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  1. The Art of Warfare [TAW] The Art of Warfare [TAW] is a highly organized international gaming community that has been established since 2001 with 2800+ current active members in 40+ games, and has stretched its arms to ‘’Escape from Tarkov’’. We currently have multiple people who are going to be playing the game and ready to have fun with you. What we offer you: - Active and organized players. - International community ranging from EU (Europe), NA (North America), SA (South America) to OC (Oceanic)/SEA/etc. - Huge TeamSpeak (Top ranking in the world). - A modern Website at (even a more updated one in progress). - Forums and Wikis. - NEWS and articles. - Shop for some goodies. - Badges you can earn within TAW which gives you more things to do in the game when things get boring. - A ranking system for those who like to advance within the community. - Around 2 events per week for every time zone that have been planned and worked on by our Field Specialists. - Clan wars, Tournaments, and rewards. - Loyalty from your clan mates. - Lots of other games to play with fully developed teams, just a channel away (List of our UNITS or games can be found HERE.) - And much, much more. Our Plan/Goal for the Escape from Tarkov team: - We will have players with both BEAR and USEC factions (More info on the PDF file attached). - We want to have both casual and competitive players. - Try our best to have a tactical team. - Squads with common goals and game style. - Organize lots of clan activities for those who are interested. - To build a mature team, not only limited to skill level. - We also want to help the development of the game by doing our best in the Alpha and Beta testing. - Build the team in a way where everyone is able to take part in the direction and goals of our team. - To make a place of long lasting friendship between EFT gamers. Requirements to join: - Be able to understand and speak English (Not required to be perfect). - Must be willing to use TeamSpeak. - Have a mic. - Be Mature and respectful to others. - Be active. - Have fun! If you are either a casual gamer, hardcore gamer or something in between we have a thing for you. We even have a full team dedicated to Streamers, Designers, Programmers, etc., who like to follow their dreams and do what they do best aside from gaming. If you are interested, all you have to do is create an account on our website over HERE and join our Escape from Tarkov team. The info you have read above is to make things short and simple but we have prepared this PDF Doc file to help you understand what our plans are as well as what TAW is in general. Click HERE to find the PDF file. We recommend you read it to get more detailed info out of this post. Why die alone when we can survive together? Check us out and be prepared to be impressed! You may be interested, but still, have some doubts? Questions? Or want to have a chat about it first? Then contact me in either of the following contact addresses, PM me or comment here: Email: or Steam: TAW | Natalino Skype: natalino.amanuel1 I am looking forward to having you join our Family. Happy hunting and Get Ready for Escape! Come looking for friends, and find a family as I have found mine! Our Russian version of this post can be found HERE. This is our new updated post to let everyone know we have opened up our recruitment on our website. The older version of the post has been deleted.
  2. The Details will be announced when we start recruiting Sherpas. We currently did not start yet. It will probably be that we will take an application from the community who are interested in this and have the right mindset for it. We will take it from there. Thanks!
  3. We currently did not start recruiting Sherpas yet. We will start in the near future, though. Thank you for your interest!
  4. Read on the link below please:
  5. It will be decided by you on how you perform it. Just do not get shot on the way back home.
  6. Another great work by the Slovakia and Czech community members and emissaries. Thank you for all your efforts for the project.
  7. You do not need a key to play into the alpha since this is like an account access purchase so to speak. Just check your profile and it should be there (If you have not already). I already see you have EOD so you are all good.
  8. @PugMonk Thank you as always.
  9. Welcome to Tarkov and good luck. You will need it!
  10. You already do have an alpha access. If you did not get your email please check your profile for the alpha form. The email might not get to you and get into your spam folder or something sometimes. Please check in here: And fill up the alpha forms and the email should come through. Thank you!
  11. A little, yes. Maybe at least change the size a little.
  12. These are two different things. The chance is an individual chance. Meaning when you buy it, you have a rolled chance of 50% that you either do not get in or you get in. It does not matter how many people purchased it or own it. It is basically individual chance of getting in. Now it is the percentage of owners. Let's take an example of 1000 Left Behind edition owners who preordered the package before this announcement and did not manage to get into the alpha, now with this wave, 500 of these players will be selected and they will receive an invitation email from us into the alpha. How about now?
  13. This here is what you are talking about I think: That is what we have on this and it was just screenshot models of the weapon.
  14. What do you think? This is tarkov! Anyhow, good luck on the alpha access if you are not in already!
  15. New players coming into Tarkov guys. Please show the ropes to those who need it, as always. @omenrash Best man for the job!
  16. No, you read it wrong. It says 50% of the owners. Not 50% chance.
  17. That was what I meant sooner than you thought. I just took a gamble that you will see this comment after it has already been announced. I guess I was right.
  18. The standard owners did not have a chance but now we are inviting 30% of this package owners into the alpha. Let's take an example: if there are 100 standard edition owner players, 30 of them will get an email from us saying that they have been invited into the alpha and they get in. This does not mean this package gives access to the alpha if someone purchases it though. This is just a wave that is adding more players into the alpha. The packages did not change in status. Uh, no. This is inviting more players that already owned the package as of now.
  19. This wave is for those who already owned the package prior to the announcement. Also note that those who pre-ordered earlier have a better chance of being selected. If you bought your package before this announcement, you are in the selection wave. If not you apply to the normal package chances that is mentioned on the link below: You could be the selected 50% of players with your package. It does not mean you are in the alpha because you bought it in April 15th though.
  20. You are more than welcome to do so.
  21. It was reposted by Klean since we only posted the screenshots before and now it has it's description. Same with the previous one he posted. He will be adding a new ones later on.
  22. We will announce that when it happens. Just like the SKS and MPX.