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Found 100 results

  1. So was in my 1st match today as a scav. I have shotgun and plenty of shells in my vest but wouldn't reload. I went into my inventory to click and drag them to another slot to see if that would help and nothing worked. I couldnt click and drag anything. I coullnt switch weapons to the AK i had picked up. I could still move around. I could open doors and turn on the flashlight on my shotgun. Really wiertd any clue whast wrong, I am going back into to test again.
  2. Bonjour étant nul en anglais je me permet de venir vers vous pour report un bug .Soit le traduire ou le report directement Merci . J'était donc à cette emplacement et j'ai interagi avec la caisse dans la camionnette . Au moment de l'action j'ai effectuer un straff à droite et c'est ensuite voir pendant le straff que le menu inventaire à Pop . J'ai donc pu loot la caisse mais en sortant du menu , mon personnage était bloqué dans la porte arrière droite de la petite camionnette. Mon personnage pouvait faire une rotation complète , courir , glisser , mais aucun déplacement ou autre action ne ma permit de me débloquer . J'ai donc du abandonner mon stuff même une reconnexion au serveur après avoir fait un ALT+ F4 n'a pu résoudre le blocage . Je vous remercie d'avance pour votre aide .
  3. Dobrý deň operátori! Prinášame vám informácie ohľadom prebiehajúceho #HOTFIX Pridané: - Nová úloha pre Prapora. Zlepšená umelá inteligencia - Lepšia presnosť AI. Opravené: - Chyba, ktorá umožnila botom spawnúť sa blízko hráčov. - zneužívaní bugů zbrane. - Bug v úlohách, ktorý spôsoboval, že keď ste vykonávali dve úlohy na jednom mieste mohlo dôjsť k zlyhaniu jedného questu, alebo obidvoch naraz. - Chyba, ktorá zdvojila položku z questu vo vašej skrýši. - Opravená chyba, ktorá zabránila dokončeniu úlohy v dôsledku zmeny času v počítači. - Opravená absencia gést s nožom. - Opravená chyba, ktorá súvisela s rozmiestneným časti z mape Factory. - Niekoľko drobných optimalizácií v lokalite Customs: - Opravené využitie. - Opravené ikony úloh. - upravené šance na spawnutí některých predmetov. Zmenené: - Znížené pridávanie skúsenosti z využívania zdravotníckych potrieb v hre. - Herní čas zrychlen z 4x na 4,5x ______________________________________________________________ Hotfix Patch Notes (dnešný cca 7MB patch) PRIDANÉ Adaptér na tlmič Hybrid 46 Multi-caliber tlmič Silencerco Hybrid 46 Vltor MUR-1S 5.56x45 upper receiver pre AR systémy Vityaz 9x19 tlmič Magpul PMAG D-60 5.56x45 STANAG 60-ranový zásobník Dva nové questy u Prapora OPRAVENÉ Popis questov, oprava chýb Vzhľad Vityaz SMG kolimátora ZMENY Zmena výskytu spawnu niektorých itemov Cena niektorých itemov Mio, Pug, HJD
  4. Launcher issue

    After updating my game in the launcher, i started getting this problem in the launcher. the game is not running in the background at all when i start my launcher yet it still says it's in game and i cant actually start the game because of it. please help?
  5. I have an issue with the game where when I in spawn my character is walking forward and looking left and up, creating a weird spinning effect. Also whenever I go into the settings to change a key binding it replaces the key with "Joystick Axis 1-" not matter which key i try to replace, it'll always say that. This leads me to believe that something on my PC is constantly triggering this function, however i have nothing bug my keyboard and mouse plugged in. I've seen one other post about this and it talked about unplugging joysticks, however every joystick i have has been unplugged as well as any drivers i could find have been uninstalled. The other post - ^^^^ found here, was resolved because the guy who posted it said he realized that his PS4 controller was connected by Bluetooth, however my PC has no Bluetooth functionality nor do i have a PS4 controller. At this point i have very few options left, i still haven't reinstalled the game yet, although i'm about to try. Any ideas or help would be appreciated, thanks in advance.
  6. BRAV04 Scope bug.

    Attachment: BRAV04 This is really off-putting when you don't seem to know how your optic is going to behave. It seems to only happen if the reflex optic is mounted on the gun. Switching from the Reflex optic to the 4x creates the right picture. Looking down your 4x optic directly from point shooting creates the left image. Tbh, i prefer the right image FOV, and would rather it be always like this.
  7. Are your trader's glitched too?

    Hi guys, I don't know about anyone else but my traders are completely glitched out since patch. I sent a support ticket as I've seen no one else with this problem. My traders have de-leveled now. Only peacekeeper is fine. Skier, therapist and propor have all been set to level 1 even though it still has a recording of my level and spent money ;( This sucks so bad as now I really have to hold onto my modded weapons and I looked forward to taking them out to quest. If anyone else has this same problem please bump and give any details you can. Thanks all!
  8. Mouse/inventory

    Idk what is going on but when I click to drag something over into my inventory my mouse won't let me drop into the space I want it shows my curser away from the thing I want to drop into my inventory help
  9. Hallo Liebe Leute , Postet mal eure Komischen momente als Video ! ich fange mal an ob das ein Hack oder Glitch ist mir noch ein Rätsel aber dennoch war ich sehr verblüfft ! und ich hab so einige komischen Szenen auf lager ! Ich nehme jedes Spiel auf und werde halt immer wieder überrascht . ob ein Spieler 10 Granaten aushält oder 4x 60 Schuss es ist immer wieder lustig zu sehen ! Sicht meiner Freundin hier aus meiner Sicht Viel Spass beim Lachen oder Staunen
  10. ** VIDEO BELOW Hey there, Due to alot of people complaining (rightfully so) about crazy desyncs, and our squad having desyncs almost every customs run. (70% or more) We decided to try and reproduce a desync (either player or server wide), we ended up with serverwide desync. Our intention is not to do 100+ test runs to give you a statistics, we play this for fun, that would become work. Nontheless we are hoping to shine some light on the issue and mostly making this known to the devs as best as we can. * Majority of the desync started for us after we started opening and specially CLOSING the shortcut (factory key door) on customs. * My personal desync mostly always happens when I close a door (server keeps going) * I've read about other peoples expierence with desync combined with closing doors. So we figured it must have something to do with doors and in our case combined with the custom shortcut would be easiest to test.(since we basicly always get desync after passing the shortcut. And it did! How to (rather how NOT to) desync note : Quite often we are stuck waiting for desync to pass (crying in a corner), no clue how long it takes but often we've been waiting 10-20 min. The following is all regarding CUSTOMS SHORTCUT (just infront of gas station) * Closing doors behind us (same person both doors) causes the server to first slightly lag quickly building up to major desync (this IS server wide! ) This might take 30-60 seconds AFTER closing the doors. * After some testing (and patience) we noticed when the big desync hits, it wont go away unless the one who closed the doors restarts and relogs. directly at the point the door closer quits the game the game becomes playable for the others. (doesnt matter who closes the door). * When the door closer reconnects his body teleports away and ALWAYS ends up infront of the shortcut (even though every single time we passed it by atleast 20-50 meters ) For us this was a hint towards a issue with closing the door. because nobody else will spawn there when they reconnect, only the one who closed the door! * Leaving the doors open after unlocking them causes no desync I thank Cavedave,Fenrir and Zay for helping me testing.(video from zay <3 ,dont mind the audio) *** The video shows how we just passed shortcut , cavedave closing doors. desync starts (very slightly ) straight away, building up to complete unplayable. Until Cavedave quits the game, that second all desync issues are gone! This has been reproduced multiple times, not always ends up endless desync, sometimes the server stays playable but lag is noticeable. You see Zay switching items in his inventory this is how we test if the server is desyncing.
  11. Broken Legs Bug

    Hallo, Sehr oft wie hier im Video zu sehen ist breche ich mir die Beine ohne Grund (Glasknochen ausgenommen ) So ist für mich das Hotel Tabu, zu 75% breche ich mir dort die Beine. Gibt es einen Tipp um das zu umgehen?
  12. Cant leave the Raid

    Hello Guys This happened me already the second time since i play EFT (about 2 months). So, i play Online Raid, map is Custom. I play it, kill some, no desync, everything is fine (i can loot in seconds and not like grabbing something and it takes time about 10 seconds or something like that) So, everything is just how it should be. But then, i come to the Exit point, i will try to explain which ones, cause BOTH of them didnt work (btw, my english... yeah, isnt perfect^^) One is almost at the end of the map, at the railroads, by the silos, where you can go up by circle stairs. one is a little bit further, but also at the railroads (between them is a fence where you have to jump over it) so, i walk to one of them, doesnt work... ok... i walk to the other one and it doesnt work also -.- so, anybody did encounter the same bug? btw, i had to leave the raid and lost all the stuff, it doesnt matter, yes, but its still sad. i worked it hard to come here, started with only pistol and had an armore at the end and an ak and a pumpgun, so its a hard work till there and its very very sad to leave it like that...
  13. Problem z Betą

    Ostatnio wygrałem promo code na live. Wpisałem kod po czym dostałem na email wiadomość że mam dostęp do beta. Jednak na moim profilu nic mi nie pokazuje abym mógł pobrać grę a pod profilem piszę Pre order Nothing
  14. 8 GB Ram bug?

    Hi there dear community,i just wanted to know if you guys have a workaround for the so called 8gb ram bug thing. So sadly ,as i got the game yesterday,or the evening before to be more accurate,i tried to play it yesterday .First,after some client crashes,i finally got into the main screen(escape,trading char and so on.)until this time i already had some freezes so i thought "not much to worry about,ill get it fixed in grafics options,then after some small adjustments(didnt change much there) i tried some raids.First, a raid on factory without bots( thought i would get some easy loot outta there^^)then after checking if i got any gear,some raids against players(next one on factory again,got owned like the noob i am^^),then after the serious lag got on my nerves ,i changed overall graphics to low which stopped the lag.The whole time,at random moments, mostly when opening something or looking around,the game froze,sometimes even forcing me to restart the pc.Now,while the lag has now completely disappeared,the freezing continues and as i searched the forums,i found out that some of the players have reported this bug only happening with pc which only have 8gb of Ram. So now i am here,asking for advice in fixing this problem or maybe working around it. Before you ask ,i think that my system is meeting the requirements for the game,even if my graphics card is only an radeon hd 5770 with 1024 mb gddr5 ram .
  15. I've noticed something odd about factory since I began taking a certain route. The metal staircase leading to the bridge connecting to the third floor offices seems to break your legs randomly on the second tier of the stairs. I have tried different ways, running, walking, crawling, crouch walking. I thought it all came down to desynch probably. But this marks the twelfth time this has happened. Four of those times, both legs break, my character begins to breath heavily, then just randomly keels over. KIA says the report. Is this a known issue? It's very annoying and takes fun out of a map, given I am terrified to now take a certain route, given it has a 1/2 chance to break my legs, then kill me.
  16. Stairs bug

    Has anyone else since the last patch been having problems with stairs breaking your legs? I've have died twice now and lost a ton of gear because i was was walking slowly up stairs on Factory and my legs break then i die cause i don't have a bandage.
  17. So you know just walking around. Shaped like an L
  18. I was just on factory, and i was picking up a bunch of backpacks and keeping them within eachother, and then i also came across some good individual loot in the metal cabinets on the third floor. so i went to discard the backpack inside my backpack, so i could fill up one of them, and then place it back inside the other backpack. well when i went to discard it literally went through the floor and down into the locker rooms/bathrooms. (not that it matters much to this post, but it mattered to my post-death rage, i went downstairs to the locker room to get it and got killed by a camper in there lol) the backpack was in the locker room when i got there though, just got killed as soon as i got to it.
  19. Neuer Pistolen Bug?

    War gerade auf Twitch unterwegs und habe das bei einem Streamer gesehen:
  20. Bug or desync?

    Not sure if it was a bug or hardcore desync, was standing next to escape from tarkov truck on customs between gate and truck, and mysteriously teleported and got stuck on the other side of gate in the out of bounds area. Unable to escape area and lost all my gear. Photos attached. Couldn't find the bug forum, sorry if this was misplaced.
  21. How does that work? Not really sure how/why I died here. I threw the grenade far over the obstacle infront of me, yet somehow still died to the explosion? Is there something I am missing or is there a bug involved here? I assume at the end that's saying I killed myself. Just not sure how it managed to happen
  22. Time-Warping Scavs

    Is it technically possible to ensure this never happens? I'm on an extremely high, Ethernet internet connection. This is game-breaking on a game with where you only have one life and such a high penalty for death. Never seen this happen before in Tarkov with AI. Skip to 9:18 to see the problem (spoilers, it's me loosing multiple shotguns and pistol to a time-bending scav).... just look at how fast the door "opens." It's instant. Watch in slow motion (.25 speed), if you can, please. Enjoying the game otherwise. Thanks:
  23. 스태쉬에서 아이템이 사라지는 버그가 있습니다. 이는 in game에서 사라지는 현상이 아니라, 게임 중이 아닌데도 아이템이 사라지는 버그입니다.****** 유저들의 추측으로는, 스탠다드 패키지 유저들의 알파 컨테이너에서 주로 이 현상이 일어나는 것으로 미루어보아, '컨테이너의 레벨(알파,베타,감마)에 따라서 보안성의 차이를 둔 것 같다.'라는 의견이 있었습니다. 그러나, 저를 포함한 몇 명의 유저들이 겪은 바는 서버 상태가 불안정 할 때, 스태쉬가 롤백되는 경험입니다. (어떠한 때는, 컨테이너 자체가 텅텅 비어버립니다.) 아래에서 아이템이 사라지는 몇 가지 예를 들겠습니다. 1) 스태쉬에서의 디싱크로 인해 보험창에서 ok를 눌러도 반응이 없고 그 상태에서는 어떠한 맵으로도 접속할 수 없습니다. 이 상태에서 아이템을 옮기면 반짝반짝하는 효과가 생기고 옮겨지지 않고, 클릭 할 수도 없는 상태가 됩니다(이동 대기 중인 아이템이 반짝반짝할 때 처럼). 이 때 재접속을 하면 해당 아이템은 사라집니다. 2) 서버가 overflow되는 특정 시간대에 게임을 하여 습득한 아이템이, 다음 날 아침에 접속하면 사라져 있습니다. 3) 매우 빠르게 인벤토리 정리를 하고 나서(CTRL키를 활용하여 마우스 클릭으로 매각하는 방법), 게임 맵에 접속하고 나오면 불특정 아이템들이 사라집니다. 4) 서버가 불안정 할 때에, 오프라인 모드로 PVE를 돌고 나오면 장비 창과 컨테이너가 싹 비어버립니다. 한국 및 접속상태가 불안정한 국가의 이용자들께서는 상기 내용을 잘 읽어보시고 주의하면서 플레이 하시길 바랍니다. 해당 내용을 영문으로 작성하여 버그 리포트를하고, 스태쉬 롤백을 요청했으나 돌아 오는 것은 하나도 없었습니다^^. TO. dev team. 제 스태쉬를 건들지 말아주시기 바랍니다. 수 차례의 리포팅에 불구하고, 당신들이 아무런 조치를 취해주지 않아서 새롭게(같은 아이템을 여러번 ^^) 루팅한 레어 아이템들이 많이 있습니다.
  24. I was told by 2 of my friends that when they upgraded their game package, that all of their items in their inventory was deleted along with the fact that the trader standings got reset, why is this a thing, why dont you fix this INSTANTLY along with his player rank, WHY does it do this?
  25. I am pretty upset since two ScavBPs that were in my stash just got deleted. They just disappeared in between Trader transactions. I dont care for the Backpacks but one was packed with a million Rubels and the other one with an fully stacked m4. Its pretty odd that just these two ScavBPs got deleted. Is there any chance that this is just an error and they will be rolled back? Just those two were deleted. And NO i didnt sell them nor did i discard them by accident.