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      Game servers maintenance / Техообслуживание серверов   11/23/2017

      We plan to update game servers, at 16:00 Moscow time today, for around 40 minutes. Game is not going to be stopped during update.
      Обновление серверов сегодня в 16:00 по Москве, в течении примерно 40 минут. Игра для этого обновления не будет останавливаться.

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Found 3 results

  1. black friday sale

    hi guys has the sale started or how many hours left
  2. Attenzione potenziali acquirenti di Tarkov! Il BLACK FRIDAY sta tornando ! ma attenzione è solo per questo periodo limitato che potrai ricevere uno sconto del 25% sul pre-ordine più caldo della stagione! Stiamo offrendo uno sconto del 25% su tutto per 3 giorni - 23, 24, 25 novembre 2017. Inoltre una GRANDE NOVITA' ! lo sconto del BLACK FRIDAY del 25% può essere cumulato con gli sconti multipli-copia!! Lo sconto è valido anche per gli eventuali upgrade di versione ! Inizio degli sconti: 23 novembre alle 19:00 MSK Fine degli sconti: 25 novembre alle 23:59 MSK Non perdetevi questa straordinaria opportunità per sostenere e testare Escape from Tarkov... Gli Scavs sicuramente apprezzeranno!
  3. Black Friday Sale is BACK!

    Attention Tarkov Shoppers! BLACK FRIDAY is almost here again and for a limited time, you can receive a 25% discount on the hottest pre-order of the season! We will be providing a 25% discount on everything for 3 days - 23, 24, 25 November 2017. GREAT NEWS! the 25% Black Friday discount will stack with the multiple copy discounts!! Discounts begin: November 23 at 19:00 MSK Discounts End: 25 November at 23:59 MSK So don't miss out on this awesome opportunity to support and test Escape From Tarkov...The Scavs will surely appreciate it! Translations: Portuguese translation of the news here. Thanks to Emissary @dimittri4gc Italian translation of the news here. Thanks to Emissary @funboy Chinese translation of the news here. Thanks to Emissary @Hazel Greek translation of the news is here. Thanks to Emissary @VinceVega Spanish translation of the news is here. Thanks to Emissary @hidden_citizen Dutch translation of the news is here. Thanks to Emissary @iGoodLifeNL