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Found 34 results

  1. Da es zur Zeit keinen eigenen Bereich für die Clanvorstellung und Spielersuche gibt gilt folgendes. Clans und Gruppen ist es erlaubt in diesem Thema ein Gesuch zu verfassen Einzelne Spieler sind angehalten die vorhandenen Clan- und Gruppenvorstellungen zu durchsuchen Eigene Beiträge der Art:"Spieler sucht Clan/Mitspieler" zu verfassen ist nicht gestattet Spieler die auf ein Gesuch antworten wollen sind angehalten dies per PM zu tun Längere Vorstellungen sollten der besseren Übersicht halber in einem Spoiler verpackt werden. Alte Beiträge werden nach und nach entfernt um das Forum wie es gerade ist übersichtlicher zu machen! Dieses Thema ist nur für die Clan-, Gruppen- und Spielersuche gedacht. Kritik an dieser Entscheidung kann in einem separaten Thema diskutiert werden. Vielen Dank für eure Aufmerksamkeit und euer Verständnis. Verweis auf verwandte Themen:
  2. I higly sugest a pve only mode with enhanced ia so the players who enjoy the aspect of the game of engagin the ia looting crafting them weapons and having fun with them mates without runing into snipers or other gorups of players can have theyr own litl playgrown to have fun , also this could help the ingame economy being a resource of guns amo sights and other equipment that later on in the game could be sold to other players.
  3. The Art of Warfare [TAW] The Art of Warfare [TAW] is a highly organized international gaming community that has been established since 2001 with 2800+ current active members in 40+ games, and has stretched its arms to ‘’Escape from Tarkov’’. We currently have multiple people who are going to be playing the game and ready to have fun with you. What we offer you: - Active and organized players. - International community ranging from EU (Europe), NA (North America), SA (South America) to OC (Oceanic)/SEA/etc. - Huge TeamSpeak (Top ranking in the world). - A modern Website at (even a more updated one in progress). - Forums and Wikis. - NEWS and articles. - Shop for some goodies. - Badges you can earn within TAW which gives you more things to do in the game when things get boring. - A ranking system for those who like to advance within the community. - Around 2 events per week for every time zone that have been planned and worked on by our Field Specialists. - Clan wars, Tournaments, and rewards. - Loyalty from your clan mates. - Lots of other games to play with fully developed teams, just a channel away (List of our UNITS or games can be found HERE.) - And much, much more. Our Plan/Goal for the Escape from Tarkov team: - We will have players with both BEAR and USEC factions (More info on the PDF file attached). - We want to have both casual and competitive players. - Try our best to have a tactical team. - Squads with common goals and game style. - Organize lots of clan activities for those who are interested. - To build a mature team, not only limited to skill level. - We also want to help the development of the game by doing our best in the Alpha and Beta testing. - Build the team in a way where everyone is able to take part in the direction and goals of our team. - To make a place of long lasting friendship between EFT gamers. Requirements to join: - Be able to understand and speak English (Not required to be perfect). - Must be willing to use TeamSpeak. - Have a mic. - Be Mature and respectful to others. - Be active. - Have fun! If you are either a casual gamer, hardcore gamer or something in between we have a thing for you. We even have a full team dedicated to Streamers, Designers, Programmers, etc., who like to follow their dreams and do what they do best aside from gaming. If you are interested, all you have to do is create an account on our website over HERE and join our Escape from Tarkov team. The info you have read above is to make things short and simple but we have prepared this PDF Doc file to help you understand what our plans are as well as what TAW is in general. Click HERE to find the PDF file. We recommend you read it to get more detailed info out of this post. Why die alone when we can survive together? Check us out and be prepared to be impressed! You may be interested, but still, have some doubts? Questions? Or want to have a chat about it first? Then contact me in either of the following contact addresses, PM me or comment here: Email: or Steam: TAW | Natalino Skype: natalino.amanuel1 I am looking forward to having you join our Family. Happy hunting and Get Ready for Escape! Come looking for friends, and find a family as I have found mine! Our Russian version of this post can be found HERE. This is our new updated post to let everyone know we have opened up our recruitment on our website. The older version of the post has been deleted.
  4. We are a Namibian based clan started by two friends with the idea of uniting potential friends under one name and agenda. PFWB encourages Clan Wars and will always look for competitive, mature and dedicated gamer's both local and internationally to join our ranks. We do not believe in a dictatorship and thus allow players to suggest changes to the Clan as a whole, making the inner workings of the clan fair and just towards members in all aspects. Should you consider joining us, we would like to first and foremost thank you for considering us as your new home. We consider all our members friends and treat them as such. We only ask that you stick to our simple clear-cut rules as outlined on our forums and that if you play that you join us on TS:
  5. We are currently welcoming any and all fans of escape from tarkov to join us on Steam in eager anticipation of its release. We also hope to form a Clan by the same name once the appropriate update is released. Ownership is not a requirement. Our current members are mostly from a mil-spec gaming group that plays such games as Arma, DayZ, and Swat. A few of us have migrated early to participate in Alpha. We also have a hosted Team Speak for group play, and bug hunting. Or Add Our ages range between 18-21 with myself being a 20 yr/old serving in Army reserve.
  6. Privet, Citizens of Tarkov. We are VOXKOMM we are a International militia. WE ARE HERE TO HAVE FUN! NOT TO TAKE THE GAME TOO SERIOUSLY - REQUIRMENTS - * Must Have a Mic * Must Have Discord * Must Help Noobs + Work as a Team * Speak ENGLISH! Reply if Interested!
  7. Uwaga: Wiem że tekst jest dosyć długi, ale prosiłbym o przeczytanie, nie zawiedziesz się! to tylko pokazuje, jak nam zależy na wspólnym dobru i zrozumieniu 1- Wstęp: Witam Ciebie drogi czytelniku, zapewne Twoim pierwszym pytaniem jest, dlaczego sądzisz że uznajemy się za klan całkowicie odmienny od innych? Odpowiedź jest prosta, a to dlatego że ten klan jest stworzony dla każdego, no prawie każdego Jedyne nasze wymogi to +16 lat (Zgadzamy się na wyjątki gdzie młodsza osoba pokazuje dorosłość podczas okresu testowego (rekrut)) kultura, szacunek, chęć do jak i czerpanie radości ze wspólnej gry, mikrofon ( również słuchawki jeżeli słychać Twój dźwięk z głośników) posiadanie discorda jak i konta na fb (fake'owe konta również, nie zależy nam na tym, zależy nam na przyjemnej wspólnej grze). Mile będą widziane dodatkowe atuty jak znajomość języka angielskiego, opanowana grafika komputerowa itd (logo, filmy itp), ale oczywiście nie jest to wymagane. 2- Opis klanu: Aczkolwiek przejdźmy do konkretów, dlaczego "prawie dla każdego" a otóż dlatego iż każdy znajdzie tutaj swoje miejsce, mamy odpowiedni system rang(oraz kanałów głosowych) który doskonale pozwala cieszyć się rozrywką pod Twoje potrzeby, jesteś nowy? nie ma sprawy, zapraszamy, na pewno znajdą się również osoby nowe w grze, jak i osoby doświadczone które chętnie pomogą wyjaśnią oraz wytłumaczą potrzebne rzeczy jak i nauczą gry. Może jednak preferujesz grę na wyższym poziomie, nie specjalnie chcesz "męczyć" się z nowymi Klanowiczami, i chcesz spokojnie pograć z konkretną ekipą która ma za sobą wiele godzin gry, jak lub np Klanowicze którzy grają już od alphy, dla każdego znajdzie się miejsce, i szanujemy każde podejście, zdanie i wybór, oczywiście nic nie stoi na przeszkodzie byś mógł zmieniać upodobania wedle własnego odczucia, ponieważ mamy również specjalne rangi/kanały gdzie np chcesz pograć w bardziej dorosłym towarzystwie +18 itp, w towarzystwie które bierze grę na poważnie i zdaje sobie z tego sprawę, mało rozmów, taktyczne podejście itd, lub po prostu gra dla fun'u. Także zrozumiany jest fakt, iż nie każdy ma ochotę grać z każdym, i nie ma powodu o to by się nad tym zastanawiać, taka kolej rzeczy, nie zmuszamy nikogo do gry z kimś, nie mniej jednak oczywiście toksyczne osoby będą usuwane, i sadzę że jednak ekipa będzie rozsądna i przyjemna, i nikt nie będzie miał takich problemów Jest tego o wiele więcej, ale głębiej wejdziecie jak już zdecydujecie o dołączenie do klanu Oczywiście też nie zmuszamy do gry ileś tam razy w tygodniu itd, nic podobnego, grasz kiedy masz ochotę, z kim chcesz, i jak chcesz Tak jak wspomniane zostało to wcześniej, jesteśmy po prostu klanem/ekipą która chce mieć z kim pograć bez spiny w doborowym towarzystwie, na różne sposoby, bardziej na luzie jak i bardziej taktycznie. 3- Informacje na temat rekrutacji: Aktualnie rekrutujemy każdego chętnego, jak i graczy alphy (oczywiście otrzymają swoją rangę) jak i graczy z wykupionym dostępem CBT, jak i osoby które nie mają kupionej gry ale są po prostu chętne do zagrania w przyszłości kiedy gra już wyjdzie itp, jeżeli po prostu chcesz pograć, lub wiesz że pograsz/ masz zamiar zagrać to po prostu wbijaj do nas, na pewno sytuacje gdzie zabraknie kogoś do gry będą rzadkie, a jak nie możesz zagrać teraz, to masz miejsce gdzie możesz zadawać pytania, podziwiać screenshoot'y graczy alphy itd a w przyszłości mieć od razu z kim zagrać. Jest to też dobre miejsce do zgadania się z ludźmi by kupić razem grę po niższej cenie, iż battlestate podarował nam żniżkę na grę 10% jeżeli kupią dwie osoby 15%- trzy 20%- cztery czyli ugadujesz się z 4 typami i masz taniej grę Na ten moment, nie musisz przechodzić rozmowy rekrutacyjnej, program ten odpalimy dopiero po wyjściu CBT, teraz po prostu tworzymy wspólnotę graczy tej niesamowitej gry, a jedynie toksyczne osoby mogą liczyć na wywalenie z klanu. Jeżeli jesteś chętny to zapraszam pod ten link na grupce FB, gdzie po prostu poproś o dołączenie do grupy: 4- Informacje na temat klanu: Jak wyżej widzicie, posiadamy grupę na FB, oraz "stronę internetową" na stronie Do komunikacji używamy programu Discord, jest to program według nas o wiele lepszy niż TS3, i darmowy, także jeszcze bardziej pomaga w prowadzeniu klanu, umawiania się na wspólne gry itp, oczywiście na naszym serwerze discord, są odpowiednie rangi, jak i kanały o których mowa była wyżej, np osoby z rangami takimi jak "rekruci" "żółtodzioby" itd nie mogą wbijać na kanały dla bardziej doświadczonych jak zawodowcy, weterani (Ci rangą wyżej oczywiście mogą wbijać na kanały rangą niżej) itd (pełna rozpiska już na stronie klanu jak i na discordzie) dodatkowo kanały jak i rangi dla osób +18, graczy "RP" w sensie takim że na "pełnym wczuciu" i powadze, rangi dla chętnych do pomocy dla nowych graczy (instruktor) i wiele innych, po prostu słowa na wstępie nie są pod publikę, wszystko jest dopracowane, a nawet jeśli nie, to zostanie dopracowane, by każdy czuł komfort z gry Co do nazwy klanu, skrót oznacza "District of Bears" czyli wolno tłumacząc "Dzielnica Niedźwiedzi". Co do naszej głównej frakcji w grze, to będzie nią frakcja "BEAR" z racji że jest po prostu nam "bliższa" aczkolwiek oczywiście nie oznacza to, że nie będziemy lub zabraniamy grać jako "USEC", w końcu będzie można mieć parę postaci! 5. Dodatkowe informacje: Również chciałbym dodać, że często pojawiamy się na Na którym również będziemy przesiadywać przy wspólnej grze, dlatego osoby z tego ts3, jak najbardziej zapraszam do klanu, gdzie możemy jeszcze w lepszym stopniu umawiać się na wspólną grę, dzielić się informacjami, wrażeniami itp. Jeżeli ktoś ma jakieś pytania, zapraszam do komentowania, lub na privie 6- Zakończenie: Po tej zapewne niekrótkiej "lekturze" jeżeli Cię przekonałem to zapraszam w nasze szeregi, jeżeli nie, to zastanów się jeszcze raz, bo gra z ekipą, z wspaniała ekipą, nie równa się z niczym innym, a chętnych jak i aktywnych graczy nam nie brakuje, naszym skromnym zdaniem, prawdopodobnie jesteśmy aktualnie największym Polskim klanem EFT Do zobaczenia w Tarkovie! (Albo na naszej grupie i discordzie )
  8. I'm looking to form a 5 man clan to play on a regular basis. Needing good communication and wanting to be as strategic as possible. As competitive as possible. I may not be the best. But I'm looking to have a good time as well.
  9. looking for a couple of people 3 tops to squad up with
  10. Looking for members to play within a 3-5 man team. Here to have fun and play competitively. Leave a comment if your interested and I'll send you a PM.
  11. Tired of playing solo? Getting slaughtered by groups? It doesn't have to be that way... Binary Combat is an international gaming community, our aim is simple, to provide an active and fun environment for players FREE from cheaters, we regularly play together on multiple games but mainly Escape from Tarkov and DayZ Standalone. We don't have any special recruitment or trial process or long ass registration form, all that we ask is that; You play an honest game, no cheats or exploits of glitches You don't have a VAC/Game ban on your Steam You respect other members So what can we offer you? Well here are some of the main points; Active players - Yes we actually play together, unlike some communities Twitch/YouTube channel promotions from our site, you can even watch Twitch straight from it! Competitions/Giveaways - So far this year we have given away Fallout 4, PayDay 2, How To Survive and more Regular events - We hold fun events most weeks Trade System - Lost all your gear? Trade with other members Unique Points System - Earn points from community involvement and use them in many different ways Chat box - Have a laugh with some members on the site Ranks - Optional perks for ranking up, such as accessing our Twitch application Awards - Show off your badges, medals and ribbons earned through dedication Operations - Earn points by completing in-game activities And much more! What truly makes BC special is that it's the members that made it what it is today, no one person makes the rules or changes how things work, the community decide. With us being international too there is always someone around to play with, join the fight today! Sign in through Steam now to get started at
  12. The main point of the bluewolves is to help out other players who are new to the game or running low on gear. The goal of each individual member is to become really well geared so you can help out others. Top tier bluewolves should try to become sherpas, and those not so skilled should train up. Link to sherpa: ( Players in the clan are expected to group up and help players who seem confused understand the game. By doing so you can gain ranks, and perhaps at some point we'll hand out rewards to particularly helpful members. This doesn't mean all your time must be dedicated to helping newcomers, but it will certainly help to actively seek those who need help. The eventual goal upon release of the open world portion is a non kos clan, though we'll see how that goes depending on the community. Feel free to pm me on the forums or discord. Discord:
  13. Are you looking for a team to play and test Tarkov with? D you want to just play with some actual people that communicate and work together? We're an open and inclusive community, welcoming all people and by all, we mean all! If you're human (or a dog that can play) we want you! The Team is all about having a great time doing what we love from competitive to casual to debating the next patch and obviously just messing around between all of that. We have room for more ESL teams in our other games with some great scrims to be had in whatever tournaments and leagues we throw ourselves into. We now run weekly competitions for members to show their skills against each other, are you game? So how do you join? Head to the website at: where you will find all sorts of wonderful information. You want to dive straight in and play? Then head to our TeamSpeak the address is (same as the website): See you soon, you lovely person you (or dog).
  14. Throw out your steam names so people can have buddies to play EFT with. Mine is Call timeout for dab
  15. Hi, guys and girls! I looking for people to play with who don't have everyday routine (strict working hours) and loves to explore, have fun, and speaks freely in English (don't have to be mother language but enough to communicate) If your up for it please Message me
  16. team

    Looking for some people to play with. I have a teamspeak also. Steam name Churchh from Arkansas.
  17. Dear All, We are a small German Community which is playing a lot of Games for Fun, or also Competitive. We are looking for German Speaking players which wanna have a lot of Fun in that game. Also if there is another German Clan which likes to join, you are welcome. If you are intereted, please let me know. Must haves: Teamspeak installed A good Headset to talk with Mature behavior (we are mostly 20 Years and older) Fun to play with us Some kind of activity You'll get: A nice community playing a lot of games A lot of fun in Escape from Tarkov! Free TS3 Server to use for you and your friends Other Gameservers for free use Forum and a helpful community Cheers! Rowtag
  18. Kubas [USEC] Dear fellow [USEC] fighters, You are receiving this message because you have been formally picked out from a group of soldiers to join our private company called "Kubas". We are looking for well trained soldiers who are willing to fight for the cause and help transport illegal goods around Tarkov. Our contractors have provides us with a sizable donation to help recruit more units. I will warn you that what we do is extremely dangerous but the reward is worth every bullet. We currently have one of the most sophisticated medical staff who will provide you with free health care for when you bite a bullet. We have a few requirements which i will be stated in the application. below you will find a link which will take you to the application. Your application code is: 011011. Hopefully we will see you in our next meeting. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions. "Make sure you burn this message after you have all the info you need" Application Link (CLICK ME) Sincerely DeadlyFudge, Side Notes: We obviously all know that the clan system has not been implemented, right now this is mostly just to start getting our name out and start accepting a few early players who would like to have people to play with. So know that if you join now it will not be as serious or organized as it will be later on.
  19. Raiders International is a community of players who play a variety of mil-sim games in a team-work driven mindset. We find that playing with a group who communicates and works together, a more exciting experience for everyone. We play Squad, Escape from Tarkov, Arma 3, DCS, and others. From a family-fun adventure of Genital Jousting to a tactical loot run in Escape from Tarkov we do it all. We provide a resource-rich environment with our own public and private servers for the unit to play on, even if you can only participate for an hour in the week there is always something to play. We have a few requirements for our players. Some games may require mods, and we require you to have a mic for our Teamspeak Server. Players from all over the globe are joining up to play in kick-ass communities. Our clan is a relaxed mil-sim unit. Based on America's elite operating forces. We meet every weekend for gaming and other various operations in one of many games. Most of our members are veterans or active duty, while some are dedicated gamers. TL;DR Realism Unit Requires Mods Multiple Games Private and Public Servers Meets every week 18+ (younger requires unanimous vote) Check our website out. You know you want to.. You can also join our teamspeak at Or our discord server at
  20. (MIC IS A MUST) Hey everyone and thank you for looking at my clan invite. We are making a very competitive clan for EFT During Beta and Lunch. We welcome everyone who is mature and speak English. We will work on -Call outs -Code words -Strategy -Teamwork -Help -Raids work -Events -All ages welcome(Note: If we see that you are not mature you would be ask to leave. Sorry guys we are not going to tolerate drama or tantrums) And more to come. Any help to making the clan better and any ideas are will be grate. (Note: Any signs of team betray would be put in a watch and we will not tolerate we will deal with you and will be ban from thee server and any events.) -Trash talking to team mates is a no go anyone else feel free to lol. -Good sportsman ship is highly encourage. -Note: if your team mate gets you killed work as a group to see how you could of prevented it. We are here to build will rounded squads. - Must have Discord
  21. Feel Good Inc. Feel Good Inc. is for those who ant a little bit of everything, with a side of loot. Requirements so far - mic There might be team leaders for squads of rookies in the future. For players who know what their doing and what to party up with people can use the discord chat channels labeled "Group Up". Also put the number of people you need and the experience you are looking for. examples "looking for 3 Serious" "looking for 2 Casual" What you should expect now when joining Right now we're more causal but as we grow more and more it will be a little bit of every thing. Discord (Comming Soon) (4 days form post)
  22. Knight Raiders. "We are legion, for we are many" Based on a much talked subject to combat terrorism on a international scale. Bringing the concept of the Special Warfare Division into EFT. The goal as the original is to be a international outfit using a military structure. Original details: Battalion HCC: 1st Companie "Irish Guard" Light Air Mobile Infantry: 2nd Companie "Scottish Guard" Armored: 3rd Companie "Russian Guard" Mechanized Infantry: 4th Companie "****** Guard" Special Forces and Recon: Recruitment pending on final CoC and lifting on the NDA for the ALPHA of EFT. Leave a comment if interested, what position, experience or feedback. Cheers, HMS GrandMaster Paul "V" aka HisEvilness
  23. Looking to make a somewhat diverse group Looking for : The Englishman, the heavy German gunner, The Russian, the ?Italian?, I've got The American down, ect. Reply if this interests you might be kind of fun. Looking for fun energetic people willing to be fully immersive and get lost in the game providing a tense atmospehere and camaraderie .
  24. We are the EU OutLaws!, And we are looking for new people to join us for the alpha, beta and ofc, full release! We currently only have 5 members but are looking for more so we are able to have multiple groups going at once to get more loot and get more cash. We are going to be USEC and will always travel as a group of 5 to ensure we get all the loot possible. We will be using TS3 as I have a server for us to use. We are currently using the DM on the forums to speak about this so send me a message there if you would like to join us! Marcus Aurelius (OL).
  25. Hi guys, i'm here to take information about french people who are searching other players to play Escape From Tarkov (alpha, beta and release game). Actually we're a group to play it in alpha and we're searching people who are interested with hardcore gameplay / milsim gameplay (on the release game of course). If you're interested in, reply on this post or send me a private message; I'll give you more informations and the adress of our vocal server. Enjoy this game and i hope to see you soon !