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Found 27 results

  1. the update is awesome but desync is still insane and in every match. reading the patch notes saying that some of the desync bugs were fixed, i went back into this hoping for the best and a mission to complete but ended up shooting a guy 22 times (checked my mag) with my m4 only for him to lag around and me suddenly die with no sound. thought ok maybe he was a hacker. so i loaded in again with full gear, ran a corner shot a guy who had no armor 10 times in the chest, he turns and aims at me with a shotgun, i get back behind cover and start taking damage from the shotgun as the rounds and sound start registering and die. 400k+ in gear down the drain. i would like to be able to see my ping, know what server im connecting to, or have some indication that this is happening. cause i want to play this game but iv been practically forced into stopping playing this game because i can never extract as if i dont die to players its the desync. please im begging you fix this i want to love this game!
  2. I was so excited about new patch. I thought this patch will solve some desync problems... But I just got into game and played with nice hope and I was so disappointed about latency, desync... whatever it called I met a scav player like me and I was toasted. I realized it after 2 freakin minutes later. I was dead in a room no one else with several gunfire sound. Pity me. And all who those suffer desync.
  3. lag o desync

    ciao ragazzi, mi era già successo, qualche caso isolato di desync e lag da parte mia, ergo morte da non si sa dove perchè il mio personaggio in realtà era chissà dove. stamani 8 partite semplici su factory, otto volte morto per lag, accettavo, anche 10 15 volte ma nulla, poi dopo un poco morte a caso. 8 volte di fila. la connessione è ok. qualcuno sa qualcosa? avevo letto di questo problema ma credevo fosse isolato a qualche partita. non ad 8 di fila.

    Whenever I try to play an online match, I can have no desync for a max of 10 seconds. Then it goes to poo. I can run into 5 Scav's as a PMC and they won't kill me. I can try to kill a player, but no cigar. I then have to disconnect and get the early disconnect title or whatever it's called on my account which I do not appreciate. Offline mode with AI is the only thing that I can actually kill people. However, that game-mode is merely for practice I do not receive the loot when I extract. I paid nearly $100 to play this game, didn't get Alpha access, but now I can play it. WRONG. Like I said the only thing I can play is the Offline mode which is mainly for finding Scav areas, finding loot crates for online matches, and finding extraction points. I have convinced two of my friends to get this game. I warned them about the desync and now they are having second thoughts. I only have one friend to play with and he runs the game just fine, no desync at all. Servers went down last night, I couldn't even try to play online. Either add looting and farming back into offline mode or lose players that paid their hard earned money to play this game. I also have another problem. I used to live in the U.S before I moved to the UK (Europe). When I finally got closed beta access, I couldn't play because my region was "invalid" I actually had to pay an extra $10 to change my region. Which tells me the company is basically begging for money at this point. I know that Battlestate games put years of hard work into this game. They knew money at some point would be some kind of problem, but I honestly don't think to have people pay an extra $10 is a good thing. Please fix the desync. Or add looting and farming back into offline. Sincerely, VietCasJun
  5. Hallo EFTler Ich Spiele sehr aktive EFT und auch sehr gerne aber 99% meines Gear verliere ich durch Desync , nun meine Fragen. Wie kommt es dazu ? ist es ein Problem von mir ? mein Internet zu schlecht ? kann man es Triggern und auslösen ? Ich spiele fast nur 90% Customs und jedes mal wirklich immer ,wenn ich die Wand (zum Fabrikgelände) überquere oder durch das Loch gehe ( die 2 am ende der Straßen sperre) oder den Key nehme, falle ich sofort in ein Desync ... ist echt toll wenn man die Map cleart und ständig an den punkten sein Gear verliert obwohl man im Exit steht... ich höffe das mein Inventar und verschiebe ein Item ... nice Es blinkt ... also bin ich Desyncron .... wo wird das durch hervorgerufen ?
  6. Escape from Desync

    Momentan einfach unspielbar! Bin als Käufer der ``Edge of darkness`` Edition so langam echt angepisst das die das trotz der extrem überzogenen Preise nicht hin bekommen mal gescheite Server zu Miete. Einfach nur mieserabel was die Jungs da abliefern in jedem 2ten Raid hat man min 5-10 Sekunden Desync und verliert dann wieder alles durch solch einen Müll. Wenn ich hierfür Verwarnungpunkte bekomme dann tick ich komplett aus einfach lächerlich ! was hier im Forum so abgezogen wird jeder der was dazu sagt das das Game scheiße läuft wird verwarnt. Kümmert euch lieber darum das es sauber läuft und verwarnt nicht 8 Stundem am Tag Leute im Forum und nennt es am Spiel arbeiten......
  7. ** VIDEO BELOW Hey there, Due to alot of people complaining (rightfully so) about crazy desyncs, and our squad having desyncs almost every customs run. (70% or more) We decided to try and reproduce a desync (either player or server wide), we ended up with serverwide desync. Our intention is not to do 100+ test runs to give you a statistics, we play this for fun, that would become work. Nontheless we are hoping to shine some light on the issue and mostly making this known to the devs as best as we can. * Majority of the desync started for us after we started opening and specially CLOSING the shortcut (factory key door) on customs. * My personal desync mostly always happens when I close a door (server keeps going) * I've read about other peoples expierence with desync combined with closing doors. So we figured it must have something to do with doors and in our case combined with the custom shortcut would be easiest to test.(since we basicly always get desync after passing the shortcut. And it did! How to (rather how NOT to) desync note : Quite often we are stuck waiting for desync to pass (crying in a corner), no clue how long it takes but often we've been waiting 10-20 min. The following is all regarding CUSTOMS SHORTCUT (just infront of gas station) * Closing doors behind us (same person both doors) causes the server to first slightly lag quickly building up to major desync (this IS server wide! ) This might take 30-60 seconds AFTER closing the doors. * After some testing (and patience) we noticed when the big desync hits, it wont go away unless the one who closed the doors restarts and relogs. directly at the point the door closer quits the game the game becomes playable for the others. (doesnt matter who closes the door). * When the door closer reconnects his body teleports away and ALWAYS ends up infront of the shortcut (even though every single time we passed it by atleast 20-50 meters ) For us this was a hint towards a issue with closing the door. because nobody else will spawn there when they reconnect, only the one who closed the door! * Leaving the doors open after unlocking them causes no desync I thank Cavedave,Fenrir and Zay for helping me testing.(video from zay <3 ,dont mind the audio) *** The video shows how we just passed shortcut , cavedave closing doors. desync starts (very slightly ) straight away, building up to complete unplayable. Until Cavedave quits the game, that second all desync issues are gone! This has been reproduced multiple times, not always ends up endless desync, sometimes the server stays playable but lag is noticeable. You see Zay switching items in his inventory this is how we test if the server is desyncing.
  8. So, the desync as of late has been absolutely horrendous, its been so bad that every server for the past 4 games now have gotten me messed up because of the fact the AI shoot you and you can't do nothing to save yourself, now, I went to use the underground Evac on Factory, was lagging hard, the server desync was pathetic, now I am trapped and can't get out thanks to a broken leg that wasn't there before! Seriously, the servers best be fixed come the update, its not fun dying to desync or getting trapped because the servers decided to play dumb! Anyone else ever got trapped here due to Desync??
  9. I can usually deal with the normal desync, that lasts a few seconds and everything is delayed a few seconds, but on this last run i walked all the way to the checkpoint on customs with an amazing kit of picked up loot, hunting rifle sks, body armor, and more, when i get to the checkpoint obviously i wasnt extracting but usually if you just wait there for a little bit and the desync finally resyncs (lol) then you will be at the extraction screen. All of a sudden both my legs are completely obliterated, i'm taking severe bleeding damage from my whole body, i put on a CAR kit to take care of the bleeding (to be clear, the wounds showed as being patched up, and my other body parts were no longer depleting blood at this point), i figure it was desync damage from someone else. I think to myself okay well now i just have to wait for the extraction, next second I fall to the ground dead. What the hell was that? that is not normal desync that i have experienced in any other scenarios (ive experienced a lot of desync as i'm sure you all have throughout this beta) Was that a hacker? i'm genuinely asking because like i said i've never experienced something like that even desync related EDIT: now when i get back to the character screen, it's like something is really messed up because all my vital levels are at the exact same level they were when i dropped dead, and it's overlaying on top of other numbers wtff lol
  10. Server Status

    Hello Everyone, Not trying to throw sand or anything but Server connections have been a major issue since the Beta started. The only message i was able to find on the forums was that it was server related and it required more servers to be deployed but those servers would be added by case by case scenarios. Currently each wave seemed to cause server issues and now the the waves are done the server issues seem to be worse than ever starting yesterday 8/30. What is worse? Well in this case i dont mean any errors as you try to join a match but rather that I get into a match and its just unplayable. Scavs are spawning on top of each other where you are apparently already dead but it can take up to 20 min for it to actually register. Of course as a PMC these delays cause such high risk for loss I dont even want to go in with gear but for the matches i go hatchet I see people getting stuck in place, unable to loot bodies, dont even see the scav spawns, and die after prolonged time of me wondering aimlessly. I guess what I am really looking for is an explanation as to what is the cause of the problem and is there work being done to correct it rather than just throw more hardware at it. If hardware is the only solution I worry that this game wont be able to sustain itself. Hope to hear a response, Shrineking
  11. Ive noticed that around 6am-7am GMT every single raid i get into, are completely unplayable due to lag and desync. This same lag and desync happens occasionally in other times as well, but during the early morning hours it is 100% allways waste of time to even try to play, same thing happens every day. (i play factory in the morning, so i dont know if this affects other maps than factory or not) Why does this problem mainly occur in the morning? I understand that this is closed beta and stuff like desync and other major game breaking might occur, but this seems like a very very big issue compared to any other issues in the game atm. When this happens i can see players move very slowly, without running animation or any other animation, if you shoot at anyone, you will see blood on their head/clothes but you do no damage, and can keep shooting someone forever without them dying. Sometimes the enemy can still kill you normally, even if you cant kill them.
  12. Good day Everyone, So i like to play Factory but in the last 6 runs i experienced a lots of Desync to the point i could not even extract or shoot, so basically its unplayable, do you know why ? and if it will get "fixed", i mean i do get the part that this is beta its not finished and i dont want to say that is a bad game or something its infact Quite the opposite, but it just kinda kills the fun if you go in to the runs and cant do anything.
  13. Games Great Desync Blows

    How do you guys cope with desync? Kills my will to play when its 90% of my deaths
  14. Any word on when/if we're getting local servers for Australians. Currently the latency combined with horrible desync (loot windows appearing 1 minute after we've actually looted - no exaggeration), dying to people we cannot see or shooting/melee'ing someone 41 times and dealing no damage. It's unplayable at the moment.
  15. Hi Devs, A suggestion on my side would be to check the amount of bandwidth the clients and servers have to accommodate. From my side I noticed that while running on a limited ADSL line, it chugs every single bit of my bandwidth. Causing 40 - 60 second lags (Desync (Its not actually desync, its just an insane amount of latency)) The amount it uses is way more than any game has yet to require. Its a possibility that somewhere the data leaks or that the servers try to request too many data transfers from clients. Let me know what you think. Great job so far nonetheless. Cheers, Flake.
  16. The Desync is Killing the game

    I'm getting to the point now where i wont be playing for much longer the desync is so bad. It's the reason why we have so many axe looters and shoot on sight players, you want to shoot first because if you wait that slight second you may be dead from the desync. I've come to axe looting as a standard because i die to desync so often. When are we going to see some real nextcode improvement and some oceanic servers for all of us people on the lower hemisphere?? There's lots of talk on the servers and people link different threads here and there but i've been surfing this forum since January and havn't seen a single post from the devs actually stating that it's happening or in the works. Mean while the 5-10 people in my clan that were waiting to see what happened once beta came out to buy the game are now second guessing due to all the bad press and videos from people from down under and similar areas. Crying out for some answers here before i hang my boots up for a couple of months till i try again. Fix the desync and get some oceanic servers already. At lease make it a priority. Vented.
  17. Work on fixing the desync

    OK, this is my first post on the forums but the desync in this game (especially in the Customs map) is terrible. Devs, please, stop whatever you're working on and fix this issue. Your game is unplayable at this moment and it ruins the experience. You're going to kill your playerbase unless this issue is fixed.
  18. Desync on customs

    Hello fellow people of tarkov. Desync/Lag on customs, leaving to third exit (Gas station). Me and my friend is experiencing lag or desync on customs, this only happens when we get to the end of customs when we pass the short cut (factory key doors) and go behind the wall and through the bushes to the third exit (gas station). we have noticed when our game (client side) is working fine however when looking at each other we are dotting around extremely slowly. while running to the end I will shoot and my friend will hear the shots 5minutes later. we could be waiting from 5 mintues to Null as we would have gotten out after a period of standing at the end waiting to leave or we would close client to relog without leaving the game and joining back to being killed or back where we started lagging / randomly somewhere on the map (some times right at the start of where we spawned). we have gone to other exits before and this is not happened, it seems to be that area we load that makes our charaters desync, however looking at other players when we are lagging our balls off they look fine such as player scavs or other bear / USEC that hasn't gone the root we take. this desync or lag only happens to people that went the root we take and we have died a few times too this. we can't simply just go to other exit becuase some times one of us has broken legs or people are shooting around other exits and we got nice gear from kills that we want to leave with and take the closes't way out of the map/raid. I'm not 100% sure if this is the correct location to post this, I have already sent a bug report from the launcher however I want to speak to some other fellow USEC/BEAR or developers too see if this problem can be fixed. this hasn't just happened to me and my friend but others we have spoke to through global chat aswell. I am on EUR region (Uk based). I am happy to hear your replies and suggestions from anyone that is willing to find a solution or fix the problem PS: This seems to be a problem with both of us deyncing however 100% of the time my friend can wait there for 30mins+ and he will not leave, relog and be somewhere else on the map. however I am lucky and get out some how with the desync/ lag. Kind regardes Rick
  19. Server Desync

    We are experiencing a lot of heavy server desync, at some time of the day it make the game completly unplayable for hours, no matter where we play from (im from EU but my US friends got the same exact problem in the same time). Factory is the most heavily impacted, with hours where u cant have a single game synchronized (that mean u die from nowhere if ur lucky, otherwise you cant loot anything and you can't even reach the exit because the exit is also desync). This is a GAMEBREAKING recurrent bug that has to be prioritize over anything else ..otherwise this great game will see his reputation completly destroyed by these reccurent desync problems.
  20. So, this issue seems to be quite a bit of a piss-take for me anyway, when I joined as a PMC with a MR-133 shotgun and ammo on Shoreline, I spawned and tried to run around, that was all fine, I noticed though that whenever I tried moving loot into my inventory or anything around, it kept flashing, so I checked the CMD Console and those updates kept spamming every second, clearly this is the source for the lag on either a Client Side or maybe the overflow of missing instances are flooding the network? Has anyone else seen this before? I even recorded the [Exception] errors to show how frequent they are! Full reference lines: [Exception] : NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object EFT.ObservedPlayer. )Boolean ) EFT.Player. () EFT.ObservedPlayer.LateUpdate () Those lines above are the most common ones that pop up!
  21. General Server Issues

    Can anyone actually tell me when the server performance is going to be smooth ? its almost impossible to play the game in the evening. I have a full time job and can only play in the evening would be great if you guys could fix this asap. Even if i can join a match i can´t kill anyone cause of the extrem 5-10 sec. server desync. Beside that issues the game is great so far!!
  22. Wurde überhaupt mal das Thema Serverprobleme, selber von den Entwickler angesprochen? Es ist ja nichts neues, dass sie zu WENIG und zu SCHLECHTE Server haben. Aber seit der Beta ist es ja noch extremst schlimmer geworden. Auch mit dem Fehler 605. Und den ganzen Freischaltungswellen. Echt zum kotzen seit der letzten Woche. Was mir auch noch aufgefallen ist, dass wenn ein Bot nachspawnt, weiss er instant deine Position. Aber mindestens haben sie's nach einer Woche geschafft die SCAVS zu nerfen. Wäre doch mal nett, wenn die Entwickler es schaffen würden (wie jedes Entwicklerteam eines Spiels) Rücksprache mit der Community zu führen. Das happert ja extremst, und inkl. mal wirklich uns, also die Community, zufragen was wir wollen. Kam ja auch nie Content wo wirklich Bombe war. Ausser die Map aber nicht mal die ist fertig. Das Hideout ist ja schon sehr weit anscheinend, aber das braucht keiner vorläufig. Da stehen viel wichtigere Prioritäten an wie z.B dass das Spiel wieder spielbar wird mit den ganzen bestehenden Problemen. Oder spielbarer wie's manche sagen würden. Eure Meinung dazu?
  23. Hey, guys!!! I was playing EFT earlier and decided to see if going as a scav in online mode might fix the desync a little bit. I was correct. I did not receive any desync and was able to fetch some juicy loot for my player's inventory. I don't know if it's the amount of loot that you take in that fixes it or just going as a scav in general, but I know we are much closer to fixing it since last Friday
  24. Offline mode buff idea. Desync

    Ok, first off. The desync in this game is terrible. I know some people may not have it at all. But I guarantee you most people do. I cannot join online unless I wanna be stuck in that game for the rest of my life. I cannot be killed, nor can I kill. I could definitely run into a group of players or scavs and they will not kill me. I hate this even more because whenever I try to loot something such as a jacket or a bag, the items just start blinking and whenever I try to open a green crate, the inventory associated with it doesn't even appear which I find really annoying. In conclusion of that paragraph, Most people cannot bring loot back from online raids because of this desync. Forcing players to leave the game early since nobody will kill them which gives players a certain title that shouldn't really be there. Secondly. If players are basically forced to play in offline mode it is really unfair. Players can kill scavs and get their weapons, loot, etcetera but they cannot extract with that loot which I find to be quite stupid. I know farming in offline mode is just way too OP. But I do have an idea to fix this Overpowerdness. A player could have an offline character. Which they could use for Offline raids only. They can convert their earnings to their actual character if needed, but it would cost money. For instance. Any weapon ranges from 200 rubles to 50000 rubles to convert Any armor or backpacks cost from 1000 to 5000 rubles Misc items cost anywhere from 100 to 1000 rubles Keys cost anywhere from 500 to 30000 to convert depending on how rare they are. Anyway, those are my ideas for this offline mode buff. I know the Battlestate team is occupied enough as it is, trying to get more people into the closed beta. I have two solutions for this desync caused by the massive amounts of new players. 1. Send the invites out every Wednesday for the remaining ones left. 2. Stop sending the invites for short amount of time so the team can fix the desync quickly and come back to invite more players and repeat if needed. I know both of them would be really unfair to people who have been waiting for the beta for quite some time. But these are the only fixes I know could work. Thank you for reading this Please do reply your own opinions
  25. Olá operadores Se vocês estão tendo problemas de conectividade e servidores indisponíveis, acessem essa enquente e participem. Com isso os desenvolvedores terão melhor ideia de como os problemas estão atingindo nossa experiência de jogo. A primeira pergunta diz o seguinte: "Nas últimas duas horas, você teve o erro 605: Servidores Indisponíveis?" A segunda pergunta: "Se sim, em qual modo de jogo?" Solo como USEC/BEAR Grupo como USEC/BEAR Solo como Scav Grupo como Scav A terceira pergunta: "Se sim, em qual mapa?"