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Found 14 results

  1. I know that I allready posted this on CW players group and on google images,but I think that it would be worthed to post it here to. I hope you like it,I'm sure that there were some people that would like,as myself,to have a BEAR wallpaper,so here it is .This image is free to use.
  2. I didn't search forever, but I didn't find a poll that showed the current ratio of BEAR vs USEC, nor am I aware if there is a statistic. Please go ahead and select what faction you have joined, just curious Also I was hoping this to be a time capsule and see how things change over the months!
  3. Hello guys,i kow I promised to bring this a long time ago,but i had certain drawbacks.But now I wore theese patches for about 2 weeks and are great,not only showing a Tarkov lover,but they look great aswell.Is one of the best ways to get EfT stuff,if you are not from Russia and can't buy directly merchendise from their store (is the CW store,still same factions)... I used the hollow logos I've made before,and I printed them at an print shop on some textile squares (I had to print them-like t-shirts- because I didn't had any pvc or broading places for patches to go any near my town,or it was to expensive on the internet,and they made 50 pieces on one command!,I'm not an army ),then got them atached to some velcro and voila! I will atach them to a t-shirt to,for full bear loadout,but not for now. Hope you like them,and that I might gave you the ideea of how to have your own EfT stuff! Also,Merry Chrstmas and New Year!!!
  4. Qual foi sua escolha ? e por que escolheu esta classe?
  5. I thought why not make a female model tell me your thoughts,do you like it,do you hate it,your ideas and such hope you guys like it!
  6. Hi again.I though this could use theire own topic aswell. Now...nothing special here,like the other wallpapers,and this are in most part just some extras,but might help you if you want to print a shirt or make a patch,wich i gonna probably do this week Again i hope they'll help you and are totally FREE to use!
  7. Question is the Title. Just wondering about you which of you English speakers joining BEAR and why you guys are joining BEAR.
  8. Let us imagine you have been contracted by either United Security (USEC) or Battle Encounter Assault Regiment (BEAR). You have been gainfully employed for a number of months, either protecting Terra Group personnel or working long hours trying to gather intelligence on Terra Group activities. Despite a tense political standoff that has been escalating for months, and amidst the evacuation of citizens, you decide to stay with your contract. The money is either too good or you find yourself believing in your mission. However, one day orders from Command abruptly stop. Your regular re-supply of vital resources does not show up as scheduled. You’re blindsided. You’re cut-off from ‘life-support’, stranded in the middle of a rather unremarkable but dense city known as Tarkov. United Nations soldiers secure one border of the region, Federal Border Guard service of the Russian Federation man another, the Baltic Fleet cordons off the marinas, Interior Forces sporadically patrol the area, and you hear rumors of despondent citizens scavenging what is left of the city. None of them are on your side. You have a simple chest rig, backpack, knife, loaded sidearm, box of rounds for your sidearm, a pack of crackers, and a medkit. What do you do?
  9. Hi, so can you (BEAR PMC) invite your friend (USEC MPC) into a clan? Can we form big clans, no matter of the side? Perhaps my friend didn't know I was going for BEAR and selected the other side, but we still wanna play together. Is it possible?
  10. I know that there will be these two sides. Can a dev please elaborate on what will be the differences between them? I don't know, perhaps a starting side of a map, maybe one side can't use some type of weapon at all, maybe some knife, maybe higher starting reputation with some traders, different perks. Aaand what small question. Will there be actualy clothing, like in DayZ? Because if yes, GREAT! And if no, will the 2 sides be different by main color? Like to distinguish them from each other. Thank you for any reply, glorious devs
  11. Отряд «Варяг» Часть фракции «Медведи» ( BEAR ) Россия Информация о сообществе Информация о структуре сообщества Информация-пояснение к названию Информация о наборе
  12. Пролистав форум мне стало ясно, что большое количество англоязычных людей заинтересовано проектом. Чтобы ещё больше увеличить реализм можно было бы распределять человека в ту или иную фракцию (B.E.A.R. или U.S.E.C.) в зависимости от региона/владения тем или иным языком. Командное взаимодействие при этом может облегчиться из-за отсутствия языкового барьера. Хотя врядли это осуществимо) Если я русский и мне дают АК и только АК,а вдруг я хочу М-ку. P.S. - Я не хочу М-ку)
  13. Conversing with another member. We hatched another important question. If you can be penalized for killing your own faction members (BEAR on BEAR fire), how will that affect the balance of players who chose USEC or BEAR? We could see a potential situation here for a very lopsided fielding of one group or another. Say for instance I am BEAR, so not immediately pre-disposed to shooting other BEAR operators, but I somehow find myself in a scenario or open world dominated by other BEAR players. Will the servers attempt to make some sort of balance between the players and their factions before joining the world?