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  1. Need advice

    yeah i decided to start the quest lol. had all my traders leveled before the patch so i know how useful they all can be!
  2. Need advice

    Yeah I've seen people say they've got loads of fort off bots but I've never seen it.. maybe I don't hang around late enough
  3. Need advice

    So I finally got my hands on my first Fort armour (after almost 500 raids) and I can't decide wether to keep hold of it or use it to get started on skiers quests so I can get back to buying paca
  4. First squad wipe!

    Grenade box on shoreline or from the car on customs with the same key used for the pocket watch quest if I'm not mistaken
  5. Insure all

    Maybe an insure everything before a raid yeah but not everything in the stash. although who wants to insure their gamma container?
  6. Can you max all traders at once?

    I wouldn't think you'd lose a rank with him if you've over done his rep.. suppose the only way is to do it and find out
  7. That I did, sorry should have explained it, it's classed as voip in the patch notes but it's obviously not haha can't imagine it being used much either
  8. The talk action has changed with the latest patch, i wish there was still a way to quick talk but they've implemented the "voip" and gestures now
  9. Scavs still broken

    Makarov 3 shot through paca.. every scav and their grandma has AK's.. used to get through customs with maybe 3 scavs killed, now it's around 10.. scavs have X-ray vision and shoot me before I even see them.. yep deffo not broken
  10. Plans for more melee weapons?

    I had no idea you didn't lose your knife on death at first so I decided to insure a tomahawk I picked up off someone :') wasnt the smartest thing I've ever done. but I do agree more mellee weapons would be cool although I don't really see why you would want multiple ones when they all do the same thing as of now
  11. Extraction campers

    Why? I just spent half an hour (as a scav so im not bothered about losing the gear) running round customs cleaning up the last few PMC's that were in the raid.. literally the clock had ticked to around 50min left. and I still get blasted in the face by someone sitting right next to the extraction area more than 30 min after I spawned as a scav. How is that enjoyable? Are people so bad at this game they can't get gear any other other way?
  12. keeping offline mode

    To run about and figure what spots on maps I can jump off without dying etc? Or to walk about and shoot down range and bits of wood..
  13. keeping offline mode

    I sort of agree with keeping the offline mode, I switch between a lot of games and usually jump offline just to remind myself of the mechanics and my sensitivity, I know the Devs have said they're getting rid of it but I think it's a useful feature
  14. Your suggestions

    Quick reloads anyone?
  15. Factory weather

    Well that's good news! Now fingers crossed for some thunder and rain!