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  1. 707 Cant complete quest - critical error

    Tech Support will help you until your issue won't be fixed. Create a new ticket or continue on the one you created two weeks ago. Waiting times shouldn't be that high now. Thank you so much for your understanding.
  2. 707 Cant complete quest - critical error

    Did you tried restarting the game? If it doesn't work, please get in touch with the Technical Support and report that you've tried multiple times finishing raids to get the issue solved but you are still not able to go ahead. Thanks
  3. 707 Cant complete quest - critical error

    @lisurwis You might solve the issue by joining again in a raid and extracting.
  4. A cumpass in the watch

    There will be a compass in the watch. It has been announced when interviewing Nikita in June 2017. Please use the search function prior posting a topic containing the same request. #Locked #Answered
  5. Prepare for Escape to EoD

    Great! #Locked
  6. Lag after windows creator update

    Try to revert your changes. Just a suggestion: When performing those big updates, it's a good practice downloading windows10 updated from the original website and install it from scratch. I've had to do the same as Ram and CPU usage were higher than expected.
  7. Game crash on exit vers.

    This is a known issue. It will be fixed in the upcoming patches. Next time you are pleased use the search function. Thanks #Locked
  8. Prone Movement

    This feature is still not available.
  9. Birthday

    @BrokenGearzz I am sure BSG community is happy to see you playing for a long time. Anyway our developers does not provide additional content for similar requests. Yeah, at least you tried, you'd say. I am going to lock this topic as there won't be nothing more to add. Happy birthday and enjoy your party! #Locked
  10. Resuscitation/resuscitation sickness

    Dear @omgwot, Just for your information, the team already planned to add unconscious mechanic. In this case you won't die immediately if certain circumstances will lead to the unconsciousness. Anyway, there won't be a way to revive a death body.
  11. Killed as soon as I spawned

    @Deadlycombo The spawning system is still in development and our devs are aware of this issue. As this subject has been discussed many times, I am going to lock this topic. You are pleased to use the search function. The screenshot you posted has been deleted as there is no need of showing the player name. Nevertheless we do not accept eventual cheaters report for the time being. Thanks. #Locked
  12. New Year's Weapon Gift Scroll down a little. You will see that in "Additional ingame equipment" tab.
  13. BUGS

    For bug reporting, please use the following resource: #Locked #Answered

    You insured product will be given back to you if nobody will extract with that. For instance, I can take your M4 after your death but If I'll die after a few, without extracting, your M4 should be given back to you.
  15. Soldi che scendono

    Sono davvero curioso di sapere per quale motivo hai fatto questa affermazione...Su quali basi? Poichè il stress test è ancora in corso e i server sono da settimane a questa parte, sovraccarichi, è probabile che a volte alcuni dati non vengano registrati correttamente. Riportare il bug è la migliore cosa. Se lo hai fatto, ti ringrazio!