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  1. As the title suggests. Playing with a low FOV is a huge benefit when using scopes, while high fov is prefered by a large portion of gamers. Being able to seperately change FOV while ADS and not would thus give people more freedom to tweak the game to their own preference.
  2. Communication - Force mic into the game

    I understand the sentiment, but the issue is like others have pointed out, background noice will be a thing no matter what. As someone who just had a baby, I'm pretty sure most would find hearing my son cry ingame would be quite immersion breaking, especially if they saw that the sound came from my character. A plugin that monitored communication tools and created ingame chatter based on mic input is a neat idea however, but it's quite obvious that it could be circumvented quite easily. People usually don't play fair if given an option to circumvent. I do agree that an ingame voice system based on ACRE would benefit the game immensely though, and having one could encourage people to prefer the ingame system.