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  1. just found out there is vests. however by the time you get a vest that will hold the 45 round mag, you will be able to buy the 60rnd mag.
  2. So in real life this rail mount would be garbage (the AK dust cover isn't stable) but in the game it doesn't list any negatives for using it. in fact, it appears to be the best rear rail mount for the AK-74N in the game. has anyone noticed any down side to using this rail? thank you -matt
  3. I understand that the 45rnd AK-74 magazine is longer then a standard magazine so it makes since that it takes up three slots... however with the way reloading in the game works it renders this magazine unusable. if you hit "R" with a 45rnd magazine in the gun while you have a 30/60rnd magazine in your vest it will dump your 45rnd magazine on the ground rather then place it in your vest because vests can only handle 2 square items. a simple fix would be to send the 45rnd magazine to your backpack and just make the reload time a little longer to reflect the extra work. also adding 3 square vests in the future would be a good idea to accommodate future use of the RPK (which should use 45rnd magazines as a standard). thank you -Matt
  4. so after watching numerous videos I was lead to believe the factory key spawned on the customs map in the dorm rooms on a table in the office. however after visiting this spot numerous times both online and off, I have never seen this key at the location given. did they make the key spawn random like the other keys or is the spawn just extremely rare (ive done about 15-20 custom raids) thanks -Matt
  5. just had this happen to me, I spawned in as a scav on woods only to immediately get under fire by a suppressed weapon. I managed to live about 30 seconds because I took a hint and bolted for cover.
  6. I ordered a HyperX Cloud II off amazon. thanks for the advice all! -matt
  7. I don't mind spending around $100. -Matt
  8. so ive concluded using my computers speakers just isn't cutting it for Tarkov. can you guys/girls recommend a good headset to help me spot people via sound? thank you! -Matt
  9. I'm at 24 hours and no update, sad times!
  10. still not working, my stash is full. so at this point I'm just waiting for them to fix it.
  11. I haven't been doing any buying or selling since I posted this... my stash in full... hope they fix this soon.
  12. I started with 316k/400k then sold him 43k worth of loot and bought a 1k magazine. but after leaving and coming back and even restarting the game, it still says I'm at 316k/400k. ive submitted a bug report but I strongly recommend you be careful before selling Pavel any loot! -Matt
  13. in the time it takes me to click on the item, click on fill item, and then deal it seems the item has already sold 99.9% of the time. I have practiced to do this faster and faster but I still don't ever get items like full size AK's from fence because other people are soo much faster. am I missing something? how can I speed things up? thank you -matt