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  1. No February Alpha, confirmed

    I have no problem with devs postponing alpha. This is their game and their project and as far as I can tell they have been doing 95% of the work before even allowing pre-order. This isn't early access; you don't receive the game when alpha or beta is released, it's just a bonus until the full release later this year. However, I will say that Battlestate does a poor job of communication. I feel like I never really know what's going on being an English speaking customer. Updates in English are few and far between and pretty vague. I wish they'd just say, "hey, it's not ready, and we don't know when it will be ready." before allowing all these people to get hyped up over their own presumptions and unofficial comments. I don't feel they have any obligation to release at a certain time.
  2. Developer News (2-21)

    You're right actually, the photo part I just realized comes from vk.com/tarkovgame instead of vk.com/escapefromtarkov. I apologize for the photo. The rest is accurate though; a quote from the developers.
  3. Developer News (2-21)

    No problem! An even bigger thank you to Battlestate Games for their valiant devotion to an already excellent-looking title! Keep up the good work, BSG, and don't let disgruntled fans bring you down!
  4. Developer News (2-21)

    Skimming through EFT's vk.com (similar to Facebook) page, stumbled across a recent post from yesterday morning (11:30 a.m. Russia time?). Translated: Nikita Brawlers: "What disguise, gentlemen? The exact date, no one called. And yes, we do not want to run crude alpha. We want to run cool alpha, which feels to be a beta. And so we plow. In any case, planned publication of new material. * Everything your time and do not go crazy " * At the beginning of next week will roll out the second edition of BSG Diaries developers and tell / show about his yesterday's march in Lobaev Arms. Included in this post was a photo of a developer holding a sign that I believe translates in to, "We live at work". According to translated comments on this post, it seems there is some dissent among the Russian EFT community regarding the alpha release. The first few sentences suggest that fans were accusing Battlestate of operating under a disguise (or shroud of secrecy) and that they're not going to release the alpha in February "as promised" (no one ever promised February alpha release; only estimated), to which Battlestate counters with "No one ever said that was the exact date". Perhaps developers are worried about releasing alpha too soon (suggesting that the current alpha state is "crude" and they "do not want to run 'crude' alpha", they "want to run cool alpha that feels more like beta") and are attempting to ease on the notion of an alpha release post-February without being straight? "In any case" might mean that if they don't release alpha in the coming week or so then there will still be "planned publication of new material" (second BSG diary and Lobaev Arms report) to ease hype and tension over alpha's postponement. Anyway, thought my fellow English-speaking fans could use a bit of news given to the Russian community regarding their status to ease your hype. I wouldn't get too excited about a February alpha release; too much hype and you'll end up infuriated and sour when they announce that it alpha isn't ready yet. NOTE: Please don't reply with anything other than positive criticism / optimistic comments; I am in no way trying to instigate a riot. I'm just trying to give possible news for alpha and such to eager fans.
  5. Clarification of Game Modes / Open World

    Nice! Well my extremely overdone series of questions were answered with a quite simple explanation including visual breakdown. Excellent responses Euro. Thank you!
  6. Clarification of Game Modes / Open World

    Wow, that's actually quite helpful. Thanks, Europoor! So I guess my only question left is; after you complete the mandatory and linear Raids/Story Missions (I have gathered now that the two are synonymous; thank you!), of which there are a limited amount, you gain access to Free Roam; is there ever an "end" to Free Roam? For instance, can you actually beat the game and/or escape from Tarkov and have to start over from the beginning of the Raids? Or do you get to do just as it's called (Free Roam); run around doing whatever you want, whenever you want, however you want in the 16km2 world, having PVP encounters, Scav (PVE) encounters, looting, doing side missions / replays, then die > respawn > repeat, forever, like most open-world survival titles?
  7. I hope I don't sound too meticulous, but I wanted to know if my fellow EFT fans could help me out: Could someone give me a breakdown / summary of the gameplay aspects? Due to the multiple genre and unorthodox (but awesome) nature of EFT, I'm somewhat lost on how exactly this game is going to play. Basically, I was wanting to know how open world / MMO / PVP works. To my understanding from the feature list, FAQ, trailers, etc. there are several game modes: 1) Story 2) Raids 3) Free Roam 4) Arena As opposed to other games in the survival genre, where is the bulk of your time spent? Like the main arena of the game, I suppose? The Story mode; is it a series of missions (or 'quests') which are started by talking to NPCs, entering an area, etc. within the Free Roam map? Or are they independent of each other? Is the bulk of the game spent in Free Roam, building your characters skills, collecting loot, discovering areas and such, and starting a "story mission" or "raid" at your leisure? Like DayZ or H1Z1 with built-in missions/raids scattered throughout the open game world? Or is it similar to H1Z1's Survival and Battle Royale modes? As in you join corresponding servers and continuously play for either the co-op Story mode, partake in a Raid, fight in Arena mode, or enter free roam externally and independent of the others? Do you progress your character's skills and build your inventory across all separate modes and your character is carried across different modes/servers (like DayZ)? What I'm hoping for is an open-world experience (Free Roam) like conventional survival games, set in that 16km squared map, encountering other players (up to 64 I believe?) during the free roaming every now and then (like Rust, H1Z1, DayZ, etc.) but with the ability to go to a certain NPC or such and start a "Story" mission as I choose (similar to TES: Skyrim or S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Misery Mod I guess?), or go on a "Raid" mission between those free roaming stints, then bounce back in to the free roam map after completing the mission/raid. If that isn't the way it works, can someone elaborate on how the different modes work? I apologize for the complexity of this thread, and I hope it helps anyone else who might be confused. Thank you!