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  1. 5 man groups on factory is a running gag right?

    lol, why are you so mad ? go in with some gear and take them out. Play smart and u will win.
  2. To much stuff not enough space

    Yes, you would have to reset the account when you upgrade.
  3. kiver

    Customs, and Woods and mostly every map spawns scavs with fort armor and kivers. Just got to stay around for them to respawne couple times.
  4. It's Nikita Buyanov's Birthday!

    Happy Birthday old man !!! Best Wishes. не пей слишком много
  5. Come on who was it?

    LoL, good stuff. Been giving away gear too, gave 4 forts and couple DVL-10s and VSS. Let others enjoy them before reset
  6. Read other post before making another one. There is an issue in EFT and tons of post discussing it already. No need to create another.
  7. PGA 2017 video

    Pretty cool, man wish you guys could host event in U.S.
  8. CCTV Match Replay

    Pretty cool idea, If I am not wrong there will be similar option implemented in game, where for example streets of Tarkov will have CCTV cams and if you get in to like main terminal location you can monitor the streets and see whats going on.
  9. Spawn Camping?

    You have spawned as a PMC or Scav ? Scav spawns are a bit broken, but PMC's do not spawn that close to each other to kill, unless you are in a group. More details would be nice instead of just complaining.
  10. Newest patch

    had same thing happen to me like an hour ago, but now I was still able to play
  11. Campers and Squads Matchmaking

    Fair game ? come on, life is not fair so why should be the game. If you play solo it is hard to pass through the campers with full gear. However it is possible and lots of fun. I have been on both sides of the coin and it is challenging. Me and 3 of my friends encountered another full geared squad in woods camping extraction. My buddy had SV-98 dropped two from the distance and rest flanked. This game requires thinking and situation awareness, it is not call of duty. EXIT camper matchmaker is just funny, it will ruin the game. It is fine the way it is now. We could use more Scavs with Better reactions though rest is fine. Good thing, group spawn was added that fixed a lot.
  12. Dying to scavs like they were terminators

    Ok, it might of been a player Scav shooting through the door or it can be do too desync and lag it show door opening animation late. And you do not defend that room crouched, straight head shot guarantied.
  13. Dying to scavs like they were terminators

    lol, another Scav OP post. Wow come on guys, Scavs got little bit organized, but they are still terribly easy. I would suggest using a brain when trying to engage with anyone. Get in cover first and then shoot, that should help alot. SCAVs NEED a BUFF. Thank you,
  14. Prapor lvl2 Task - Item has disappeared

    It was there for me today. Completed the task.
  15. Quest Mega Thread

    Anyone had luck with Skier task 2 ?