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Found 6 results

  1. I just got cheated upon :(

    So my buddy and I just spontaneously combusted at spawn on customs... the player name was "camiitoe" ... maybe it was a glitch of some kind, but looked like pure cheats to me! I can upload the video to youtube and link it if u need it!
  2. anticheat tool

    Mache zur zeit sehr viele negative sachen durch hier im game egal ob man beispiel bei factory schleicht und sich vercampt da kommt einer einfach um die ecke geschossen bam tot ich andauernd mit einen schuss egal ob ich kliver helm und die rüstung habe bam one hit tot .oder man hört rein garnichts und kippt einfach so um . Wollte mal nachfragen ob es in der nächsten zeit endlich ein anti cheat tool gibt oder das man gegner reporten kann das wäre sehr gut weil es ziemlich viele cheaters schon gibt .
  3. Hackers / Cheaters are back?

    Well it's becoming apparent that hackers have returned and are killing people. I just ran a factory run today and collect several M4s and was magically killed by a player scav flying and throwing grenades everywhere like it was a party. I personally was about ready through my computer our the window after losing the best hall of loot in my life due to some stupid hacker.
  4. Whitelisted servers?

    I was thinking could we start whitelisting servers, or having privately owned servers where people can moderate themselves? In the less than a week i have owned this, its come to my attention that not all people are playing fairley. iv been shot through walls by people with no name, 1 shotting on the run from great distances, delt with lag switchers over and over again, watched huge grenade battles that last for 5 mins at the spawn points. and its hard to take, considering i just payed more for this game than i have for any game in my life. from what i read, its kinda frowned apon to talk about it. and to compound matters, theres not announcement system on when people get banned, no "report player" , no real channels to see a ban through. no place we can see them get justice. it feels like they are just ok to get away with it right now. just making servers avalable that can be managed properpley by the people could really help right now. please give us some hope devs. i cant possible invite my friends to play with me in its current state. i got 6 people who are waiting for my verdict. thats 6 copies of the game potentially if we get a good reply from this post. thanks, tom.
  5. Cheaters cought on video

    Hello dear EFT developers and players! Have been playing EFT with my pal and been enjoying A LOT! Though these few days we had these two incidents that made us greatly doupt about our foes sincerity. Possible cheaters names are In both videos we can´t hear any gun sounds, no bullet hits on anywhere. Just us taking hits and dying in vein. Also on second clip we and propably everyone on map died in same exact moment, even we wre propably far apart. I hope that ultimate russian wrath will fall upon these two human scums :). Yours, Juha
  6. Cheaters?

    Have any of you guys ran into anyone cheating? I just got out of a game where i literally snuck up behind a guy from on top a building. He was facing away from me, and as i fired on him he spun and shot me in the head with a pistol instantly. I don't see how its possible to not only spin 180* but also compensate for the height i was instantly.. i didn't have my recorder running but from now on i am. And then after i died it didn't give me an option to leave the game i just stared at a black screen in disbelief for minutes.