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Found 11 results

  1. FOV ?

    Is there any other way increase FOV after the newest patch as 75 is way too low? as the normal "glitch" got patched
  2. Increased FOV for 21:0 Players

    Will there be an increase in FoV for 21:9 players, as the max of 75 feels very constricted almost like a FoV of 50/60 on a 16:9 compared to most 21:9 players running at 90+ FoV in other games.
  3. Sistemare il FOV

    Ciao a tutti, col nuovo aggiornamento il FOV, che nella precedente patch era possibile mettere lontano rispetto la bocca dell'arma (quindi da avere un visuale più ampia), è stato cambiato. Il trick di portare da 75 a 50 e poi premere ESC non funziona più. Nei miei vari tentativi (matti e disperati) sono riuscito a riportarlo più ampio una sola volta dal menù. Ho un monitor da 21:9 e non supportato dal gioco. Motivo per il quale ad ogni cambiamento di FOV l'immagine viene stirata da 16:9/4:3 fino a 21:9 rendendo impossibile capire la profondità-distanza e movimento Allego i file immagine fatti poco fa (patch 0.4) con normale-obiettivo-sbagliato. Cerco una soluzione al più presto.
  4. Game Feel/Improvements

    First off, congrats on a really awesome game! It's very immersive, tactical, fun, beautiful to look at, and engaging. The concept is really well executed, and I think this game will go far. I am a new player and I just have a few simple suggestions regarding realism, game feel, etc. Aside from these few suggestions, I think the game is perfect. FOV - FOV is too low for a tactical FPS game and should at least be allowed to be increased to 105. I know this is a topic of debate, but I feel like it's inevitable. A wider FOV feels and looks much better. Leaning - The leaning mechanic in this game leaves a little to be desired. It barely feels like you can peek from behind objects. Lean needs to be increaesd, which leads me to my next suggestion. Cover/Tactical positioning - Tarkov would benefit by adding a simple (non-automated) cover system, given its tactical nature. By non automated, I mean it shouldn't be like whack-a-mole (like the terrible cover systems in 3rd person shooters). In other words it should be an extra leaned skill required (like leaning) executed by a button press which puts the player into a position that's looks realistic and makes more sense tactically. It would allow you to "stick" to surfaces via button press, prop your gun up for a more stable shot, etc. for the best tactical positioning or cover. The trade-offs would be setup time and disengagement from surface. Vaulting/Climbing - The game feels clunky and looks clunky jumping around. You should be able to climb and vault over surfaces, which seems more in line with what the game is trying to do. Movement feel/Player momentum - The movement in Tarkov doesn't feel very realistic. It does have some realism elements but the forward movement feels arecade-like and doesn't have a lot of weight or momentum. I would add that to feel more like ARMA/PUBG. Free look - The range of motion for free look is really odd. You should be able to turn your head a little bit past your shoulder while walking or running. I really hope you consider these suggestions. Thanks very much!
  5. Hello everyone! I have created this topic in hopes to get people talking about Field of View in a controlled environment where we can have a very civil discussion about the Pros and Cons of Field of View. It's taken me a bit of time to get to writing this topic, I have been mulling it over for the last week or so. I was hesitant to start it because I know this can be a very touchy subject for a large range of people for varied reasons, thus why I made this topic. I will not be putting my direct input about how I feel about FOV, as it could skew others opinions of it; I will be answering questions, posting facts, getting replies from Devs if necessary or other Mods/Emissaries. So, I don't really have much to say to start the topic, I will post some links in regards to the topics. Looking at Reddit you will notice a lot of Negative comments in regards to FOV, I expect this topic to get a bit heated but DO NOT STRAY FROM THE TOPIC; do not personally attack others or otherwise post to provoke an aggressive response/feeling. What does Field of View look like? - Content To Review Reddit -- FOV Topics The plans for the Remainder of 2016 -- Dev Posted Topic -- User Reply Petition for UW Monitor Support A lot of topics that are posted about FOV are unfortunately inside the Alpha restricted section of these forums, so I will not post links as any user without access will get a dead link, I will be sticking to only topics posted in the open forums. Reddit is probably the best area to check for this issue as a lot of users have strong opinions about it there. Against FOV Increase Reply with links to why FOV increase is not an easy 'fix' - Link For FOV Increase One user 'AdayDr1en' has a lot of details and information regarding why the FOV should be increased, Motion Sickness being the main reason. - Link -A few members agree that locking the FOV while in a Raid would best, to avoid any abuses(ADS Zoom?) Update #1 This is my first update since creating the thread, I apologise for taking so long to get back to it, the discussion had a bit of momentum but mostly it was repeated instances of having options available and being fair. In the end, it's best to read through the posts as they can be quite informative. I must remind everyone to Stay On Topic, I will try and see if I can get any information on Devs progress with FOV or current plans, as last was said on Reddit was that they were internally playing around with FOV. I encourage all to participate and discuss this sensitive topic, but please lets keep it civil, please provide facts and sources if you are arguing For or Against and why.
  6. Field of View

    Will you please open the FIELD of VIEW up to 130 Horizontal please. this 75 max is atrocious and unfair to PCgamer who are use to having PCgaming standards. This Balance or fairness is not a valid argument. If the FOV is opened up higher then that means everyone and anyone can play at that FOV. There are many PC and console gamers who get head aches or nauseous from Low FOV. I for one get both with low FOV.
  7. Fov

    I know that the fov slider is bugged right now, but I think it would be a cool idea to have different fov settings for when youre at a hip firing stance vs when youre ads. When using a scope with a 45 degree side sight its hard to aim when I use max fov because it is what i prefer in general. So maybe the fov reduces when you ads to help with accuracy, but returns back after going back to the hip to see more of the area.
  8. Player view side

    It would be nice to have the option to change the side of the sprite you are looking down the gun. Currently it is locked to the right side of the gun and when you peek around a corner it feels like you have to move a further out to peek left than right. Becaise everyone has a dominant side that they use we could be asked to pick a dominant side when we start the game and if you want to change side you get more shake through the gun then over time a skill levels up to decrease the shake.
  9. Добрый день/ночь/...(вставьте свой вариант) В современных играх стала почти стандартной опция изменения угла обзора камеры. Сейчас небольшой ликбез тем, кто не шарит что это такое: FOV - Field of view (угол обзора). Грубо говоря это тот параметр, который отвечает за размер изображения, которое поместится вам на экран. Например при FOV'е 45° вы не увидите по краям и сверху/снизу тех кустов или противников, которых увидите при FOV'е 90° или 100°+. В EFT есть настройка FOV'а, да. Но дело в том, что как бы вы её не меняли - оружие на экране продолжает отображаться стандартно (читай прям перед правой щекой персонажа), что неправильно, ибо чем больше угол обзора, тем больше рук, ног и оружия должно попадать в кадр. Вот скрины из одной ирули (не баньте, плез, я не рекламирую, а, лишь, хочу показать наглядный пример, где функция изменения FOV'а реализована наиболее грамотно) Вот угол обзора 90° (все картинки кликабельные и их можно увеличить) Вот 104° (я с таким играю) Вот 120° Как можно заметить при угле 90° биллборда слева почти не видно, а при 120° видно 2/3 биллборда. При этом, при 90° не видно тыльной части ствольной коробки, а при 120° она видна. Ниже приведу пример с тем, как видно ноги, тело, оружие и руки при 90°, 104° и 120° Сейчас в EFT максимальный угол обзора всего 75°, что, лично для меня, не очень удобно и явно маловато. Это, конечно, не 45° как в старых играх, но всё же, хотелось бы хотя бы 100°, для того чтобы оружие занимало меньше места на экране и можно было удобнее осматриваться. Собственно это и есть само предложение разработчикам. Если подытожить: пожалуйста, увеличьте максимальный угол обзора хотя бы до 100° и сделайте зависимость размера оружия на экране от угла обзора, дабы исключить ощущение того, что вы держите оружие зубами, а не руками (в идеале 110°, ибо 120° это уже совсем фишай ) За сим разрешите откланяться, ваш yanot
  10. Всем доброго времени суток! Многие знают, что с увеличением значение FOV свыше 50, возникают проблемы с отображением положения рук и оружия на экране. Так как этой проблеме уже много времени, я решил поделиться временным решением. Суть решения проблемы заключается в необходимой последовательности действий. В главном меню игры, убавить в настройках игры значение FOV до 50, если уже значение стоит 50 - переходим ко 2-ому пункту. Далее зайти в рейд (я делаю это в офлайн режиме) и прямо во время рейда увеличить значение FOV до 75. Закончить рейд. После проделанных манипуляций, положение рук и оружия изменится и исчезнут некоторые проблемы с отображением. Для наглядности я подготовил пару скриншотов. Первая тройка, FOV 50. Как видим на скриншотах никаких проблем не наблюдается. Увеличив FOV до 75. Видим, что в оптике увеличилась черная область сильно затрудняющая прицеливание. Взглянув в коллиматорный прицел, видим, что часть оптики вообще ушла за камеру. Проделав необходимую последовательность действий, описанную выше, получаем. Как видим изменилось само положение рук. Черная область в оптике не мешает обзору. При прицеливание через коллиматор, оптика не уходит за камеру. Важно: к сожалению, данную последовательность действий необходимо проделывать каждый раз, когда заходите в игру или изменяете какие-либо пункты в графике. ps. предлагаю провести 2 опроса. Сделать постоянным положение рук и оружие с FOV 75 таким, как после данных действий. Добавить DOF при прицеливание
  11. Will we be able to set our own prefered FOV via the game options? What about the FOV of the weapon itself and the Aim Down Sight (ADS) FOV, some people like their weapon to be further away/smaller - What I guess is that if there is a FOV slider that the weapon will scale accordingly.