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Found 25 results

  1. as title and according to tarkov's wiki, is it now the 5.56mm MK 255 mod 0 is the best AP atm ? i know it used to M995 but i want to make sure no one has changed the wrong info if it is, i dont have to camp the trader for 5.56 again since this round have unlimited stock×45mm_NATO
  2. So today i want to show / discuss what you guys think is the best ammo of each caliber. IT SEEMS LIKE THIS FORUM HAS A PROBLEM IMPORT MY TABLE HTML CODE SO IM TRYING TO SOLVE IT. NOTE: thats just my Opinion and it may differ of what others say. All informations were copy and pasted from
  3. Ammo Issue

    Anyone notice when you purchase new ammo that you can't merge it with your existing ammo stacks until you play a game? Not a big deal, just curious if I'm the only one.
  4. Controlls not working?

    Chek ammo button not working Chek chamber not working Buttstock hit not working And how do I get to use the emotes, what is the button? How to fold/unfold a stock?
  5. I want to start by saying that I am loving the game and excited for the thiings you have announced that are coming in 2018. Keep up the great work Devs! I believe the type of ammo for rifles found in various weapon & ammo crates should be looked at. It seems that the most common type of ammo found in a raid currently is the 5.45x39 followed by the 5.56x45 then rarely the 7.62x25 and I don't think I have ever found any loose .366. Since the scavs use .366 & 7.62x25 weapons wouldn't it be logical that you would find these ammo types to be the most common to be found? Just my 2c
  6. All people say something different which ammo is better... So I do some research and it looks like some sort of ammo have not always the same DMG and AP. Can somebody tell me how this works? Is it just Random or is there a system behind or am I completely wrong?
  7. No more 5.56 M995 ?

    I just can't find M995 ammo anymore from Peacekeeper level 4. Anyone know what happened ?
  8. We all know it. Ammo boxes. Trash we have our stashes full of. The most discarded item ever. The single item that can mess up entire Fence's inventory. We all had it, we all hate it, it have no apparent purpose (at least that I know of). Why we hate it? It holds less ammo than a stack of "loose" ammo of the same space. You can only sell it to Fence for 1 ₽ What we know about it? Can be insured I have never tested if insured ammo box would return ammo. I assume it won't (just like mags) What can we do to make it great: Make it so traders sell ammo only as packs. So you can buy 1 box, 2 boxes, 1000 boxes. etc. Well, IRL you don't go to munition store and say "gimme 5 rounds for that 9 Para". Well, at least not where I live Make it so ammo packs have same capacity that "loose" ammo have. Buff packs or nerf stacks. Make it equal. Make it so you can insure ammo boxes (already in game), but it will return it with ammo that was inside. As I've said, I never tested it. If it's ingame already, then great! No idea if possible, but allow ammo to be packed in any box of the same caliber, so we can pack 5.45 Soviet BS into pack of 5.45 Soviet PS. No idea if possible/easy to implement, but allow to sell ammo only in boxes, not as stacks (well, maybe "ignore" ammo in gun's chamber and mag, for convenience). This would help with Peacekeeper exploit. You buy 30 rounds in a box, and you can only sell ammo in a box (any amount inside). Since you can't buy empty boxes, you can't exploit. Thoughts? If you like that idea, give some upvote and share your thoughts in the comments. You might also want to check, comment, and maybe upvote/dislike my other suggestions: Random events (with possible loot): link Usage of batteries to power gear: link UI for loading mixed ammo: link Shift-click to fast open containers in inventory: link Hiding HUD: link
  9. Ammo mixing is a real thing. Maybe not for sport shooters, maybe not for those, who carry arms for self defence. But in military it's pretty common. Especially with belt feeding, like here: It's box of 900 rounds of 5.56x45mm, mixed. It's pattern is 4x Ball, 1x Tracer and repeat. I know we probably won't get belt fed weapons in EfT, that was just easy example of real-life application. In EfT we can mix ammo types in our magazines. But doing 4/1 split like above in 60-round mag is difficult, boresome and unintuitive. My suggestion is that we could use some UI to achieve this thing. We could select ammo types, set count and be able to say "it's a pattern, please repeat until mag is full". I have even brought my superior Paint Skillz (yeah, that's a lie, I've used Photoshop...), to show an example what I've been thinking of. STEP 1: STEP 2: STEP 3 (repeating pattern): STEP 4 (non-repeating pattern): Thoughts?
  10. If I may, I would like to make what I feel is an objective suggestion regarding improved access to the 9x39 ammo for the AS Val. Here's why: I recently managed to "snipe-buy" an AS Val from Fence's inventory a few days ago--felt very fortunate about it, actually, seeing as it's a highly-sought after gun. But at level 21, no ammo is available from Prapor for it. Yes, I'm working on my leveling, but it takes a fair amount of time--that some players don't always have a lot of, but still want to enjoy the game and what they've legitimately acquired (esp. before stash wipes, etc.). I managed to snag 30 rounds of ammo for it (again, from Fence), but it's taken two days (read: many hours of Fence camping) since 9x39 ammo crate loot spawn is so rare, it's practically non-existent. Now, just last night, while playing as a Scav, I was doubly lucky and found an AS Val sitting on the desk in the gas station extraction room. This isn't a sob story, but again, no ammo for it. My point is: I don't think it's an unreasonable request to make the 9x39 ammo a little more accessible somehow for players who legitimately obtain one or more of this weapon (or VSS) and yet are not yet at level 29. What point is there in a new player who gets lucky and finds an AS Val via player Scav run only to let the gun sit there and collect dust until weeks or months later when he manages to get to level 29? If the AS Val's damage level is such that it's too high for new players to have much usable access to via ammo, then remove it completely from ever being sold via Fence, and don't spawn it on the table in the gas station extraction room. Or, make ammo access easier, but slightly reduce the damage it does, since many players consider it an OP gun anyway. IMO, it could still be adequately powerful and fun for everyone without limiting usable access to it via its ammo availability.
  11. PP ammo is poo compared to PS this is the new and updated ammo WIKI for EFT . in this wiki you can see that the best ammo types are just BS, BT and PS. first : i dont want every ammo to be the same , and some types need to be better than others , but there are some things that need to be chance. 1: PP ammo that is supposed to be IRL the 7N10 AP bullet that is standard russian 5.45x39 ammo and can penetrate 16mm st3 steel plates at 100m has a average penetration (the lowest is 30) , yes i know that i has the highest penetration chance but it should also do a very high dmg against armor ( i think about 37 penetration dmg) 2: even if the PP bullet had 37 penetration dmg the BT bullet would still shine (a bit to much) , and a AP tracer round shouldnt do the same dmg as a fully AP round , so IMO the BT should be nerfed and its penetration dmg should be 34-35.
  12. 9X39 ammo for the VSS

    I found the VSS silenced sniper rifle, but i cannot find any of the required ammo type. i believe to needs the 9X39, but i have yet to find any. How can i get my hands on this? i am currently lvl 14...
  13. 9x39mm

    There are 3 more recent variants of this caliber! if you guys could implement them it would be awesome! PAB-9 (7N12) - The SP-6's bullet is expensive, so an attempt was made to make a lower-cost version of the cartridge. The PAB-9 (ПАБ-9) used a stamped rather than machined steel core. It sacrificed too much performance to be usable. As of 2011, its usage is prohibited.[3] SPP - The SPP (СПП) (SPP: Snaiperskie Povishennaya Probivaemost; "Sniper - Increased Penetration") is a sniper round with an increased penetration. BP - The BP (БП) (BP: Broneboin'ie Pulya; "Armor-Piercing Bullet") is an armor-piercing round.
  14. New trader concept: Kingpin. Role: Tarkov's Banker Concept lore: The main leader of thriving Scav gangs. Runs operations and transportation of stolen loot and goods. Makes money on whatever he can and whoever he can. Concept interactions and abilities: Can make deposits and withdraws (small tax based on loyalty level). sells highly valued barter loot and special types of container. ( Pouch containers, Doc folder, wallets, ect). Hosts the auction house. Has interactive and loyalty Quests and missions. these interactive quests include escorting AI (or even players) with containers labeled "Kingpins loot" to certain locations and defending from ambushes set by rival gangs or wandering groups of PMC's (Roam mode or technical Raid mode). Escorting the valued good gives loyalty and % cut. Bonus for escorting the original carriers of the loot. If the opposition wins, the loot can be sold or bartered to other traders; or sold at a "special" price back to kingpin. (No tax on a certain amount of times on deposits, or a discount of a item in his shop). Note: This is a fan driven concept made by me, to make the world feel more "alive" and give the game more dynamic. Having a interactive trader as this compared to the usual "find tools and move to the next area with said tools" would give not only a great experience but more of a atmospheric touch to the game. (the world still goes on even if you're not there). Let me know what you think and any ideas to improve on this trader concept Ammo Box suggestion Having a 1x2 box of ammo (2x2 depending on the actual round). Holds 8-10 slots inside of any bullets you desire (12-16 on the 2x2). Has the option to be labeled by the player so they can keep track on the type of ammunition put in it. Personal note: as a seasoned player, having the ability to keep track in a organized manor will make for better game play and variety. just shoving bullets anywhere in your stash into a mag creates no real preference and a lack of knowledge of how much damage you do. Even the current method of keeping track isn't viable due to the amount of space you take up in the stash for other items. Let me know what you guys think and I hope a BSG Dev will come across this and spark new and intuitive ideas for the game. I love this game and can say personally i poured over 1000 raids and hundreds of hours and want to make this the best game it can be. link to the original thread
  15. Shotgun Ammunition

    Something I'm surprised I haven't seen yet is a more comprehensive list of ammunition for shotguns. Now while I'm suggesting too many of the "Exotic" ammo types what I am suggesting is the number of types of what some would say is "Standard" shotgun ammunition. The amount of ammo types in terms of 5,45x39 and 9x18mm is mind boggling but when you get down to Western Ammo Types like 9x19mm and 5,56mm it's comparitively sparse. Then you have shotgun ammunition which only has two, Buckshot and Slugs. Besides a few "exotic" shells which I'll mention later here's some suggestions for expanding the shotgun ammunition lineup. Magnum & Super Magnum To further reinforce the role of Pump Action shotguns and hopefully the soon to be released Double Barrel Break Action shotguns I suggest adding in Magnum or Super Magnum type cartridges, often being 3" or 3.5". Standard rounds would be 2.75"/2.76" shot shells. Both types have similar performance when a shell has a "Magnum" prefix it gains better distance and more power (leading to better penetration and stopping power) but will sometimes increase the amount of felt recoil and kick in return. In addition whenever weapon jamming is implemented, Semi-Automatic shotguns should feed more reliably with Magnum strength shells compared to standard strength, since Semi-automatic shotguns a synouymous for being finnicky with shells under 3" Magnum strength. The Super Magnum is often only used in firearms modified to take them but offer even longer distance, power and inversely recoil and kick. Birdshot Birdshot is often overlooked in practical defense applications, typically because its pellets it uses are much smaller than traditional buckshot with the intention to take down small game such as rabbits or hence it's name, birds. Birdshot unlike Buckshot is often more readily available in certain countries, especially countries which often place restrictions on what kind of ammunition can be purchased. Damage wise Birdshot is often giving limited effectiveness against those wearing any form of armor and the range is comparitively low unlike buckshot, the spread is often also wider over a distance but at close range they can still be comparitively lethal to anyone not wearing any form of soft armor. In my humble opinion, Scav's should spawn more frequently with Birdshot and less with Buckshot. Buckshot Varieties In essence Buckshot should have more variety in their selection. Standard, simply labeled "Buckshot" is likely 00 buckshot and could classified with a less-expensive, less powerful Civilain version with a more powerful Military grade buckshot. Additionally such Buckshot shells such as No.4 Buckshot (larger spread, less damage), 000 Buckshot (less spread, More damage). Rifled/Sabot Slugs + Slug Barrels Something that would give shotguns more versatility is if players had the option of making a Slug Gun. A dedicated shotgun to shooting Slugs with better range, accuracy, penetration and damage. Sabot slugs would benefit from players using shotguns load with slugs more than buckshot. Additionally I believe Scav's should also spawn with Slugs more often. Exotic Ammunition - Some ideas for Exotic Ammunition Breaching Rounds - Breaching rounds while expensive allow you to breach doors no matter what side they open at the cost of a loud report. Incendiary Shot (Dragons Breath) - Lacks penetration, limited range, great versus unarmored targets, inflicts after effect burning damage on unprotected limbs Flares - Similar to any flare fired from a Flare gun but from a shotgun barrel.
  16. Sub sonic Ammo

    Would be something to see if you guys were able to implement sub sonic ammo. Giving that 100% stealth to other people. They could be over powering so maybe set a effective range at like 15 - 20 meters so that we wouldn't end up with a player sniping everyone.
  17. Implement basic crafting

    Implementing crafting for basic items combining certain basic items to make better items organizing items in inventory break down items I feel it would add another layer to the game play if you could find a box of bullets and save spent casing's and kill someone and hes got say shotgun shells you break down the shell into, pellets or slug,the shell, gunpowder, now you have a box of 9mm bullets and spent cases for your pistol you combine the gun powder bullets and cases and have x amount of rounds. another example is making Molotov cocktails Vodka bottles, kerosene can w fuel, rags or you can take bandages and combine them to make medkits basic items that can be combined or formed into more useful items or broken down for materials that can be re-purposed.
  18. 7.62x39

    Is there any point to keeping 7.62x39 in the game right now? I've found quite a bit and the only gun I've seen that battlestate's made a model for that would fire this is the SKS. Is the SKS in the Extended Alpha or should I just sell my stock?
  19. Снаряжение магазина

    Здравствуйте! Предлагаю ввести в игру более удобную и расширенную возможность по снаряжению магазинов оружия патронами, сейчас это происходит при перетаскивании пачки или россыпи патронов в магазин и снарядить магазин патронами в нужной последовательности очень трудоемко, так что если ввести функцию по примеру "модифицироавть"(оружие), то есть при нажатии правой кнопкой мыши на магазине который нужно снарядить в выпадающем списке был бы пункт по типу "снарядить патронами" и после его нажатия открывался бы отдельный интерфейс где был бы изображен снаряжаемый магазин и все типы патронов к нему имеющиеся у игрока, при нажатии на нужный тип боеприпаса появлялось бы окошко где можно выбрать количество патронов которые "уйдут" в магазин, после набивки нужного количества переходим к другому типу боеприпаса и так пока не получим желаемую последовательность и количество патронов разных типов в магазине, хорошо было бы добавить еще возможность сохранять данную набивку патронами как шаблон и в следующий раз при нажатии мышкой на магазине появился бы пункт "снарядить из шаблона" к слову можно было бы составить несколько разных шаблонов. Подводя итог хотелось бы что бы у игрока было больше свободы при снаряжении магазина патронами и игрок смог сам составить нужное количество, тип патронов и их последовательность в магазине. Если пойти еще дальше в развитии этой темы, то дабы не путать магазины с разной набивкой патронами, можно было бы их помечать краской или цветной изолентой и привязывать данный цвет к шаблону набивки. Действие на практике - к примеру нам нужно что бы в конце стрельбы у нас отстреливались трассирующие патроны которые сигнализировали бы о том что патроны в магазине заканчиваются (кстати это очень удобно и правдоподобно ведь именно так делают в реальности в военных конфликтах - это позволит сделать игру более реалистичной ведь в жизни на автомате нет счетчика оставшихся патронов) значит мы в интерфейсе снаряжения магазинов сначала выбираем трассирующие патроны и их нужное количество, таким образом заряжая их первыми они будут отстреливаться в конце, а после них снаряжаем магазин другими нужными патронами. Вообщем это очень большая хотелка, но позволяющая сделать игру более реалистичной, а погружение в её атмосферность еще более глубоким! Всем спасибо за внимание! Прошу простить за огромное количество букв)))
  20. Feeding wrong rounds

    In the game play videos for EFT I saw that players need to put the ammo into the magazine manually.So I was think that, what if a player puts the wrong round into a magazine? Some ammo/rounds have almost the same size/texture as the other, and can be put into other magazine. For example : putting a 380ACP magazine into a 9MM magazine and loading it into a 9MM handgun. (Of course some gun works fine with different rounds.) [ Note : 380APC have the same diameter as 9MM, but shorter length. So it can be placed into a 9MM magazine.] So I was thinking about giving the players the option to put wrong rounds into the wrong gun/magazine, and when they try to fire that gun, the gun immediately jams after firing that round[And damages the gun]. This can punish the player for putting in the wrong rounds into their gun and also can create new opportunities for betrayal or challenges too. For example, I can simply give my ally a magazine for AK-12 but loaded with wrong rounds so that I can make my backstabbing easier, etc. Either way, you get my idea, let me know what you guys think.
  21. Easy example; Shotguns with Buckshot, Slugs, Flechette, Dragon's breath, etc. Hard example; Assault rifle magazines loaded with tracers. For whoever's reading, military personnel will sometimes load the last few rounds (or every other last few rounds) with tracers. So they have a visual identifier that they are low on ammo. Machinegunners will also use this for their weapons to make un-aimed fire more accurate.
  22. Fast ammo reload

    Hello I have a request for this game, In guerilla warfare it is verry often used to have a "Dual ammo reloading techniqe" it is 2 magazines taped together and a piece of stick between them to fast reload. Would be so cool if you could animate this thanks Also a camel pack is verry often used if running/ traveling a far way on foot to replenish hydronation. Can´t wait to play this game Take care & cheers from Sweden
  23. Fast ammo reload

    Hello I have a request for this game, In guerilla warfare it is verry often used to have a "Dual ammo reloading techniqe" it is 2 magazines taped together and a piece of stick between them to fast reload. Would be so cool if you could animate this thanks Also a camel pack is verry often used if running/ traveling a far way on foot to replenish hydronation. Can´t wait to play this game Take care & cheers from Sweden
  24. Swapping mags between team.

    Hello there. I would like to ask a question regarding magazine swapping between teammates. I know that it would be possible to just drop a magazine and your friend can pick it up, but I would like to hear your opinion about quick reload by taking a magazine from your partners vest. There are vests that have magazine hostler on the back where your team can quickly use if they're out. how this could work is by having a vest that has slots that you can put magazines in them (with the downside of more weight) and when your partner is close to you if he doesn't have ammo he can just reload from your vest.
  25. Ammo making

    I've seen that in the trailer, that almost all guns (except the shotgun) have a massive muzzle flash. This is caused by low quality powder inside the cartridge and several other factors. So why PMC that have money on these kind of things use low quality ammo? OK, you can make a point here, you are in a abandoned place nowhere near your base and gunshops and you have to scavenge. But we can have reloading benches. With enough tools that you can scavenge(or buy), you can make your own ammo. That would be really cool. For example, you could make match HV ammo for your sniper rifle for maximum precision, or hollow points for your M4 for devastating effects on the enemy body.