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Found 2 results

  1. What is going on?

    This game is running like garbage right now, like way worse than ever before. D-sync is terrible, crashes, load times...and hackers. General chat is flooded with complaints today about these very issues. Does this dev team have any sort of timeline to fix the same issues that we complained about in Alpha, that have now carried over into beta? Is dsync going to be an essential part of this game and every patch we get? bc quite frankly if the can't fix it in 2 years, what makes me think they can fix it now or in the future?
  2. Outlook of the Unity Engine

    So both Contract Wars and EFT seem to be using the Unity engine. Are you going to be staying with Unity for future projects (like R2028) or eventually going to be using the CryEngine? I'm asking because the prealpha footage of R2028 was created using Crytek's engine, but it looks like Unity can do the job just as well, if not better. However, I was under the impression that since Contract Wars was a browser-based game, Unity was more suitable and CryEngine was better overall for client-based games. So EFT using Unity was a bit of a surprise for me.