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  1. Best Pistol Currently?

    There is 9x18 PBM ammo for Makarov, under Prapor lvl3. I can't find any statistics on them so far, but I think they can greatly boost PM performance being the real armor-piercing ammo. This link might be outdated, but according to that PBM ammo are one of the best now. 7.62x25 TT P ammo is probably a bit better, but comparable. I'd go for Kedr with PBM against armored targets just to check, but didn't have a chance to do this yet. Scavs in 3M armor are down in like two-three centre-mass shots. Don't have other details so far.
  2. buying tarkov

    Both you and him can play straight away, why would that be delayed? It's 100% access for any edition now.
  3. ПЯ

    Различают: Боевую скорострельность — количество выстрелов в минуту, которое теоретически можно произвести с учётом операций прицеливания и перезарядки. Техническую скорострельность — количество выстрелов в минуту, которое производит оружие без учёта операций прицеливания и перезарядки. Человек-то как раз говорит, что техническая скорострельность очень низкая.
  4. Noob needs Help

    The reality is, you cannot achieve top levels until the next wipe because even though the game is still on Beta, the scale of skills levelling demands you to play 24/7 to reliably see how they work and what impact they have on the gameplay. So yea, it's perfectly fine. We're in the godamn beta. If you think that doing whatever possible without directly cheating software to see every aspect of this stage is wrong, then I feel sorry FOR YOU. Cause you know, without gamma glitchers community would not know about that bug and it would not be fixed. Having people doing that and letting others know about it might show different flaws in mechanics, get it fixed, and make this game better as a result. Think on a bigger scale, not that childish "he's better than me, that's not fair" style. You're a grown up now (I hope).
  5. Noob needs Help

    Of course I've seen his guides, why would I comment on something I don't know. Game mechanics imply you get metabolism when eating and drinking. So you eat and drink all you find even if you're not dehydrated. Is that exploit? I don't think so. Game mechanics imply you get strength when carrying more weight and kicking doors/trowing grenades. So you pay attention to that. So kicking doors just for fun is an exploit? Or throwing two grenades instead of one each time just to be sure? This is MMO game, you have to level up to get advantage in Traders/Combat, that is natural for any MMO mechanics. And there will always be people much more advanced than you, like it or not. I see no evil here.
  6. Noob needs Help

    So kicking doors and throwing any grenade you find is a kind of unnatural? It all boils down to time you spend in the game. You cannot get soft skills in no-time, you have to invest. You will not be able to progress neither naturally nor unnaturally if you do not spend time playing game. It's not cheating in any way and is not as significant as you think. He promotes embracing whatever advantage in combat you can get without implying any cheats, exploits, anything. You are one step from saying that camping is "cheating" here. Back to the topic. Welcome to Tarkov, original poster. The best advice I can give are: 1. Look as many videos as you can (INCLUDING DeadlySlob as he's really good player and streamer). 2. Get some guides, especially on locations, loot spawns, keys, ammunition etc. 3. Get some friends or decent gaming group at Discord, this game is generally meant to be played in group, not solo. You'll die much less and bring back more loot together with friend or two. 4. Do not equip everything you get with starter package right away and do not sell\use all food items. Some of them might be useful later for quests (like Tushonkas) or long raids with friends (water). 5. Run with cheap pistols only first to understand ambush points, dynamics, mechanics of the game. Run a lot of offline action with AI turned on, get used to gun mechanics and aiming. 6. .... 7. PROFIT!
  7. I've bought numerous useful keys off the Fence, some other good stuff (salewas for Therapist quest, cigarettes to be traded for IFAK, etc). I'm Russian though, so maybe it is not that comfortable for other players. I still get this error almost all the time though, so it is still an issue being kicked into the main menu.
  8. Where do the shells go?

    I hear these sounds all the time, shotgun shells clucking, small metal blings for other casings. They are definitely in game. Cannot test now, because I'm at work, but yesterday I heard it all perfectly fine.
  9. Where do the shells go?

    There is sound of falling shells and animation is there. I would not need them on the ground if that hampers performance. But shells and casings fall on different surfaces, bounce around etc. You can clearly hear that all the time. There is something with your sound settings.
  10. Hey there, Eddie! You are right, the learning curve is different from most other games. I would recommend instead of doing SCAV runs only to try and buy some not too expensive guns at Prapor (PM, Grach, TT) and start running as PMC with pistol only, ammo, 1 spare mag, and some meds in your secure container (AI-2 medkit (2 at least), painkillers, bandages. This way you will learn a lot more about PMC spawns, game dynamics, loot locations, typical ambush points and so on. Some might even suggest hatchet runs, but that's for the "chosen" (in a bad way). Well at least you can learn maps without losing anything this way, so might worth a try. Watch some streamers play and learn how to interact with inventory, reload, stuff like that. Typical good video creators out there are DeadlySlob (he has nice tutorial videos too), DevildogGamer, Kotton, Eroktik, Metal - just look over the YouTube. Another suggestion is find a good group of people who can help you learn and play together. Strong groups usually win fights in Tarkov, playing solo might sound as disadvantage for some. I can suggest the group I am in - Older Aged Players Alliance. Apply there and wait for the private message and invitation. This is really friendly mature players group.
  11. А СКС и ТТ по-твоему где откопали? Всё там же, склады длительного хранения, конечно.
  12. RDG-2B Smoke Grenade

    And lag the hell out of server lol
  13. AKM is Love, AKM is Life...

    Yes, but previously a lot of people complained about bits being "terminators", killing you on-shot instantly with a PM. Now they are pretty balanced, sometimes they hit, sometimes miss, they loose their ability being danger with distance. All those changes are great.
  14. AKM is Love, AKM is Life...

    Wow, this video is a clear case of latest patch AI improvements. They are no longer terminators, but they provide some challenge and decent raid intensity. I liked that.
  15. СКС

    Аксион кобра?