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  1. improvised suppressors

    I think that doesn't fit the concept of the game at all. I mean yes, it might just fit into the setting, but this by any means not a Rust or Cataclysm DDA or any other type of game where everything is revolving around crafting. There is so many crafting games around already, I hope developers will not fall into that pit, because it leaves so many speculations up to arise. Today you let them tape magazines together and attach crap to your gun - tomorrow they come and ask for improvised body armor because why the hell not, setting allows that. No. Just No. This is combat simulator and developers should concentrate on game mechanics revolving around realistic combat, damage, healing and gunplay. We have a lot of other games where we can craft miniguns and tanks from sticks and feces. Let EFT properly fill the niche it already has. This game already have too many genre crossovers, building up more might just ruin it.
  2. Почему? Стартовый набор снаряжения. Он у всех разный. В паке за 1600 такой. Без шуток. Там еще есть всякая еда/вода, аптечки и прочий скарб.
  3. Sorry bro, but you probably misunderstood the concept of EFT. It's nowhere close to competitive team shooters land.
  4. PVE - Multiplayer?

    Browse the forums for Dev Q&A, there are a lot of answers there. Spawns will be fixed.
  5. Checking Ammo

    Yeah, the level of weapon mastery will influence the precision of info given on ammo check animation. There will be no other way to reliably know the ammo count.
  6. The Karma System

    Of course something should be done to make you think, but miraculous weapon jams (imagine brand new weapon in neat condition), crappy loot and other stuff - that's not the way to go in a hardcore game.
  7. The Karma System

    Kotton is good player and decent streamer but all ideas stated here are terrible IMO.
  8. Where is my money?

    Funny thing though is money is still withdrawed from your wallet if it's in your inventory (gamma container) when you buy something from Trader.
  9. Where is my money?

    Case closed! Ha!
  10. Where is my money?

    Aren't you by any chance storing money in a backpack inside your stash? That money is not tracked, should be just hanging around to be counted by Traders, not inside any container.
  11. Any Roadmap around from devs?

    Totally agree! You should leave now before it's too late.
  12. Pistol glitch

    Go baby yourself, man. The forum is overwhelmed with people demanding stuff being fixed, stuff being changed, stuff being implemented. Create a standard beta-test report, this is what we're in Beta for. Doing that will bring much more attention to the problem than creating yet another forum thread.
  13. Pistol glitch

    You and your friends should've not been here in the first place if you had an impression the game is ready. There are tons of disclaimers been posted for people like your friends to not expect the final product quality. This is merely a testing, developers have their own patch and development plan, I really doubt three people leaving beta test sounds intimidating to them as thousands keep coming and supporting the development. This stage is not intended to even enjoy the game, but to document all glitches, bugs, exploits and work out a resolving rollout plan. You people should be happy you have stable playtime periods in which you can go to raids with friends and actually enjoy the process. You always have an option not to play until release though, that doesn't scare anybody, this is not a subscription-based product.
  14. Ну а где здесь ошибка? Вы же можете совершать рейды и с друзьями и поодиночке. Ну а то, что слаженная команда всегда будет более успешна, чем одиночка - наверное логично. Думаю, не в интересах разработчиков писать "ВНИМАНИЕ! людям с завышенными ожиданиями просьба подумать три раза!". Они и без того написали, что игра далека от завершенной стадии, так что все люди взрослые, должны сами решать.
  15. Максимальное издание подходит тем, у кого нет времени играть по 3-5 часов каждый день. Например, мне после работы не хватает времени на то, чтобы нафармить в игре схрон побольше (тем более, что сейчас это и невозможно), или гамма-контейнер. Я купил с учетом, что это сэкономит мне время на фарм и позволит сконцентрироваться на других аспектах игры, которые меня привлекают больше - командное взаимодействие с товарищами по клану. Так что я сначала взял обычное, но потом быстро проапгрейдился. Если хотите хорошо поддержать разработчиков, сэкономить время на некоторый фарм, получить изначально схрон побольше - стоит брать. В остальном - на геймплей никак не влияет, я получал удовольствие и в игре на стандартном издании. Взял сначала его, чтобы убедиться, что игра - действительно моё.