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  1. The Art of Warfare [TAW] The Art of Warfare [TAW] is a highly organized international gaming community that has been established since 2001 with 2800+ current active members in 40+ games, and has stretched its arms to ‘’Escape from Tarkov’’. We currently have multiple people who are going to be playing the game and ready to have fun with you. What we offer you: - Active and organized players. - International community ranging from EU (Europe), NA (North America), SA (South America) to OC (Oceanic)/SEA/etc. - Huge TeamSpeak (Top ranking in the world). - A modern Website at (even a more updated one in progress). - Forums and Wikis. - NEWS and articles. - Shop for some goodies. - Badges you can earn within TAW which gives you more things to do in the game when things get boring. - A ranking system for those who like to advance within the community. - Around 2 events per week for every time zone that have been planned and worked on by our Field Specialists. - Clan wars, Tournaments, and rewards. - Loyalty from your clan mates. - Lots of other games to play with fully developed teams, just a channel away (List of our UNITS or games can be found HERE.) - And much, much more. Our Plan/Goal for the Escape from Tarkov team: - We will have players with both BEAR and USEC factions (More info on the PDF file attached). - We want to have both casual and competitive players. - Try our best to have a tactical team. - Squads with common goals and game style. - Organize lots of clan activities for those who are interested. - To build a mature team, not only limited to skill level. - We also want to help the development of the game by doing our best in the Alpha and Beta testing. - Build the team in a way where everyone is able to take part in the direction and goals of our team. - To make a place of long lasting friendship between EFT gamers. Requirements to join: - Be able to understand and speak English (Not required to be perfect). - Must be willing to use TeamSpeak. - Have a mic. - Be Mature and respectful to others. - Be active. - Have fun! If you are either a casual gamer, hardcore gamer or something in between we have a thing for you. We even have a full team dedicated to Streamers, Designers, Programmers, etc., who like to follow their dreams and do what they do best aside from gaming. If you are interested, all you have to do is create an account on our website over HERE and join our Escape from Tarkov team. The info you have read above is to make things short and simple but we have prepared this PDF Doc file to help you understand what our plans are as well as what TAW is in general. Click HERE to find the PDF file. We recommend you read it to get more detailed info out of this post. Why die alone when we can survive together? Check us out and be prepared to be impressed! You may be interested, but still, have some doubts? Questions? Or want to have a chat about it first? Then contact me in either of the following contact addresses, PM me or comment here: Email: or Steam: TAW | Natalino Skype: natalino.amanuel1 I am looking forward to having you join our Family. Happy hunting and Get Ready for Escape! Come looking for friends, and find a family as I have found mine! Our Russian version of this post can be found HERE. This is our new updated post to let everyone know we have opened up our recruitment on our website. The older version of the post has been deleted.
  2. Hello, Please make sure to post on the correct section of the forum. The clan section is for recruitment of clans and not for suggestions. I have moved your post to the correct section now.
  3. @Undecieved07, good run!
  4. What are they saying here @sYs? Do not let them talk behind your back.
  5. It will be announced. It is development and as soon as it is ready to go we will announce it. Trust me, we have no reason to hold it back from telling you when it will be out.
  6. Do not discard or remove your container from your character. Now you would need to reset your profile to get it back or wait for the next patch to reset it. Resetting will wipe your profile and you will start back up again and it has 14 days cool down period. You can do it from your profile at: Support email is for payment issues, complaints (Sometimes) and account related issue. Thank you!
  7. Not at the same time as mentioned before as well on here:
  8. Who are these individuals you are speaking of? Can you give us more details. You can private message me if you wish
  9. As mentioned before all previous recordings with watermarks are not to be published. If it has a watermark, it is still under NDA. You can only start recording and publishing after NDA has been lifted and the watermark has been removed.
  10. Yes, you will have a total of 3 PMCs where you can choose a specific faction for, and they will have certain separate things as well. Stash and all is to be decided. Adjustment and changes might come though but this is the core idea of it. As for the healing, yes you would need to feed, drink up, heal, etc. You leave with your conditions and you might even have to visit the therapist to get you patched up.
  11. Welcome to TAW and have a great time. Make sure to check on emails, steam, etc for contact from one of our staff to help you set up and all.
  12. I must ask everyone to wait for more information to be disclosed about SCAV mode. Then you will have a concrete and decided information. Not too long of a wait. I did not understand your question with this one, though. That was some read you gave me at 1:17 AM
  13. My pleasure bud. Have a great time in Tarkov with TAW.
  14. Perfect. I will do your Boot-camp/introduction myself since I am feeling like it. I am sending you the TeamSpeak details on PM here.
  15. Hey man, Looking forward to seeing you with us. I still do not see your application or your account yet but we always have people keeping an eye out so it should be seen fast as soon as you apply. You can also message me here if you need any help or assistance and I will be very glad to help you. As for TAW, like I always say, no community is for everyone but TAW is for many. And hopefully, you will fit right in and enjoy your time with us. See you around.
  16. Yes like I said above as well but not ''Single Player'' Escape from Tarkov is a hardcore and realistic online first-person action RPG/Simulator with MMO features and story-driven walkthrough. P.S: If you mean single player by playing solo, then that is possible but there is no way you can go around alone without other players being around. Meaning no offline mode progression through the game. I recommend reading here so that we do not go off-topic on this thread:
  17. There is no single player mode in EFT. It is a story driven game but not in single player.
  18. Besonderer Dank gilt @MeFirst,@Cookie-fighter und @SexyBoy für ihre Hilfe bei der Übersetzung. Fehler / Verbesserung der Übersetzung? Persönliche Nachricht an @pnee oder @frag1e Hier geht es zum Thema im Alpha-Test-Forum: Änderungsliste:
  19. Wait, what? No man, I want to play.
  20. Yes. You can try one package and go to the next one giving you a whole new chance depending on the package. BUT you do pay a bit more while doing so because even though you pay the difference between them, there is a slight addition of VAT and payment methods fee on each upgrade since its a different pack, minus the amount you had already.
  21. It does not work that way. You get instance chance of being selected in. It's not a wave system. We only added more for starting of extended alpha. No, you still get a chance to be selected in and if you are not selected, you would have to wait for beta. There is still a chance of 75% to be selected in meaning 25% chance not to be selected in. Read the full details on the link below:
  22. Hello, This has been happening for several users around the forum so do not worry you are not alone on it and it sure will be fixed. But I would like to ask you to report it as a bug because that it the way we want it to go through and handle it as soon as possible. Bug report feature: Thank you, sir!
  23. @RainingWeeD, Please do not share in-game screenshots out of the alpha section and even when you do it there, remove your watermarks since it can be taken and posted in public which you get in trouble for NDA violations. Thank you!
  24. You cannot use anything to bypass the VAT payment for EFT specifically. This is tied to the region you are in.