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  1. Jak powiększyć depozyt

    Po pierwsze, przy najbliższym patchu i wipe, wszyscy dostaną 30 slotów (3 linijki) więcej. Inną opcją jest kupno wyższego pre-orderu. (Standard Edition ma najmniej, Left Behind Edition ma więcej, Prepare For Escape Edition jeszcze więcej i Edge Of Darkness Edition ma najwięcej). W przyszłości ma być możliwość rozbudowy kryjówki, a co za tym idzie, rozbudowy stasha. Nie ma jednak żadnej przybliżonej daty, kiedy moglibyśmy się tego spodziewać
  2. So ban wave any time soon?

    That's a streamer I believe. Now, you are not supposed to throw hackusations around without any proof. Read this: in case you are lazy Also, I believe that someone from BSG stated that at the moment, bans are handed on weekly basis.
  3. Dog tags or name patch suggestion

    Can't really find original post (i believe it was one of the interviews), but here Head Moderator has confirmed, that dog tags will be added. Use search function please next time
  4. Gun Space

    They do plan on making exactly what you've said. With folding stocks guns will take less space (not yet, not with next patch, but later on - yes). IIRC they want to do this not only for stocks, but for everything. Barrel length etc.
  5. Please add several jamming types for final release

    They plan to do all this and more. Do your research first please. Because it is and it's "user's mistake" and it leads to problem presented on the photo Not really. I mean, some weapons do jam when they are very l ow on durability but it's bugged. Not really a feature atm, but it will be. Just hang tight and hope devs won't forget their own ideas
  6. Team Killing?

    You spawn as group on same spawn point (except Factory, where you spawn in neighbouring spawns - most of the cases anyway...) Well, you trusted stranger with your life and your gear. Someone else maybe wouldn't do that, he did. It's a lottery right now. Pretty much like in DayZ. Until we get ingame voice chat or karma system then I recommend you to stick to playing solo/with friends and I would avoid playing with randoms.
  7. Cooldown for scavs to leave map

    I was suggesting some time ago that scav extractions should be where PMC spawns are. And someone linked me some thread where devs were saying they are thinking about that. Can't find it now though.
  8. Check out my suggestion on easier loading mixing ammo with new UI!


  9. This gun is not AK. Neither AK, AKM or AK-74 - none of them has burst mode. So they won't in game either. MP5 for example. Basically - if weapon IRL has burst, it will have burst in EFT.
  10. Automatic fire is basically used as suppressing fire, or as light support weapon - when you have placed weapon on some kind of surface (prone, crouch behind sandbags, windows, low walls etc) and you can have better accuracy while providing automatic fire. But all that is situational. In default, every trained soldier and every trained operator uses semi-automatic mode. That's why all weapons start with semi-automatic. Use B when in need for other firing mode (it goes Semi -> Burst -> Automatic -> Semi, but not all weapons have Burst and Automatic).
  11. Ammo mixing is a real thing. Maybe not for sport shooters, maybe not for those, who carry arms for self defence. But in military it's pretty common. Especially with belt feeding, like here: It's box of 900 rounds of 5.56x45mm, mixed. It's pattern is 4x Ball, 1x Tracer and repeat. I know we probably won't get belt fed weapons in EfT, that was just easy example of real-life application. In EfT we can mix ammo types in our magazines. But doing 4/1 split like above in 60-round mag is difficult, boresome and unintuitive. My suggestion is that we could use some UI to achieve this thing. We could select ammo types, set count and be able to say "it's a pattern, please repeat until mag is full". I have even brought my superior Paint Skillz (yeah, that's a lie, I've used Photoshop...), to show an example what I've been thinking of. STEP 1: STEP 2: STEP 3 (repeating pattern): STEP 4 (non-repeating pattern): Thoughts?
  12. Ciekawi mnie czy coś wiadomo więcej na temat programu "Sherpa"? Został on porzucony? Działa (nie zauważyłem)? Będzie w przyszłości? Czy będą jakieś "wersje" tego programu np. dla Polaków i ogólnie innych osób, które nie czują się w pełni komfortowo grając i rozmawiając po angielsku?
  13. Mumble isn't in the game in the current build, replaced by commands. And scav players have no access to that