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  1. Cant play it at 1080P with my 4K monitor, help

    I do not know what GPU you got, but changing resolution wont fix your fps. I have a gtx 1080 and I get same frames. Be it 1080p or be it 4k. Tipps I can tell you are: turn down SSR (has no effect right now, but eats a lot of performance) set Object LOD quality to 2.0 (anything higher isnt optimized) If you still want to play 1080p without the washed out effect, go to nvidia panel and set scaling to GPU (example picture is in german, but you should be able to find your way ) Have fun.
  2. Need a way to view who you killed

    Yeah, would be nice to know who the player was you just killed, so you can rub it into his face in the ingame chat and say how bad he is and that you also slept with his mum. Dude, just listen to yourself. It is allready enough that the forum is a mess and gets more toxic each week. No need to further expand on your idea so the game itself becomes more toxic. I also dont see any sense in showing who killed one self, because what does it bring me? Nothing. You died (of whatever reason it might be) so live with it and improve on it. Lets say "PutAnyNameHere" killed me, so what now? Do I have to avoid him now? Because I know exactly when he stands before me or is near me somewhere ...
  3. So I get that scaves got nerfed

    400 meters? I will follow up with a dumb question, but you sure it was the scav (bot) shooting and you were not taken from behind by someone else? The reason behind this is, that (beside your estimation) 400 m is a pretty long range. Not sure a bot even reacts to something that far away. 200 m, maybe. The sniper bots have a bit bigger radius (as far as I can tell). I find the bots quite easy since patch to be honest. It seems they got more vodka to drink or something. Most of the time they miss. Only the shotgun scavs seem to be able to hit, for obvious reason that is.
  4. Hatchlings are too fast? POLL

    They are fine, as long as there is no desync where they teleport a distance of 100 m in 1 sec or less.
  5. Does body armour actually stop bullets like this?

    I just did. Got a fully geared guy from behind. Could pull the trigger 4 times into his head (Kiver on). He didnt die. Instead did I. After match stats say: 20 hits and 20 dmg ...
  6. EfT not using hardware (please help)

    I have no idea about SSAO or contact SSAO. As for Visibility setting it higher only makes it look prettier further away. Nothing more. Certain things will render earlier.
  7. Grafikauflösung bei Scops schlecht

    Es ist ein Problem, welches durch die verwendete Grafik-Engine (Unity) zustande kommt. Zur Zeit gibt es keine Abhilfe dazu. Den Entwicklern ist es aber bekannt. Es gab schon Diskussionen darüber, jedoch auf der englischsprachigen Seite des Forums. Im Endeffekt gibt es zwei Probleme wegen der Enginge: Ein mal das, was der OP selber bemerkt hat. Treppenartige Kanten und Ecken. Performance-Einbruch während des Zooms. Leider kann ich die anderen Posts nicht finden. Hoffe konnte es etwas erläutern warum und weshalb.
  8. EfT not using hardware (please help)

    Then I am sorry in return for misunderstanding you. Did some monitoring and my GPU uses between 50 and 60% of the GPU Power as also only about 35% of the CPU. RAM is at nearly 80%. They still didnt fix the RAM leak it seems. Once again, the main setting causing bad fps are: LOD and all visibility settings SSR (without having any effect yet) killes the most frames Also to note: Resolution seems to have no effect on frames on a gtx 1080 (maybe even other cards) If changing the setting accordingly doesnt help, I can say what every techsupport would say: Are your drivers up to date? I also just noticed that with lower Field of View I get less frames. Cant even sustain above 60. While having max FoV I have even 70+. (Test area: Customs, looking over the bridge from one side to the other, seems to cause the lowest fps on that map) Strange thing about that is, that normaly it should be the opposite. Hope it helps some how Cheers
  9. EfT not using hardware (please help)

    You are bitching about low fps, I describe you setting for having more than 60. Also explain why your fps might me low. If you dont want help, fine by me.
  10. EfT not using hardware (please help)

    Resolution wont change a thing. Have a gtx 1080 and I get same fps on lowest res vs max res. Settings like Texture and Shadow have no real impact on high. Things like LOD and visibility levels are killing the frames. Try this settings. LOD quality for example isnt optimized as stated by Nikita himself. So going beyond 2 is not recommended. Cheers
  11. Snipers are extremely rare. Otherwise, your best bet is going for headshots and that way insta kills. Also try to get granades. Most importand part though is being patient. If you rush things they can go wrong real fast. You need to catch those beefy, tasty looking, armored to the teeth motherfackers in their most vulnerable moment. Ez Pz. GL
  12. Help with Framerate

    I dont know about you guys, but I only get like 5 fps drop maximum switching from 2560x1440p to 3620x2036p. Which is super stange but yeah. Thats why I wonder about the OP post about 30 fps with his setup. I run also an i7, but from the 4th gen and a GTX 1080. EDIT: Did some further testing and it seems I get the same fps playing on the lowest possible resolution or playing on max downscaled resolution +/- 5. I know that the game isnt optimized, but this is really ducking strange haha
  13. Drastic Change To Reloads For Realism & Usefullness

    Watch one of the Devs diaries. They are planning to change/improve things (like reload) with higher level of assigned skill.
  14. Not Understanding This Game?

    You are awere that you have a stash and an inventory, where you can place items? There are also shops for guns, meds etc. You either are trolling or you never played anything more complicated than Pong. The way you write, I am not sure anyone is gonna take you seriously.
  15. Anticheat - Bannlist

    Die waren im Büro drinne. Ich positinoierte mich ihnen gegenüber (auf der selben Höhe) auf dem umgekippten Regal. Also so ziemlich die selbe Situation. Ich musste nur warten, bis die die Tür aufmachten. Dass du 2-3 min afk bist, kann niemand riechen. Könntest genau so gut campen und warten bis jemand reingeschneit kommt. Habe auch nichts vom Eraten gesagt. Die Fußgeräusche etc sind buggy. Es kann sein, dass du es einfach nicht mitbekommen hast, dass er da war. Außerdem meintest du selbst: "Nur einen von zwei" ausgeschaltet. Der andere war auf "Rache" aus. Man darf sich generell nicht entspannen, wenn man jemanden abgeschossen hat. Ein Kumpel, Scav oder anderer Spieler kann schnell angeflogen kommen. Wie Fliegen zu der Scheiße. Vorallem wenn es ein Squad war, hättest du besonders achtsahm seien sollen. Also entspann dich, atme tief durch und mach ´ne neue Runde. Diesmal etwas mehr auf Umgebung achten.