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Found 22 results

  1. Hey guys, I'm having some trouble getting into a game. I haven't played since last update and decided to get back into it again today. When I loaded in a game however, the game would either freeze, or CTD when loading in the map. Sometimes around 50% and other times at 75-100% I updated my graphics drivers and even reinstalled the game and the launcher. Nothing worked so far.. I have 8gb of Ram if that makes a difference. I used to play the game on ultra no problem, so it shouldn't be that. Cheers
  2. Problèmes de crash

    Bonjour à tous, Voila mon problème, je fais tourner Factory à 80 fps mais par contre le jeu crash dés mon spawn sur les trois autres maps. Ma config. : AMD Phenom II X4 945, 2048MB ATI AMD Radeon HD 6870 (XFX Pine Group) et 12gb de ram en ddr3. Je respecte la configuration minimale et pourtant le jeu ne cesse de crasher sur Custom, Woods et Shoreline. Toutes mes options graphiques sont aux minimum (d'où les 80fps sur Factory) mais à part quelques runs que j'ai pu jouer sur Woods le résultat en général est un crash au spawn. Toutes les sources que j'ai pu trouver sur internet indique que normalement le jeux doit tourner en minimum. Help... Merci d'avance pour votre aide éventuelle.
  3. Anyone else experiencing crashes when closing down the game? Never had this problem only since last dec patch. Happens every time now.
  4. Where to send crash report?

    Dear community & developers, I just had a crash whilst starting a match, there was a little window which told me to send the crash report folder to the devs. Now i have a problem, where should I send them to? I dont really want to post this log in public since i don't know what is inside, so any e-mail address where i could send them to? Or any other way? Thanks for your help mates edit: Crash folder name is like this: "todays date"-192542 Inside there are: "crash.dmp", "error.log" & "output_log.txt"
  5. I Killed

    Hey guys, i got a question. I killed a few players that didn't get to reconnect or they/me were desyncd, after the server crashed and i had to wait 15 mins to log in again. So my question is, can i get punished by this? i know i could just leave, but i came in rly stacked and didn't wanna lose my gear. (If Faolchu, doxz see this post, i'm sorry)
  6. Hallo, ich möchte aktuell meine Probleme schildern und welche Ursache das war. Meine Hardware: I3 8100, 16GB, SSD, GTX 1060 6GB Escape from Tarkov stürzte regelmäßig nach dem zweiten, oder dritten Raid ab. Entweder normaler Gamecrash oder aber der ganze Rechner machte nix mehr... ich musste immer einen komplette Neustart des Rechners durchführen. Ich dachte erst es liegt an EFT selbst... darum war die Ursachenforschung schwer. Dann habe ich mal den Leistungsmonitor offen und ab bemerkt das EFT 100% der GPU (Grafikkarte) fordert und nutzt. Dabei viel mir auch auf, dass DISCORD ebenfalls die GPU nutzt?! *WHAT* ... okay nach etwas forschen -> Einstellungen -> Erscheinungsbild -> Hardware beschleunigung Das hab ich einfach mal deaktivert... und da staunte ich nicht schlecht!!!! Seit dem keine Abstürze mehr beim Serverjoinen.... Könnt ja gern mal eure Erfahrung damit teilen. Ich bin zumindest echt happy, dass EFT jetzt stabil läuft. Und ich wollte das gern mit euch teilen, damit eventl. andere von euch, die ebenfalls Discord nutzen, das mal probieren. mfg!
  7. I played on Shoreline and got disconnected from it. I am trying to reconnect for 4th time now and it counts down with the message "Awaiting session start". Anybody experiencing came issue? And do you know how to fix it?
  8. cRASH REport

    crash.dmp error.log output_log.txt
  9. Constant Crashing

    I can't stop crashing while going into raids and even in the menus. I've crashed 9 times yesterday and more today. It's unplayable at this point. I have all of the crash reports, and I'm wondering where I can upload them to the support team.
  10. shore line

    is any one else having a problem with shore line crashes every time I try and play that map every other one works ....head scratcher for me
  11. Game crashing when launching

    My game keeps crashing when it's logging me in. It doesn't crash per se, it just freezes a few seconds into loading. When launching the game from the .exe as admin, when I enter my credentials it crashes. I have tried: Underclocking/Overclocking Restarting PC Launching as Admin Reinstalling game and launcher Updating/Downgrading drivers Trying the game on a different windows account (I haven't played in a few months decided to try the game again after the patch.)
  12. Like the title says i cannot load customs (also shoreline[havent checked in a while]). so im stuck playing only woods and factory. both run very smooth as i have a pretty good build (pc). when i attempt to start a raid for customs it gets to 100% and freezes (clock stops, everything); and im forced to ctrl+alt+delete and then i get a crash report. sucks because i cant complete my first task with prador(w.e his name is...). i have submitted requests to support but no answer for going on 3 days . crash.dmp error.log output_log.txt
  13. As stated, when I attempt to click "play" from the launcher, the game immediately gives me the "report" function, no other window opens up, stating it terminated. I've checked for updates, missing files, etc.
  14. Crash gry przy 100%

    Przy odpaleniu mapy Factory wszystko jest ładnie ślicznie, normalnie się ładuję, wchodzę, gram. Gdy chce zagrać na każdej innej mapie ładowanie dochodzi do 100% po czym crashuje, czasami zrespie się na 5-10 sekund i to samo. Ma ktoś podobny problem, jakieś porady, jak to naprawić?
  15. Hello everyone! This is my first time to post on the forums so bear with me. Starting 3 days ago, my PC turn off randomly as I press "Ready" before I loaded into a raid. I have been playing Tarkov since the beta arrived and never had this problem. I wouldn't have come here to report this if it was my own hardware, but as far as I can see its the game. I play several other games and this has never happened. I ran programs like AIDA 64 with CPU and GPU at 100% load and let it run for over 20 minutes. CPU and GPU were at normal temps and voltages. So as far as I can tell this is game related and only happens when I click "Ready". Has anyone else experience this issue with Tarkov or even other games? Help is much appreciated! CounterNova
  16. Witam, po oraz przed ostatnim update zacząłem miewać problemy z grą. Mniej więcej zarysowują się tak, iż nawet jeżeli załaduję się na mapę bez crashu podczas ładowania "loading map" (mówimy tutaj o mapie Customs) to płynność rozgrywki jest zależna od... no właśnie od czego? Raz gra działa płynnie a raz to pokaz klatek - dosłownie. Przed update miałem grę na medium ponieważ nie posiadam komputera z NASA a z drugiej strony nie jestem aż tak wymagający jeżeli chodzi o wygląd "Lubi się co się ma". Wiem, że grę wypada odpalać przez .exe bo naczytałem się już dużo pochodnych tematów. Nawet zacząłem zwalać winę na swój system i szukać w nim problemu jednak problem pojawia się tylko w Tarkovie... Tutaj pojawia się zużycie RAM, które miesiąc temu nie osiągało u mnie 90% zasobów. Wartości o których mówię to czasami nawet 7 GB z 8 na pokładzie a świeżo po otrzymaniu gry coś takiego nie występowało. Czy gra naprawdę tak mocno narzuca zmianę podzespołów czy po prostu czas ją odstawić na jakiś czas póki nie wyjdzie stabilniejsza wersja? Czy tego typu problemy są często spotykane? Są jakieś solucje albo porady poza czekaniem?
  17. My Issues

    I love this game, I bought the most expensive package, but I cant play the game? The Desync is beyond broken I dont know how it made it through, maybe you should make a test server, game crashes left and right, Upgrading packages deletes rank of your player and ALL traders, Packages promise good standings with Traders whatever that means, I didnt notice a difference between any of the packages, maybe its not in the game yet? if its not I hope to god it isnt cause a little bit of false advertisement if I aint mistaken, What annoys me the most is that when you crash at how long it takes to load back in that you spawn in dead either with your PMC or Scav, its absolutely dumb PMC not so much but having to wait an HOUR for my scav character because YOUR game crashes all the time, and its not even all the time but it does add up, I've lost about 5-10 hours alone of just scav playtime I could of had, I dont understand it, upgrading packages should keep your level, gear, cash, trading ranks etc, and you cant argue that it would get in the way of the stuff I had before, because depending on the package upgrade You sometimes double/triple your inventory space, I love this game and I want it to be a thing, but it bothers me how much I LOSE whether it be time, GREAT gear, it bothers me, please fix the stability before content cause I want to stop LOSING gear/playtime I could of gotten
  18. Load-in Crash

    Hey, so I'm having a repeating error where I load into the map but everything is loaded incorrectly (all maps). The character is floating and can only move in one direction and the weapon floats out of your hand and remains stuck in the air. In addition, it is impossible to access your inventory or to even exit the map. Task manager is the only way to exit. I have reinstalled twice and reported it numerous times to no effect. Is there anything else I can do? Thanks
  19. Crash

    Guten Tag, Ich bekomme immer wenn ich so ca. 15 min in einem Raus war diese Crash Meldung. Kann mir eventuell einer helfen? MFG LNT
  20. Launcher crash

    It appears the game has terminated with an error. Do you wish to report it? This pops up every time i press play on the launcher. I press play, wait a couple of seconds without a secondary window opening and then it apparently crashes. I tried to re-install the game + launcher and "run as administrator". Any one have a fix for this?
  21. Game crash

    Moin, bei mir tritt häufig auf das sich das spiel aufhängt beim beitritt. oft tritt es bei shoreline und woods auf. hat jemand vielleicht eine lösung parat? grüße
  22. So the full scenario, I loaded a SCAV run on Shoreline at a mid day raid. I spawned on loot island with no AI SCAV around and decided to loot the area and get out of the AO. After looting I left with 2 pain killers 1 AI-2, 1 splint, arounf 15 5.56 rounds, 10 9x18 rounds, and a hand full of 5.45 rounds. I made my way to the gas station after hearing some gun fire and found a player SCAV looting the AIs at the gas station. I followed him to the office building where he killed the remaining AI SCAV and after checking his surroundings he begain to loot the AI. Once I saw this I flanked the boathouse and came up behind him and used 3 rounds from my MP-443 that I spawned with to kill him. I loaded his t-bag into the one I spawned with, took his hat, his AKS-74U his one mag and his macarov pistol. All in I should have left that raid with a SCAV vest full of MP-443 mags, my MP-443, an AKS-74U, pockets full of painkillers an AI-2 and a splint, and a T-bag filled with another T-bag full of ammo and an AK mag. Now the problem. I made it all the way to the extract point and fully extracted. But instead of loading my SCAV to move the loot to my stash it immediately gave me an error that the game was unable to load my profile data and told me to post the incident on the forms and shut down the game. after clicking "Okay" the game just sat there with the hanging light swinging back and forth and I had to Alt-F4 to close the game. When I re-launched the game it took me to the main menu, with no chance to retrieve my loot, my SCAV was now on cooldown and couldn't re run for an hour, and my loot was no where to be found. I assume its gone to the Tarkov gods because I successfully extracted taking my loot with me so no one else can get it and neither can I.