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  1. Possibly within the beta time but nothing confirmed yet.
  2. It is a just a rig (Storage) for now.
  3. Soon, yes. But when it is, we will announce it. We are just sharing the screenshots of it now.
  4. Parties in the Conflict and their History As you all know, the conflict in Tarkov is between three factions. Two PMC groups: USEC and BEAR and the well-armed local scavenger gangs the ''SCAVs'' PMC BEAR Allegedly created on direct orders of the Russian government, is employed by the Norvinsk region officials to uncover any evidence of the Terra Group's illicit activities. BEAR creation: The Defense and Security Committee of Russian Federation The creation of the BEAR PMC has its origins as far back as 2012. Diary of young BEAR Little is known about their activity, tasks, and numbers at this moment but there is still some information to scrap under the barrel. PMC USEC Employed by the notorious Terra Group international corporation, vigorously engages in armed clashes, hindering the investigation of Terra Group activities, carried on by local authorities. Moreover, according to intelligence agencies, USEC provides armed cover to illegal work and research of the foreign companies. PMC USEC: article from the Soldier magazine The first information about USEC private military company was seen on the ''Solider Magazin'' on August 2011. USEC: Surveillance Diary The company is very secretive and well hidden but there is still much information about the activity of the members. USEC: Surveillance Diary - Novak It is very clear that the USEC agents are preparing for something... USEC: Surveillance Diary - a vessel with equipment A ship named Tempo arrives in the port from Oslo with various types of equipment Under the USEC protection: Surveillance Diary By monitoring the interest location of the region, it is possible to get information that the company ''Polihim Limited'' breaks contact with the local PMC and goes under the protection of USEC. The arrival of the Van Saint special forces: Surveillance Diary A tip came in that Gus Van Saint, the Director of the USEC special operations department, will arrive at the Tarkov airport at 11.30. Escape: Surveillance Diary Twelve unknown individuals leave the city in haste with the protection of the USEC agents under unclear circumstances. SCAV Having accepted the new reality, savage Tarkov locals - "Scavs" flocked into well-armed gangs and started the division of the city. Nowadays, Tarkov is separated by unseen borders, controlled by different groups. Gain-greedy gunmen would go to any length to have their way, including the murder of civilians and direct confrontation with the two private military companies. Report on dangerous trends among the civilian population of the Tarkov emergency area The SCAV faction is not only one group but many with each of them having their leaders and fierce. You can find some information about these groups below: The Scavs: Zhilnov armed group The Scavs: Pashutin armed group The Scavs: Grizzle armed group
  5. Hello Escapers, In this thread we have gathered all story related content for your ease of navigation. More importantly we want to give you a chance to get closer to the stories which you will see within the game itself. Escape from Tarkov is more than just a shooter game, it is backed by a great story. Every region, district, and city has its prehistory in which behind the scenes is a fierce and bloody struggle for power, money, and influence. As you venture through Tarkov you will come across many questions that this news will give you answers to. You may learn what an event means, who its members are, and what their purpose is. The news you find may help you connect the dots or it could create a new dot entirely. Know that each dot will be connected in the end, giving you more of an understanding of your purpose as you uncover the truth.
  6. May the best of the community be part of the team in a mindset to help the community.
  7. Moved to off-topic section. Please, post only alpha related posts under the alpha discussion section. And no, nothing changed in-game or on the forum by you starting to make videos but I think you already got that answer. Thanks!
  8. Please, make sure to post on the weapon section in regards to such things. The alpha section is only in regards to the alpha stage discussion. Moved to weapon section. Thanks!
  9. We will find a way for this on the next one. The idea is not a giveaway. It is an event that the PMC (Which is the DEV team) gets hunted by the SCAV team and they need to escape so not sure if this plays in. I think you mean by the DEV team? If so then, it is because he run out of gear mid-event and had nothing else (He got more gear after). Everyone that played in the dev team knows about the game very well and not because they thought 2000 rubles is a lot. But we also know that next event we need to have the dev team prepared with the gear they will be holding on them and give to the player that kills them. But again, the idea is not a giveaway or like something you mentioned/done before. Consider it as a competition in some way. This was already done in the discord channels as well as voice comms when it all started at first. Noted. Will do. We will see what we can do for this one. It is under discussion and sounds like it was the main issue at the time. I think I need to clear up something here, the DEV team (7 players) are PMCs who are highly geared and full of loot. They also have 2 emissaries with them who were streaming. Then you have the SCAV team which is 16 players who spawn with random gear and hunt the dev team by using their numbers and surprise on choke points/ambush areas. We do not plan to restrict gear on this since that is not the idea of this specific event but still thanks for the feedback and suggestion on this. Sorry, no. We do not plan to have something like that. The bonus is just coming together and having fun. If your friend has a technical issue, that is unfortunate and if he was not in the last wave, we could have put him into the next wave so that he could get a chance but I think I remember you guys being in the last wave so that was not possible.
  10. New maps are planned for beta stage. But details will be given later down the line. We will announce when it is ready. No, it is not just a concept. We posted some concept art and in-game screenshots. You will also have access to this map in the beta stage. The shoreline map is more than two times bigger than customs. (Just to give you an idea of how big it is.)
  11. Oh no, I do not mean about the night time. As for that, I said this: The response I gave specifically for you is to what you said: That was the response I gave for. We will do what we can with the night time issue.
  12. Right on! A big thank you to everyone. Especially last wave players and those who were helping each other to get it rolling. And Ripper, remember that we are looking forward to some good game videos from you guys (If possible).
  13. Noted. The game settings are globally the same so if it is night time, it is night time BUT we will see what we can do for the next one. The idea is that Devs are PMCs and players are SCAV who need to hunt down the DEV team. And as you know SCAV gear is random but their advantage is their numbers and how well they communicate. It is 16 players against 5-7 players but geared players. Noted. We will get the Dev team to prepare beforehand. Maybe even prepare what they would do. But also remember that it was a play time after work, at work, as well. I agree. The issue was that players did not come early and they were not joining the channels to play as soon as it was time and many were not following the channel of the announcement which had instructions of what to do 2 hours before the event started. We also had many players who would need to do certain things and was having a hard time to understand the steps. Maybe we will try to publish these steps with more clear instructions for the later one and ask all members to come 1 hour early so that everyone is ready when the event starts and then we all just start joining games. I think this is better. What do you think? We still cannot give the full info since players could share the steps which get others to do that and they are not in the event. This would ruin few things. This is why most things had to be a placeholder and version key code was given when it is time to join. We tried to make it a time best for most EU players. Any suggestions for a better time which could work for most players in EU? If this is due to work schedule specifically for you, maybe it is best for you to attend the NA one. Thank you to all that gave feedback so far. I will follow up and discuss with you all on what you say and tell you why we did a certain thing to find a counter idea for it. Keep them coming.
  14. Hello everyone, We would like to gather your opinions on the first European developer hunt event that was held on May 18th. We have already received many feedbacks on getting it set up faster, it being night time, etc. But we want to use this thread to get as many feedback and ideas as possible so that our future events can be a much better experience. And remember we plan to have one for US time next week. So this is essential to gather. When giving your opinions, please be honest but respect the forum rules at all time and stay on topic. We hope you had a great time yesterday whether you partake or was watching the streams. Thank you! Czech Translation of the News Thanks to emissary @PugMonk
  15. SCAVs/Player team will be a total of 54 players which takes the event for 2 hours long. We will have more events later on. Like 54 more for US players next week. This is not anything related to the next update. We will announce any upcoming updates. Positing it here will allow other players to know what is going on and they can also watch streams on thet day. We are keeping it here for the knowledge of the event purpose. We will be checking who has alpha access when we sign them up.