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Found 6 results

  1. Systém BANOV Dobrý deň operátori! Chápeme vaše znepokojenie nad nespravodlivými hráčmi a preto by sme vám radi vysvetlili na akom princípe pracuje náš anti-cheat: – neexistujú žiadne vlny zákazov, pretože prebiehajú každý deň; – môžete si byť istý, že všetci podvodníci dostanú BAN; – BANy za používanie bugov, alebo chýb nepoužívame; – neexistujú žiadne bany za „bez špeciálneho dôvodu“ pre lootovanie alebo používanie softwaru, ktorý je zakázany; Nižšie môžete vidieť zoznam hráčov, ktorí dostali BAN za posledné dva dni: HungryDuck (Bear) Server-Desync (Usec) Viper1989 (Usec) DMT-tripping (Bear) Slappy (Usec) BrainsyK (Usec) Topgan (Usec) Michael_S (Bear) Inevitable (Bear) Poloski (Bear) F1rst0ne98 (Usec) Synikal_Gaming (Usec) Zertul (Usec) Razoxz (Usec) Kane_357 (Usec) BaronYeh (Usec) Heretic_ (Usec) Makagon (Bear) IBashU (Bear) CHECK11 (Usec) stunnnnnnnnnnna (Bear) Kario1337 (Usec) KingAndy (Bear) Scirca (Usec) IndirectlyK (Usec) CBRU-KingCon (Bear) HateHate (Usec) Xudongsheng (Bear) Simon_Riley (Bear) 141azrael (Bear) Miggs (Usec) Gatorr (Usec) Its_DeadBoy (Usec) Lozioelfo (Bear) nanaminagi (Bear) Tenebrae (Usec) GOOSD (Usec) hiro200 (Usec) Topsi-tops (Bear) Ebola (Usec) Rec01L (Usec) Z1Chigga-Jz (Usec) Jesse_James (Bear) Yeb (Usec) Gandjubas (Usec) ganjinplayer10 (Usec) TaylorRVLN (Usec) Berr (Usec) skylleur (Usec) Dudensack23 (Usec) WhitwMike (Bear) WhiteDynamite (Usec) GeneralFredQC (Usec) Mulch (Usec) SMF_Wakefield (Bear) Goksel_bozz (Usec) flushyflush (Usec) Falcon1-1 (Usec) FlabbeRiFiC (Usec) ryk_Sako (Usec) LarryHotdogs (Usec) Daretos (Bear) Trungar (Usec) Terryfoldflaps (Bear) Pappel (Usec) Pan_Klic (Usec) xXQuickscopeXx (Usec) McCracken71 (Usec) Spooon (Bear) rhythms (Usec) Kleaticus (Usec) Soupernat (Usec) INoEnglish (Usec) HadesDean (Usec) scottii (Usec) OrangeLion (Usec) Keystone1 (Usec) SamiAm (Usec) ibimsunix (Usec) Waffle_mZk (Usec) Revelation (Usec) Vossen (Bear) CO6P_Autistic (Usec) SleepySir (Usec) ThisGame5ucksDE (Usec) Arigatodesu (Usec) SparKy (Usec) Topixx (Usec) torkovman (Bear) madroce (Usec) Blushy (Usec) Schnack (Usec) JackieXan (Bear) Vida033 (Usec) Xentran (Bear) Tortooga (Usec) justinl (Usec) Manieks (Usec) Nebulae (Usec) HobbsTheGoodest (Bear) Žiadame vás aby ste sa zdržali zverejňovania screenshotov zo štatistík s cieľom obviňovať niekoho, pokiaľ ich nie je možné považovať za dôkaz. Nezverejňujte taktiež žiadne videá a odkazy na internetové stránky, ktoré obsahujú zakázaných výrobcov softwaru, alebo akékoľvek informácie, ktoré sa týkajú nelegálnych softwarov, pretože tým porušujete pravidla fóra. Ak raz dostanete BAN je to navždy, toto rozhodnutie už neprehodnocujeme. Spoločne s BANom na účet bude hráč permanentne zakázaný aj na fóre. TARKOVCSR
  2. Hello all. A couple Months have past since my first try to get in contact with support for a friend of mine. We play Games together for years now, and i recommended Escape from Tarkov to him and we planned to start together as soon as the Beta starts. Thats what we did. Since Beta we have played a lot and together with an german Twitch Streamer and Friends of his community. Now to the Problem. Besides EFT he was playing with people in the community some other games and he was trying to play Terratech but had Problems in form of stuttering in this game. So some other players suggested an old Cheat Engine/Console for Terratech to him in order to clear his Memory manually within the game. On one occasion he joined us to play EFT with us in a Group but missed to quit the cheat engine in his task bar / task manager. Cheat Engine is not engaging into EFT or its code but was detected by EFT's Anti Cheat, so he got banned. After that he was totaly messed up as well as some others of our friends. I know him for years online as well as private and he is by far no cheater what so ever. I personaly supported him in hooking up his WIN10 system and i am capable of remote view/control his PC for maintenance. So i would sooner or later come across some weird Cheat tools or files for EFT if he would have some. But he doesnt and has no need for it and since i react allergic on cheaters in Games he knows that our friendship would be over by now if he would join the side of those cheating faggots. So far from my personal standpoint. Now to the legal standpoint. EFT is in developement and so is EFT's Anti Cheat. That means even EFT's Anti Cheat could make some mistakes. Since his ban he is also banned from Forums and his account has been closed/removed. So he was not able to get in contact with BSG by himself. Thats why i am writing now. The Support answered me "we do not get in contact with cheaters" what leads me here. I know this is a serious Topic and i would prefer to negotiate this more private but BSG gave me no other chance than writing here in this Forum. I want my brother in arms back after all. He is young and still in school for professions, so he borrowed him self some money to upgrade to EOD Edition just days before his ban. Thats how other People got involved now too and they don't understand how a company that took his money can ban him with an anti cheat system under developement, without 100% or at least 90% proof and prohibiting any form of contact for him what so ever. On the other hand he has proof, he has the program which is not able to cheat in EFT and caused all this. All he wants, is to get in contact with you guys from Battlestate Games to proof that he is innocent. The last option he got suggested from others today is, to get in contact with a lawyer since EFT's Anti Cheat has violated german privacy rights by banning him for a 3rd party software not involved/engaged with EFT. The Problem with this lawyer topic is, that they are right. But since he still loves EFT and i dont want him to go that far, i please here on his behalf for a possibility to get in contact and to give him the chance to proof him innocent. Thank you and best regards, MKev on behalf of Louis "BloodBullet" C.
  3. Discord Ban appeal

    Hey there battlestate dev team I was looking on the forum for a section to post in however did not find one but some time ago i was banned off discord because of a dispute between me and another player and i was wanting to know if there is a way to appeal ban i never really considered trying to appeal my ban and is isnt that big of an impact on getting EFT information as the forum provides all the patch notes but I firgured i would atleast give it a try and I was wondering if you could point me in the right direction.
  4. 友人のBANについてのアップデート完了後、ゲームを起動し、名前を決め、勢力を選んだところで errorコード 229等のエラーが発生しているようです どうやらエラーコードの文面を読む限り、BANだと思うんですが もうどうしようもないのでしょうか?
  5. The Cheater Battle Wages On!

    Good Day, Escapers! The outcry has not gone unheard. Our every wish is to keep cheaters on the run, never giving them a moment to rest. Let their black hearts pound with every kill they make, knowing, it may be their last. You will not hear us coming, you will not see our hand, but you will feel the hammer. We are pleased to announce that over 400 cheaters have met their end in Tarkov. Give these poor souls a round of applause, and bid them good riddance! You will never again bask in the warm sun of Tarkov. Let us prostrate ourselves before the mighty BSG, in thanks for their righteous judgment! The French translation is here. Thanks to Emissary @AGN_YuD The Italian translation is here. Thanks to Emissary @baggio The Chinese translation is here. Thanks to Emissary @Hazel The German translation is here. Thanks to Emissary @ramjid The Japanese translation is here. Thanks to Emissary @GirafucusMD
  6. 外掛作弊封鎖

    親愛的朋友們!我們在此通知我們正進行另一波的外掛作弊封鎖行動! 在這段時間,超過200位不公平的玩家因為影響遊戲公平性及影響其他玩家的遊戲體驗,現在已經離開了Escape From Tarkov。 作弊行為所導致的封鎖是永久的,而且決定封鎖後將不會有任何變更。一但遊戲帳號被封鎖,該玩家的論壇帳號也會同時被封鎖。 此外,有時候玩家會將技術問題和遊戲漏洞誤以為是作弊行為,部分問題即將會在下次更新被修正: 延遲:普遍令到玩家不能攻擊玩家或是無法離開位置。 導致玩家變得無敵的漏洞:相當罕見,但最廣泛地被認為是作弊。 利用漏洞令到玩家可以穿過牆壁 與我們伺服器無關的網絡問題,發生於服務器和客戶端之間,因為數據傳輸延遲,造成“在不知名地點被殺死”的假象。 利用漏洞及遊戲問題目前不會被封鎖,只有使用作弊程式的玩家絕對會被封鎖。 這次外掛作弊封鎖行動並不會是最後一波!我們會一直對抗黑客及作弊玩家!不要冒險使用作弊程式。被發現的話你的帳號將會永遠被封鎖!