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  1. The Art of Warfare [TAW] The Art of Warfare [TAW] is a highly organized international gaming community that has been established since 2001 with 2800+ current active members in 40+ games including Escape from Tarkov. We currently have an active player base in Escape from Tarkov stretched around the world including EU, NA, OC, etc, consisting of both seasoned and new players. What we offer you in TAW What we offer you in Escape from Tarkov Division: Requirements to join: If you are either a casual gamer, hardcore gamer or something in between we have something for you here in TAW. How to join us in TAW! Need more Information before joining? We look forward to having you join our Family. Happy hunting and Get Ready for Escape! Come looking for friends, and find a family as we have found ours! The post was updated on April 30th, 2017. The PDF file update is on the way. Our Russian version of this post can be found HERE.
  2. He was joking bud. I guess he did get you.
  3. You just provide the recent log files. And our support center is direct with a support specialist and not just a bug report anymore so you should not have this issue. Please contact support over here: And follow up from there.
  4. As of now, the plan is that servers will not be hosted by the player.
  5. Discussion of moderation action on the forum is not allowed within the forum. If you have concerns about that, please contact us at support. The topic of this discussion was different then it came down to this and one of the reasons that threads get locked is due to the exact reason I am locking this now. Derailed! As for auto locks, we are constantly locking any thread that should not be brought up (Since they are dead threads) and before locking it we are hiding the new comment made to it go up the threads so this way, when we hide it, it goes down to where it was and the topic will not be seen as handled for you. So what you are seeing on the forum right now is only what has not been locked since it has either not been seen or missed even when seen by a moderator. In this case, use that report button and report it and then the moderation team will handle it. And every other thread that gets locked has a reason for it to get locked found under the forum rules. Many of which are topics that have already been discussed and a new thread were created for it. Reasons are always given when a thread is locked (Majority of the time). Thank you!
  6. Hello, This has already been addressed. Please read the quote below: You can find this post by clicking here! I also would like to ask you to use the search function and discuss on an already existing thread since there are multiple threads with the same title all over the forum. It is not allowed nor it is good for the forum when there are multiple posts on the same topic. Thank you!
  7. You do not need to include a video to report a bug. You need to upload the log files. Not videos.
  8. I think you read it wrong bud. It says this: Of course, you will be able to use it. That is why it is there. But when you are shooting there, you won't lose your ammo. You can consider it something like the offline mode you currently have (Not necessarily the same, though). This is done so that players will be able to use the shooting range without being afraid of losing their ammo for a target practice. Does this clear it up for you?
  9. Here are some additional Questions and Answers: Q. Will there be a link/tunnel between one hideout to another? A. Oh, no! Q. Will there be interaction with the hideout environment? A. Yes, we plan to add various kind of interaction with objects in the hideout. Q. Will certain items be placed only in certain places? Like: food in the fridge and so on? A. No, it won't be like that. Q. (Similar to the question on the top post) - Will we be able to do something like a home decoration by moving things around? A. Sorry, no! Q. How does the treatment of the character inside the hideout work? A. The treatment comes automatically. Regeneration is caused by the modules installed in the hideout. Q. Where can we find fuel for the generator? A. You can find them in raids and also purchase them from traders. Q. Is it possible to replace the fuel with batteries to get the generator going? A. No, you cannot but you will need the batteries to build it. Q. Will the appearance of the hideout vary on holidays? The general theme. A. Possibly. We will see! Q. When shooting in the shelter, does your ammo gets used up? For example: when using the shooting range. A. No or else no one will use the shooting range. Q. How does the fuel consumption work in the shelter? Does it get consumed when in the raid, menu, out of the game, etc? A. It is consumed all the time, but if you do not want it consumed - you can "pull" the cans from the generator slots and then place them back when needed. You can manage your resources that way. Q. Will alpha testers get something special in the interior to signify them? A. Most likely, yes! Q. Does the hideout operate in absence of resources? A. Yes, it will but it will be very less productive. German Tranlation Thanks to Moderator @MeFirst
  10. Please, welcome our new emissaries. We reviewed several interests and found these to bring something to the table. We wish them a great time while they help the community. New German Emissaries: @MeFirst @ramjid New Korean Emissary: @deadspace2 New Japanese Emissary: @giraffy New Greece Emissary: @lostseason3 New UK Emissaries: @Scott_FR @Ripper203 Congrats everyone and please catch up on the emissary undercover section for information you need. You will also receive a private message from emissaries coordinator @Colonel Twerkins on what you need to do next. I will also like to announce that we have opened up two new language sections: Japanese (日本語) and Greek with the help of the two new emissaries. Those who are looking to become emissary, you can still apply and we will keep it in mind. We are currently looking for new community language sections and also two emissaries from USA that are very proactive within the community. Thank you!
  11. The questions that have been asked here above this comment and not answered yet can all be found on this thread linked below: And here: In addition to these, we have collected popular questions that have been asked recently. So you can find those as well. Enjoy!
  12. You do not need a character slot for a SCAV. All for the PMCs. More info will be given about this in the future.
  13. There are three levels of stash you can upgrade to in regards to its size and the EOD one is the biggest one you are able to go to which is the third level. Yes. The development of this feature will not affect the main course of the development. Priorities are given to those features that are needed. This is why it was mentioned as: So nothing to worry about on that matter. You will have three characters. Of course, not. Not with the hideout and anything else that would come in the future. Micro transactions will not be in EFT at all. Then I think you did not get the idea since I personally do not believe it relates to that. The Q and A announcements to come might give you more idea about how it works.
  14. This here: Answers it for you.
  15. Your answer to this: It is an abandoned place you are kind of renovating info various modules/facilities. Yes. The rest of your questions are on the list that will be posted as one Q and A topic. So stay tuned for that.
  16. This question has already been addressed on the interview post but to ensure nothing was lost in translation and also to give a more insight on it, I have added it to the questions list. Until further notice is given on the topic, the answer for it is what was given on the interview post. Thanks!
  17. Yes, of course. It does not work like that. There is the stash size limit which is the same as the current system. The stash size has 3 levels and the EOD stash size is the biggest one which is the third level. In addition to this, there are many areas and advantages you gain from the hideout. The rest of your questions are already under to be answered list and will be announced in a couple of days.
  18. In the open beta stage which comes after the closed beta.
  19. Nope! Here is some info on this from a recent post:
  20. @Reconic is correct. It is great to care and share such things with the community but this is the EFT off-topic forum and our forum rules state no advertising of links unless the stated exception. This does not fall under the exceptions and is considered advertising of other product on EFT forum. Thanks!
  21. Hello, Let's answer your questions, shall we. Here: Here: And keep this in mind: As I quoted everything for you, everything has been addressed from what you have asked here. You just need to read up by clicking here! Thanks!
  22. Wave 2 is the French Wave and they will be streaming on: Enjoy!