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Found 48 results

  1. Game crashing when launching

    My game keeps crashing when it's logging me in. It doesn't crash per se, it just freezes a few seconds into loading. When launching the game from the .exe as admin, when I enter my credentials it crashes. I have tried: Underclocking/Overclocking Restarting PC Launching as Admin Reinstalling game and launcher Updating/Downgrading drivers Trying the game on a different windows account (I haven't played in a few months decided to try the game again after the patch.)
  2. Bug Bingo!

    This is kinda a rant but I wanna play a game of bingo with everyone who reads this. Please post comments as to what bugs have killed you in the game since patch. I've been killed by invincible scavs. Scavs that are invisible. Scavs that can shoot through walls. Scavs that spawn in my a**hole and proceed to give me a colonoscopy with their 750mm barrel of the MP Shotgun (this ones the best). Players that de-sync proceed to run in the same place then teleport in my face and f**ked me up. and finally players that are just ducking invincible. I've never pumped some many shotgun shells into a single player watched them stand up turn around and shoot me once. Now thats over lets go back into the game and experience more =D have fun all.
  3. I dont have my axe anymore.

    used to play this game a lot and never had this issue, I came back and now I no longer have a melee weapon so I resort to using the scav knife which is worse then the 150 dollar knife I paid for lol.
  4. Squads

    Squading... or playing with others, yes i can see the apeal ofc, and sometimes i do team with a friend, but 5 man squads on factory like the TAW members are doing? Pointless its a 5 v 1 situation, and that doesnt include the scavs, either make the map bigger with more players, or dont let 5 man squads join a 6/7 player map.....
  5. Very hack in the game.

    I wonder if they are taking any action against the hacks that are taking over the servers.
  6. Game Issue

    so my launcher starts and updates just fine and everything but every time i hit play it just pops up with this window (attaching a screenshot) any idea what could be causing it? i have uninstalled and reinstalled 3 times now.
  7. game upgrade

    hi, i have a quick question i got the game and have played the hell out of it and enjoy the hell out of it. My question is can i upgrade the game i have the standard copy can i upgrade it like for a bigger storage or case?
  8. Clan Play

    So my question to the devs. why allow clan and group play.....? the maps dont spawn enough players ... factory for instance, 6/7spawns? 5 of them can be in a group against a single player.... on a map that small..... it doesnt work, either balance it so groups go in against each other or remove group play all in all, its a hardcore shooter. not a squad game right?,,,,,, devs please awnser!
  9. for some reson every time i try to upgrade the game it tell me that "Unfortunately we cannot process your payment at this time".i have the standard addition.
  10. Adding Wind Sound effect

    Just a quick suggestion i would think it would be more realistic if the "windy days" on the woods map intended or not have a breeze sound effect cause the category 2 wind storms on the map sometimes seem off without any sound effects.
  11. So straight off the bat, I go into a game on Factory with a Suppressed TT, I get 3 kills, all easy, 2 AK-74U AI and one hatchling, go underground and unlock the door to the Exfil, a few AI come down the ramp and into the long tunnel, I managed to kill them without any issues, I begin to slowly walk down the corridor in fear one more is there, next thing I know, the render distance blurs out end of the corridor where a Player Scav was waiting, as he peaked, I couldn't see him, just the muzzle flash, this has to change, I was half way down the corridor near the metal staircase when the render distance blurred out the end of the corridor, I have went into an offline match to recreate the annoying blur that got me killed. The map is seriously too small and that corridor shouldn't ever cause blur like that due to the fact I had my eye and TT pointed at that corner, personally I feel the dev team should make sure that the render distance on Factory is tweaked because of the small size of the map. Has anyone else had this before? If you look at the pictures, I have taken several, you can see how this blur occurs and when you get further, it goes away. One thing to note, on the image where I am furthest away, you can see the end of the corridor clearly, is has no blur to it and you can pick targets quite easily, whereas you get closer, the corridor then blurs at the end and then stops blurring after a certain point
  12. 1 VS 5

    Hi I would like to know what the hell you developers are thinking with 5 man squads in maps that support 5-7 players. This means that not only are all the SCAVs against you but also all the PMC's at least give us the option to select that we want to play impossible mode. It's already hard enough for me to compensate for the lag, de-sync and horrible net issues that I have playing from South-Africa. Not all of us want to play with 5 man squads just to do a decent raid. Please consider reducing this stupid high party size or giving us the option to not play against 5 MAN SQUADS !
  13. Insure all

    Just a small Question, can we get an insure all button in the garage, so we can insure every insurable item in out stash?
  14. Cant install game

    Everytime I go to install the game through my launcher this message comes up. Error while downloading and installing the game Unable to read data from the transport connection: The connection was closed. I have tried turning my firewall and anti virus off, and running as admin. Nothing is working. I would greatly appreciate some help.
  15. so i recently just switched to win10 and i set my game drive back to the letter i had it on before hand. EFT is still installed and i can run it if i click the .exe but the launcher will not find it and i really dont want to reinstall a game i already have. ive tried to set the path to existing game installation but its not working. any suggestions?
  16. Guten tag alle zusammen., Ich habe leider eine Leidige Anfrage und Hilfestellung. Ist es jemanden Gelungen ein Refund zu bekommen? Dieser Account hier ist von meinem Sohn der ohne Erlaubnis Geld benutzt hat um sich das Paket zu Kaufen. Wir haben von Grund auf schon nicht viel geld und ich habe versucht den Support zu bitten diesen Account einfach zu Sperren aber dieser Weigert sich zu einer Rückzahlung. Leider oder zum glück Leben wir in der EU und noch genauer in Deutschland, nach einem kurzen Gespräch mit der Verbraucherschutzzentrale wurde klar das die Politik zum zurückzahlen unter "Unerwartete Klausel fällt" da es üblich ist das man solche Founder packs auch erstattet bekommt ist die Klausel in der User Agreement nicht gültig. Ich will mich darauf nicht Versteifen und ich verstehe ja warum sie es reingeschrieben haben, aber dieser Account ist nicht mit meiner Erlaubnis Entstanden. Sie sagten mir das sie solche sachen nicht erzwingen wollen aber haben mir 4 mal mit der gleichen Standart Antwort zum Refund geantwortet. Ich will das nicht an die VSZ weitergeben den sonst kann es sein das Jeder Deutsche das recht hat ein refund einzufordern und das soll ja nicht Ziel sein. Ich will nur das Geld wiederhaben das gar nicht erst hier landen sollte. Das SPiel wurde meines Wissen nicht einmal Gespielt sicher bin ich mir da allerdings nicht. Es ist keine 2 Wochen her. Gibt es ein Moderator der vielleicht Hilfestellung walten lassen kann bevor ich den Rechtlichen Weg einschlage? Das Geld wird dringend gebraucht wir könne uns solche Spiele hier nicht Leisten.
  17. Taxonomy Error?

    Hey guys, are you lot getting a Taxonomy error? I can't log back into the game and it just has a red code of 231!
  18. Game Upgrade

    Is there a posibility i could upgrade my standard version?
  19. When the full game is released will it have like a single player mode where we can have fun with just more AI as I sometime like playing on my own as well? And also will it save you progress separately to online pvp?
  20. Hi my names Mudzey, I'm always good with Ideas use to be a game developer and engineer myself. I have huge expectations for this games future. I want to share some a few ideas within the community, and hopefully they will agree to me with this so I can also enjoy seeing it in game in the near future? As the main source code of the game is developed around realism and can very difficult at all best when working with a team small to large. We need something that we can use in game as a function, maybe something like character animations. follow me hand wave, hold etc. I think you know what I mean? The biggest Idea I have though come's from when working as a group sometimes when clearing and searching rooms you can easily shoot your friend. It be cool as well as If we could have custom player clothing bages on our shoulders so we also can Identity friend or foe. What if you could have a function to lean on you partner and this could be implemented into the players group functions, not random as people would troll with this. Final and most important. It might be me missing the page on the forums? I would really love to have a tab espasily for game ideas and have the community opinions and have there ideas implemented. This would be cool to see, It's nice to see developers make something for the community please be careful as some are out to get things to troll or don't understand game dev. I will be posting more at some point I hope people will agree reply to this message if you want please get this message across I want a few more functions added. And later I will still be here to support this games future launch or the full release that I will still be playing, I do want to see some of the Ai skill level tuned. As of recently 08/08/17 11:52 and later in the day when the ai was tune live update, I was killed and was one shooted while free falling from the factory pipes and died instantly, no fall damage. and lost a lot of expensive gear took me 1-2 hours getting and farming. There was also a bug I went to pick up a scav AI weapon and did not show in the inventory but was laying on the ground. I was really upset by the looks of things to what I could see Shh secret for those don't want spoilers in game content weapons. But could you refund me the tommy gun, I'm not lying I think I streamed it on twitch?
  21. ok so i dont know what this is but everytime i play one martch i will try to go into another ad no matter what map or pmc or scav it wont let me join any of them and says 605 no servers found. if anyone has a fix or something i would really appreciate it
  22. To wait or no

    As we know, beta is out. Sadly I leave in 2 days time for 5 days time. So i ask you, do I indulge for these 2 short days then tear myself away from this gem, or do I keep my dreams and hopes locked up for a week only to splurge for countless hours making streams and videos like there's no tomorrow. I cannot make this decision alone my friends. May your hatchet stay sharp.

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  24. How will you play?

    Your Play Style So, you download the game, you load in.. what next?. I'm interested to find out how you think you'll adapt your play style once you get in. Based on what we know already, how do you execute the perfect experience?. Friendly or Foe? Stealth or all out war?