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  1. We are glad to have you around as well mate.
  2. Besonderer Dank gilt @MeFirst,@Cookie-fighter und @SexyBoy für ihre Hilfe bei der Übersetzung. Fehler / Verbesserung der Übersetzung? Persönliche Nachricht an @pnee oder @frag1e Hier geht es zum Thema im Alpha-Test-Forum: Änderungsliste:
  3. I like that one!
  4. Welcome to TAW.....Soon!
  5. @Pindleton, Please send a private message to me with your application. You can use this layout below for it (Not moderator but it can work for both). Thank you!
  6. No, your chance is there when you buy a package. There are no such things as alpha waves (This is early stages and then extended alpha release time to add new more people). How it works is that you buy a package and you have a specific chance to be selected. If you are lucky and got in alpha then you did, if you did not get into alpha, then you would have to wait for beta or upgrade to a higher package for another chance. Good luck! Also please read below:
  7. No community is for everyone but I can say we are for many. Hopefully, you will fit right in and love it here. See you soon!
  8. We are glad to have you with us @Rohrkrepierer . Looking forward to more raids with you!
  9. Then this should be posted on off-topic then. The alpha section is stricly for the alpha discission and directly involved with the development of the current stage. I have moved this post to off-topic section. Thank you and have fun!
  10. Can you please clarify the purpose of this thread, please? If you are meaning to discussion a certain thing, please clarify or use threads that are already available. Thank you!
  11. @TheRighte, I guess all done so welcome back home mate.
  12. @Auvlen , the lore right now seems not very connected maybe since not all the features are out there but remember that customs area and factory is connected so those forklifts could be working outside there and being parked inside. You can find a bit of info about this thing on the link below: You might not find everything but you will find a good amount of info that you can try to connect the dots with for now until story, lore and full feature is available. Enjoy!
  13. Of course, we are. And it's always nice to see our former members interested in coming back when a new game jumps in. Add me on steam or message me here so that we can set up your account and get you back in. I think I found your old profile through your email (If it is the same email as this one). Let me know when you are available for this. See you soon!
  14. ??????
  15. I had to search you up to know who you are. Welcome back to TAW and welcome to Escape from Tarkov Division JClark! Glad to have you around with us.