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  1. Stuck in door

    A few days ago I got stuck in the middle of the Customs military checkpoint door; thankfully, the door menu was just barely accessible, so I managed to reopen it.
  2. Dying to scavs like they were terminators

    Uh, no--they are OP. Very OP. And yeah, they're being spawned all over the place, which is ridiculous-especially when they appear in places that you've just cleared. And add the grenades-do-bugger-all issue to the mix, and you've got some epic game play that not's winning any awards for intelligence.
  3. I agree with all of this--after getting one-shot blasted (in brand-new PACS armor AND helmet) by one AI Scav who took zero freaking damage from an RGD-5 that landed within a few feet of him. And that was after literally being insta-lock shot at by another terminator Scav who barely caught one glimpse of me through a wall and bushes. *facepalms* I mean, seriously? Crysis, nearly 10 years old now, had far better balanced AI and gameplay than this. I don't mind losing my gear to players who are better then me--it's their spoil. But losing gear that takes time and effort to acquire only to lose it to some weak programmed/scripted bots is really annoying.
  4. Prapor calling me "sugar" via insurance claim?

    Still having fun? Good, good...
  5. Willing to upgrade

    Impossible to know whether EfT will be completed with all the ideas there are for it. I would say at minimum, it's going to be years yet, simply based on map dev time and long-standing issues that clearly aren't getting resolved to where they can move on with other aspects of the game. There's a lot of potential and great ideas in EfT, but between the desync, cheaters that are NOT being prevented from causing royal headaches, abuse of spawns and "play as Scav", and now the Quest system that IMO feels like a series of cheap Steam achievements... I'm playing less and less as the days go by, and I've noticed various YouTubers are doing the same--moving on to other games. People are rapidly losing interest in this game.
  6. What happen with Tarkov

    It doesn't have a name per se (or a version/build number). So all any of us knows at this point is that another update larger than 9.17.17's is scheduled to drop in a few weeks or so.
  7. Prapor calling me "sugar" via insurance claim?

    Just tacky coding, IMO, especially considering the whole concept of trading is supposedly based on building respect between the trader and player.
  8. Another melee weapon

    You could do it in Crysis--one of the best parts of the game: And hey--can you think of a better way to test out that new silenced weapon you got your hands on?
  9. Speaking of mags, I noticed that post- patch you can no longer rotate any of your stash items while you're browsing traders--you used to be able to.
  10. Tarkov Bundles

    Christmas is coming; tell your wife/wives that a simple online transaction means her gift shopping for the year is done ahead of time. lol
  11. are the quest too linear?

    I'm not into Quests (or any kind of "grind" for that matter--leveling up traders included). Fling the monkey poo, but I had enough of "grinding" in GTA Online (which gets old real fast), and I enjoy EfT for its pure gaming mechanic aspects. Simply looting and escaping is enough for me--more freedom with what maps to play, and exactly what I want to do and when. Open world gaming = total player freedom
  12. are the quest too linear?

    FWIW I noticed that Makarov's (w/cartridge, no ammo) are now spawning in sports bags and even filing cabinets. lol
  13. best graffic settings

    Not high end here per se, but I typically get ~50 to 100 fps with my rig at 1920 x 1080 on high: * i7 4770 3.4GHz * GTX 970 SC * 16GB G.SKILL DDR3 * Crucial MX300 1TB
  14. Customs key grind

    Yeah, I usually find that key fairly easily in the Customs map itself...might have changed post-patch though; haven't done a raid since the patch to verify spawn rates. @ notredd: If you can meet up with me in-game somehow, I'd be happy to give you mine...I know I can find one again sooner or later; even if it means camping Fence's inventory for one. But if I see another freaking useless empty ammo box up for sale, I'm going to go ballistic. lol
  15. Still, there is Desync problems on going

    Well, as frustrating as these thing are (and they are!) I'm going to try and look on the bright side. lol I have to; I couldn't even get into the Alpha 1 test of Wild West Online, since it crashes shortly after launch; but the devs are communicating and working hard implementing fixes... I think as a PC gaming community at large, we've done ourselves a disservice by jumping so eagerly into early access games. There was a time when early access gaming for the public didn't even exist; might have been a good thing? lol