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  1. Looking for doc case, paying your price.
  2. Any of the packages will give instant access. Just buy it and it will be added to your account, ready for play. My buddy bought it couple days ago and he can play.
  3. Where did you put the 3 rounds? chest? Maybe fort armor, desync?
  4. restart

    Yeah, it will be hard running with low endurance again
  5. Yeah, its kinda bummer that you have to google search info , watch long subtitled videos, or search here or reddit. There should be a dedicated forum section for Patch Notes (Notable changes listed here) Roadmad (Whats to come ie. Glock, with some description, WIP artwork and how it will fit into the game) Guides (Maps, loot locations. Mostly player submitted but controlled by BSG) Pure text version of interviews etc. Important stuff highlighted. This not a simple game, and when you have to rely on rumors and "players reported" stuff is pretty sad. Most of the people are visual type ie. show them a map and they will understand the map better.
  6. restart

    Well, the main reason for wipes is to restore economy and let the players use the new features. Also it would be meaningless if lets says you have a quest to find a pistol and extract it when you roll in high end gear.
  7. sfx

    Yeah its a known issue, sometimes its not that deceiving but sometimes distant (couple hundred meter) gunshots sounds 30 meter close and its kinda off putting. I really like the sound design, the grenade exploding in the trailer on the factory map at the offices was really a big impact. I appreciate good sound work, even tho it might be the most underrated job when it comes to game developing.
  8. restart

    Wipe at each big patch, new feature etc. Full wipe including inventory skils, trader standing.
  9. Claymore has laser proximity, wired, remote detonation.
  10. You're looking for this.
  11. Really nice find. Thanks for taking your time to help devs narrow down the issues, instead of throwing empty threats and tantrums.
  12. You should have done your research. The issues are known, its not hidden. Plenty of youtubers have taken their turn on throwing stone at EFT.
  13. Nice. No copy right issues using these on youtube/VOD friendly on twitch?
  14. Amazon giftcard, paysafecard etc. Just keep in mind that different payment fee apply for differrent payment method. Ask him to try doing checkouts to see how much is the total.
  15. Upgrade is not giftable if i remember correctly. You have to put your payment details in his account or purchase prepaid card for him to upgrade.