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Found 30 results

  1. Клан BEAR

    Добрый день, бойцы Таркова! Приглашаю вас в наш клан BEAR. Возможно Вы уже встречали на ютубе стримы от этого человека. Он является основателем этого клана. На данный момент у нас уже имеются люди, которые регулярно играют. И мы хоте ли бы еще больше расширить нашу команду, с Вашей помощью. У нас нет командиров, которые будут Вами командовать или что-либо вам запрещать. Требования для вступления у нас простые: Наличие программы Discord, Вам должно быть не меньше 20 лет и Вы должны быть адекватными как в общении, так и в игре. Для связи с нами Вам будет необходимо в Discord пройти по адресу: . Так же есть группа в VK: Спасибо за внимание и удачного Вам побега!
  2. Здраствуйте! Хочу предложить вариант формы для медведей от Российского производителя находящегося в Санкт-Петербурге. Расцветки стандартные, а вот раскрой очень даже хорош! Сведения о компании VОИН. Примеры:
  3. Calamity Shogunate Clan Recruitment

    To all Bear Comrades, hello! I am looking for recruits to join my ranks. i will be accepting applicants of all levels. Specifically I need 3 players to help me with geared raids. Running to often, making noise, shooting friendlies, loot hoarding, taking shots without calling the enemies position, and straying too far from the group. all of these actions are frowned upon in the Clan and will most likely get you killed. Hey, join our 'Escape From Tarkov: Bear' group on BAND - The app for groups and communities! We will be setting up raids using this, you can also message me directly though there. Here is my Discord as well feel free to come and go as you please, as always look forward to merkin with ya!
  4. What are the differences between BEAR & USEC? How does choosing BEAR limit me? How does choosing USEC limit me? Please go into detail. Thank you!
  5. Can BEAR & USEC Team?

    If I choose BEAR and my friend chooses USEC, Can we play together in like a party? Please go into detail.
  6. Note: If this topic has been asked before, then ignore this topic. *** Is there going to be a penalization for USEC killing their side member? Or Bear taking out other Russians? We already have a penalization in SCAV. They will kill you on sight if you kill another scav. That's good, but it is non existing for main factions. Is there going to be a tutorial to teach people how to play the game? Most people I know playing the game (or people on youtube) see this game as a solo PvP. Yesterday My pal and I got killed by two guys from the same side. I know I have died multiple times under the same scenario, but this time it was SO CLEAR, so obvious. We already know we will be playing as mercenaries, I know that, but we are (in theory) seeking the same goal in the game storyline. Why should I kill everything that moves? What's the point of being part of a faction? We should be able to even team up to have higher chances of survival. We should have communication channels, squad channels for text com (may just visible as per proximity, as audio). Are there going to be more visual identifiers than just our gear? How would I be able to familiarize with my friends characters? I hear about tags. Are they going to be visible just in the shoulder? Normally we see the tags in helmets, armor, vests, backpacks, etc... but, again, how are we going to identify our clan? Once more time. If this topic was answered before, then just ignore this entry and please provide the link to check that out. Thanks in advance. *** Happy Holidays.
  7. so about 30 minutes ago i joined a raid on woods, just with my hatchet, was gonna stroll around see if i could pick up some spare stuff, was more or less just bored and wanted to waste time, i wandered into the canyon area where there is a green crate, and when i looked up i saw another hatchet boi watching me from above on the cliff. i did the wiggle dance at him, and he did it to me, he was a BEAR and i was a USEC, an unlikely friendship, now there was a AI scav up on the tip top of the cliff where you need to jump/parkour your way up there so we tried for a bit but eventually i fell and injured both my legs and my BEAR friend immediately gave me painkillers. i didnt think we would live for very long but i figured id stick with this guy, see how it goes, we eventually made it to the logging site and killed a player there, he gestured for me to loot the guy so i did, and we basically worked our way around the map helping eachother out by watching eachothers backs when we looted and whatnot and providing the other person with meds/gear we were actually able to extract successfully and it was such a nice change to come across someone who didn't kill me instantly, i would really like to find this person and add them so we can raid again!
  8. Hey dudes and girls, are these bear boots real life stuff? is there any manufacturer behind? because my good old german military boots are done with their job and these bear boots looking quite comfortable
  9. EFT Style Keychains USEC & BEAR

    Hi guys, the last few days i made EFT Style Keychains. I found the 3D Printer images at Thingiverse. Used 3D Printer: Anet A8 Settings: 150% Scaling 0.1mm Resolution 0.4mm Nozzle Printed with Black PLA After the Print i cleaned them and painted them with Revell White Paint. They turned out pretty good. Material Cost per piece: ~ 0.50€ Time to print: ~4h per piece Credit: USEC Keychain Bear Keychain
  10. LEAD (PMC) SITREP #03

    WHAT IS LEAD? We are an elite subdivision supervised by the Battle Encounter Assault Regiment. We are only to be activated in the most delicate of situations, under no circumstances may soldiers of the Last Experienced Assault Division work alongside any other factions within the Norvinsk's region. WHAT IS OUR MISSON? Infiltrate and exterminate all scavenger activity throughout all of Tarkov. Locate USEC informants, they are to be taken into custody for questioning, and if necessary tourtured. Acquire crucial information about the notorious Terra Group international corporation and expose their illegal activities in every way possible. Extract the remaining of our troops from within the Tarkov’s borders and to our brothers in need reading this, tune your radio to this frequency 33.5 to get help. REGULATIONS & GUIDELINES TACTICAL The entire purpose of tactical video games is to play together and alongside each other, which is also why every 'Escape from Tarkov' player appreciates a responsive and cooperative teammate. If you screw up though, you are likely to be called screwed up. But just fix yourself and move on, there are no grudges held here. GENERAL Rules of every game session in 'Escape from Tarkov' should be self-explanatory by now, we are not going to tell you what to do or what not to do. Just keep in mind that if we deem any of your actions or attitude unfit anywhere in our community, you can expect us to either kick you or get you banned permanently without any hesitation with no answers given. BEHAVIOR All players are expected to act like reasonable and responsible adults. Racism, sexual harassment and being a total jackoff will jeopardize your access to the community. Just behave and use common sense, it ain't that hard. Remember that you are the one who determines your reputation here. Your reputation is everything to us and determines if you will continue to be invited to play with us.
  11. Ugandan Military Sleuth

    Welcome, Fellow Denizens of Tarkov! This clan is BEAR ONLY, no USEC punks! THIS IS... THE UGANDAN MILITARY SLEUTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Who we are: A small group of friends, four to be exact, who enjoy playing the game casually. We also enjoy roasting each other, friendly-fire, and complaining about our daily lives. We have been playing since A1 Day1 and we feel lonely and want new cubs in our sleuth. When we play: Whenever we want to. How we like our steaks: Medium rare - Medium Who we are looking for: People from anywhere in the world who; Are chill Can have fun Can cook Minute Rice in 58 seconds or less Speak English Where are we located: USA, Canada, Europe, Uganda, How you can join: Either reply here with an organized, original resume, and if I like you enough, I'll PM you and maybe send our discord link to you. Then we can develop prejudice of you and constantly judge you from there!
  12. Raging Bear

    i would like to understand what my bear is saying in russian when he is raging and yelling,i enjoy this raging part even more when the Usec responds LOL
  13. Can u fix this ?

    i know u care about details this is why i m postin this.i dont know if its the same issue for the usecs when they wear this
  14. As in the near future, seeing with the flea markets and auctions, my suggestion is: An in-game Community Effort Goal that is Faction Based. like a quest but more community focused This could be just another tab in the Trader Section, with a small update's window when you extract from a raid to the lobby window Effects All Traders on an Individual Level, One Trader Selected every week at random with a different task, cannot be the same twice in a week. For 5, or 6 days, with the 7th day being the reward day, and after that day a week reset (back to normal)before the next goal. ( i say 5, or 6 because of the possibility to extend the reward by a day) How it Works: Players of Both Factions race in a effort to collect items of specification i.e (Gold Chains, Chainlets) things you usually cannot buy or it could be, if you can at a reasonable high amount and at very low quantity to avoid cheating the system so easily (nothing is perfect), that the individual trader will take, with a tally system of some kind to keep track, or it could be a fixed amount to average out the amount of players so its not so far fetched This could also work on an individual level with the player, but these are just generic items (Referring to the Gold chains, Chainlets part) but it could be anything from kill (x) amount, to traveling (x) amount, penetrate (x) amount, (x) amount of grenade kills. You name it, also at the end of the week top 3 contributors name showcased somewhere for a lil' recognition, for when you send people back to the lobby (Just think more juicy statistics rofl) Outcome: The Weeks Faction that Wins the Community Effort, gets a Fire/Flash Sale at the Weeks Chosen Trader Free insurance for the day & Discounting Products or removing the need to trade specific items for items, for cash instead or even having more of everything, so it doesn't go out of stock as quick Could also remove the level cap for its duration. Maybe one of these at random each week to mix things up, so its not always the full benefit. *Possibly a nice gold horse trophy to display in your hideout (not sell-able, maybe after some furious debate) Things like this can always go 30/70 vice versa, if one faction is heavier than the other i will admit that, so maybe theres a work-around? A participation award for those on the opposing faction that at-least do (x) amount of the goal will have a sliver of the benefit, maybe a slight discount, or a Free Gun, or Free Insurance for the week till the next goal. depending how much you do (x) wise e.g. 10 grenade kills, Free Insurance for the Week till the next goal, 25 grenade kills, Free Gun (stock), 35 Grenade Kills, Slight Discount. Increment based rewards for those that lost, but have participated. Feel free to comment your feedback/criticism, maybe even suggestion to the topic. Id like to hear more suggestions for prizes in future content if it were implemented
  15. i realy want to change cause i dont like USEC please can someone tell me how to change my faction
  16. Grey Bear Military Company

    Grey Bear Military Company Entry Requirements 1.) You are 18, or over 18 years of age. 2.) You do not have to have past experience of this sort of game, but be willing to learn. 3.) Have professional and personal discipline and integrity. 4.) Good sense of humour, at the end of the day this brilliant game is still in alpha, if we can't have a laugh discovering bugs and getting screwed by them what's the point? 5.) Speak English, apologies for this one. I am a typical ignorant Brit and have the luxury of most of the world speaking my language. You don't have to be fluent just enough to be on the same page. About GBMC So until the game is completed and done wiping the general idea is just to get a group of gamers together who enjoy the social aspect and benefits that come with gaming together. The main objective for GBMC is to work as a real life PMC would, offering security whether it be in the form of sherpa runs, protecting trade deals or just generally playing together improving our personal fortune within EFT. Interested? Feel free to drop me a PM with a small bit about yourself and I will provide Discord/Teamspeak information.
  17. Дождался когда снимут NDA, осталось дождаться оптимизации, а пока что вот такая легкая подборка Сервер Discord - ID Discord - 273819721864839168
  18. Female Escape From Tarkov Model

    I thought why not make a female model tell me your thoughts,do you like it,do you hate it,your ideas and such hope you guys like it!
  19. USEC vs BEAR ratio [POLL]

    I didn't search forever, but I didn't find a poll that showed the current ratio of BEAR vs USEC, nor am I aware if there is a statistic. Please go ahead and select what faction you have joined, just curious Also I was hoping this to be a time capsule and see how things change over the months!
  20. BEAR ou USEC ? Por que ?

    Qual foi sua escolha ? e por que escolheu esta classe?

    Hello guys,i kow I promised to bring this a long time ago,but i had certain drawbacks.But now I wore theese patches for about 2 weeks and are great,not only showing a Tarkov lover,but they look great aswell.Is one of the best ways to get EfT stuff,if you are not from Russia and can't buy directly merchendise from their store (is the CW store,still same factions)... I used the hollow logos I've made before,and I printed them at an print shop on some textile squares (I had to print them-like t-shirts- because I didn't had any pvc or broading places for patches to go any near my town,or it was to expensive on the internet,and they made 50 pieces on one command!,I'm not an army ),then got them atached to some velcro and voila! I will atach them to a t-shirt to,for full bear loadout,but not for now. Hope you like them,and that I might gave you the ideea of how to have your own EfT stuff! Also,Merry Chrstmas and New Year!!!
  22. Hollow logos of BEAR and USEC

    Hi again.I though this could use theire own topic aswell. Now...nothing special here,like the other wallpapers,and this are in most part just some extras,but might help you if you want to print a shirt or make a patch,wich i gonna probably do this week Again i hope they'll help you and are totally FREE to use!
  23. BEAR wallpaper

    I know that I allready posted this on CW players group and on google images,but I think that it would be worthed to post it here to. I hope you like it,I'm sure that there were some people that would like,as myself,to have a BEAR wallpaper,so here it is .This image is free to use.
  24. How do you survive?

    Let us imagine you have been contracted by either United Security (USEC) or Battle Encounter Assault Regiment (BEAR). You have been gainfully employed for a number of months, either protecting Terra Group personnel or working long hours trying to gather intelligence on Terra Group activities. Despite a tense political standoff that has been escalating for months, and amidst the evacuation of citizens, you decide to stay with your contract. The money is either too good or you find yourself believing in your mission. However, one day orders from Command abruptly stop. Your regular re-supply of vital resources does not show up as scheduled. You’re blindsided. You’re cut-off from ‘life-support’, stranded in the middle of a rather unremarkable but dense city known as Tarkov. United Nations soldiers secure one border of the region, Federal Border Guard service of the Russian Federation man another, the Baltic Fleet cordons off the marinas, Interior Forces sporadically patrol the area, and you hear rumors of despondent citizens scavenging what is left of the city. None of them are on your side. You have a simple chest rig, backpack, knife, loaded sidearm, box of rounds for your sidearm, a pack of crackers, and a medkit. What do you do?
  25. USEC / BEAR clan

    Hi, so can you (BEAR PMC) invite your friend (USEC MPC) into a clan? Can we form big clans, no matter of the side? Perhaps my friend didn't know I was going for BEAR and selected the other side, but we still wanna play together. Is it possible?