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  1. Game Deletes Itself

    Can anyone tell me why since this last wipe my game deletes itself about once every week? Never had this problem before but since the last wipe once every week or two the game files are gone and everything disappears. I cant figure out what is going on with this update. Did not have this issue with the last game version. Any ideas?
  2. Scav on Scav violence.

    Man I agree as well
  3. Melee while running.

    I'm for the hatchet idea, you should be able to strike while running.
  4. I had that problem reinstall launcher and check your firewall and antivirus. My AV picks up a launcher file as a threat and I had removed it and it did the same thing. Reinstalled launcher and tell it to ignore file every time i start now and I have no issues.
  5. What do i do wrong?

    Are you going in solo or by yourself? If your doing larger maps solo, you have to be sneaky sneaky as a lot of the larger maps have teams of up to five players moving slowly watching all directions and using comms. You have to be a leaf in the wind, move fast and silent, strike like a cobra, and fade into the shadows. Stay hidden, use your surroundings to disguise yourself and conceal your movements. Do not be in the open at all if possible, and if you have to you need to sprint the shortest distance to cover. I suggest you use discord or find a teamspeak server and group up with a squad that can teach you the ropes. It's much easier to learn with experienced players that can show you the ropes. A lot of guys are willing to help if you ask. Sorry for the long post I'm assuming your trying larger maps solo, it's not impossible and can be done but you have to be VERY aware of your surroundings, know the map like the back of your hand, and have the eyes of an eagle. If you know know the maps well and are indeed attempting solo I suggest you offline play the maps and learn every inch, nook, and cranny of them and have them memorized.
  6. Need some help from EOD owners

    Good question! LoL I am curious as well.
  7. Pistol glitch

    From what I understand somehow you can put a pistol in your alpha/gamma/whatever case and use it out of there. You don't lose what's in the case so if you die you still have pistol.
  8. Which magnified sights can be on the reg SKS

    If it's the SKS hunting rifle, I don't think you can put any sights on it. I think it has to be the *actual* op-sks, and I'm not talking the stock.
  9. Your suggestions

    Yes, something would be handy. Wish I could cover my back with a trap after going through a door someone following down my path and catching me in a crossfire. Would be very useful in certain instances.
  10. Spawn camping has to be stopped

    12 I made the fatal mistake of choosing the rog laptop with the full size arrow keys over the MSI that had the half size up and down arrow thinking the rog had more ram. My critical error the other had 16. Saving for an upgrade to 24g asap. Too bad that's the max it can hold but alas the life of a truck driver can't run a desktop in the truck. LoL
  11. Bug or desync?

    Yea I was hoping a mod or Dev could explain it. I was trapped there and lost all my gear
  12. Spawn camping has to be stopped

    I've tried that, going into offline and loading in, then exiting and going into lobby and going into raid but I'm doing something wrong it still loads the map (same map were playing) and it still takes 3 minutes approx for me to get into game. (This is on customs). And wouldn't you have to preload every time?
  13. Spawn camping has to be stopped

    Well hmm I'm kind of divided by that. Some computers just take longer to load maps and when you go in with a group most of the time it seems someone will load almost instantly every time and always have to wait on the others. So what takes map so long to load for some players? Is the most likely culprit ram, internet connection, or solid state hard drive vs standard hard drive? I hear everything listed above as a problem but I am curious how I can increase my map load speed and I imagine all 3 could contribute. Sorry for going off topic.
  14. Cheater/Hacker/Noclipper

    Guys give it a couple weeks as has been mentioned before when the next patch hits in a few weeks or so there will supposedly be a massive ban wave with it as well. Let's hope they get most of them out at least so the game is enjoyable. I wish they could work faster as well but we gotta let their system work. They are well aware of all the current issues and they are working hard to fix it all.
  15. Bug or desync?

    Not sure if it was a bug or hardcore desync, was standing next to escape from tarkov truck on customs between gate and truck, and mysteriously teleported and got stuck on the other side of gate in the out of bounds area. Unable to escape area and lost all my gear. Photos attached. Couldn't find the bug forum, sorry if this was misplaced.