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Found 22 results

  1. Place to get stuck (customs)

    Just noticed a place that you can get stuck at on customs, it's the south-west corner of the wall at the red building between two containers. Sorry for the bad quality of the GIF i should have used some kind of recordning software.
  2. Mappe in alta risoluzione

    Salve a tutti, ho acquistato da poco questo magnifico gioco, purtroppo come saprete per chi come me è agli inizi è molto difficile tenere a mente le varie aree del gioco, per questo ho deciso di realizzare un piccolo sito che ospita tutte le mappe (interattive) in alta risoluzione che di tanto in tanto andrò ad aggiornare con i relativi punti di spawn, zone di fuga, oggetti e tanto altro. Potete esplorare le mappe qui se volete contribuire inserendo i vari oggetti o tutto quello che reputate utile in mappa contattatemi e vi fornirò le autorizzazione per poter accedere. Spero di aver fatto cosa gradita per la community di EFT. Ciaoo
  3. Me and my squad wiped everything on customs , other players , scavs ,scav players pretty much everything moving , and still had a lot of trouble with the server , going to extraction and waiting for minutes till extract pops up , at first we taught this might be because there is a other player /scav player connected with bad internet or what not , but it was not the case since we counted the total 8 players , and killed pretty much everything moving everywhere on the map . Not even alt+f4 and reconnecting didn't always work , i think this might be the most serious issue with the game at the moment since if any scav is alive you can die and not even know it ,and really hoping it gets fixed fast All the best , keep it frosty !
  4. Customs loot map

    Hey Escapers, just wanna share a new loot map for Customs. Its still in progress. If you have any suggestions or changes due to updates etc feel free to comment Good luck
  5. This bug may already be well-known, but in case it isn't, I'm spreading the word, both to help out fellow players for the short term, and make sure the devs are alert to it in the long term. You don't need the Cabinet Key (short name "Key", has a black head) to open the locked door in the gas station in Customs. You can breach it by opening the door across the hall from it so that the open door is between you and the locked office. If done correctly, your character will fail to square himself in front of the locked door properly, turn to his right, and kick the wall by all appearances. The door will behave as if you have kicked it from the opposite side, and open out into the hallway. I discovered this quite by accident. For me, it works every single time. I stop by there in plenty of my custom raids, and typically no one bothers with it because of its dangerous location. So, late in the raid, it's a quick-and-easy loot grab, and i don't even need to spend one of my four valuable alpha container spots on a key.
  6. Hello! When my friend and I play tarkov together we are limited to Woods and Factory. Shoreline, Customs are way to laggy for him. He freezes and just cant get more than like 2fps. He used to be able to run every map flawlessly. He has a very good computer too. Do you have any idea what is causing this???
  7. Teleport Bug/Hacker?

    Hey Guys, So me and 2 premades where just trying to escape quickly customs coz I was shot in the stomach. When we hit the train bridge right in front of the gas station I got teleported to the other side of fence. I wonder if this was a known bug or maybe a hacker in our lobby? The deathscreen told me that my mate killed me, but he never shot me... VIDEO[without the sound coz we were screaming and flaming in german] Sincerely Headiii
  8. Like the title says i cannot load customs (also shoreline[havent checked in a while]). so im stuck playing only woods and factory. both run very smooth as i have a pretty good build (pc). when i attempt to start a raid for customs it gets to 100% and freezes (clock stops, everything); and im forced to ctrl+alt+delete and then i get a crash report. sucks because i cant complete my first task with prador(w.e his name is...). i have submitted requests to support but no answer for going on 3 days . crash.dmp error.log output_log.txt
  9. Hello everyone! I was wondering if some of y'all are having this problem on customs. The game upload spikes to the 14-15 range and makes customs unbearable to play! It will lag,stutter, de-sync, and even freeze sometimes. I know it can't be my PC because I have 16Gb. I will post my specs below if that will help! cpu: i7-7820x gpu: Msi gtx 1080ti ram: 16GB
  10. Shooting through fence Customs

    There is an NPC behind the main gas station, on a look out perch type thing.. seems to be behind a bullet proof chain link fence. 1 whole 5.45x39 mag, 5 shots of 12 gauge and 1 mag from a P226 and he still stood returning fire to me. Help me understand? Is there a game mechanic i'm not familar with?
  11. Bonjour les amis, Aujourdhui je vous propose un travail réalisé par @Papidelamontagn Il s' agit d un tuto pour les débutants sous forme de découverte des trajets et points importants sur la map Customs. Bon visionnage et bravo a lui pour le travail effecté. @Papidelamontagn vous invite également à visiter sa chaine twitch, dédiée aux débutants : Merci pour vos lui et pour vos retours, il s'agit d'une première vidéo.
  12. Any one else constantly losing server connection in customs ever 5 mins or so? Or is it just me?
  13. All Current maps

    Here is ALL current maps in one spot with call outs and even a Bullet to kill chart as well hope this helps everyone! the maps are constantly updated to any changes in game. If I missed anything please let me know and I will correct them. If anyone would be willing to translate them to other languages please let me know so we can work things out and we can get them out there. Here is the link for the maps.
  14. Hey guys! I just want to share our 4 men boost on customs for sniper rifle ( theres SV98 etc. always) There is always a way! So if u play with your friends try this PS. You can boost on that tower on the left also
  15. Desync on customs

    Hello fellow people of tarkov. Desync/Lag on customs, leaving to third exit (Gas station). Me and my friend is experiencing lag or desync on customs, this only happens when we get to the end of customs when we pass the short cut (factory key doors) and go behind the wall and through the bushes to the third exit (gas station). we have noticed when our game (client side) is working fine however when looking at each other we are dotting around extremely slowly. while running to the end I will shoot and my friend will hear the shots 5minutes later. we could be waiting from 5 mintues to Null as we would have gotten out after a period of standing at the end waiting to leave or we would close client to relog without leaving the game and joining back to being killed or back where we started lagging / randomly somewhere on the map (some times right at the start of where we spawned). we have gone to other exits before and this is not happened, it seems to be that area we load that makes our charaters desync, however looking at other players when we are lagging our balls off they look fine such as player scavs or other bear / USEC that hasn't gone the root we take. this desync or lag only happens to people that went the root we take and we have died a few times too this. we can't simply just go to other exit becuase some times one of us has broken legs or people are shooting around other exits and we got nice gear from kills that we want to leave with and take the closes't way out of the map/raid. I'm not 100% sure if this is the correct location to post this, I have already sent a bug report from the launcher however I want to speak to some other fellow USEC/BEAR or developers too see if this problem can be fixed. this hasn't just happened to me and my friend but others we have spoke to through global chat aswell. I am on EUR region (Uk based). I am happy to hear your replies and suggestions from anyone that is willing to find a solution or fix the problem PS: This seems to be a problem with both of us deyncing however 100% of the time my friend can wait there for 30mins+ and he will not leave, relog and be somewhere else on the map. however I am lucky and get out some how with the desync/ lag. Kind regardes Rick
  16. Hi! I have found this two identical keys. What's the difference between them? They are described in the same way. Just a signle word - "key". Would anybody explain this to me? It's a little bit confusing .-. Cheers!
  17. I met you in customs as a scav 20 minutes ago, we teamed up. We looked through dorms. I gave you my shotgun you gave me your money. please let me know.
  18. There is a sniper on customs that overviews the bridge and gas station, he always spawns on a roof inside the city. How do you kill him?
  19. Customs loading bug

    So for some reason I cannot play customs at all. When it comes to loading in it will take around 7 minutes which is ridiculous and then after map loading 100% I get a crash. (Every time) Factory load times: 10 seconds Woods load times: 30 sec max Any idea how to fix this
  20. Alone in the customs?

    Hello guys, When I am playing at the morning (EU time) usually I never encounter any players @customs. Is possible that I am alone in the lobby? Or its just a luck (in my case not a luck) that I did not encounter players? I am atm in a second game ... for like 40 minutes ... no gunfire, no players. Only AIs ( and for some reason only a few of them) Thx!
  21. Woods/Customs server time change.

    I'm pretty sure it's common knowledge that after the night sets in a majority of the players flock to factory till sunrise. Let me start off that I love the idea of nights being server wide so it's not as easily avoided. That said, since the current objective is testing the game I juat wanted to suggest possibly setting the times on woods and customs to mirror each other where it's day in one while night in the other. I enjoy factory but it seems like the game would benefit from more people playing on more then just one map for a large portion of the day. I've only encountered people cheating without a doubt when playing at night and I'm sure I'm not the only one who's sworn off of night raids for the time being. Like DayZ, the longer the game goes without an update, the more common encountering cheaters will become. I know they are there in the daytime games as well, but you're not as likely to run into them when they're are a lot of people playing as you are when there are only handfuls of players queing up for night raids. Anyways, it's just my opinion that changing the times to allow for two maps to be played without needing nvgs would keep more people online and playing so more bugs can be encountered and reported.
  22. High quality PDF Maps

    Hi there, I was wondering if there are High quality PDF's available of the maps we can find in game. We want to print them out on a huge scale for our short film, but I also want to hang them on our walls in our gaming room. It will make the broadcast look cool, and we love to dive in to a raid with the map ahead of us. Can someone help me?