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  1. Customs Price List

    I put high value items is trizips and purple shoot here bags then sell it to skier for 500-600k.
  2. Money would go automatically into Money Case

    Game already having problems putting money in your inventory. Many people including me have invisible money in their inventory which is pretty annoying. I think it should stay this way, want my money secure in the case.
  3. How it feels losing your beloved VSS

    Its okay, they nerfed it big time.
  4. Yeah this would be nice, if not a whole loadout purchase, you could buy multiple items in one purchase, like all the modification for an m4 at peacekeeper. Issue is the game doesn't really manage your items, like when you need to hand over something for a quest you have to manually tick it in to proceed. Actually prompts that you can choose what item to keep and trade. Buying could function like selling now, drag the stuff you want to the middle, click proceed, fill the amount of money needed, then finish the purchase. Would make my life easier.
  5. Group...

    Might wanna look at this forum section: http://forum.escapefromtarkov.com/forum/40-clans/
  6. Forum Moderation Team hires again!

    Less competition. Anyway good luck to all!
  7. Forum Moderation Team hires again!

    No, just like most community roles are voluntary.
  8. Vaulting

    If they ever add this. It needs to be perfect. There are already numerous glitches regarding movement, adding vaulting in will just expand these. (Imagine people getting stuck in object after vaulting or glitching into walls.) What should be priority is cover based firing positions. Use of bipods and laying the gun on sandbags in crouch position for decreased recoil, increased accuracy etc. Same for standing at corners, pinning the weapon to the wall for the same effect. There are multiple ladders on maps and at some point if i remember correctly they confirmed the usage of ladders to reach vantage points.
  9. Forum Moderation Team hires again!

    Also to get ready for open beta. Forum will be flooded with questions.
  10. Game breaking bug!

    How is this game breaking bug? You can do this at many places. Like factory's old site shed.
  11. Will spawns ever be changed?

    Holy necro.... Anyway in the upcoming patch they will change the spawn system.
  12. Potential FPS Problems

    Engine is optimized even more the game. 3gb vram will only get you so far. Specially since its a notebook gpu.
  13. Mmorpg website giveaway

    Would be awesome. Could train my little brother to farm gear for me when i'm working.
  14. Project Ideas

    No, that would be stupid. You are dead, out of the game and hope that your teammate can kill the person and secure your loot.
  15. KEEP looted gains in OFFLINE mode plz

    This has been been answered so many times. The offline mode is only staying till beta, then it will be removed. Game is meant to be online only. Please use search next time.