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  1. Skier fortarmor quest??

    I suppose you either need to kill another player with it OR you gather 7 gold chains and traid it in. Cheers
  2. Edge of Darkness replacement edition?

    yeah I meant 10x60, my bad. Thx.
  3. Edge of Darkness replacement edition?

    The devs themself said ONLY hatchet and container skin, unique name and DLCs are in EOD. Gamma itself and 10x50 stash WILL be obtainable. Else it would be kinda pay to win.
  4. Tired of complaining.

    well, thats kinda insulting I also have "only" the standard edition. Doesnt mean I am a kid nor hopping different games all the time. I very much enjoy this alpha/beta build and understand that we are let in to TEST the game. P.S. there are also a lot of people with higher or even HIGHEST edition who cry non stop in forum and ingame chat.
  5. Karma System - I know, I know!

    And how is VOIP gonna be better then Karma, which isnt perfect either while we dont even know how it will work? People will just pretend either way to be friendly and shoot anyone they want in the back. VOIP itself is cool and I also wish it to be implemented. BUT I dont think it is gonna do anything to fix the current problem of everyone killing everyone. As many people allready do, best solution is either play with friends over ts/discord/skype w/e there is OR find a group/can to play with. No need for Karma. Scavs are made egocentric anyway. (While it would be much more profitable to play togather to kill the PMCs but people have too much poo in their head I guess). PMCs , as seen in the trailer, can even befriend between factions.
  6. Please ban the hackers

    People are kinda fast in describing their killers as hackers lately. You sure it is not because of desync? Have any proof? Video for example? At least tell how you died or what the hacker exactly did. Not sure you are helping the devs with thise kind of post/thread.
  7. Anonymous hoarders of Tarkov

    well, at leasst you got the 10x60 stash and a doc. guess how people feel that only have 10x20