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Found 19 results

  1. Zdravím,prosím o kontrolu hráče pod nickem Xawaan který vypl celou naši skupinu na Woodsech. Všichni jsme lehli na jednu ránu bez ohledu na zasaženou oblast. V pospiku přikládám video kde je vidět v čase 49:20 jak přechází úplně na vrcholku skály kde se žádný hráč nemá šanci dostat. Děkuji
  2. Hacker

    Fliegt bei woods und ist nicht tötbar zeit 07.01.2018 21:06
  3. Hacker Report: Jimlo

    Explicit language, I was triggered. Really triggered. I had on a Kiver as you could see.
  4. So far i did not find a way to report cheater. My friend and me just got killed the second time by a dude (i have the name ready, just do not want to blame anyone without 100% proof/confirmation by devs). So i would like to ask a dev to check this. Can i put up a support request for that? I don't want to abuse that, if it's not meant for that. This guy is ruining the fun for a lot of guys, probably roaming around from game to game, killing ppl with some invisible/glitch cheat.
  5. Hi everyone, is there a list of cheaters for all time (or last month)? I would like to see if someone got banned but I can't find a searchable list/full list somewhere?
  6. 핵쟁이 만났습니다.

  7. A way to report hacker after death

    Hello , This is my short incident that happened to me right now , I spawned in the raid and I safely got into a room and start listening for my surroundings and found everything around to be clear I sat still for 5 seconds before moving out and my character just falls over and dies raid ended 23 seconds I died to SKOOWOO I am certain I died to a hacker because my connection was perfectly fine no trouble loading in or anything . Just would be nice to report a death cam to report any suspicious activity after death like my incident to which I have no explanation for I died in an enclosed room all doors closed no wall bang through wall or door . It felt like I got shot from across the map on woods or something cause I didn't hear a bullet at all either. PLEASE READ
  8. HI , i hope this is the correct place . in short . i joined a server looking for a group - received an request , i joined .two players in the group and i was added . we spawned ( us 3 ) and i was knifed immediately by one of the players who invited me . i have screenshots ,time stamps and the names . where do i report this . ? this must be dealt with . sad to see this type of activity. cheers /PIN !
  9. Cheater MP_Joe

    Zdravím. Dnes sme s kamarátom dali factorku v noci za full geara, ale cca minútu po štarte nás zabil cheater. Spawnli sme sa v tuneloch (na bielej) a postupovali sme ďalej v tuneloch (smer jašterky). Keď sme už boli pri východe na sektor free exit tak som zabil scava, skryl som sa za stenu a začal som prebíjať, dostal som hity do nohy a tak som šiel ešte ďalej za stenu, ľahol som si a začal som sa liečiť. Zvuk streľby šiel od presklennej, jašteriek. Najprv som si myslel že ma bolo ešte trocha bolo vidno.. ale potom čo som sa liečil som dostal ďalšie hity... Kamarát bol vo vedľajšej chodbe a tak som mu povedal, že ma niekto hituje cez steny. Stihol som si ešte premiestniť nočák do containera a zomrel som. O niekoľko sekúnd zomrel aj kamoš, ktorého tiež zabil cez stenu. Meno hráča bolo MP_Joe. Cca o 19:00 som túto istú správu písal do anglického fóra, ale z neznámych dôvodov ju už nemôžem nájsť. Taktiež link ktorý som posielal kamošovy nech si to prečíta je nedostupný ( )
  10. Report system for cheaters?

    Have a cheater caught on my stream. Some sort of god mode. Is there a method to report this? I can give time and date as well as map and twitch clips to verify.
  11. Killed by a Cheater

    Hi, I launched a game on factory with good gear and then a cheater killed me. I don't care about the gear I lost, I just want you guys to ban him. I shot him with an mp5 over 150 times, then I shot him 30 times with a AKM, then I pulled out my hatched and started hatchiting him. HE DID NOT DIE. After all that, he hatchet ed me to death. His name is : zzanguliatore See attachment for name. Thank you
  12. New hack? (possibly?)

    I was fully geared on a factory pvp run, I do these all the time. after shooting a player i was looting his body and i heard a taunt coming from below me. I was outside the PVE spawn, and not near the underground tunnels. I walked around trying to locate it when a player popped out of no where with nothing but a 3M body armour, a knife and a pilgrim bag. At first i thought he was a fresh spawn who'd luckily stolen some loot and was just messing with me. But he stood in front of me doing the Q E friendly dance, I unloaded an entire AKM mag into him and he taunted and disappeared. He flew through the wall behind me. I ran towards him and confirmed he had done this. I immediately thought "Oh poo." So I ran to the exit point as he flew behind me hitting the walls and floor with a knife. He wasn't aggressive, he never attacked. He was a troll, or someone just out for a laugh, maybe even a Dev? Thought i should bring this to the communities attention in case there is a new cheat/hack for EFT. I didnt record or screenshot as i was too busy trying to run and save my gear.
  13. HACKERS!!!!!!

    @BATTLESTATE What is going on with the game right now? I have been playing the game for months now and there seems to be a flood of hackers. from god mode to glitching gear out of the game, I've seen players flying around the map. they are wrecking this game for us honest players. I cannot get 1 honest run at factory anymore... you need to pull resources towards protecting this game against hackers... it's very demoralizing for honest players.
  14. Server Lagging = Cheater

    So, me and 2 friends were on Woods, fully geared to the teeth, we move up to the ridge overlooking the Lumber Mill, when all of the sudden, the FPS tanks and drops to 7 to 10 FPS, next thing we know, a pump action shotgun nails us all in 1 shot, this player was called Atek, I have seen this little weasel before and he is fishy as heck! Atek, you are pathetic, whatever it is you did to that server, I hope you get removed from the game all together if you are using something to lag servers to the point you are the only one unaffected!
  15. War das ein Cheater ?!

    Hallo hatte heute dieses Erlebnis auf der Factory?! War das ein Monster Desync oder ein Cheater ?
  16. Hallo Escaper und Devs, momentan sind die Cheater jenseits von Gut und Böse :(. Es ist echt nicht mehr feierlich wie oft man ein halbes Magazin in jemanden an einer Kiste pumpt, dieser sich geschmeidig umdreht und einem nen sauberen Headshot mit Pistole verpasst als wäre nix gewesen. Wenn das so weiter geht, verreckt das Spiel bereits vor Release aufgrund der massiv vielen Cheater, es wäre nicht das Erste mit diesem Schicksal aber es wäre sehr schade drum!!! Also nimmt das bitte konstruktiv auf und löscht diesen Post aus Angst vor schlechter Publicity nicht einfach. Ich weiß das es sich um eine (mittlerweile) beta handelt aber mit der Effektivität eines Anticheat, steigt oder sinkt der Erfolg eines ganzen Spiels. Das Problem zu ignorieren wird nichts besser machen sondern umgekehrt. Ich nenne hier bewusst keine Namen oder präsentiere Screenshots! Das ist nicht meine Aufgabe, sondern ich möchte für alle ein erstrebenswertes Spielerlebnis welches aktuell leider sehr häufig zunichte gemacht wird. Also lange Rede kurzer Sinn, bitte widmet mehr Aufmerksamkeit den Menschen die den Ehrlichen das Spielerlebnis versauen möchten. In dem Sinne einen schönen Abend und ich würde mich über Feedback freuen
  17. Kill by a Cheater

    Hey da ich bis jetzt noch keine richtige Funktion gefunden habe wie ich Cheater melden kann schreib ich das einfach hier rein. (bild im anhang) Ich war mit zwei Leuten auf der Karte Woods unterwegs als wir ein Spieler fliegender weise auf uns zu kommen sahen. Kurz darauf waren wir tot. ca 10-15 minuten später wollen wir unser glück nochmal auf Woods versuchen als wir dann aber direkt wieder vom gleichen innerhalb kürzester Zeit ausgeschaltet wurden haben wir es nicht mehr mit Woods probiert. Wäre ganz cool wenn der Spieler überprüft wird. Dazu sagen möchte ich das es nach knapp 50h der erste zusammen stoß mit einem Cheater war. falls der Thread hier komplett falsch sein sollte bitte sagen.
  18. The Cheater Battle Wages On!

    Good Day, Escapers! The outcry has not gone unheard. Our every wish is to keep cheaters on the run, never giving them a moment to rest. Let their black hearts pound with every kill they make, knowing, it may be their last. You will not hear us coming, you will not see our hand, but you will feel the hammer. We are pleased to announce that over 400 cheaters have met their end in Tarkov. Give these poor souls a round of applause, and bid them good riddance! You will never again bask in the warm sun of Tarkov. Let us prostrate ourselves before the mighty BSG, in thanks for their righteous judgment! The French translation is here. Thanks to Emissary @AGN_YuD The Italian translation is here. Thanks to Emissary @baggio The Chinese translation is here. Thanks to Emissary @Hazel The German translation is here. Thanks to Emissary @ramjid The Japanese translation is here. Thanks to Emissary @GirafucusMD
  19. Cheaters cought on video

    Hello dear EFT developers and players! Have been playing EFT with my pal and been enjoying A LOT! Though these few days we had these two incidents that made us greatly doupt about our foes sincerity. Possible cheaters names are In both videos we can´t hear any gun sounds, no bullet hits on anywhere. Just us taking hits and dying in vein. Also on second clip we and propably everyone on map died in same exact moment, even we wre propably far apart. I hope that ultimate russian wrath will fall upon these two human scums :). Yours, Juha