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  1. New Pistols: SR1M Gyrza & APS

    Wheres the glock boi?
  2. Suggestion About Game Design

    I like the the game is hard, the game wont change because you for the moment are not the best player out there, the fact that the game has some sorts of natural selection per say, separating the good players from the bad players and the best players from the good players. I dont want this game to be more casual or to become a PUBG kinda game, it seems like everyone that complains about the game being to hard only want a PUBG style of gamemode, nah brah, go play PUBG is you want that, they want the game to be easy all the time, what makes EFT a different type of game wich makes it stand out from other shooters is ofcourse the weapons (animations, feeling, ballistics etc) and the fact its hard and punishing wich is something i love. Please there is a ton of topics like this one, dont make more, the game is not going to change because you are not performing as well as other players, the only thing i can imagine that will satisfy your needs is the arena mode. I respect your opinion but i dont share it @Klaus_Quarter. @Deadmode i agree 200% with what you said. People should do some research before buying a game so they dont complain later on the game isnt what they want or believed...
  3. So last year we had a year roundup video, would love to see a new one this year showing what you guys are working on, just like you did last year would be amazing.
  4. Wipe coming

    You are mental bro.
  5. Looking for South African players to join

    Can you play the game? Like i mean with no african servers and stuf lke that isnt the game laggy?
  6. EFT vs PUBG

  7. G3A3

  8. G3A3

    Thats not what she said
  9. Guia de Los Traders Parche 3.3.495

    Gracias tincho como siempre buenisimos videos.
  10. IR Teammate Identification Idea

  11. A sneak peek into the Battle State Games Studio

    Well where is my tactical balaclava tho
  12. This game's concept is a failure

    i like the idea of loosing your melee when you die. Also, we need to find a way to solve the hatchet running meta, i believe a good way of doing this is by making a system in wich players that are geared and looking for a match in one of the maps, get paired with people that are geared too. The game is awesome when you have amazing firefights against fully geared players when you are geared too, but that happens only once outta 20 times, most people run either a Tokarev [TT] or a hatchet, wich is not the way the game is meant to be played and it kinda makes the game boring. I love this game, dont get me wrong here, im a third wave alpha tester and ive been in tarkov way before the alpha was realeased, i just think there is no incentive in grabbing your best gear while most people dont use high tier gear. Tarkov its unique because of its shooting mechanics. I want this game to be DA GAME OF the 21th century and i will always support BSG because i know they are making the game that i always wanted, every patch, every bit of news gets me excited and i hope this never end. So some people may not like my idea of a tier based matchmaking but i think its the only way to go if we cant fix the hatchet meta atm.
  13. A sneak peek into the Battle State Games Studio

    Its a police anti riot helmet it looks like