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Found 20 results

  1. Wiele osób od update z zadaniami skarży się na nasilenie tak zwanego memory leak'a. Oto sposób jak go ograniczyć na Windows 10. 1. Wchodzimy do folderu z EFT. 2. Znajdujemy plik escapefromtarkov.exe 3. Klikamy PPM > Właściwości > Zgodność 4. Zaznaczamy opcje " Wyłącz optymalizację pełnoekranową". 5. W ustawieniach graficznych gry opcję cieni dajemy na najniższą a LOD na 2. Mam nadzieję że pomogło
  2. I normally only raid on either customs or factory, but due to Prapor's quest I had to play some matches on Woods. I thought my pc couldn't handle the game since Customs was so laggy (Factory I got really good fps but it's a small map) but on woods I get over 75 fps while on Customs I can barely get 40/50 at times. Is it a common issue? Is it my computer? Thank you for your time!
  3. I just realize that, the command to show the FPS on the HUD, now shows something call it "NET OUT, PACKETS OUT, PACKETS IN" This command is "fps 1". Can we say Net Out is the Ping?, and the Packets are... well... Packets... can some one else upload some pictures of this? to get a reference.
  4. FPS Probleme

    Hallo zusammen, ich habe da ein Problem. Ich habe extreme FPS Schwankungen unter Customs und allgemein eine rate von 10-15 FPS. Habe vor kurzer Zeit meinen PC neu aufgesetzt und escape über eine SSD Laufen. Davor lief es über die HDD genau so besch... Habe es heute mit einer neuen Graka ausprobiert aber es hilft dennoch nichts. Vielleicht hat ja wer von euch eine Idee woran das liegen kann. Mein PC: CPU: AMD Phenom II x6 1090T Mainboard: M4A88T-V EVO/USB3 Graka: Gigabyte GTX 1070 8gb SSD: 500GB 150 MB Leitung Beste Grüße r1oT
  5. FPS Drop near another player

    So i’ve noticed that anytime i’ve near another player (not npc) or gun fire starts. my frame rate drops to an unplayable level while in Raid mode. It seems that in Scav, i dont have as many issues, still some but no where near the massive frame drop that i get in Raid. Is this my system isnt up “beefey” enough or simply the game is still in beta and not optimized? my system: MSI 350 board MSI 580 w/ 8GB VRAM 8GB of normal ram Ryzen 5 1600
  6. seit heute habe ich derbe fps probleme und ich habe keine ahnung wiso ehrlich sonst is das spiel immer wunderbar gelaufen. und die gleichen fps probleme hatte ich wie die devs die neuen shader geaadet haben. also ich würd gern wissne ob jemand die gleichen probleme hat/ gehabt hat und was er dagegen getan hat und ob die devs die shader wieder rein in game genommen haben
  7. having really bad fps problems on shoreline i go from 60 to 40 to 30 lag spikes everywere on the map i have a fx 8350 4.3ghz gtx 960 4 gb strix edition oc 16gb dddr3 ram windows 10 i also noticed a crash while trying to tweak settings and i had to close
  8. FPS drop problems when shot at

    since the start of the beta as soon as someone shoots at you,the fps drops to 20-30 fps max,this is a major problem because the AI can one tap you while your PC freezes..... CPU intel i5 4690k 4,5Ghz Gigaybte G1 GTX 970 16Gb Ram game is on an 7200rpm HD (alone) playing at medium 1080p without hdr ssao and vsync
  9. FPS Problem not Fixed...

    As most of you know their is people reporting a bad memory leak, I too have experienced the leak to the point where my game is unplayable. It started 2 days ago, I'd join any match other then factory and would have frame drops to 1fps every 4 seconds ish. Then yesterday I played all day with 0 problems... now I get back on earlier today and still have no problems, then I get on just in the past hour and it's unplayable again.
  10. how do you remove or change the framerate limit? is there a way to do it through the console commands or no? when you type fps 1 in console it clearly shows there is a 120 fps limit i'd like to try the game uncapped for example just to see, and maybe limit it to more like 144?
  11. Hey, after you guys posted about having fixed the issue about people who have 8GB of RAM having FPS drops, my game ran fine. Now today I'm having the same issue again. I'm getting stuttering, frame drops, freezes, etc.
  12. I am looking for people to play with. My steam name is BODFUSION add me and shoot me a message so we can group if you want to. Preferred Language is English
  13. I am creating a first person reenactment of a raid as i live near a place very similar to the map portrayed by 'customs'. I am trying to win an alpha key in a youtubers giveaway as i can't afford the EOD version and need to see if my pc will even run it before i make any decisions. I want to make it as cool as possible and to do this i want the video to be like a real raid in-game! this is why i need just the inventory screen when you open it during the raid. (it can have stuff in it, but whoever could give me the inventory screen could you PM me and we will discuss). Many thanks! -George
  14. Melhora na Perfomance do game

    Estava rodando pelo forum e achei esse post do Emissario Kleanuppguy, fez uma descoberta a respeito de melhoria de perfomance, sempre joguei no modo Borderless pra facilitar meu alt+tab então nunca senti esse problema, mas caso alguém tenha quedas de fps constante durante o game, vale a pena tentar. Post original Roda o game no modo janela, nas configurações, desmarca a opção FULLSCREEN quando entrar no modo janela, aperta ALT + ENTER, assim ele vai rodar o game no modo janela, mas sem bordas. Segundo ele rolou uma melhoria na perfomance, menor queda de fps, travadas e menos utilização de CPU. Espero que ajude quem tiver problemas desse tipo. Caso teste e sinta alguma melhora, não esqueçam de relatar aqui se sentiu alguma melhoria realmente. (Obs: O post original foi feito horas antes do novo patch de perfomance nos servers, então não necessariamente tem conexão uma com a outra, ja que a melhoria nos servers foi do lado da BATTLESTATE e nao no client.)
  15. I am Looking for players to group up with on EFT. Add me on Steam, GT- BODFUSION, Shoot me a message and we can group up and hve some fun? Preferred language is English. I don't speak fluently in any others.
  16. Будут ли в альфа клиенте счетчики производительности? Ping, fps, cpu, gpu usage и прочие в том же духе. Важно знать производительность клиента на своем железе. Имею ввиду показатели в реальном времени.
  17. Reaper Actual (RA-01)

    What is Reaper Actual? Reaper Actual is a small yet elite gaming community based around leadership and organization. We are a diverse group of players who have come from a variety of games and play-types both competitive, casual, and everywhere between. As a diverse community of mature gamers, we do not overlook the opinions of players who are less active or of a lower rank. After working with many teams, groups and communities, we have found that many lacked proper systems of leadership, command, and understanding of others. Furthermore, owners and leaders of communities often found themselves in a situation where only one or two games are actively being played by an individual at any time. With leaders, friends, and regular players from many countries, playing all types of games, fun can be found across the gaming spectrum. Reaper Actual is a group of gamers who know when to have fun and know when to be serious; we invite players of a similar mindset to join us. What is the goal of Reaper Actual? We aim to build a global gaming community that looks out for each other. We want to have fun playing many games using many play styles. Most importantly, to be a community that supports every member from top to bottom. What games does Reaper Actual take part in? Arma Series Rust CS-GO Battlefield Series DCS: World Star Citizen War Thunder World of Warships Escape from Tarkov With many more, and many more to come! If you want to be a part of a community that RESPECTS one another; SUPPORTS its members from top to bottom; or just wants to be part of a group fill out an application on our website ****Once you fill out an application, please wait for a response from a recruiter. There is no membership cost. We ask members to be at least 17 years of age or older, Mature younger players under the age of 17 will be accepted on case by case scenario.****
  18. The New Doom on steam

    OK hope I posted this in the right section, please move this post if its in the wrong area, while we are waiting for EFT, I was wondering what everyone thinks about the new and upcoming game doom, I myself am an old Doom player and the new doom just doesn't seem to do it for me, its not really terrifying like the old doom, not really what i would call a horror game, so out of curiosity what do you guys think good game or not?As far as I'm concerned I think EFT is going to be one of the best FPS of the year, insurgency is pretty good as well..anyways let me know your thoughts....peace
  19. Share your best clutches

    One of my old videos before i got the green screen #DontmakeaBed day