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Found 151 results

  1. Hey so I've been happily chipping away at my traders quests & built my reps with Prapor & Therapist to level 3 & 2 respectively. These traders quickly became core factors in my play style meta. I was just playing for several hours going about my biz, when all of a sudden between raids i go back to traders and my loyalty levels on both these traders have dropped back to ONE!! From level 3 to 1 on prapor in a span of minutes??? My Therapist rep number also dropped from 0.15 to -0.08!! A -23 point drop out of nowhere?! How can this be??? I almost feel like this was a bug or a glitch, it just makes no sense - I'm level 23 & have spent 12m rubles on Prapor & $500k+ on Therapist, how in the heck did I get snapped back to level one lilke that? Finding very little discussion on this issue around the internet - any help please?!
  2. Dear developer, Hi, I seem to noticed a possible bug yesterday. I have a OP-SKS and I installed OTG SKS SOCOM rail mount on it. Then I attached a x400 on the rail. And went into raid. However, the flash light kept on and pressing T in game doesn't seem to have any effect and control + T won't change the flashlight/laser either. This is true for other similar attachments as well. I don't know whether this is reproducible in other's client or not. It seems reproducible on mine. Best, Rabbisaur
  3. Peacekeeper can buy ammo now which is great. But due to how the rounding works on the math, you can split the stacks and get way more money. So, one could take a stack of 60 rounds that is worth $5 and split into 60 individual rounds and get $60. One could also get stacks or rounds from Prapor at 10 or 11 roubles per round, and sell for 1 USD which turns this into an unlimited money situation. Obviously handle it however you please, but my suggestion is to just round down to with the ammo USD values, or just put Peacekeeper back to not accepting ammo anymore.
  4. i have just received my beta key and i am really excited to try this game. However when i try to load into the game, this happens... What can i do to fix this issue?
  5. This bug may already be well-known, but in case it isn't, I'm spreading the word, both to help out fellow players for the short term, and make sure the devs are alert to it in the long term. You don't need the Cabinet Key (short name "Key", has a black head) to open the locked door in the gas station in Customs. You can breach it by opening the door across the hall from it so that the open door is between you and the locked office. If done correctly, your character will fail to square himself in front of the locked door properly, turn to his right, and kick the wall by all appearances. The door will behave as if you have kicked it from the opposite side, and open out into the hallway. I discovered this quite by accident. For me, it works every single time. I stop by there in plenty of my custom raids, and typically no one bothers with it because of its dangerous location. So, late in the raid, it's a quick-and-easy loot grab, and i don't even need to spend one of my four valuable alpha container spots on a key.
  6. Not a super huge deal i don't think, but about 2 hours ago i spawned as a scav, looted an akm and some gear, made my way to extract and actually completed the extract, but then once i was on the inventory management screen for the scav-to-inventory part, it kept giving me a move error (error 228 i believe) so eventually i just gave up trying to move my loot to my inventory and then just clicked next and tried to move back to the main menu so i could go spawn again, but then i had this big red banner above the "escape from tarkov" button and it said that i was still currently in the raid and that i would have to reconnect to keep my items and whatnot, i was a little confused but it showed my character with all of the items equipped so i assumed i would just have to run to extraction again after reconnecting, unfortunately that was not the case, i spawned back in with just a p226 and vest, so i had to redo it completely, and then extract again. im not super annoyed about this but i'm just wondering if it is a server issue or if its an issue with my account because i haven't really seen a whole lot of topics that have to do with this, i may have overlooked them but any explanation on this would bring a little bit of comfort. Thanks in advance!
  7. Armor Seriously Bugged?

    So are Fort Armor and Helmets seriously bugged right now? First game i played with full gear i get 1 shotted by a pistol in the head. Second game I play I have a friend hit me once with his hatchet in customs and I instantly died.... What the hell am I suppose to do if people can kill me so easy especially when I am fully geared.
  8. Skier的Chemical, p.4任务卡住,试过用自己人物从海关逃离,也试过重新买一个MS2000 Marker,但是不能装,怎么办
  9. As you can see on the screenshot below, all the requirements are met and still I can't level him up to lvl 2 Is it a common bug and can it be fixed? Thank you for your time!!
  10. Was playing when I tried to walk though a door way, and gut stuck on the wall. Could not move, and could not change stance(crouch, prone, etc) I also could not aim at all. I recorded this video after I got stuck: I am a new player, and had just spawned in.
  11. Really Annoying Bug

    Whenever i try to turn my tactical on/off it does not work and my mouse blinks in the middles of my screen. I tried Ctrl+T and it does the same thing. I then tried changing my game to full screen, still the same bug. Tried escaping and trying again on offline and it did not work. Then i changed the key bind for Tactical from T to M or something. n o p e. Then, out of desperation i restarted my game. IT STILL DOES THE SAME poo. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH it is so annoying and idk how to fix it. someone help me pls.
  12. Skier LVL4

    Hey, somebody had this bug before? Techsupport is informed. Greez
  13. I have had this problem for months now. My mouse keeps pulling to the upper left and it won't stop. Makes the game completely unplayable. OS: Windows 10 Graphics: ASUS GeForce GTX TITAN X 12GB Motherboard: MSI X99 SLI PLUS CPU: Intel i7 5820K 3,3 GHz 15MB Cooler: Cooler Master Nepton 140XL RAM: Crucial 16GB (4x4GB) DDR4 2133Mhz + Corsair 16GB (4x4GB) DDR4 2666MHz CL15 VENGEANCE (32GB total) Storage: Samsung SSD EVO Basic 840-Series 500GB + 3TB WD Red PRO 7200rpm 64MB PSU: Corsair HX 850 W
  14. Guten Tag liebe Escapers Habe seit der Alpha Probleme mit meinen Scops. Sobald ich ziele habe ich eine enorm schlechte Grafik (nur im Fadenkreuz Bereich). Am der Rechenleistung liegt es sicher nicht. Auch an der "FOV" Einstellung kann es nicht liegen, habe alle Stufen getestet. Auch aller hand Grafikeinstellungen ausprobiert. CPU: i7-7700K 4.20 GHz RAM: 16GB GRAKA: GTX 1080 Ti Besten Dank für Eure Unterstützung
  15. hey, im not sure if this is a exploit, something what was forgot to be nerfed since getting EXP is now harder. But there is a way to get 50 000+ EXP By sitting somewhere, starving and healing for the whole time and then leaving in the last minutes of the Raid.
  16. Escape from Tarkov raw live!

    Sei sicuro di spendere bene 50€? Guarda uno stream dove il giocatore non riceve nulla per giocarci e pubblicizzare un prodotto ............
  17. Hello, Just here to report a pretty weird bug. Not sure where else to post this (hopefully it isn't already posted) Anyhow, in Factory, while being on the locker room, 2nd floor, my buddy and I have experienced several times where a scav (AI) will shoot through the wall. The AI (usually only one scav) is on the stairwell (non water dripping stairwell) and AI will shoot through the wall and your character will take hits. (One time I actually was killed by this) We tested this several times, and I will try to get it on video next. But you can see the sparks coming from the wall, towards the ceiling almost. and you can hear the scav's weapon muffled (Because its on the other side of the wall) But yet, your character is getting hurt. It doesn't seem to be lag. During this time, I can fully move items around, as usually when it lags, your items blink if you try to move them. Also, to make sure it wasn't lag, my friend would join me and we could see each other moving around in real time. He would also drop items and I would be able to pick them up. Finally, to test to see if it was server lag, I remained in the locker room to try and have a scav shoot at me through the wall, while my friend went around the rest of the map fighting other people and scavs. He even worked his way around the map and then saw the scav shooting through the wall and hitting me and ended up killing that scav for me. Odd glitch. Anyone else experiencing this? I don't think it's lag. I'm familiar with how lag appears in this game. I've had the game for a while, just haven't posted much on the forums But I'll try to get a video up soon. Will test again tonight.
  18. Riight as the title says this issue has been going on for a while i got this game about 3 months ago played it enjoyed it. But the biggest problem here is the Excessive network usage EFT is using more bandwith than me downloading games from steam. I was hoping for a server update when the emote system and the questing was added but the issue still remains. The game is unplayable on all standards and there are alot of people with the same issue. What im suggesting is that yall are gonna work on this issue before actually adding stuff. And im pretty sure im on the from subforum
  19. Cannot report bug

    I am have attempted to submit a bug report through the support requests several times, using several browsers, and I cannot send the log files or video of the bug. Once attached files to my report, the 'submit' button is inoperable. Upon receiving a response from BSG, I still cannot send files. Has anyone encountered this or can anyone offer me an alternative method of sending the necessary files?
  20. Golden Swag (Quest) Bug, Please Help!

    As you can see from the attached photo, I have found the glided lighter, as well as placed in the bunkhouse. Upon picking up the lighter the music placed and the game notifies me that I have completed the quest. However, even with escaping, "Find the gilded Zibbo Lighter" is still unchecked. After placing the lighter in the bunkhouse and leaving, I tried picking up the zibbo and leaving without dropping it off and I escaped. However it still does not check that i have found it. Please help!
  21. Ok, This last update ( the one that added Halloween item. It was fine a few days before that with the wipe patch.) I have had nothing but an unplayable experience. I Crash at 100% map load. If I am lucky I may get into a Factory match, But i get a frame lag on everything. As in I press a key or move my mouse and it is a near full second or more before anything happens. Also I have been playing for months with out any real issues. PC Info: Win 10 Radeon RX 480 Ram 16GB Drivers are up to date. Tried a reinstall for the game,launcher, and even a reformat of my pc. Sadly no luck. Any and all help is welcome I have tried everything i can think of.
  22. 亚洲服务器大地图无法进去【除了工厂】,【海关】【森林】【海岸线】这3个地图一直Matching一等就是十几分钟,昨天和1名队友组队玩海关等了半个小时
  23. Hallo Communtiy, ich bin seit einigen Stunden nun auch Besitzer einer Spielkopie und ärgere mich von Anfang an mit einem Bug, über den ich auch durch viel googlen nur einen einzigen Foreneintrag gefunden habe, der mir aber leider nicht geholfen hat. Ich habe das Problem, dass viele Items (scheinbar zufälliger Herkunft) egal ob in den Inventaren der Händler oder wenn ich einen Player/Scav loote grau bzw. schwarz sind und nur zu lesen ist "Unknown Item" (Screenshot: ). Meine Frage wäre nun offensichtlicherweise, wie man dieses Problem beheben kann, da ich beispielsweise auch keine "Unknown Item"-Magazine benutzen kann und damit eine Waffe unbrauchbar wird. Ich habe schon mehrfach mein Spiel neugestartet, den PC neugestartet, vo Internet getrennt etc. und nicht scheint zu helfen. Vielen Dank im voraus für Lösungsvorschläge!
  24. I was gleefully farming Factory on a hatchet run and picked up a shotgun off a scav kill and then killed a few more until i found some upgrades. I tried to drop the shotgun, but it just sat there in my inventory blinking. This also prevented me from reloading my alternate weapons. I could still use the hatchet. Eventually scavs zerged me and I died, so I was not able to "resolve" the issue. Not sure if this is some sort of desync, but it is a highly annoying bug.
  25. Game crashing when launching

    My game keeps crashing when it's logging me in. It doesn't crash per se, it just freezes a few seconds into loading. When launching the game from the .exe as admin, when I enter my credentials it crashes. I have tried: Underclocking/Overclocking Restarting PC Launching as Admin Reinstalling game and launcher Updating/Downgrading drivers Trying the game on a different windows account (I haven't played in a few months decided to try the game again after the patch.)