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Found 59 results

  1. Fix the Servers First

    Guys before you do anything else PLs pls PLSSS fix the servers. all the content in the world could not make up for server issue.

    Dear developers. I know you are a small company but there is a big problem with this game right now. Lags and desync are so popular here that it already became meme and you know guys that memes are pretty popular in these times so please guys try to fix servers not temporary by adding a few more as a last time, because it doesn´t even had a impact on game (at least I did not noticed it at all) but fix it permanently which would result in 80 % (maybe even more) of bugs would disappeared, scavs would be much more normal and also people would not lost their poo if they were playing a game (like really I am a 70% of a time killed because of a desync, bug caused by desync, or a scav which shot me through big concrete walls or even shot randomly even with a ducking shotguns...). I know guys that you habe lot to do there is a lot of things to polish new maps to do even balance things but I am just begging you please FIX THE SERVERS FIRST change your priorities please don´t add us new gear or ducking hideout who cares ... Just fix the thing which is with us so long that we even can´t imagine playing without it. Game would be much more enjoyable for us because lags and desync now a days are even much worse then used to be in alpha for etc. (I know that it´s because of amount of people which increased rapidly) but still it needs to be fixed as soon as possible to not bury this amazing game. I can´t imagine how unplayable would game be when open BETA would start or when open world would be released. Please make it happen guys because right now it most of the time unplayable. Your loyal but sometimes pissed fan Geralt.
  3. I can’t play but I want to

    I can’t play the game as it’s supposed to be. I can only log into woods and factory and even then the desync is unreal. When there is a PMC is the instance with me, it’s choppy and extremely laggy. While in customs, when a player shoots me, nothing happens except I just freeze, fall and die. I don’t even know what’s going on at that point. Even on woods, the PMC tends to teleport short distances all the while I’m getting drenched in bullets. I love this game. But it’s to a point of frustration that wasn’t intended by the devs that I’m dealing with here. Im playing with 8 gb of ram and I know that’s whats bottlenecking me here but honestly 8 should be enough (even the recommended game settings say 8 gigs). What can be done to smooth out the game?
  4. So me and 2 buddies were on Shoreline walking from the pumping station to the big....medical....building? And all of sudden all 3 of us were killed. Not all at once, but inside of about 1.5 seconds, without a sound at all. It wasn't a grenade because our screens didn't blur and it wasn't a scav because it was a player that killed us (the same guy killed all 3 of us). We also didn't take any damage before we died, just immediate death. I'm guessing it was probably desync or lag, or it could have been a really good player who knows. O well, tis the risk when playing early access/beta games. Anyone else recently get killed by godmode players? lol
  5. Sooo this happened for to mate today. Was he hacking, or desyncing? Looks like hack to me >>>> <<<<
  6. Can we get more of a technical insight on how you plan to have the open world functionally stable? like how will you deal with lag on medium to low-grade computer users? loading times on customs/woods/shoreline are slow for me and a couple of my friends, how do you plan to fix this?
  7. I Killed

    Hey guys, i got a question. I killed a few players that didn't get to reconnect or they/me were desyncd, after the server crashed and i had to wait 15 mins to log in again. So my question is, can i get punished by this? i know i could just leave, but i came in rly stacked and didn't wanna lose my gear. (If Faolchu, doxz see this post, i'm sorry)
  8. I played on Shoreline and got disconnected from it. I am trying to reconnect for 4th time now and it counts down with the message "Awaiting session start". Anybody experiencing came issue? And do you know how to fix it?
  9. Desync suggestion

    If desync happens everyone in the Raid Session should get a Pause screen.
  10. I'm not looking to report anyone, just curious what you guys think about this. Bearing in mind I was alive for 11 seconds and seemingly shot through the walls/doors. Please ignore me and my friend talking gibberish at the start. Video in Question
  11. Heyho ich habe seid mehreren wochen das problem das ich in fast jedem raid disconnecten muss.. weil meine Pakets In auf 0 sinken.. nichts bewegt sich mehr, und ich kann auch nichtmehr looten.. weis da vllt jemand nen ratschlag wie man das am besten und am schnellsten beheben kann? hab bis zu windows update alle treiber updaten und neuinstallation probiert... auch im router hab ich schon so einiges ausprobiert.. und der support fragte mich bisher nur ob ich eine Ipv4 oder eine Ipv6 adresse besitze..
  12. Desync

    Hallo Liebe Community, ich bräuchte dringend Hilfe. Bekomme andauernd Desyncs, Ich Liebe dieses Spiel und weiß echt nicht mehr weiter. Vieler meiner Freunde haben auch deswegen aufgehört. Ich habe einen guten Rechner und eine gute Internet Leitung. Habe auch schon alles mögliche Probiert wie z.B: Antivir ausgemacht, Internet Leitung von 15 MB/s auf 5 Mb/s runtergedrosselt, hat aber alles nicht geholfen. Ich wäre für jeden Tipp und für jede Hilfe sehr dankbar. Viele Grüße
  13. Desync still happens in Korea.

    I am not sure that Dev recognize desync in Korea server. Korean escapers are still suffering from this kind of devil. Your attention on Korea server will be deeply appreciated!
  14. Desync!

    Desync is still a hard problem in eft ... I thought this got fixed ?! lost so many times today due to desync -.- Give me my guns back ...
  15. Heute 3x mal passiert das mir das Spiel mitten in der Runde abschmiert und der Bildschirm einfach schwarz wird und ich dann wieder im Hauptmenü lande. Ausrüstung ist weg und ich bekomme auch keine Erfahrungspunkte. Was dafür sprechen würde das ich aufgrund eines Desyncs erschoßen wurde. Allerdings spricht die Tatsache, das mein Salewa (trotz benutzung) immer noch bei 346/440 steht, das irgendwas mit dem Game nicht stimmt.
  16. Nabend zusammen, hab seit dem letzten Update das Problem das ich jede Runde wo ich starte einen Desync bekomme. Nicht so wie früher immer mal wieder vereinzelt, was ja noch okay wäre. Jede! Runde früher oder später, ich geh zb auf Factory und habe direkt einen Desync (Spiele eigefrohren und nichts geht mehr) In ner anderen Runde passiert dies erst nach geringer Zeit.. kann nur in einzelfällen mal wirklich einen Raid spielen PC: AMD RYZEN 7 1700 - MSI 1080 - 200mbit -Spiel ist auf meiner SSD -schon komplett neu installiert -Server Pingtest dgft - immer der selbe Wert Ping wird ausgeführt für [] mit 32 Bytes Daten: Antwort von Bytes=32 Zeit=53ms TTL=51 Antwort von Bytes=32 Zeit=55ms TTL=51 Antwort von Bytes=32 Zeit=52ms TTL=51 Antwort von Bytes=32 Zeit=53ms TTL=51 Ping-Statistik für Pakete: Gesendet = 4, Empfangen = 4, Verloren = 0 (0% Verlust), Ca. Zeitangaben in Millisek.: Minimum = 52ms, Maximum = 55ms, Mittelwert = 53ms Die Server sollten ja eigentlich momentan nicht mehr das Problem sein? Woran kann das denn noch liegen? Kann es sein das meine Fritzbox zu den Problemen führt? Diese ist noch nicht so lang dran, aber schon bevor das Problem so schlimm war. Bin für jede Hilfe dankbar! Gruß Andy
  17. Desync

    PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD FIX THE DESYNC. Spawned in as a hatchling. Found a Scav. Chopped said Scav in the face 7 times in the back before he shoots in front of himself hitting me twice, THEN falls over dead. I loot his gun, vest, backpack after 3 minutes of trying to drag it to my player. Start running for extraction just to see what happens. Run into a player laying down looting a body. Shoot said player 6 times. Said player shoots once, misses then lays down to heal. I rush said player with hatchet. Run up behind him, my ball sack in his mouth, chopped him 8 TIMES POINT BLANK LAYING DOWN. Player shoots his shotgun misses, gets up to run and all of my hatchets register at the exact same time he falls over dead. Loot players Veper and run for extraction, I see a player spot me and book it to extract. LAYING DOWN IN EXTRACTION player comes around the corner with a pistol. I shot him twice in the head died instantly. Desync is over and I get out right? NOPE! The extraction counter resets. I hear more footsteps another player is rushing me. BEFORE he enters the building to even shoot at me the TEN SECOND extract timer has finished but I have not extracted yet. A solid 6-10 seconds goes by AFTER I SHOULD HAVE ALREADY EXTRACTED Player peaks his head. I shot him SIX TIMES within 5 meters WITH A VEPER, Player shoots one bullet kills me instantly. Mind you, NONE of these players had armor or helmets. This hasn't happened to me once, or twice... it has happened several times since I have bought the game. My squad and I have been wiped fully kitted due to desync. It's one thing to die on your own terms or because YOU as a player aren't as good as somebody else. But to die and loose the things you've slain/bought/sold/stolen/worked for due to a game development issue is, in my opinion, A COMPLETE AND UTTER WASTE OF MY TIME. There is no reason I as a player should have to predict 10-15 seconds of desync in order to survive. This game is everything I've been waiting for as a player. when the game runs well I have the time of my life, getting massive loot or loosing massive loot, the experience is INCREDIBLE and I cannot wait to see what the future holds for this game. 10/10 BUT FIX YOUR DAMN DESYNC ISSUE OR THIS GAME WILL FAIL AND TANK LIKE EVERY OTHER GAME BEFORE IT. IT'S 2017 HOW THE FLYING DO WE STILL HAVE DESYNC ISSUES IN OUR VIDEO GAMES?!?! Please Please PLEASE fix your servers.. Don't be another Ubisoft with amazing ideas but bad servers. I love you all and this game. FIX YOUR DESYNC <3 I will return to this thread with video evidence and other proof that this is the ONE thing holding this game back.
  18. desync desync desync

    For the love of the god please, pleaseeeee do somethıng about thıs , you may not be aware of thıs but that desync ıs kıllıng thıs game everyday someone else quıt playıng just because of thıs desync. do you have a grudge agaınst eu players ? cuz us and rus players seems to play fıne , ı know ıts beta and we cannot do anythıng about ıt but we wıll see ıt after next update , just let me tell you ıf thıs desync keeps ruınıng thıs game blowback wıll be huge for you.
  19. Hi and thanks for taking the time to read this. I love the game but i am having Desync issues and cant really get a full good game in without being slaughtered. A thought just occured to me a few minutes ago and I thought what could it hurt to ask. A lot of people are having the same issues with Desync whether its server based or our own connections and in some cases both. We all know that you guys are aware of the problem and that you are diligently working to fix the issues but I have to ask.... IS there anything that the players can do from their end to help with the desync? Something like a certain setting or maybe some console commands that we can use to help us minimize our issues? At this point Im willing to try ANYTHING to clear the game play up. I rarely even make it through an entire raid without being killed and looted mostly from enemies I had no idea was around because of the desync. Its almost like being killed by the invisible man. No footsteps, no rifle crack.... no nothing. Anyways if there is something we can do on our end please share with us so we can enjoy the game even more. Thanks.
  20. DESYNC

  21. Nie da sie grac w EFT

    Gram w EFT of poczatku CBT, Posiadam 48 poziom na obecny czas, co zauwazylem przez ostatnie miesiace, Nie da sie w to Grac na ten moment. Co chwile giniesz od swoich Granatów przezucanych na 200 metrow, a czasami nawet wybucha ci on w reku, bez dzwieku. Ciagle lagi/desynci ktore trwaja nawet pona 2 minuty ! nie trudno zginac w ten sposob. Gram w Clanie z chlopakami co maja wiekszy staz odemnie, niestety oni tez sa sfrustrowani i wkur.... ta cala sytuacja, desynci naprawiaja ponad rok czasu ! To jest paranoja.
  22. DESYNC Forever?

    I havent seen really any change to the desync problems with this game, if you cant get it fixed in alpha or beta is the game just going to release and fall on its face like so many other modern titles like Rainbow Six Siege? Ive been stabbed more than 10ft away and insta killed more times than i can count. I just want to know if there are real efforts being made to fix it.
  23. Please can we have ping and packet loss related console command added to the next build? "net_stats 1" or something I mean ping and packet loss, these values mean something. I can see that you added net out, packets out and packets in to fps 1 command, but it does not mean anything to any player. If I can see that I have ping 800 and PL 30% I know something is wrong, If I can see that I have ping 20 and 0% Packet Loss I know I am OK. I have no FPS or memory leak issues, I just get teleporting players sometimes. It is very rare, but yesterday around 22:00 even AI scavs were teleporting around the shoreline, it is the first time I have seen AI lagged to oblivion. Loosing 50k of gear in a fair fight is ok, but being hatcheted by someone that travels in warp speed bunny hops is annoying. All we want is an indicator, please.
  24. Hello everyone, I was doing a run with my duo partner orcslayer61. We were on the Shoreline (~6am/morning server) and we hopped over a fence by the Gas Station. The moment I landed, my stomach was shot while my character didn't react audibly to the damage. I checked my health and saw that my stomach was at 12/60 HP and bleeding. I had asked my friend what happened, and he suddenly dropped dead from the same issue. We didn't hear any gunshots, didn't see anyone and our characters didn't react to the damage. I was wondering if there was any server related issue that didn't show up on our client side or if anyone else ran into the same issue. On our death screens, we were both killed by unknown346. Thanks for anyone who read or replied.
  25. AI/Scav's OP again.

    So I'm sort of not sure about this patch. Was wondering if they did any graphical upgrades because I am now getting fps drops, even while playing on low settings. There is ALOT of lag and desync. I found that scavs desync then one tap people. Dont know what they did but the game is not running smoothly perhaps its just that the servers are constantly overloaded, but the dev's should expect alot of incoming playings and adapt to this. It's very stange every player/ai I confront desyncs for that half a second and completely screws up my concentration. then the ai/player suddenly onetaps me... I hope very much that they fix this or atleast maintain it. The scavs themselves are cool. I like how they con now hunt you down. Give you a bit of a run for your money. I just don't like the fact at all that they can 'lock on' to a certain part of your body and be able to one tap you through a door panel.