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Found 41 results

  1. Official Trading Thread

    Need Factory Key, PAYING 1000DOLLARS. Thx bois'
  2. Video - Killing all in FACTORY

    Hi Guys, follow my gameplay in FACTORY with makarov pistol.
  3. I've noticed something odd about factory since I began taking a certain route. The metal staircase leading to the bridge connecting to the third floor offices seems to break your legs randomly on the second tier of the stairs. I have tried different ways, running, walking, crawling, crouch walking. I thought it all came down to desynch probably. But this marks the twelfth time this has happened. Four of those times, both legs break, my character begins to breath heavily, then just randomly keels over. KIA says the report. Is this a known issue? It's very annoying and takes fun out of a map, given I am terrified to now take a certain route, given it has a 1/2 chance to break my legs, then kill me.
  4. Camping in FACTORY at exit!

    Hello, I was playing a lot that game, and factory map, and i see that lot ,but a lot people camping at exit and when you open door you are dead. That way he get easy lot and you dont have a chanche to shoot him first. So is a way that you prevent that camping at exit at factory. I think if you put that IMMEDIATELY start count down extraction that they wont be able anymore to do that camping.
  5. Selling Factory Key

    Selling Factory key, sold to highest bid, USD/RUB, staring price $10k or 900k RUB
  6. Good day Everyone, So i like to play Factory but in the last 6 runs i experienced a lots of Desync to the point i could not even extract or shoot, so basically its unplayable, do you know why ? and if it will get "fixed", i mean i do get the part that this is beta its not finished and i dont want to say that is a bad game or something its infact Quite the opposite, but it just kinda kills the fun if you go in to the runs and cant do anything.
  7. factory key

    so i recently got access to this game with the closed beta. and im finding it very hard to get a factory key or any other useful key at this point. i either spawn in as a player scav and get 1shot by someone with a pistol or spawn as my main class and get shotgun by a scav 250m away. and this is very demotivating
  8. Camping in FACTORY at exit!

    Hello, I was playing a lot that game, and factory map, and i see that lot ,but a lot people camping at exit and when you open door you are dead. That way he get easy lot and you dont have a chanche to shoot him first. So is a way that you prevent that camping at exit at factory. I think if you put that IMMEDIATELY start count down extraction that they wont be able anymore to do that camping. - Sry i was put two same POST here and "QUESTENS", i didnt know where to put that, than i realize that is that sugestion. Tnx
  9. Factory Key

    Hello, im looking for the factory key, Ive been grinding for hours and have been extremely unlucky in my search. What I am asking for is the factory key from anyone kind enough to give it to me. Im willing to give just about in my inventory for that, quite literally anything. I am a level 33 with all max level traders (excusing therapist) and am fairly wealthy in the games standards. Thats not even beginning to describe how well equipped my stash is. Please, I am begging anyone who has an extra, or just overall wants to give the godforsaken key.
  10. Hallo Leute, In diesem thread geht es mir hauptsächlich darum eure Meinungen reinzuholen. Zum Thema: Wie vielleicht viele von euch habe ich mehrere 'Factory key' runs getätigt. Nichts als mit der 'Hatchet' zu den Unterkünftgen gerannt und gehofft der Erste zu sein, um den legendären 'Factory Key' zu finden. Oft war ich tatsächlich der erste, aber vom 'Factory Key' keine spur. Alternative bin ich seit Tagen dabei bei den 'Customs' als 'Scav' zu spawnen um die 2te Möglichkeit abzuchecken. Die Dokumententache und Brieftasche lasse ich jetzt einfach mal außen vor. Auch hier: Wieder nichts. Mir geht es hier dabei nicht mich auszuheulen, sondern dabei tiefer in den Sinn des Factory Keys zu schauen. Braucht man ihn wirklich? Definitiv! Er öffnet die wichtigsten Türen auf den 2 (meiner Meinung nach) wichtigsten Maps und gibt somit einen ungeheueren großen Vorteil. Nun könnte man behaupten, dass nicht jeder diesen Vorteil haben soll, deswegen ist er ja so selten. Da stimme ich zu und hier kommt der Knackpunkt: Ist es der Sinn des Spiels so schnell wie möglich ohne Waffe von A nach B zu rennen, um einen Gegenstand zu bekommen, den man unmöglich mit dem normalen Spielstil erhalten kann? Was kann man also tun? Ich wäre z.b. dafür den Factory Key öfters, sowohl an den vorgesehen Orten als auch per zufall in den Bots erscheinen zu lassen. Gleichzeit sollte man den Schlüssel entsprechend abschwächen, sodass er nur noch 1 oder vielleicht 2 Türen öffnen kann. Die restlich Türen würden dann neue Schlüssel öffnen. Eigentlich so wie alle anderen Schlüssel auch. Den Schlüssel für das Granaten Auto bei den Unterkünften in Customs finde ich z.B. auch sehr praktisch. Aber er öffnet halt nur einen wichtigen Ort, was ich gut finde. Es ist das Erste mal, dass ich in's Forum poste, also bitte lasst mich diese Entscheidung nicht bereuen. Liebe Grüße Xello
  11. Bad glitch in Factory

    I'm currently writing this in the stair well in Dorms closest to the Main Exit. Escape From Tarkov's are pretty bad right now and cause an immense amount of desync and connection issues. I went to the main exit and waited for the extraction. I never extracted and after dropping an item and waiting 12 seconds for it to leave my inventory, the problem was desync. I alt+f4 the game in order to try to reestablish my connection to the server. When I reentered the raid I teleported to the stair well closest to the main exit. I got stuck in the wall and I'm able to see outside the map (very white and bright). I also got stuck (this includes changing stance) so I can't move and Scavs can't see me even though I can see them. So I'm doomed to find out what happens when the timer reaches zero or I can abandon the game a lose the loot I acquired. I've attached some screenshots to help with what I'm describing. Thought I'd let the Devs know that this glitch can ruin a raid and also cause some potential exploit.
  12. Factory Lighting

    I feel as thought the lighting in factory is a bit off, it would be a lot nicer if the hanging lights weren't on, and leave the chemlights laying about that'd be fine, because i question why they're there in the first place if all the lights are on, and half the roof is ripped up letting in natural sunlight that doesn't seem to come inside properly. What i want to know is how's this place even running? there should be a padlocked generator somewhere in the map the uses the factory key, for someone to turn on and all the emergency lights kick in. It'd make torches viable for some blinding action. There are points across the map where the red flashing lights go through floors and walls, and some natural lights looks different to others. And the last two screenshots, that hanging light distributes more light than any other hanging light? 3rd last is prop collision a pipe going through a tarped fence. Theres a few more screenshots i could add, but i think thats enough for the time being, i think plenty of other players have seen, and have their own screenshots in regards to this. Screenshots aren't showing it that well, but if you goto these spots in factory you'll see what im talking about. If you've seen more please do post, as i was playing on medium settings with shadows on low.
  13. Factory Quickie

    better not to be greedy
  14. So im just the kind of guy that pays too much attention to detail and little things catch my attention and keep me up all night... Ok so i may have some problems... I have been wondering what EXACTLY the factory was designed for. Where are the control boxes and machine controls? Why do they need a battalion of forklifts in such a confined space? and if so where are all the pallets they would be stacking? HOW IN THE WORLD DID THEY GET THOSE STORAGE CONTAINERS IN THERE? Will i ever find the answers?