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  1. Soo is this the new Vytiaz scope?

    '( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  2. Suggestion to further lower Scav-timer and remove PMC

    Oh lol i legit thougth you were serious about this haha, guess im not dank enough yet D: But watch out about this post, i think you can get some warning points for kinda trolling.
  3. Suggestion to further lower Scav-timer and remove PMC

    A "mega hyper dislike option" is really needed now, are you serious dude? Remove the pmcs because you loose stuff left and rigth? I think this is either a troll post 100% or probably one of the most stupid suggestions ive ever read on this forum. You are asking to remove a core feature of the game, why dont we remove the weapons and make this a casual friendly game too now that we are at it...
  4. Como saber el ping?

  5. Como saber el ping?

    7, de donde sos?
  6. Como saber el ping?

    Yo soy de paraguay y juego sin drama viejo Yo uso esa tecnica tambien jajaj
  7. Coop PVE

  8. 0-10 level player killed?

    Yes, the AI appears as a 0-10 lvl player killed in the after match stats, you ahould be counting BEAR/USEC and thats vow you 100% see how many real players you killed
  9. I think you got the wrong forums bro, this isnt dayzs forums. Here let me help you with the link www.forums.dayz.com You`re welcome
  10. Servers in South America

    UHHH yeah that should be pretty nice, im quite sure they will add them overtime, ill have a word with my boy natalino, ill update you guys on this as soon as i get a reply. We south americans need them as soon as possible, but its super playable atm by connecting to the NA server, not like those poor aussies that suffered for months with a unplayable game due to latency
  11. Escape from Tarkov at GamesCom 2017

    thanks, and yeah, they should make a video showing what they are working on
  12. Escape from Tarkov at GamesCom 2017

    Can someone tell me what they were able to show? I caugth the stream when they were loading into shoreline
  13. Escape from Tarkov at GamesCom 2017

    Those germans didnt let our gods to explain the game, only a 10 minute showdown? Like really? Really bad organization from gamescom part, i wish you guys showed more of the game but they didnt let you do it because of the short time they gaved you. Nikita will always be a comrade, we love you.
  14. Battlestate Games studio staff has arrived at GamesCom 2017

    How much will the presentation last?
  15. Official Trading Thread

    i would love to have a LVOA C handguard for the M4, i pay well