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  1. What I love about RO2 is that it's not just when you're free aiming, the gun moves when you use the ironsights too.
  2. That mimics Red Orchestra 2's realism mode mouse controls/aiming. Because when you get used to it, it's so freaking GOOD. It's the sign of a worthy FPS, that it should do more and more to differentiate itself from Call of Duty.
  3. And have you played DoI yet?
  4. I think you need to go play Day of Infamy and learn about what you're talkin' about. x)
  5. I think that because it's already so hard to shoot precisely at long distances, free-floating deadzone aiming would be a wonderfully fitting addition. If you want to make it feel more natural, copy Day of Infamy, they do it right.
  6. I wonder if we'll be able to shoot birds too...
  7. I think that's a pretty extreme example there, there's a helluva lot you can do to cars in that game.
  8. Gotta wonder. Perhaps you can provide proof that it only fits games like GTA, or are you just saying that since not many other games have it? x)
  9. Me.
  10. Chek yo profile!
  11. March 25th for me.
  12. OH YEAH!!!! I'M IN BABY!!!1 WOOT!)!11!1 SURFS UP, BOYZ!!!!1!1!!
  13. Wait, did you get the EOD?
  14. Purchase date?
  15. Did for me.