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  1. Czech & Slovakia Community Website

    Yes. He and his team are unsung heroes. One of our top emissary. Well done guys.
  2. Hello, There is no need to create a new thread to give a suggestion. As much as we appreciate it and consider it, please, go over to the main thread to give suggestions. This of it this way, if every person has a suggestion and makes a new thread, what would happen? Exactly! Thanks!
  3. Upgrade to 140$ version?

    Hello, As said above, go back to the pre-order page, log in and go to the EOD edition section. The option is present there. Thanks!
  4. Need help with game crashing

    This is the report location: Thanks!
  5. We now bring you screenshots of AKM, AKMS, VPO-209, VPO-136, AKMNSLP, RAIPON and various modifications. Enjoy!
  6. The Translation Campaign: Your Game, Your Language

    Hello everyone, I am very pleased to see you all getting involved in this. Gratitude for you all from the team. I would like to gather your opinions and feedback on the current system so that we can make it better. So, please comment here your opinions, feedbacks, and suggestions. I will make sure to look into them and address as many as possible to make things smoother and better. Thank you!
  7. The Translation Campaign: Your Game, Your Language

    It will not do not worry. It will be looked into and proofread. Remember, this might be a small studio but I believe the current work done shows how professional it all is. You will see the same level with this one. We got you But thanks for the concern. Much appreciated. Thank you and it will be with your support.
  8. Greetings, Escapers! Thank you for your continued support and your interest in Escape from Tarkov! We feel truly blessed to have a community like you - devoted, ready to help, and thorough. Your joint efforts keep making our game better every day - testing, suggesting ideas, proposing adjustments - and we really appreciate it. Now, when the open beta is drawing near, and the game is getting more and more content, we decided that it would be great to finally make Escape from Tarkov more accessible to those whose native language is different from English or Russian. In our efforts to find the best way to localize the game texts we came to a conclusion that no run-on-the-mill agency could possibly manage the task like you can. Enthusiasts with a passion for realistic FPS, inherently possessing the required knowledge, native speakers, and, finally - you would be doing it for yourselves. That’s why we have decided to go with an option of opening translation files to you: We would be happy to have you join us in our effort to make Escape from Tarkov available for players around the world to enjoy. We have seen many of you make efforts on this already and now with our joint effort and your support, we will make it happen together. Join us in bringing Tarkov into your culture, your language! Have a great weekend!
  9. Hello, Only English on English section, please. Same for other language specific sections. Thanks!
  10. The Art of Warfare [TAW] - International Clan Recruiting

    TAW | EFT Division October 2017 Newsletter High Quality (Recommended): Click Here! Low Quality (Smaller Size): Click Here! Thank you for all those that contributed to this. Especially for @Wiseb1rd and @ShiroTenshi. Enjoy!
  11. Hey nat i need some help with an issue i have with my game I composed you a msg check your messenger pls

    i need your help asap ty very much

    Sincerely Yours


  12. heey are you here i got some trouble with the game a need some help 

    Please help me with this it makes a game unplayble 

  13. Hi, will the possibility to reset your account once per 2 weeks remain after full release of game? Because it doesnt worth to buy expensive pack and then lost everything within few games and play with knife or axe only.

    1. Natalino



      The great you get is a one-time starting gear like any other gear. We do not have and will not have any way to take a major permanent advantage due to high package purchases. Thank you.

  14. New servers added!

    Here: Thanks!
  15. What release date has EfT in Steam?

    I have just enough money there to buy the game and i want it very hard :beawesome:.

    1. Natalino



      Steam release is planned for after the full game releases in 2018. Thanks!