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Found 11 results

  1. Update notes ETC

    Pretty new to the forums... so what i was wondering i do understand there is alot of russian but is there a way i can read the update notes or is there anywhere on the forums or Launcher that i can see the change log?
  2. New hack? (possibly?)

    I was fully geared on a factory pvp run, I do these all the time. after shooting a player i was looting his body and i heard a taunt coming from below me. I was outside the PVE spawn, and not near the underground tunnels. I walked around trying to locate it when a player popped out of no where with nothing but a 3M body armour, a knife and a pilgrim bag. At first i thought he was a fresh spawn who'd luckily stolen some loot and was just messing with me. But he stood in front of me doing the Q E friendly dance, I unloaded an entire AKM mag into him and he taunted and disappeared. He flew through the wall behind me. I ran towards him and confirmed he had done this. I immediately thought "Oh poo." So I ran to the exit point as he flew behind me hitting the walls and floor with a knife. He wasn't aggressive, he never attacked. He was a troll, or someone just out for a laugh, maybe even a Dev? Thought i should bring this to the communities attention in case there is a new cheat/hack for EFT. I didnt record or screenshot as i was too busy trying to run and save my gear.
  3. Refund? Duplicate Products

    Hello Everyone, Just bought the game and am loving it a lot. Although when I went into my PayPal account I went to see how much money I had, I saw the game was purchases twice. Anyway I can get a refund for the extra version? Not to sure how this might have happen.
  4. Unknown Friendly Fire

    Hi i am TheRedRabbit, its something that bothers me about, its the group in game. its a really nice touch, but useless if your friends/temporary allies doesnt spawn with you or you have no idea of where he is and how dos he looks like, we cant speak to each other, so communication is impossible, wich might happen that you kill your friends/temporary allies without ANY clue that it was him. im not saying that you should erase the frendly fire on, but maybe put something that allow you and your friends/temporary allies to see where/who he is. without communication, you should not add the group button, its useless. Yeah i know you can use Discord, Skype and TeamSpeak. But what about the guys you team up with before the game start? I really like this game, its original and a really good game. Keep the work guys. who is agree with me?
  5. Bonjour à tous et à toutes, comme beaucoup de joueurs actuels, mon niveau d'anglais est par dessus celui de certains de mes camarades de classe. Il s'avère par ailleurs que la traduction est un point fort pour moi. C'est pourquoi je vous propose de traduire le jeu en Français pour les développeurs. J'ai déjà participé à ce genre d'opérations pour le jeu Insurgency. En espérant trouver des motivés Xan.
  6. Fix the Aimbot?

    It is a rage post yes, Why is it when I see a scav roaming through a forest, I go up to try and kill him, he goes through 2-3 trees in front with bushes everywhere yet he will full spray land every shot through all this cover, day time and night time, its dumb
  7. Weekly Dev Updates?

    The forums here are dying of thirst for information (info on servers, glitches, game play, timelines, etc.) why are there such long pauses in the information pipeline from the devs? Can we get to a point where we are getting a development overview weekly? Besides from little, and vague, statements by a handful of devs, we dont really get any meat and potatoes. As a $140 investor in the product, it would be nice to see less speculation from randoms and more hard facts from devs.
  8. When the full game is released will it have like a single player mode where we can have fun with just more AI as I sometime like playing on my own as well? And also will it save you progress separately to online pvp?
  9. Just upgraded to Prepare for Escape!

    So I just upgraded and I have seen people saying you have to reset user profile. Do I have to do this? I have made a fair bit of progress and have a full stash currently with a decent level and I don't want to lose this. Does anyone know if I will receive my upgrades or do I HAVE to reset. Thank you, Scottish.
  10. We are happy to inform you that the first US "Escort" in-game event is scheduled for Thursday, June 1st from 8:00 PM to 10:00 PM EST (June, 2nd, from 3:00 AM to 5:00 AM MSK). The joint developer and Emissary team with backpacks full of valuable loot will try to escape the Scav players while being escorted. For this event, our map will be Woods and it will be ‘’Escort’’ event rather than developer hunt in order to offer something new than the previous ones. To discuss how this works in details: Up to three developers enter the location together with the players. The dev team will be equipped with heavy armor and backpacks full of valuables but armed with Makarovs only. They proceed to walk out of the location, and three players have to escort them to the exit. At the same time, the player Scavs are attacking the convoy, trying to snatch the backpacks with loot. If the convoy successfully reaches the destination - devs will drop the backpacks as the reward to the escorting players. Everyone who has access to Escape from Tarkov is invited to participate. We will form several waves of players, and every participant will get instructed on how to join the event at the right time. The game rooms will be set up and ready beforehand and all players will have a precise list of rooms to join. The game will start as soon as all Scav players are in line to enter the raid. To sign up for the Escort please leave your interest in the forum topic with your Discord username. Due to issues in the past, you can only sign up for yourself and others have to sign up for themselves as well so that our invite messages will get to you in time (No group sign ups). Make sure to apply only if you are completely sure you will make it. Everyone that applied will get an invite link sent to them alongside full details about what you need to do once you get on the server, and when the event needs to be organized, it will be organized on a first-come-first-serve basis to ensure we have enough players on time or randomly select players from those present on the channel. So getting the invite link does not mean we will have space for you. All players would need to be present 30 minutes to one hour earlier to get you situated and start the event on time and end on time. Each wave will consist of 15 players: 12 SCAVs and 3 escort PMC players alongside with the 3 on the dev team to be escorted. This will be held for 6 raid sessions that will last 20 minutes each with a 2-hour event in total. Good luck and have fun, everyone, and let the fittest survive! Portuguese Translation of the News Thanks to emissary @predador
  11. Motivational Pics For DEV

    It feels like DEV needs a hand and may have lost some Mojo. Post your favourite motivational pics here for DEV. Hopefully they might get something out of it. Aim for a good Stream/Alpha not a perfect one.