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  1. Upgrading my game

    A wipe is around the corner, can happen any day soon. You might wanna pick EOD up now before its gone. They said the EOD edition will not be available to buy much longer (this was around gamescom)
  2. Helmets kinda pointless at the moment

    Yeah, i didn't knew the full name of the product. Might have mixed up something. Anyway we're way off-topic now.
  3. Helmets kinda pointless at the moment

    What are you talking about? http://www.dupont.co.uk/products-and-services/fabrics-fibers-nonwovens/fibers/brands/kevlar/products/kevlar-as-anti-stab-solutions-multi-threat-protection.html Obviously you're not from EU, i can carry it loaded but there are so many laws and restrictions in place that it renders it unusable.
  4. Helmets kinda pointless at the moment

    Should be Kevlar. its super slim these vests are meant to be worn under a shirt, mainly focusing on stab protection rather than firearm. Do note that i don't live in the US and in EU gun laws (specially here) are super strict so its only a pre-caution. My sidearm also a 9mm Parabellum handgun only, only for the show.
  5. Helmets kinda pointless at the moment

    Being the only helmet in the game, it won't save your life against gunfire. Maybe later on with plated and stuffed helmets you will be able to survive more than 1 shot. Currently the helmets are cheap, so use it. Its only 27k. You can farm way too fast now with all the scavs having AK-74U lying around.
  6. Helmets kinda pointless at the moment

    Well, i do CIT ( Cash-in-Transit) IRL, and i wear soft Kevlar vests on daily basis. It does jack poo against any caliber higher than .22. It might stop the bullet but without plate to block the kinetic energy your ribs will be broken and internal damage will do you in. Please do not compare this game to pubg where the level 3 helmet can stop 7.62 without concussion etc... Modern combat helmets are not used for protection, any caliber can penetrate it from distances. US army used the helmets in Iraq for mounting devices such as cameras,NVG, IR strobes etc. Wasn't designed to block 7.62 AKM bullets or RPG fragments
  7. Mounted weapons

    This is really important in my opinion. The scavs are fortifying key positions on all maps, yet all they do is some sandbag placements. Can wire to alert incoming enemies, some sandbag watchtower, DSHKM/PKP/PPK nest, bear traps, wired grenade traps etc. The list could go on forever, so many primitive traps could fit in to the game. Essentially they are living there, yet no living quarters etc. Would like to see for example scavs populate the dorms and during night time some of them sleeping in designated rooms. This could open up so much good stuff, quests. "Assassinate a HVT located at the dorms". Have him sleep on a bed and hatchet him to death Fuse boxes located on maps used to cause blackouts in some areas etc.
  8. Helmets kinda pointless at the moment

    Those helmets are not meant to stop a bullet, rather lessening the impact of shrapnel and various objects (rocks etc.) During ww2 it was used solely to display the wearer's rank, affiliation. Didn't have any stopping power at all, but was more visible than rank marks on chest or shoulder. Also helps with sound protection and in case of tripping with heavy equipment defending the head from concussion, defending the head from accidental bumps when in vehicle or inside buildings etc.
  9. Adding game to my non-steam game library

    Not all games on steam launched with steam overlay or any steam support. You can always have the option later on to link your account with steam and play it from there.
  10. STOP spawning into existing raids

    If you walk away from the spawn at least +10 meters, but still have line of sight of it. The game will render that spot as "free" spawn point so people might spawn there who joins in late. I'm also certain that people spawn outside of the map first, then moved to their designated spawn point (flying people clipping on the map sometimes).
  11. My Favorite Death in Tarkov

    super scav
  12. Collective insurance claim window with invidual timers

    Nothing is wrong with having insurance claim in messenger in my opinion. They have more pushing things to fix/add than fancy gui for your convenience.
  13. Gamma container too big

    It has been said multiple times, you will be able to purchase the same size container, only the skin and name of gamma will be EOD exclusive.
  14. Campers and Squads Matchmaking

    So much hate and fight in this topic, can't you present your point of view without insulting others? Idea is bad, the servers can't handle normal matchmaking, let alone increasing the stress with different matchmaking groups. Wait till they open the maps together, not that many people will extract then. Everything is temporary atm.