pass. Finally get response OH BOY! -"We're sorry we took so long to get to you, however since that time, things have changed in game. Please let us know if it's still a problem, thanks! Please rate our support!"
  3. Stuck in "Matching"

    I have tried the "invite another" trick, and it is not working. I was able to join a game as a Scav, no problem. Jumped RIGHT in. However I'm pushing 3-5 minutes in PMC before I just...stop. Anyone else?
  4. Game crashed upon clicking play.

    Hi Necuja, thanks for the response. Unfortunately this has not helped. I use Avast, and have even before playing this game. Nothing has changed as far as I can see, and the settings are set to allowed already.
  5. As stated, when I attempt to click "play" from the launcher, the game immediately gives me the "report" function, no other window opens up, stating it terminated. I've checked for updates, missing files, etc.
  6. Now that the Y key is assigned to gestures and commands. What happened to the mumble function? Can we still root out campers and have player scavs yell back if we issue a "command" by hitting Y after firing like before? I enjoyed being able to tell if there was a camper by firing off a few shots and hitting Y, having them yell back at us.
  7. 3+ Minute PMC raid spawn?

    Hey all, This is the second time today I've spawned at least 3 minutes late into a raid as my PMC. Both times checking were sub 57 minutes left in Factory. The second time I was actually gunned down as I dropped in, rather frustrating. This late spawning as a PMC intended? I know Scavs spawn 5 minutes+ in?
  8. I've noticed something odd about factory since I began taking a certain route. The metal staircase leading to the bridge connecting to the third floor offices seems to break your legs randomly on the second tier of the stairs. I have tried different ways, running, walking, crawling, crouch walking. I thought it all came down to desynch probably. But this marks the twelfth time this has happened. Four of those times, both legs break, my character begins to breath heavily, then just randomly keels over. KIA says the report. Is this a known issue? It's very annoying and takes fun out of a map, given I am terrified to now take a certain route, given it has a 1/2 chance to break my legs, then kill me.
  9. Pistol glitch

    Yes, by far the weakest pistol. What are you doing, only hatchet runs? I also like how you're arguing with every one BUT Necuja who gave you a response. Seems like you just are a fan of hearing yourself type.
  10. Stairs bug

    Same here, it seems to be a consistent issue I'm finding. It's near the center of the map right? The stairs that lead up to the bridge? It seems if you walk/run/job up them a certain way, both legs will break. And sometimes outright kill you. This has happened multiple times to me. I thought it was a desynch at first, being hatcheted or something, but no. This is a stair problem.
  11. Legs breaking from running?

    Anyone experiencing both legs breaking while running/walking? Doesn't appear to be a desynch issue as hit registry and looting happens instantly. EDIT: Just happened again. I was merely walking this time down the bridge section in factory, BOOM. Both legs gone.
  12. Games Great Desync Blows

    I agree, it can be extremely frustrating when you decide to deck yourself out. And you end up dying in the stupidest ways. Usually for me it's taking damage through multiple walls, as I can hear the AI screaming at me and his shots go off, and I'm /SLOWLY/ taking damage, despite walking away from the gunshots... past 3 walls and 2 doors. But as @twindc23 said, it's currently in beta so hopefully it will be fixed. I just wish the devs would state what they're attempting to do to alleviate the desynchs, outside the "Yeah we know about them." If they have and I haven't seen it, please feel free to forward me to it.
  13. Grenade radius / cover.

    Through a closed door and around a, what seems to be, 10 foot container. I'm highly doubtful. I'm guessing it was intermittent desynching.
  14. MOE Adapter for AK-74n?

    Wonderful, much appreciated. Thanks!
  15. MOE Adapter for AK-74n?

    I have searched the forums in hopes of finding where/what the MOE adapter for the AK-74n looks like, as I'd like to put other stocks on it. I came across a few posts stating Skier and Peacekeeper sell these. However in the past few days I've not seen them, but I cannot even find what their picture looks like. I've drug my mouse through all their inventory countless times. Am I losing my mind? Are they gone? Heeeeeelp plox.