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Found 62 results

  1. Spawned infront of scavs/players

    I have been playing Tarkov for awhile now (about 4 months almost) and I have never had this happen to me until now, with a full set of gear too. I spawned in on Woods, during the day, random spawn and I was being shot at by a scav before I even loaded in (off the loading screen). I managed to kill him but no without being almost fully blacked out... I then took two steps and started to get shot at from behind by a player, dying around 5~ seconds in... I know this crap can happen on something like factory but I hadn't even taken two steps out of my spawn before I was met with a player (after the scav already being ontop of me) Is this seriously a thing or is it new?
  2. Unusual photo started appearing on the main launcher. Re-downloaded the launcher and the photo disappeared.
  3. Today after launcher update I got an error (see attached image): Installed game version check error - Escape from tarkov should contain only one executable to launch the game Everything went fine previously, so I was confused at first ("what is wrong with the update?"), but finally I found out that I had installed BSG launcher into the same folder as the game itself. I wasn't able to find any thread with similar problem, so I will leave a solution here, if anybody needs it in the future: Solution: Uninstall launcher, installed launcher again into a different folder (not the EFT game folder), run launcher, click "set game path..." option above "Install" button, choose the EFT game folder, play. PS: Thanks devs for clear and descriptive errors
  4. My friend just bought tarkov and hasn't been able to do a first time set-up or open the launcher even after he runs it as an admin and tries to open it. He also cannot install his game files in the default locations because he doesn't have a C: or D: drive (just a G and E drives respectively) can confirm it is not AV errors, or MSI afterburner/riveriatuner (saw on some forums talking about turning this off) He is missing the EFT file for the game aswell. within the larger BSG file in his local disc.
  5. Bonjour à tous, Je joue sur EFT depuis deux semaines sans accrocs, quand tout à coup en lançant une game sur factory cette après-midi, le temps de chargement pour rentrer en game dépasse les 5min (un peu étrange). Je reviens au menu de force avec un message d'erreur "object reference not set to an instance" code erreur = 000. Pas de panique, je redémarre le jeu pour me reco en game, et là impossible d'arriver sur le menu, je tombe forcément sur cette erreur et impossible de passer outre pour changer des options. Je désinstalle/réinstalle le jeu : même erreur. Je désinstalle et réinstalle avec un nouveau launcher : même erreur. Je suis à court d'idée, je sais que c'est une beta je ne vais pas me permettre de critiquer le développement, une erreur fait avancer les choses, je voudrais simplement savoir si cela était déjà arrivé à l'un d'entre vous et si vous aviez une solution. Merci d'avance pour vos réponses et bon jeu à tous.
  6. Error: Access is denied

    Well I got a problem, my game was laggy and I exited the normal way, and since it froze my entire PC I had to reset my PC by pressing the reset button on my case, and now that I tried starting up Escape From Tarkov, when I open the launcher a pop up appears say: Error: Access is denied. Any help? Please?
  7. first i can't log in it says access is denied an 2nd to all you player scavs shooting me in the back when im a scav i just ask why? do you not get shoot at like i seen happen to kotton an i tested it an maybe since i shoot bots thats the only way they become 100 percent one shoot headshot, atleast i tried 5 times an got the same reslut but in factory i hide until 8 mins left an walk fast looking for any extra gun to sell or use an then boom boom died, i get shot in the back an form guessing since a bot would not kill you an the russian name plus i havent seen a pmc with a first an last name in english an im still learning russian
  8. I just bout the game and when i try to install it i can install the entire game but when it comes to unpacking it it cant seem to do it and gives me an error that says "Game update installation error" and "Access to the path is denied" If anyone could help that would be awsome! This game looks really cool and i would love to play it This is the log that the game gives me 02:14:58.975 [DEBUG] MainWindow loading... 02:14:58.985 [DEBUG] RequestHandler. Opening in Default Browser: "" 02:15:03.159 [DEBUG] MainWindow loaded 02:16:33.814 [DEBUG] JS->.NET: MainWindowViewModel.InstallGame() 02:16:33.814 [DEBUG] Downloading and installing the game... 02:16:35.389 [DEBUG] Request: Response: {"err":0,"errmsg":null,"data":{"Version":"","hash":"f6828a1aa7c936e89290a13a26ec1bd2","DownloadUri":"","TorrentUri":"","RequiredFreeSpace":7262077659}} 02:16:35.389 [DEBUG] .NET->JS: MainWindow.setGameUpdateState("DownloadingUpdate") 02:16:35.389 [DEBUG] Checking the file... File: \\?\C:\Battlestate Games\BsgLauncher\Temp\EftClient. Uri: 02:16:49.908 [DEBUG] The file hash check is successfull: \\?\C:\Battlestate Games\BsgLauncher\Temp\EftClient. Uri: 02:16:49.908 [INFO] File \\?\C:\Battlestate Games\BsgLauncher\Temp\EftClient. already downloaded. Downloading was skipped 02:16:49.908 [DEBUG] Removing obsolete files 02:16:49.908 [DEBUG] .NET->JS: MainWindow.setGameUpdateState("InstallingUpdate") 02:16:49.908 [DEBUG] Started unpacking the archive '\\?\C:\Battlestate Games\BsgLauncher\Temp\EftClient.' to directory 'C:\Users\scoot\OneDrive\Documents\Escape from Tarkov' 02:19:12.049 [DEBUG] Sending installation result to analytics... 02:19:12.049 [DEBUG] Installation result successfully sent to analytics 02:19:12.049 [DEBUG] .NET->JS: MainWindow.setGameUpdateState("UpdateError") 02:19:12.049 [ERROR] Error during install the game Eft.Launcher.Services.UpdateServices.UpdateServiceException: ErrorWhileInstallingTheGame ---> System.UnauthorizedAccessException: Access to the path is denied. at System.IO.__Error.WinIOError(Int32 errorCode, String maybeFullPath) at System.IO.File.InternalMove(String sourceFileName, String destFileName, Boolean checkHost) at Ionic.Zip.ZipEntry.MoveFileInPlace(Boolean fileExistsBeforeExtraction, String targetFileName, String tmpPath, Boolean checkLaterForResetDirTimes) at Ionic.Zip.ZipEntry.InternalExtractToBaseDir(String baseDir, String password, ZipContainer zipContainer, ZipEntrySource zipEntrySource, String fileName) at Eft.Launcher.Base.Services.CompressionService.<>c__DisplayClass2_0.<ExtractZipToDir>b__0() at System.Threading.Tasks.Task.Execute() --- End of stack trace from previous location where exception was thrown --- at System.Runtime.ExceptionServices.ExceptionDispatchInfo.Throw() at System.Runtime.CompilerServices.TaskAwaiter.HandleNonSuccessAndDebuggerNotification(Task task) at Eft.Launcher.Base.Services.CompressionService.<ExtractZipToDir>d__2.MoveNext() --- End of stack trace from previous location where exception was thrown --- at System.Runtime.ExceptionServices.ExceptionDispatchInfo.Throw() at System.Runtime.CompilerServices.TaskAwaiter.HandleNonSuccessAndDebuggerNotification(Task task) at Eft.Launcher.Base.Services.UpdateServices.GameUpdateService.<DownloadAndInstallGame>d__34.MoveNext() --- End of inner exception stack trace --- at Eft.Launcher.Base.Services.UpdateServices.GameUpdateService.<DownloadAndInstallGame>d__34.MoveNext() --- End of stack trace from previous location where exception was thrown --- at System.Runtime.ExceptionServices.ExceptionDispatchInfo.Throw() at System.Runtime.CompilerServices.TaskAwaiter.HandleNonSuccessAndDebuggerNotification(Task task) at Eft.Launcher.Gui.Wpf.ViewModels.MainWindowViewModel.<<InstallGame>b__31_0>d.MoveNext() 02:19:12.049 [DEBUG] .NET->JS: MainWindow.sendAnalyticsParams({"InstallationResult":{"Production":{"Game":{"":"Failure"}}}}) 02:19:12.187 [DEBUG] Sending exception to analytics... 02:19:12.187 [DEBUG] Exception successfully sent to analytics 02:19:12.187 [DEBUG] .NET->JS: MainWindow.sendAnalyticsParams({"Exception":{"Code":0,"Message":"Error during install the game","Type":"ExceptionLogWrapper","InnerException":{"Code":104006,"Message":"ErrorWhileInstallingTheGame","Type":"UpdateServiceException","InnerException":{"Code":0,"Message":"Access to the path is denied.","Type":"UnauthorizedAccessException"}},"LauncherVersion":"","LauncherConfig":"Production"}}) 02:19:13.653 [INFO] Game directory was clean 02:19:13.653 [INFO] ErrorWindow initialized 02:19:13.679 [DEBUG] ErrorWindow loading... 02:19:13.904 [DEBUG] RequestHandler. Browser RenderView is ready 02:19:14.129 [DEBUG] JS->.NET: ErrorWindowViewModel.GetSiteUrl() 02:19:14.188 [DEBUG] JS->.NET: ErrorWindowViewModel.GetSettings() 02:19:14.237 [DEBUG] .NET->JS: ErrorWindow.setNetworkAvailability(true) 02:19:14.237 [DEBUG] .NET->JS: ErrorWindow.error({ "Exception": { "Code": 104006, "Args": [], "Message": "ErrorWhileInstallingTheGame", "InnerException": { "Message": "Access to the path is denied.", "InnerException": null } } }) 02:19:14.237 [DEBUG] ErrorWindow loaded 02:19:18.793 [DEBUG] JS->.NET: ErrorWindowViewModel.DragMove() 02:19:20.133 [DEBUG] JS->.NET: ErrorWindowViewModel.Close() 02:19:20.141 [INFO] ErrorWindow closed
  9. Can someone help me its not letting me play. I recently moved to college and now when i open up the launcher its not giving me the option to hit play. it gives me this error: Login error Unable to connect to the remote server A connection attempt failed because the connected party did not properly respond after a period of time, or established connection failed because connected host has failed to respond
  10. Why do i get this error

    I am getting so f***ing because of this error "Not enough space to save the file \\?\F:\Battlestate Games\BsgLauncher\Temp\EftClient.". How do i fix this?
  11. So the whole case is that this attached photo (look below), which was taken as soon as I got the message (3rd of January 18:56). Just to go through it chronically, the first two messages came on time, 18:55 and 18:56, but the last one, the one below, was already outdated as soon as when I received it. Another fact is that it clearly states that the game was from 2nd of January 00:40, yet somehow the message is from the 1st, which would be impossible, as the session hasn’t even started at that point in time. Luckily I only lost for less than 20k roubles, which isn’t much, so I got off cheap. So the short version is that I lost my insured loot, due to receiving an outdated and clearly wrong message. All I hope for is that it will get fixed before some losses there 1M+ loadout, due to an error in the system.
  12. Taking damage but no noise...

    Hello, SO I have been grinding through the latest version of Tarkov and have nearly hit level 20 in no less than 50 raids. My game play has improved since the last patch as I understand more of the game ,but I think there is a new big/glitch and I would like to see if anyone else has had this issue. Apologies in advance if this is already known and discussed. So roughly four times now (3 of which were fatal) I have received instant damage to the extent I lose arms/legs and become heavily wounded. There is no noise and no scavs or players in my vicinity. I take some pain killers and sprint away to some good cover while spamming my IFAK/Meds. I evaluate, heal and move on, for it to start happening again. The first three times this happened, I eventually died to a scav name. No noise, gunshots, screaming - just damage. Now before anyone says desync, these events happen over the space of a few minutes, giving me long enough to heal the first load of damage.Surely with desync you would hear the noise later as the client syncs with the host? I am an advocate of night time suppressed weapon and bad weather raids by sneaking around in bushes. I believe I have a pretty good grasp of my surroundings and am generally aware of where scavs are. This has happened once on Shoreline in the Northern section of the health resort (garden) and three other times on Customs in various locations. So, anyone have this problem? Any idea what it is? Thanks in advance ncwadd3rs (NigelSmith)
  13. Game error

    Critical error receiving profile data. Close the game and contact us at forum in response to stackslot cartridges in item mag_ak_custom_sawed_off_762x39_10(id: 5a7dc1188a450408a4aee09) expects an item at position 0
  14. hi I started tarkov and did like 2-3 raids adter the forth raid when I got out of it gives me a message saying Critical Error receiving profile data. I tried to close the game and start and also close the launcher and start again but the same pops up again can someone please help Thank you Kani09lonewolf
  15. Critical Error

    Kann man da irgendwas gegen tuen ? Außer mein Profil zu Reseten.
  16. Hallo, ich habe ein Problem, dass das Laden vom Profil verunmöglicht. Die entsprechende Fehlermeldung ist unten im Screenshot ersichtlich. Ich währe sehr dankbar über Ideen wie das Problem behoben werden kann um wieder spielen zu können.
  17. BSG launcher not working

    I have just bought the game yesterday however when i downloaded the launcher it doesn't load up. it runs the programme however it doesn't show the window for the launcher nor do anything else. The only proof of it actually working is using task manager and seeing the BSG launcher there, but that's all. I have tried to resolve this issue by re-downloading the .exe, changed my firewall settings , turned off my windows defender (Only antivirus on my PC). I have also repaired all of my windows c++ redistributables and still no fix. Please help as i have been wanting to play this game for quite a while now. also i have not changed the destination folder whatsoever. Kind regards, Huntleey
  18. Ok so I was playing the other day. No issues (probably 2 days ago now.) I go to get on yesterday and the game asks me for my profile/character name. Weird, I didnt have much time so I figured I would come back today. Same thing, My profile has reset its self and now I lost all my items, All my tasks completed and all my levels on traders etc. Its fully reset. Can the Dev team be of any help here in restoring my account with data from a few days ago?
  19. I cant loot weapons

    Title says it all. I cant pick up ANY weapons, pistols, knife, hatchets, rifles... from dead bodies or off the ground. Saw a spawned ak on the ground and I couldn't take it. Its not desync unless desync lasts the whole game and allows you still drop stuff with no problem, loot other items and play with other players. Anybody else having the same problem?
  20. Error code: 2S136/V

    Anybody have any idea have what this error code means "Error code: 2S136/V" I was looking at a topic in the forums and all of sudden I can't see the content anymore.
  21. error message whilst in game

    hi there i seem to be getting this error whilst in game and then i cant reconnect it tell me the error displayed in the pictures linked when i finally get reconnected i find it wont let me reconnect to the servers i was in so i loose my gear all together is there any way you can help me with this issue please.
  22. Critical error loading profile?

    does anyone know whats happening? it just pops backend errors for me, and after 5 minutes it says critical error loading profile. Thanks!
  23. So I've been playing for quite some time now and I feel as if when I first got the game as closed beta was released, it was a lot of fun. The hit-reg was great, yeah SCAVS were a little dumb and the PVP was awesome and everything felt really balanced and fair. But as of lately I cant help but feel like this game has just started to get some loose bolts. I know, it's in BETA stage and I understand it's still in development but something that's always picked at me is, how do you go from having something working, to having it just broken and distorted? My main frustration is the hit reg / armour system and how it works. I won't blab on about how many times I shot a guy, but I'm honestly finding my self putting a lot of rounds into a hatchet runner, lets say 14 - 22 rounds as an average with an AK74N, But all I hear is "augh" and then a lovely swoosh sound an I'm dead, despite me having fort / Kiver. I know what you're gonna say "It's just desync". But, to also counter my previous statement there have been times where I've had a Grach and one shotted a fully armoured player, compared to having an M4 and it taking 20 - 30 shots. Here are a few links to support my points, that sometimes the game decides to poo on you. ( They're all pretty short ) After a lot of trying a testing if figured out that Fort armour and PACA are the only two types of armour that actually stop bleeding only, they don't seem to stop damage actually being done to the limb, as in my stomach can still be blacked out by a 9mm or buckshot despite it being covered by what I assume is KEVLAR armour. Another thing, is that KIVER kills you instantly if it isn't fully repaired. I've tested this many times and if my Kiver is even 1% below the maximum repair state, if I'am to be shot in the head no matter the calibre I will die instantly, basically the KIVER looses all it's armour protective purpose after taking any sort of damage at all. I've done raids with, and without and I've always found that i survive and resist more shots without a KIVER than with. Grenades, are broken. I'm not just being salty here, grenades are generally broken and it's very bad. The amount of times I've been killed by a grenade that either I or my friend threw is uncountable, for instance. My partner and I were in upper offices on factory on single player side, there was another player on the opposite side of the corridor. My friend, threw an M67 grenade down the corridor, and yes it went down there and into the stairwell where we intended it to go, we then ran and hid on our stairs, well away from any blast radius, and we both died from the grenade even though the explosion was through 17 meters of concrete and rooms, how? how is that even a thing, this never used to be a thing and suddenly it's arose. Do excuse me if this is construed as whining or whinging but, at the end of the day we are BETA testers, and I feel it's my duty to report these issues, especially on a place where others can voice their perspectives.

    Hello i want to share a ERROR , who is happen to my friend today ... few times ! He have a Razen 1700x , 16gb ddr4 ram and Asus Hero Motherboard with Asus GTX 1070 ! This is what he see for the error , what is this and how to fix it !? EscapeFromTarkov.exe caused an Access Violation (0xc0000005) in module EscapeFromTarkov.exe at 0033:3bff86eb Error occurred at 2017-11-27_185354. F:\Escape from Tarkov\game\EscapeFromTarkov.exe, run by ivo. 41% memory in use. 16313 MB physical memory [9580 MB free]. 46313 MB paging file [35168 MB free]. 134217728 MB user address space [134207994 MB free]. Read from location 00000049 caused an access violation. (the game just FREEZE and cant do nothing ... no ALT +Tab no escape nothing work to close the game)

    Hello i cant open the Shops i got this messege on the picture, this happen to me for first time today (exactly before 10 min) ! I dont know if this is known issue , but want to share it!