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Found 31 results

  1. Hello friends, ive made a highlight video from footage 20 hours of factory. (Loot included) Note: Ive made it out alive of every single raid. I came to the conclusion i had to make this video because i simply ran out of harddisk and stash space Hope you enjoy! Finale
  2. Factory Raiders (8gb RAM clan)

    [Factory Raiders] is a new discord clan looking for players who only play factory due to the recent memory spike requirement. For a good time, click this --)
  3. Factory Key on sell

    Selling Factory Key for Gamma Case , $10k or 400.000 rubbels.
  4. Fix PVE Hole in the wall, Factory1

    Hole in the wall on third story PVE side in factory, is the most buggy thing in the world, if you dont hit it perfectly and at full spring your character glitches into it and runs on the spot not able to move. Has killed me numerous times and is getting very, very annoying. Its not a hard fix a simple hitbox change will be all it takes. Please take the time to fix this thank you. - RedCitadel
  5. Factory Raid: Fan Video

    Hello, Escapers! We would like to present to you a Fan Video from one of your fellow community members, David Hanus. He has done an incredible work, capturing the look, feel, and ambiance of Escape From Tarkov. He has even painstakingly gathered the sound fx to add to the video, for authenticity! Creations like these show the potential for EFT as a feature film! Prepare to watch this a million times...Please make sure to like, and share this video so it can be seen all over. Thanks to all the crew who helped in the making of this video, and we look forward to your future content.
  6. scavs litterly spawn ontop of you on factory.... how is it that the smallest map have the most scavs ``??? and reespawn 10 x faster on factory ? that is just ducking stupid...... and some scavs still onetap you and aims for blacked out parts.... just stupid....
  7. Squad Down! - My first Tarkov video

    My first tarkov video so give me some feedback on stuff I can improve!
  8. where do I report players?

    deployed in factory with full fort and an mp5 silenced with a eotech and started hearing individual silenced shots and my unarmored friend dropped and asked if I shot him. I then died, then my other armored friend said he just died. I guess someone named t-hunna was exploiting and headshotting everyone in factory. Rip full fort, hate hackers and they almost make me regret spending 150 dollars just to put up with them. Edit: we spawned in an empty tunnel corner mind you
  9. Hackers invisiveis

    Andam hackers de forma invivel com faca ou machado a matar squads/players no mapa Factory, no qual quando se morre, o ecra fica negro e sem registo do nome do player para futuro report, ja me aconteceu 2 vezes seguidas, a mim, e ao squad que acompanhava-me, acabei por desistir de jogar.
  10. Official Trading Thread

    Im kinda tired to not find the Factory Key... Hit me up if u got one. I will pay up good for it.
  11. After many frustrating debates between my friend and I as to what is called what, I've decided to create a map displaying a name / Label or designated callout for each section of the map that I would deem as important. Feel free to use these, or let me know what you like to call these locations instead.
  12. Stuck in locked rooms

    So I was playing Factory and I got some desync so bad I could see myself walking around about 50 seconds delayed. I decided to alt+f4 and rejoin hoping my loot would be safe. I load back in all excited about the AK74 and the Grach I was about to pull out with (along with various goodies) So I spawn in to look around and see I'm in the locked room on the third floor in Factory I had no way out and kicked the door for about 10 minutes because I was desperate for loot. Subsequently I gave up and exited never to see an AK again. May I ask why this BULL happened to me and also to alert the devs of this. G A M E B R E A K I N G B U G
  13. Factory Run Tutorial

    I know this video is not the best but I just wanted to make this video to a few friends of my that always said that. It's almost impossible to go from noting to guns doing factory runs. Hope you guys enjoy the video!
  14. All Current maps

    Here is ALL current maps in one spot with call outs and even a Bullet to kill chart as well hope this helps everyone! the maps are constantly updated to any changes in game. If I missed anything please let me know and I will correct them. If anyone would be willing to translate them to other languages please let me know so we can work things out and we can get them out there. Here is the link for the maps.
  15. Cabinet Key?

    I found a key on Factory, which is simply labelled "Cabinet Key", which is identical in appearance to the "Key" for the office on Customs. I have trawled the internet for any information I can on this, but still am yet to find it. I have never found a locked cabinet, or not one that I can remember. I assumed it might be a key that was fairly worthless, but when I checked, Prapov valued it at 9000 Roubles. If anyone knows where this is for, or whether it's a quest item, please let me know.
  16. Official Trading Thread

    Need Factory Key, PAYING 1000DOLLARS. Thx bois'
  17. Video - Killing all in FACTORY

    Hi Guys, follow my gameplay in FACTORY with makarov pistol.
  18. I've noticed something odd about factory since I began taking a certain route. The metal staircase leading to the bridge connecting to the third floor offices seems to break your legs randomly on the second tier of the stairs. I have tried different ways, running, walking, crawling, crouch walking. I thought it all came down to desynch probably. But this marks the twelfth time this has happened. Four of those times, both legs break, my character begins to breath heavily, then just randomly keels over. KIA says the report. Is this a known issue? It's very annoying and takes fun out of a map, given I am terrified to now take a certain route, given it has a 1/2 chance to break my legs, then kill me.
  19. Camping in FACTORY at exit!

    Hello, I was playing a lot that game, and factory map, and i see that lot ,but a lot people camping at exit and when you open door you are dead. That way he get easy lot and you dont have a chanche to shoot him first. So is a way that you prevent that camping at exit at factory. I think if you put that IMMEDIATELY start count down extraction that they wont be able anymore to do that camping.
  20. Selling Factory Key

    Selling Factory key, sold to highest bid, USD/RUB, staring price $10k or 900k RUB
  21. Good day Everyone, So i like to play Factory but in the last 6 runs i experienced a lots of Desync to the point i could not even extract or shoot, so basically its unplayable, do you know why ? and if it will get "fixed", i mean i do get the part that this is beta its not finished and i dont want to say that is a bad game or something its infact Quite the opposite, but it just kinda kills the fun if you go in to the runs and cant do anything.
  22. factory key

    so i recently got access to this game with the closed beta. and im finding it very hard to get a factory key or any other useful key at this point. i either spawn in as a player scav and get 1shot by someone with a pistol or spawn as my main class and get shotgun by a scav 250m away. and this is very demotivating
  23. Camping in FACTORY at exit!

    Hello, I was playing a lot that game, and factory map, and i see that lot ,but a lot people camping at exit and when you open door you are dead. That way he get easy lot and you dont have a chanche to shoot him first. So is a way that you prevent that camping at exit at factory. I think if you put that IMMEDIATELY start count down extraction that they wont be able anymore to do that camping. - Sry i was put two same POST here and "QUESTENS", i didnt know where to put that, than i realize that is that sugestion. Tnx
  24. Factory Key

    Hello, im looking for the factory key, Ive been grinding for hours and have been extremely unlucky in my search. What I am asking for is the factory key from anyone kind enough to give it to me. Im willing to give just about in my inventory for that, quite literally anything. I am a level 33 with all max level traders (excusing therapist) and am fairly wealthy in the games standards. Thats not even beginning to describe how well equipped my stash is. Please, I am begging anyone who has an extra, or just overall wants to give the godforsaken key.