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Found 5 results

  1. I hate the mechanic in which your character will point his weapon upwards (like hes against a wall) when close to an enemy. I generally just think its unrealistic in the fact that a scav with a pistol can come round a corner and you cant do anything because your character thinks the ceiling is more of a threat to him than the dude with the pistol in front of him. I've noticed in this patch that your character will begin to point his weapon up a lot further away from objects before.
  2. corner lean fire

    I noticed the very big gap between the cover and fire mode, I mean the gap in my monitor which normally runs on 1920x1200 there will be 1 cm gap between switching the gun and idling. The problem is not just lean to side but as well preventing to shoot between the metal bars because it will adjust to your settings. Is it possible to adjust to more accurate shooting in between the gap? I am always dying for this reason. Thank you.
  3. Can Scavs see through bushes?

    A similar question was already posted but never answered. Does AI recognize obstructions like grass, trees, shrubbery, etc.? They sometimes seem to shoot as if foliage did not appear to them.
  4. Is the ballistics model planned to incorporate shots bounced from hard surfaces? Has such a thing been considered and rejected? For reference, this ancient FBI shooting video starting from roughly 4:00, specifically for shooting under cover.
  5. Cover system

    Just curious: will EFT have some kind of cover system? (I searched the forums but could not really find anything conclusive, maybe I searched wrong places)