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    Yes. The new update for Bitdefender is what causes it and the solution is what you did above. As for the gamma container, that is most probably because you discarded it. You would need to reset your profile from here to solve that: Enjoy!

    Hello, Do you have bit defender for antivirus? Are you running the game as admin?
  3. Hello PMCs, After the showcase of Escape from Tarkov at Gamescom, Battletstate Games COO Nikita Buyanov, had a short interview. This interview can be found on the GameReactor website by clicking on this link here. Enjoy!
  4. Quest system - crazy

    Go in any map, kill a SCAV, you have a vest (For sure) and a weapon to use from that raid. Then what you said just got solved. A vest is the last thing to worry about.
  5. Quest system - crazy

    You do realise that each thing done is given a good amount of thought right? Also, do note that the past build is not the same as the build now. So, I advise that you give it a shot and then we will both see. And if you can just go in one raid and complete 3 tasks in a row, this would only be so easy that it will get boring. The quests are not meant to be super easy but still possible. Remember that this game is not an easy game. But it is also not impossible. And this is why SCAVs now spawn with fort armor which you can get and use for your quest. Is it easy? No it is not and that is the whole point of it. Thanks!
  6. #1 EFT Discord (Unofficial)

    Hello @Izrid and @Frantic, Please, do not bring community drama towards the forum. No community is perfect and it might have its own issues or it might just not be for you, if this is the case, well leave and avoid. But do not flame the community post here in any form. Also, no more of this ''Get Gud'' responses, please. This is the unofficial discord and we have no bias to it here but flaming it, is not right. Thank you for your understanding.
  7. A trading system outside of raids?

    I mean clan as in a group. I am sure you know about the clan system that is planned for the game and with that, this will be available. And you do not have to necessarily be named a clan. I and a buddy could form a clan ingame just for the sake of its features if you know what I mean. If you are a group, you are kind of a clan in a sense. It can still be different on how it operates from one another.
  8. The Art of Warfare [TAW] - International Clan Recruiting

    TAW | Escape from Tarkov Division August 2017 Newsletter High Quality (Recommended) - Click Here! Low Quality (Small Size) - Click Here! This month's issue was released a bit late but it was done. Thank you @ShiroTenshi and @Wiseb1rd.
  9. A trading system outside of raids?

    Hello, There will be more features to the trading such as the flea market and auctions. There will also be a clan common stash for to use it as gear exchange so that is one thing to look forward to. If you mean currently, this is not available, yet.
  10. Hey dude...since u are one of the devs, i had the same memory and lagg issues after that small hotfix..i got told today that u guys sorted it out, but i didnt had to download anything new, so the issues are still there...will the fix for these issues also come in a hotfix and when will it be?

    kind regards freyze

    1. Natalino



      The fix did not need any sort of download. This was done from our side. Also, I was the one that announced this and this issue is resolved. If you have a certain issue, then it should be concerned with other things and not with the hotfix. Please, create a thread in the technical support section with all the information you can provide. 


      Thank you!

  11. Update?

    It is a small issue that occurred for very specific users and it was something that happened after a small hotfix which was already resolved with no need for any change from you guys. This is the reason for it not being a sticky on the forum. Any changes or information that does come up, as always, we sticky it up for everyone for it to be visible as best as possible. Thanks!
  12. Update?

    Hello, The issue with the 8GB RAM users having some performance and memory issue after the hotfix has been resolved. Please, check again and let us know if this is not the case. Thank you for your patience and we apologize for any inconvenience caused due to this.
  13. Why not ban the people exploiting your game.

    Hello, Banning players for such and technical issues that need to be fixed could cause a ban on many players who did not intend such abuse or even encounter it and think it is an intended feature. It also gets users to abuse it due to others doing so. In many ways not mentioned here, this could affect the player base that should not be affected. Instead, such issues are fixed and patched up as soon as possible and you as a player and tester of Escape from Tarkov need to make sure to report any and all new glitches you might find since you will be surprised how many players actually find some and think they could use it to their advantage before it gets patched up/noticed. Although I said this, this does not mean we recommend the use of it in any way and this is not something written down and at any given point, this might change and users in such activity could result in some form of punishment so do not take my words for it and always be safe from said glitches completely. If you have to check to see and report, you have done so, but doing it for a personal advantage, will only harm the game, the community and eventually yourself. You are the user of this game after all so be advised. Thank you!
  14. Oceania server will be deployed in a few days!

    When you play with friends, you join a server with your friends/group. So this will not affect you. You just get connected to the best server there is for your location. Also, Asian servers are not added yet but they will be in the future and this will not be a concern for you or anyone in your region. And guys, please, note that OC servers are announced to be added in few days time. They are not already up and running, yet!
  15. Oceania server will be deployed in a few days!

    Congrats Oceanic Escape from Tarkov fans. You have been fully heard and now you can enjoy the thrill of Tarkov fully. Since I have seen few questions around here about this, you do not need to do anything to change and play on Oceanic servers. If you are playing solo and your best ping/server connection is to Sydney, Australia, you will be getting connected to it with others like you. If you are in a squad, the squad leader's location will be the determining factor on which server you will join. Enjoy!