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Found 13 results

  1. Not sure if everyone is getting this, but we are taking damage from a player with absolutely not shot heard, from our entire squad. As in our squad will not hear shots at all but people die and a player has killed us. usually multiple damage times then death. Utter quiet while it happens. Anyone else get this?
  2. Max HP reduced after damage

    I had an idea ( Sorry if this has already been posted or thought of ) of a system that lowers the max amount of limb health after getting damaged Example: I have 60/60 Health in my Left Arm then get shot I now have 30/60 Because of the damage. But with this system it would be 30/54 as the max limb health has been reduced as well. If i heal that limb i will get to 54/54 limb health in my left arm.
  3. What is up the the damage

    Why does the damage in this game feel so inconsistent. I just snuck up behind a bear and shot him in the back point blank with a shotgun and he turned around and two tapped me. I did 79 damage total. How is this possible? This is one of many scenarios I run into every day like this.
  4. Grenades Broken?

    So, it seems recently that either the grenades were reworked, or nerfed, or bugged because they're just pathetic now. You have to literally be squatting on top of them for them to be even remotely lethal. This blog tests them out and beyond 1 m, they couldn't land a single kill where this was fairly common and realistic in prior patches where you could score a grenade kill from some considerable distance. And you can see here in DevilDog's video, a grenade goes off in his face, in an enclosed environment where a grenade should be even deadlier, and fails to do more than disorient his character. He didn't even look like he took any damage at all. No concussive blast, no fragments, nothing beyond just the visual and audio tinnitus sounds. I hope this is just a bug that needs to be fixed, and that's my question. Does anyone know if this was a bug, or was this purposeful, meant to be some sort of feature/balancing act? Because if the later, then there are serious issues about EFT as a game.
  5. Голосовалка

    Доброго времени суток. Накипело, просто сил нет. Новая система повреждений это абсолютный БРЕД! чем вы вдохновлялись переделывая ее до этого состояния не известно. Теперь человек с пистолетом вообще может забыть об убийстве ЧВК, только ботов, и то если те не видят его. Все пистолеты теперь вообще не актуальны в игре! Т.к. Стреляешь в голову второй раз-третий-четвертый а урон расходится по всем частям тела, и оппонент остается живым! Купил 12 пистолетов Р226 и пошел тестить их в пвп. и из 8 раз, где я первый встречал врага а он меня не видел, тобишь преимущество было на моей стороне, попадал в голову два раза, противник был без шлема. и он разворачивается и убивает меня. Остальные 4 раза я перестреливался с не большой дистанции, метров 10-15 и какого было мое удивление когда враг не манся в сторону, получил от меня 1 пулю в голову ( прицельную ) и две в область шеи, ничего ! он продолжал стрелять как ни в чем не бывало. Поспрашивал в чате у людей, очень многие не довольны этой НОВОЙ системой повреждений! Пока что я, и несколько моих коллег покидаем вашу игру до лучших времен, или до большого обновления,где исправят это недоразумение.
  6. Fences and damage

    Been having a couple of problems lately and not sure whether it was a bug or desync on my part. I was in a raid, I had already killed one scav and had a bit of gear. I came up behind another scav at gas station and fired a round at his head through a chain link fence. I saw the blood spray but he didn't die. I then proceeded to keep shooting him until I had no more bullets, putting round after round into his face. He eventually died, but it wasn't me that killed him. No one was teleporting around, as they might if I had desync, so I am wondering if this is something I should report or just put down to my internet? Not sure if it was the same issue, but I fired 100s of rounds at a player with a 74U, who was up on the train tracks while I was in the gas station. Might be because of the inaccuracy of the 74, but he never died, but it might also be linked into the thing with the scav before, seeing as i've never had an issue with this kind of thing before.
  7. so my last few games in the beginning of customs i was behind a fence with a tt pistol and shot a guy with no head armor 5 times in the head through the fence and he didn't even slow down. it shows the hit animation and blood that i was indeed hitting him in the head, but there was no desync from what i could tell as he responded appropriately by killing me. this has happened numerous times causing my death.
  8. High Falling Damage

    Please.. I'm tired playing factory and seeing a person on the top floor.. Moving up the stairs to flank him only to get shot by same guy from the bottom floor cause he parkcore himself down. Falling damage don't even seem to exist. I done myself jumps from the third floor and not even taken a scratch. And people dont lose momentum when falling or as they parkcore down on all the props. It's unrealistic. Some may disegree.. I don't mind a climbing system, But if the game is suppose to be this tactical slow shooter with small moments of acceleration. Then I don't think people should do quick jumps down. I know people IRL parkcore, But doing it in full military outfits weight down by all that extra, And not rolling on landings. I get the idea but as it is now It feels more like a Glitch then part of the game. To fix this: 1. Make it so they perhaps don't die but there legs get a fracture very easy from falling. Maybe everything above 2m should put people at risk. Then they can risk it if they got the right tool but then it would at least slow them down. 2. Make a real climbing system and turn fall dmg on really high. It would make climbing an option but remove the rush zero gravity people that ignore physics. If the game aim's to be hyper realistic then maybe:
  9. Damage Calculation

    Hello everyone, I just want to ask something about the damage calculation based on the distance and type / ammunation of a gun. Today I was playing and saw an enemy approx. 30-40m away from me, standing still. ONE shot with the 9x18 mm PM SP7 out of the PM 9x18PM pistol right to the head, did not kill that particular player. After a second shot was fired to the chest, the player died (He had no helmet on). Looking at the specs of the ammunation I used, it shows, that it should've made 60 Damage, which should result in a oneshot kill, right? Do headshots in general result in a oneshot kill, regardless of the weapon/ammo ? Later that game, I needed 4 shots in the chest for a player to die with the same specs as above (he had no chest armour). That doesnt seem right to me, if SP7 does 60 damage... Is the damage of that bullet reduced after that distance explained in my first paragraph OR is the damage calculation broken Thanks in advance.
  10. First of all, I would like to point out that I am loving this game. I feel even in the state it's in, I've gotten my money's worth out of it. But we are here for testing and helping shape the game and giving feedback to devs, so here is one suggestion I have that I think would add to the realism aspect, make firefights more interesting and intense, and add even more weightiness and a feeling of tension to combat. As it currently stands, medical items, such as the AI-2, Car pack, Grizzly, ect, heal far too quickly. You can hot bind these items and heal yourself on the go as if you were Wolverine and effectively have regenerating health like in Call of Duty. There is a progress bar, but it doesn't really mean much or impact your movement or ability to fight. I think this seems very odd for a game that is built on and advertising itself as having a high level of realism in its gameplay. My suggestion, would be that when using a healing item, you would not be able to move or fire as your hands are busy actually applying the bandage, splint, meds, whatever. I think it would be appropriate to have a 30 second freeze, where you couldn't move or engage and go into a healing animation (although maybe cancelable like with searching) to remove a status effect such as bloodloss, pain, fracture, ect, and then for items such as the Grizzly that actually restore health, it you would be in this healing state for one second per point restored. So, as the game stands right now, you get in a fight, get shot up a little, and you just spam 4 to heal up or quickly open tab and drag the Grizzly and in seconds your shot up body is restored to full health without much issue. Gunfights don't mean as much when just ducking behind cover and spamming a button will fix a lot of damage. If such a system as I've suggested were implemented, you'd take damage, and then you would have to limp on over and find a safe place to actually have the time to patch yourself up. If you'd been knocked down to say 200 health overall, and you've got bloodloss and fracture on your leg, it'll be 30 seconds to apply the meds to fix the blood loss, 30 seconds to splint or fix the fracture, and 235 seconds to fully restore the lost health with an item. I think that would be a first step. I also think possibly that some health should be permanently lost, where say you could only heal half of what you take for example. So if you get shot and get hit to 235 health, you could only heal back 100 of that 200 you lost, so you now would max out at 335 no matter what. If you were knocked down on deaths door and survived with only 35 health, you could only heal up to 235. Only way to fully restore health would be to extract and fix inbetween raids (and I know part of this might already be in the works for having to heal between raids but not sure for the other parts.) Anyway, those would be some suggestions I think to have a more realistic health/damage and medical system in the game. It should actually take time to set that bone or bandage that gunshot wound. Right now it feels like you have regenerating health as long as you remember to bind meds to the 4 key.
  11. Damage icons

    I can't find anything on what the icons, on the damage interface, mean. I bandage, splint, medkit, vas, everything. Nothing seems to work. Is it possible to restore yourself back to battle ready or just enough to slug along to the exit?
  12. I saw from alpha stream that the damage that I've expect will be much more realistic, but it is not quite the same. I don't even want to show where it was, I guess you all should know about that. I came with question: Nothing will change in that matter?
  13. Detailed hitbox and not lethal body zones

    I I know that i might posted somethig like this already but I want to ask how damage will work here? Will be that non realistic damage,like shooting someone in the limbs will kill them, or will be very realystical with nearly instantly death,e.g. hearth and head,not instantly lethal,e.g. lungs,other internal organs,neck,maybe uper part of the leg with certain probability(in this cases the cracter will die,but after couple of time, being maybe able to shoot back),and nonlethal,e.g. foot,arm,hand(sure wiil give side efects from hemoragy to all sorts of les deadly effects). Maybe not that complicated how Imentioned,but in a game realistically af EFT this is a must have,I'm more than sure that if you shoot someone in the foot more times,it won't die. Also caracters should reactt differently in face of pain,being shoot or traumas,e.g. a new player will be more affected by being shoot first time,than a old "hardened" player that will react less in face on pain. Also a player being shoot in the bulletproof vest, with any type of gun should react in some sort,there is a lot of kinetic energy in that round,especially a shotgun gauge,and sometimes the plate in the vest can injure the one who wears it quite bad,i can imagine someone being soot first time woul react in some sort,than a battle hardened soldier,that is prepared to take the shoot(e.g. russian Spetsnaz,who are trained to be nearly inhuman in front of pain and panic).