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  1. The Art of Warfare [TAW] The Art of Warfare [TAW] is a highly organized international gaming community that has been established since 2001 with 2800+ current active members in 40+ games including Escape from Tarkov. We currently have an active player base in Escape from Tarkov stretched around the world including EU, NA, OC, etc, consisting of both seasoned and new players. What we offer you in TAW What we offer you in Escape from Tarkov Division: Requirements to join: If you are either a casual gamer, hardcore gamer or something in between we have something for you here in TAW. How to join us in TAW! Need more Information before joining? We look forward to having you join our Family. Happy hunting and Get Ready for Escape! Come looking for friends, and find a family as we have found ours! The post was updated on April 30th, 2017. The PDF file update is on the way. Our Russian version of this post can be found HERE.
  2. Hello, Escapers, We now present to you, screenshots and gif of a new upcoming thermal scope Reap IR. It will cost about 1,000,000 ingame roubles and it will have limited working distance. Time to take down your enemies with a superior tactical scope. They can run but they can't hide. Who was expecting this scope? Were you surprised? Enjoy! Gif Polish translation of the news can be found here. Thanks to the Polish emissary @TheWay! Portuguese translation of the news can be found here. Thanks to the Portuguese emissary @dimittri4gc! Dutch translation of the news can be found here. Thanks to the Dutch Emissary @iGoodLifeNL Chinese translation of the news can be found here. Thanks to the Hong Kong Emissary @Hazel!
  3. Hello everyone, This thread will be dedicated to the famous threads being created around the alpha section of the forum which is the ''To the guy at ...'' themed threads. So from this post on, we will ask you to post any related threads under this thread to help us get things in order and provide a more organized forum. All threads with this theme will be closed and redirected here. In addition to this, this thread will also help you find each other easily since that is what the thread is about. It is about sending a message to the guy you have just met in the game. You can also come and check this thread and enjoy the experiences that others got in the game. Good luck on finding that someone and thank you for your cooperation to post on this thread instead of creating a new one.
  4. The Art of Warfare [TAW] - International Clan Recruiting

    TAW | Escape from Tarkov Division November 2017 Newsletter High Quality (Recommended): Click Here! Lower Quality (Smaller Size): Click Here! A bit late but here. Enjoy!
  5. Redesigned Head Gear Slots

    PMCs, Attention! For those of you out there that have been itching to wear both your helmets, glasses and some facemasks or anything of that nature; now we bring to you the redesigned headwear slots style presented to you with style by Mr. COOLIO! Enjoy! Portuguese translation of the news can be found here. Thanks to Emissary of Portugal @dimittri4gc French translation of the news can be found here. Thanks to Emissary of France @LePatrick
  6. Soon! The Kill list!

    Please, note that you will only know the nickname and the level of the player if you pick up their dog tags.
  7. Forum Moderation Team hires again!

    Applications are looking good. Keep them coming guys. Also, we are considering going from only 15 new trials to 20 due to the number of applicants. But not all of them will be passed on to full moderators. Thank you, everyone!
  8. Forum Moderation Team hires again!

    I am watching you!
  9. Suggestion about the wipe for the devs.

    The wipe will come with the updates. The date on this will be announced with the date of the update. Unfortunately, you would have to wait for the announcements.
  10. Forum Moderation Team hires again!

    Looking forward to work with the new massive batch that comes with this openings. Please, only apply if your intention is to help the community and not for a search of authority or other ulterior motives. Thanks!
  11. We now bring you screenshots of AKM, AKMS, VPO-209, VPO-136, AKMNSLP, RAIPON and various modifications. Enjoy!
  12. 10 Trizips full of M4's giveaway

    Well done. Someone linked it to me, and I enjoyed seeing this for real. It already concluded just a minute ago buddy.
  13. New system of dynamic storage cells allocation

    Yes, it is leading up to that. I am sure you will start seeing opinions of others saying many other things for each weapon. At the end of the day, everything gets adjusted and balanced in the process from suggestions and on hands actions. But remember that this was looked into and handled very well for now. Well and that is why they are not the same items. One gives you one benefit of having more rounds but takes more space.
  14. New system of dynamic storage cells allocation

    It is a very long mag. This is why it is taking more slots. Not the fact that it is only 45 round. There are shorter ones with more rounds like the 60 round mags.
  15. Can we fix the grenade bug?

    I have been seeing comments about it a bit frequently these couple of days. Please, be sure not to forget to report it as a bug using the report tool as well. This will be looked into ASAP. Thank you!
  16. Unable to use hands glitch

    Apart from the responses above, please, note that in a development team, there are various teams and each team works on different things. Just because you saw a new weapon got added, it does not mean other priorities are not worked on. It actually means that more work is being done. Thank you!
  17. SCAV broken game already

    Let's try not to create such threads, please? Okay? Deal! Thanks!
  18. Killed by a new hack

    Hello, As stated before, we do not accept cheaters/hackers report at this current time and we also do not allow them. We have a working anticheat that does the work on this and you have nothing to worry about that the player will be banned if he/she is cheating. Thanks!
  19. co-op in offline mode

    Sorry, such game mode is not in plans. This is what others ask in regards to an offline mode with friends. EFT is a full online multiplayer game. Thanks!
  20. Greetings, Escapers! Thank you for your continued support and your interest in Escape from Tarkov! We feel truly blessed to have a community like you - devoted, ready to help, and thorough. Your joint efforts keep making our game better every day - testing, suggesting ideas, proposing adjustments - and we really appreciate it. Now, when the open beta is drawing near, and the game is getting more and more content, we decided that it would be great to finally make Escape from Tarkov more accessible to those whose native language is different from English or Russian. In our efforts to find the best way to localize the game texts we came to a conclusion that no run-on-the-mill agency could possibly manage the task like you can. Enthusiasts with a passion for realistic FPS, inherently possessing the required knowledge, native speakers, and, finally - you would be doing it for yourselves. That’s why we have decided to go with an option of opening translation files to you: We would be happy to have you join us in our effort to make Escape from Tarkov available for players around the world to enjoy. We have seen many of you make efforts on this already and now with our joint effort and your support, we will make it happen together. Join us in bringing Tarkov into your culture, your language! Have a great weekend!
  21. Czech & Slovakia Community Website

    Yes. He and his team are unsung heroes. One of our top emissary. Well done guys.
  22. Hello, There is no need to create a new thread to give a suggestion. As much as we appreciate it and consider it, please, go over to the main thread to give suggestions. This of it this way, if every person has a suggestion and makes a new thread, what would happen? Exactly! Thanks!
  23. Upgrade to 140$ version?

    Hello, As said above, go back to the pre-order page, log in and go to the EOD edition section. The option is present there. Thanks!