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Found 62 results

  1. Game start time questions.

    Hello everyone Curious of a few things, as I'll try my best to explain them. And, as a disclaimer, I've kind of searched the forums to these specific questions to no avail. 1) I noticed when selecting "Woods" from the map selection screen, it says, "6-12" players and "25:00" time. But when I spawn into the game, It's usually around a "35:00" time limit. Is this the actual start of the raid for Woods map? And, if so, what is the purpose behind the "25:00" time at map select? Most of the material I see on the forums say that maps have like a 1 hour Raid time. Which is kind of strange because it's neither 35:00 nor 25:00. 2) Furthermore, when and if all 12 PMC's spawn on the map, can any more spawn in if they spawn within the threshold of maximum PMC spawn time? 3) And if so, what is the maximum spawn time for PMC's to spawn in? If, in fact, game start is "35:00" then can no more spawn in after, let's say, "25:00", meaning a "10:00" threshold? Thanks, let me know if there are concrete answers on this! Cheers, __Jester__
  2. Hello, Escapers! We'd like you to watch as CaRtOoNz and Ohmwrecker take on Tarkov and get into some really exciting and hilarious adventures. This video showcases the fun and mayhem that goes on in Escape From Tarkov! Enjoy.
  3. Just as the title says. So you have any number of cases in your stash, at some point you may use them for one type if not just stacks of the same item, so you spray paint a label onto them, such as "Guns" "Cash" etc. The Text would look like that spray on lettering cut outs Like this> Or whatever the devs decide to do for the text. PS Did I break any rules with this post?, my last one I was warned due to "spamming", still not sure what I did, I was replying to people.
  4. Let's talk Shoreline.

    So, I'm playing with a GTX 1070 I can run every map in the game on ultra with ease, except shoreline, it was bearable before the latest update, but after the latest patch, i'ts unplayable, which is really disappointing because i really like the map. Surely this is a problem for other people, can we expect a fix for this or am I going to need to upgrade my hardware by about 1000$ AUD??
  5. Hello Community:) I bought the standard edition two days ago and got the 25% discount. Very happy for that and would recommend anyone to use that. Thank you developers!:) Not knowing much of the game, I ran straight in, with the wisdom from an elementary student. I understood from the info, not to use good gear in PvP, so I went with only a knife and my alpha container. My first raid was in factory at day and what a raid it was! With only a knife, I sneaked around the factory, listening to footsteps and slowly progressing towards upper floor, where I found safe and office loot. Not knowing the extraction points, I put what I thought to be the most valuable in the container: Gold chain, valuta and a silencer. Soon after, I got shot from player, who most likely heard me opening containers. Just by doing this first run, I felt something I have not felt for a looooong time: The feeling of realism in a game. The sound of people walking, looting, talking and shooting, in a mix of an absolute stunningly audio and visual effects. What really made me go completely bananas, was how insane the modding are. Full visual, rotating gun and even zoom in to see what crosshair your mod has. How is that for awesome!!?? As a hoarder, I also find this game to be very interesting. The way to organize, sell and distribute the loot is both fun and at time frustrating. You want to know what to keep and sell, not to mention how to min/max storage. I love that you can inspect everything and learn something from that. Also, the sound when you make a sale to traders, so addictive!!:) After my factory run, I started to get hooked on doing fast, but intensely rewarding runs, while at the same time trying to get some kills. I found out dogtags could be sold for good money and that was cool. After two days of fast and safe rounds, I am starting to know map more and where to find good loot. Sometime this week, I will slowly start bringing out some of my better gear and try to go on the trader quests. I like the risk/reward and confident my practice from fast runs will come in handy. Thank you to the developers for developing this pure gem of a game and I wish you all the very best in finalizing the product. Stay safe in Tarkov! - Malakh
  6. Anyone notice low gpu usage with a 1080ti? It appears to my dismay and woe that, I cannot get this game to use more of my card. I7-7820x 4.4Ghz (8 core 16 Thread) msi gtx 1080ti 16 GB 1440p@144ghz I am saddened :(. p.s- anyone know what gameupload is? That appears to be always red for me. Thank you for the answers
  7. What is "GameUpload"?

    Does anyone have an idea of what "Gameupload" is? You can see this when you type "fps 1" in the command console. I notice that that effects fps and might even effect gpu usage! I notice when the gameupload goes down, the better fps you have. I was just wandering if anyone knew what it was. Nobody seems to know. Thanks for anyone who answers
  8. new patch complain

    Hello, I'm playin from beta start,but so many bugs like in this patch i never saw....running in fort is pointless...using gear is pointless,bots hits in every part off body and always loosing leg,or just insta kill...,mby reduce some damage to legs or something. meds bug(when u cant heal),lags jesus,my post is enother complain but game is unplayable right now....
  9. Hello! I noticed that when trying to launch the game with Action! Running, the game will immediately crash. If I launch the game first, then action! It just won't show up. Is there anyway to fix this? Thanks in advance!:)
  10. What Is "GameUpload"?

    Does anyone have an idea of what "Gameupload" is? You can see this when you type "fps 1" in the command console. I notice that that effects fps and might even effect gpu usage! I notice when the gameupload goes down, the better fps you have. I was just wandering if anyone knew what it was. Nobody seems to know. Thanks for anyone who answers

    Hi Devs and BattleState games.....I just wanted to say thank you for your effort to make this game...Its by far the best FPS Ive ever played. I LOVE the realism!! I hate games that are fake or futuristic. The more real the better it is. And you guys hit it on point. I love gun modifications which taught me a lot about weapons and mods. Im sooooo eager to see the other maps because I enjoyed the hell out of them!! And if the upcoming maps are as good as Shoreline, Factory, Woods, and Customs, then THANK YOU once again.... I bought the Edge of Darkness edition because this game is worth the money. Keep up the good work and THANK YOU for being perfectionists. Thats what makes a good game into a great game.......Peace
  12. Game Reset

    I just reset my profile last night, is there any way to know if you can reset again after purchasing a better Edition? Or if a dev can do it for you manually?
  13. Hello Dev Team, I recently bought the game and have some suggestion to improve the gameplay: -Melee system: In a game like tarkov, I don't really see the point to have a cs-like melee system. I think the localized body parts damage should stay but I think a system of special actions would be more fitting to the game. First, it would be nice to be able to charge an ennemy and attack, not needing to stop sprinting to stab the guy with the gun in front of you. Also, it would be nice to have special actions as sneak elimination, enableing a special animation of you cutting your opponents throat from behind, or in combat being able to grab the ennemy so he doesn't run away and stab him, the grabbed party being able to fly only by mashing the attack button to get away or to hit the attacker (the latter depending on your characters skill and perk) or the ability to kick an oponent away from you, potentially making him stumble on environment. -Be able to change the FOV -Be able to change the gamma and lighting features -Be able to loot cars by breaking a window, potentially trigerring the alarm -Be able to roll on the side when at the lowest position with the lean right-left commands -Be able to tear down your shirt/pants to make rags you can use as bandages, but makes you more vulnerable to barbed wires and can make your wounds infected, even if stopping the blood loss That's all I have in mind for now, but it really is a good game with a very unique feel, looking forward for the next patch!
  14. why did the patch to "fix" server issues break it even more? im just wondering just a simple question towards the devs since they claim to have updated to fix these issues and just made them worse
  15. Game crashing when launching

    My game keeps crashing when it's logging me in. It doesn't crash per se, it just freezes a few seconds into loading. When launching the game from the .exe as admin, when I enter my credentials it crashes. I have tried: Underclocking/Overclocking Restarting PC Launching as Admin Reinstalling game and launcher Updating/Downgrading drivers Trying the game on a different windows account (I haven't played in a few months decided to try the game again after the patch.)
  16. Bug Bingo!

    This is kinda a rant but I wanna play a game of bingo with everyone who reads this. Please post comments as to what bugs have killed you in the game since patch. I've been killed by invincible scavs. Scavs that are invisible. Scavs that can shoot through walls. Scavs that spawn in my a**hole and proceed to give me a colonoscopy with their 750mm barrel of the MP Shotgun (this ones the best). Players that de-sync proceed to run in the same place then teleport in my face and f**ked me up. and finally players that are just ducking invincible. I've never pumped some many shotgun shells into a single player watched them stand up turn around and shoot me once. Now thats over lets go back into the game and experience more =D have fun all.
  17. I dont have my axe anymore.

    used to play this game a lot and never had this issue, I came back and now I no longer have a melee weapon so I resort to using the scav knife which is worse then the 150 dollar knife I paid for lol.
  18. Squads

    Squading... or playing with others, yes i can see the apeal ofc, and sometimes i do team with a friend, but 5 man squads on factory like the TAW members are doing? Pointless its a 5 v 1 situation, and that doesnt include the scavs, either make the map bigger with more players, or dont let 5 man squads join a 6/7 player map.....
  19. Very hack in the game.

    I wonder if they are taking any action against the hacks that are taking over the servers.
  20. Game Issue

    so my launcher starts and updates just fine and everything but every time i hit play it just pops up with this window (attaching a screenshot) any idea what could be causing it? i have uninstalled and reinstalled 3 times now.
  21. game upgrade

    hi, i have a quick question i got the game and have played the hell out of it and enjoy the hell out of it. My question is can i upgrade the game i have the standard copy can i upgrade it like for a bigger storage or case?
  22. Adding Wind Sound effect

    Just a quick suggestion i would think it would be more realistic if the "windy days" on the woods map intended or not have a breeze sound effect cause the category 2 wind storms on the map sometimes seem off without any sound effects.
  23. Clan Play

    So my question to the devs. why allow clan and group play.....? the maps dont spawn enough players ... factory for instance, 6/7spawns? 5 of them can be in a group against a single player.... on a map that small..... it doesnt work, either balance it so groups go in against each other or remove group play all in all, its a hardcore shooter. not a squad game right?,,,,,, devs please awnser!
  24. So straight off the bat, I go into a game on Factory with a Suppressed TT, I get 3 kills, all easy, 2 AK-74U AI and one hatchling, go underground and unlock the door to the Exfil, a few AI come down the ramp and into the long tunnel, I managed to kill them without any issues, I begin to slowly walk down the corridor in fear one more is there, next thing I know, the render distance blurs out end of the corridor where a Player Scav was waiting, as he peaked, I couldn't see him, just the muzzle flash, this has to change, I was half way down the corridor near the metal staircase when the render distance blurred out the end of the corridor, I have went into an offline match to recreate the annoying blur that got me killed. The map is seriously too small and that corridor shouldn't ever cause blur like that due to the fact I had my eye and TT pointed at that corner, personally I feel the dev team should make sure that the render distance on Factory is tweaked because of the small size of the map. Has anyone else had this before? If you look at the pictures, I have taken several, you can see how this blur occurs and when you get further, it goes away. One thing to note, on the image where I am furthest away, you can see the end of the corridor clearly, is has no blur to it and you can pick targets quite easily, whereas you get closer, the corridor then blurs at the end and then stops blurring after a certain point