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Found 19 results

  1. Model Body Armor Correctly

    Righto, I'm going to try and keep this as short and sweet as possible while still getting the point across. In short, The current Body Armor system is not only entirely inaccurate, But drives up the requirement for Armor-Piercing rounds in order to combat them. While the Durability of the Item is important, It is also important to note that various sorts of firearms will completely ruin several types of body armor. Elaboration: Currently you have two types of Body Armor that are commonly used. Soft, and Hard Body Armor. Soft body Armor, In game would be akin to 3M and PACA. Soft body Armor is only typically resistant to Pistol caliber rounds, and Buckshot (although shot will completely trash the vest) Hard Body Armor, As the name suggests, uses hard plates, either Steel (AR500 is most common) Or Cermanic plates to stop Rifle caliber rounds in addition to pistol caliber rounds. (reference chart below for specifics). To summarize, A Rifle caliber round will punch clean through Soft body armor with little to no resistance and would provide zero meaningful protection, Same with shotgun slugs. Pistol caliber rounds would effectively be largely incapable of penetrating the plates and in most modern body armors (IOTV and 6B45) Are a combination of soft and hard body armor. Plates covering torso, back and small portions of the sides. And Soft armor covering the majority of the area (most often rated to stop 9mm and shrapnel). Implementation: With Soft Body Armor, simply remove it's ability to stop rifle caliber rounds and shotgun slugs, while still retaining the ability to stop pistol caliber rounds of most types. Hard Body Armor, Add 'pocket slots' to the current FORT armor in game, and potentially add 'Plate Carriers' and other type of hard armor apparatuses in game. In short, You'd have the Vest which would have it's own 'item durability', then the plate that would have it's own item durability. Obviously rifle caliber rounds would have increased changes to shatter the plate (cermanic) or penetrate (steel) based on what ever individual aspects of the round. Make the Vests more common like Chest Rigs, but restrict the Plates themselves to higher level traders. Make it so that the Plates can NOT be repaired and must be purchased new. This is a very early idea, so i'm well open to ideas and suggestions.
  2. Too much Fort Armor

    Played the new patch now for 80 hours and i have to say that the new spawnrates of bots with fort armor and goldchains in safes seem a bit off to me. Maybe even 100% more than what we used to from the last version. I knew its a beta and giving out rare items to players so they can test them is fair but for me it seems like those items are not rare anymore. Kiver helmets that doesnt protect you that well dont have a trade up anymore. You can just buy them now. In generell the game got easier this way which i dont support. If the spawnrates are well thought out than maybe consider lowering the spawns on the factory map because the time you need to clear the hole map is way shorter in comparisn to any other map. For me it was always a challenge to search for and find rare items. This feeling is quite dwindling with the new patch. What are your thoughts on this topic? Finale
  3. Armor Seriously Bugged?

    So are Fort Armor and Helmets seriously bugged right now? First game i played with full gear i get 1 shotted by a pistol in the head. Second game I play I have a friend hit me once with his hatchet in customs and I instantly died.... What the hell am I suppose to do if people can kill me so easy especially when I am fully geared.
  4. Armor--Proper Armor

    So right now we have fort armor, soft armor and so on, I would like to suggest bringing in AR500 and AR550, AR650. Things like level I, II, III, IIIA, IIIA+, IV and ect. I feel the current armor system is kind of lackluster, usually armor is a plate or set of plates that go into the PC.
  5. Body armor too OP???

    Hey... loving the game so far... as long as the lag doesn't screw me. But lets talk about the body armor. Scav wearing body armor, takes an ENTIRE 30 rd Magazine (AK74u) from 20 yards to kill him while shooting chest and legs. I mean really? I know it's in beta and the d-sync in the server sometimes makes these situations happen... but that's just it. It happens over and over and over and over and over. Something is screwy So since the lag continues to be a problem can we please NERF the stupid armor to give us scrubs a freaking chance. I wanna love this game but right now... peppering a scav or a player with a 2/3 magazine of an AK74U rounds just to have the lag kill me... then on the post-game screen see I got 12 hits for 160 damage registered?!?!? that is seriously stupid. and infuriating.
  6. Several types of armor

    So in the interest of variation. In real world many armors exist and cover different parts of the body. As it is now the only thing getting protection is your chest and shoulders from Fort armor. You could turn armor into a modable object like weapons. You could then add soft armor onto the Fort or Paca armor. Nothing over powered like Fort protection on your arms and legs but just the soft style armor you could attach. Then you would have protection on most of your body. If this seems to over powered you could make it where only ONE module can be added. So you could have combos like Chest and arms, Chest and legs, Chest and neck, Chest and crotch. So then you would not be un killable but just have a choice depending on what map you are going into. For instance you could take chest and waist for Factory since battles are quick and brutal. For woods or Customs you would bring Chest and legs armor so when getting shot at from far away you have a high chance of your armor stopping the bullets. Just a suggestion and I really enjoy the game so far though.
  7. i wanna see if we can get some weapons released sooner than some others so we can get into late game even more, and even implement more slots for armor like single slot for leg armor, and single slot for arm armor so we can get away from people power spraying you legs and getting the RNG for you losing a limb and dieing then losing a massive amount of gear and loot. As well some crafted impromptu armor explained in my last topic if you haven't read it i would stop what you are doing and read it so the second part will make sense.
  8. i wanna see if we can get some weapons released sooner than some others so we can get into late game even more, and even implement more slots for armor like single slot for leg armor, and single slot for arm armor so we can get away from people power spraying you legs and getting the RNG for you losing a limb and dieing then losing a massive amount of gear and loot. As well some impromptu armor explained in my last topic if you haven't read it i would stop what you are doing and read it so the second part will make sense.
  9. I got 1 tapped through Paca/Fort and Helmet yesterday 3 or 4 rounds in a row. Then i decided to do a quick test with a friend. We went factory with a helmet and different weapons. First of all it makes no difference when someone wears a helmet if you shoot him in the face or on the helmet, always does the same damage. Second a TT with the LNPRC ammo 1 Tapped through the helmet Third an AKN with the PS ammo (silenced) across the room behind Forklifts, 1 Tapped through the helmet. So what is the point of the helmets right now, other than helping if someone buys the cheapest ammo maybe? And then he probably needs only 2 shots in the head to kill you. Theres like no difference at the moment between helmet and no helmet, kinda feels like the superman hat. What do you guys think?
  10. The video contains everything
  11. Fort Armor.. Where do i find it?

    I've heard that fort armor will sometimes spawn as scavs but i've yet to see any. Is that true? And are there any other possible locations to find some? Trying to complete the first skier quest.
  12. Skier fortarmor quest??

    How can i get an fortarmor? I checked the quest and it needs 1 helmet and 1 fortarmor..
  13. Idea for the top tier helmet

    Hi guys, i saw this beauty yesterday and i thought " oh snap if only this one could be in the game it would be amazing" I dont know if it is easily accessible to you guys, but this thing could be amazing for a number of reasons: It is a futuristic helmet which actually is there in real life it is a protector for the whole face area, so less hassle for hitboxes it could be the best level since it protects everything on your face even against heavier bullets I hope you take this one in consideration since i think this could be an amazing part of the game Here is the site along with some images:
  14. Lower tier armor options

    So one thing I've noticed is that if you're a lower level, you will commonly find yourself unable to aquire armor, I've got PACA unlocked but still have to get through the grind to be able to get Kiver-M helmets and Fort armor. I'd be limited to occasionally finding Kiver-M helmets or, if I'm lucky, Fort armor in raids. So how about lower tier helmets, something like an old WW2 helmet or a riot helmet. I don't reckon WW2 helmets just rot away and dissipate, so there'd probably be some around that desperate people will use. Along with that, assuming police stations and such would've been raided when Tarkov went into chaos, police equipment like riot gear would find itself in the blackmarket circulation. These helmets aren't really designed to stop bullets, but rather to stop blunt impacts like falling debris or melee weapons. If you want something actually effective, you would still need something like a Kiver-M. However they could be used as a desperate measure to find yourself surviving that one pistol bullet or stray shotgun pellet with a sliver of health left instead of an instant death. Along with that, I'd reckon it would be a cheap countermeasure against hatchlings. Besides that, I'd reckon scavs could commonly be found with gear like this as well.
  15. A the title says , with degradation of the plates and such would be amazing,diferent materials companys diferent vest to put them on it , that would be great
  16. Guten Abend, bitte ruft nicht die rechtschreibpolizei, hau mir gerade die Finger am Handy blutig. Spiel die Alpha nun schon eine ganze Zeit, habe meinen Char nun nach dem wipe auch auf lvl 20 benommen. Nur seid Sonntag fällt mir auf das ich keine armor mehr beim Händler finde. Auch wenn ich mir meine Frage wahrscheinlich selber beantworten kann. Die "besseren" Sachen gibt es für die einzelnen Spieler erst ab einem höheren Level, bei dem jeweiligen Händler, ist das richtig ? Wenn ja ? Was ab welchem Level ? Hat wer Erfahrungen ? danke für antworten, beste Grüße, vielleicht sieht man sich ja in der Lobby
  17. Movement Dynamics + Crafting

    Hey guys, So, I absolutely love your work. I've just got a couple of ideas. I was playing Survarium and I really like how they have done different features for different factions/character profiles. I like how, as a generalization, 2 factions in Survarium are typified by having a lower weight limit, less access to heavy armor, but having greater stamina, being faster and quieter on their feet and more proficient with long range weapons (perhaps they could also be better at assassination/melee). Whilst the other 2 can carry heavy weights, have higher grade armor, but are slower, louder and focus on short-mid range weaponry with higher damage outputs. I guess this is also a fairly realistic concept. Wearing a NIJ class IV Molle vest with front and rear plates will weigh in around 15 kg plus all your ammo bags and pouches. If you were to sprint 200m and then try to shoulder it, it wouldn't be easy, you may catch you're rifle or sling on a pouch etc. None the less you could take hits from an AK without break through. And reload would be faster due to ergonomic pouches. On the flipside, if you had a NIJ class IIIA covert vest weighing in at 6 kg with a comfortable jacket over the top, your ability to move is enhanced, your aiming speed faster and your fatigue levels lower. But if you get hit by an AK... ouch. And reloading from a pocket or satchel bag would be slower. Another thought... I was thinking about if I were in a survival situation in a hostile city. What would I be doing? ... probably scavenging for whatever I could find. I think it would also be really cool and realistic for crafting and customization to play a large role, especially early on in the game when finances may be tight. For instance, say you find a knife, but it has no sheath... You're then clearing and scavenging your way through a building and you come across a leather or canvas sofa, or even a seatbelt out of a car... You can scavenge it, along with nylon cord from venetian blinds or curtains, and craft it into a basic sheath, thus improving your melee skill and speed. Here are a few other ideas of scavengable materials and their possible uses: Seat belt - Rifle sling/sheath Wire - Lock picks Radio parts/electronics - Basic jammers/transmission boosters Chemicals - Explosives/diversions Pipe/plumbing fittings - Suppressors/flash hiders/muzzle brakes Scrap metal/springs/blades - Traps/snares/alarms Motors/alternators - Generators As for weapons, I'd love to see suppressed firearms such as the AAC Honeybadger, AS VAL, VSS Vintorez as well as detachables, because... common sense says when you're alone in a hostile city, best try not to be seen (ghillie suits could be cool too) or heard. These are just ideas, I may be suggesting what others before me already have. And I realize that you Devs have more than enough on your plate! But you're legends IMO. Cheers
  18. Hello. I have decided to make this post because of something that has been bothering me about "realism" games. I come from an infantry background, 4 years. Everything I have seen from this game so far is as realistic as I could imagine a game could get. But having all this realism in certain areas is nothing if you can't bring the realism into the shooting aspect of the game. I want my real life training to count for something when I breach a door. In other games stacking up and breaching dose not work like it should. Because the ether the players character has HP and AP (basic heath system) or because the game is just unbalanced. When breaching a room with body armor on, believe it or not, the best way to enter is to face the enemy square on. So if you do get hit, you take it in you armor, not your side. All body armor has its weak points such as under the arm pit, neck line and sometimes crotch and lower back/kidney. So when I shoot a player in any of those spots they should be down or vary vary hurt. It should not count as armor damage or an HP portion. Also the US 7.62 Sapi Plates that go inside body armor are useless after getting shot 1-2 times and require replacement before the next patrol (idk about other plates). This way players wont feel or be invisible with some basic body armor. Last thing. An individual with body armor is just as unprotected as without if the individual dose not know what he/she is doing. I respect what you guys at Battlestate Games are doing. Thank you for working on this ground breaking project. And stay true to the realism.
  19. Body Armor

    I understand that EFT is striving for real world realism through ballistics and "human dynamics." Well if you're nerdy enough to get into physics/ballistics and body armor, then please, make yourself at home. As a friend of mine once said, "Let us study the laws of physics and the effects on ceramics." However he was referring to gravity and how it would effect china as we walked down the aisle stocked with plates and dishes, and not SAPI plates. Anyways, enough ranting, lets get down to business. I am sure we've all heard of body armor and are more or less familiar with the different levels (see attached photo for more details on the levels of Body Armor). This thread is merely for the discussion of body armor and its presence in EFT. Example: Ceramic plates, steel plates, soft armor, combining both soft armor and hard plates? Durability of different types of inserts. Trauma inflicted upon being hit. The list goes on..... As an example of discussion, I understand that Level 3 plates can stop most, common rifle rounds. However, I have seen .223 XM193 penetrate level 3+ (not 4) armor out of a 20 to 22 inch barrel (traveling in excess of 3300 FPS) rifle while being fired out of an 16 or 18 inch, would defeat the round.