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Found 34 results

  1. STORIES OF TARKOV -Let‘s Plays

    Stories of Tarkov - Ikarus-Effekt 3 kleine Episoden aus EFT
  2. Rotating camera

    Anyone else experiencing a rotating camera that's constantly looking left and upward? any help is appreciated fwiends 0_0....
  3. Un gros gunfight

    salut les gars ! une petite vidéo en armure !
  4. City Of Tarkov [Music Video]

    So I used to be a rapper at one time... In my excitement for what may be the greatest survival game EH-VER, I was listening to some royalty free music I get, as part of my YouTube Partnership. Let's just say, lyrics popped off in my head. Here is the result..."Welcome to the most dangerous city in Russia 2028. Where savages, and scavengers run wild. Where guns are the most precious commodity. Where you can die over a pack of crackers..." Colonel Twerkins - City Of Tarkov [Music Video]
  5. Escape From TeamKill

    Salut les gars, une nouvelle vidéo un peu fun !
  6. VOIP, The wonderful idea

    HONESTLY There has been so many times where I run into another player in raid that I wish I could communicate with. For instance I was playing Customs and ran into a weaponless player, I had only a P226. We danced then worked together to take out AI on bridge by spawn, great teamwork.... Until I wanted to ask him if he had water We survived PvP at buildings but i took a few hits and of course he thinks I am making grunting noises do to lack of health which in reality I just needed a damn drink! I GET IT Some People, dont quote me, seems like they feel VOIP would ruin the experience. Hear me out. The game IS A HARDCORE SURVIVAL, so why not give the ability to survive with others? I mean having to search forums or dark tunnels for some friends is not always easy and maybe you are an old school person and enjoy meeting your buddies on the battlefield! Yea more people would team than usual but there will always be that suspensful PvP action, I can almost assure you people still would want to kill each other. I mean think about it, think about how many people you killed on instinct, impulse. Meeting someone friendly can sometimes be a rewarding moment, let there be friends! Let there be bottles of water to share! PROXIMITY BUDS Obviously I feel the only in match chat would be proximity voice. Feel like it would make the match even more bone chilling! Imagine walking through factory but you hear feint whispers from your left, just the idea of what could happen next makes it more thrilling I would think. Will they be friends? Or will they disagree and draw? FINAL SUMMATION VOIP is something that I have always found interesting and useful in survival games. Makes for a much more thrilling and sometimes goofy adventure. Nothing is better than the ability to talk to the man with a big gun next to you, no need to be strangers.
  7. Guten Abend, dass neue Update bringt deutliche Verbesserungen in der Performance in Game, zumindest für mich. Allerdings wird das Spiel so langsam sehr langweilig und monoton. Nicht zu vergessen sind dabei die Punkte die bereits in anderen Posts beleuchtet wurden. Performance: Nach dem Update sah bei mir alles gut aus, das Spiel hat deutlich schnellere Ladezeiten und die FPS waren stabil, in Game und im "Menu", also im Charakterbildschirm. Connection: Die Verbindung und die Reaktionszeiten der NPCs, sowie die Spielerreaktionen (erschossen werden) waren deutlich besser als vor dem Update. Gameplay: Das Gameplay stagniert sehr schnell und wurde, auch durch die "Tasks" nicht verbessert. Es gibt keine Möglichkeit bei Gegnern zu sehen ob es die gleiche Fraktion oder die gegnerische Fraktion ist. (Von dem her macht auch ein "Karma"-System keinen Sinn.) Man muss jeden Spielercharakter erschießen den man sieht, da Loot und überleben wichtiger sind als alles andere. Es gibt keinen Anreiz darauf zu achten wer getötet wird. Anmerkung: Falls ein System eingeführt wird müsste es den "kill" eines Verbündeten so stark bestrafen dass sich der ganze Raid nicht lohnt oder es zumindest eine Strafe gibt die mindestens soviel Wert abdeckt wie die teuerste Ausrüstung des Spiels kostet. Da es sich sonst, trotz Bestrafung lohnt, Verbündete zu töten. Die Stagnation liegt allerdings auch daran, dass es keinen Nutzen des Überlebens gibt. Neues Equipment gibt es auch für Scav Runs oder Axe Runs. Oder man tötet (später) Verbündete. Es besteht also kein Grund das Spiel längerfristig zu spielen. Cheater: Ich spiele wirklich nicht allzu oft. Allerdings sind mir bei meinen Spielen schon recht viele Ungereimtheiten bei dem Verhalten von Mitspielern aufgefallen. Ohne darauf herumzureiten möchte ich hier anmerken dass es viel zu viele Cheater in dem Spiel gibt. Macht das Spiel echt langweilig. Und falls das Problem nicht in absehbarer Zeit in behoben bzw. wenigstens mit Motivation angegangen wird wird das Spiel eine Ruine wie H1Z1. Ich könnte mich noch weiter zu dem Spiel auslassen, sowohl positiv als auch negativ. Hätte hier aber lieber die Meinung anderer Spieler. Anmerkung: Bitte keine Antworten wie "Werd halt besser" oder "Spiel mehr" Es geht mir hier um das Spiel und nicht wie ich persönlich spiele. Außerdem zeugen solche Antworten von einem Unverständnis der Kritik.
  8. Was playing on woods the other day and my friend disconnected from the game so I was waiting around for him to return. Decided to lay down in the grass to hide my position. Another player was wandering across the field from spawn, he was using low detail due to his specs and just saw me laying on the ground with nothing around me, snuck up and shot me in the head. On my screen and at closer distance I was surrounded complete by grass but at range I stood out like a giant poop in a field... is this the desired result? Should I just be setting my graphics to ultra low with high draw distance or something?
  9. Well respected Devs, Let me suggest you to reconsider and prolong the time frame you provided to accept the insured gear at traders. There is nothing to do with realism that atm we have such a short time, causing I have to think twice to play in a good gear few days before traveling, being offline, going for holiday or any issue which doesn't allow me to get back my gear, even if I payed for the insurance. At least 1 week or 10 days would be my minimum. Hope you will think about and could change it.
  10. Game-Breaking Reload Glitch?

    Hey all, So I already know about the mechanic where you double tap reload and throw the mag to the ground to hurry and get the new on in. This is definitely not that. That motion has a certain animation and you can hear the mag hit the ground. I wanted to see if anyone else had this happen to them and if this was a glitch or yet a different mechanic. 1) Often when I go to reload a mag, especially a two-handed weapon like a the AK74u or the Saiga, i'll drop the mag to the ground but it happens when just performing a standard reload. Usually the mag should back in my tac vest, but instead it falls to the ground. No sound or animation is played and if you didn't look down at the ground or at your inventory as you are reloading, it is very easy to not realize you lost your mag. By every account this seems to be a glitch or bug and it is not replaceable by any action or set of actions I can find. Also, when it happens it continues happening from the start of a raid till the end. I'm not sure if restarting the game fixes it. 2) Also I randomly can't check my chamber and I've never been able to check ammo. Again, I haven't had trouble with any of these things at times but at others they just don't work at all. Again the problems last all for the entire round when it happens and again it is random when this will or will-not happen. 3) Finally, now always have a glitch that when I crouch, I cannot stand back up with any key but the jump key. Very annoying and has gotten me killed as I press the crouch button to uncrouch in a panic only for nothing to happen. But I can crouch again with the crouch button and am stuck in crouch till i press jump or prone. Does this happen to anyone else? Oh and this only happens when playing as my main character while playing in an online raid. It never happens while playing as a Scav or as offline in the test modes. I checked the forum for people having similar issues to these but didn't see any post about them. Playing on an Alienware gaming laptop if that helps devs narrow down the issue at all. Thanks.
  11. двери

    Доброго времени суток , есть иидея запретить выбивать двери ,если у вас сломана нога
  12. Looking for someon to play with

    Hi, I am locking for someone to play with, should be able to teach me some basic tactics and tips for raids. I am familiar with basic gun-modding, traders and insurance system, but not quite firm with it. I speak English and German
  13. Missing Footsteps

    Has anyone had the issue where the footsteps of AI or Players completely disappears, not sure what happened but an AI somehow managed to get behind me after I heard a bush swipe to my front left, next thing I hear is an AI shouting over my left shoulder, magically the AI had passed by me without so much as making a sound! Anyone else having this issue, sometimes when I wear my Comtacs the footsteps are inaudible at times! And no, there is no profanity Woodsen
  14. When the full game is released will it have like a single player mode where we can have fun with just more AI as I sometime like playing on my own as well? And also will it save you progress separately to online pvp?
  15. Territories

    Territories will only be avalible once the player hs unlocked free-roam [completed all seperate raids]. At least 2 will be PMC territories and a number will be Scav territories [5 as an example], the Scav territories will differ depending on which Scav group/organisation holds it. This could mean more experienced Scavs with better aim and teamwork to the Scavs who don't really know what they're doing. A least one piece of Territory is neutral and can be taken over by either factions, and Territories that are held by other factions can be taken over also. The Map Territories will reset [every 24 hours maybe?] The Territories can be taken over, by either PMC groups depending on how many escapes each PMC group makes [There could be better options I just haven't thought of any, leave suggestions] and Scavs could take over depending on how many PMCs or opposing Scavs they kill, this could work for the PMC groups also. I feel as if this would make the game more immersive and complex, I would love to hear what you guys think. Feel free to leave suggestions that change or add to this so the devs can see! The map of Tarkov, has coloured areas being occupied territories and the white in the middle being neutral. [For reference]
  16. Assim que levantarem NDA transmitirem Gameplays do EFT ao vivo no Canal Vigilat no youtube. Pessoal de uma força lá. Canal Vigilant
  17. Pre-game betting

    Here is what I think. Alot of us can't get into matches, and that is a little upsetting, so sitting at our computers, what will we do with our time? I say we introduce a spectator mode where before the game starts you can bet roubles on which team will win. This will ease those who can't get into filled lobbies, while circulating money more in the game, helping out the economy. If 4/8 spectators bet that USEC will win, and USEC wins, obviously the pot is distributed evenly, and vice versa. You can leave it like that or you can go further and bet on things like: Who will have the highest K:D, who will survive and be extracted, etc. This would mean obviously that spectators cannot communicate through chat or voice to the players, only in their seperate channel. Just an idea, gambling is fun in all games but it should always relate to the main game its self. also, just if you wanted another idea, to distrubute lobbies more evenly, instead of using the system of playing one game and then the server kicking you for the next batch of players, you could have 8-10- however many players in game, and an equal amount of spectators, so that when the game ends and all the bets are won and lost, the players become spectators and bet on the same things. I am no game developer so I don't know how hard queue systems are to make, but it would be an enjoyable and balanced system that stimulates the players and the economy.
  18. Noxxid3's Gameplay videos

    Hey guys, what do you think of my latest video? Anything i can improve?
  19. [Question] Slings?

    Just a quick question. I'd like to know if there will be Sling types added to the game later down the line? Like the One Point Sling, Traditional 2 point, and the Three Point Sling. It's completely okay if they don't show up in the game at all. I'd just like to know if there are plans for them. It be cool to have a sling that shows the weapon hanging from the front of the body like a one point sling and boosting a weapons ergonomics making it faster to bring up to the ready position.
  20. 7.62x39

    Is there any point to keeping 7.62x39 in the game right now? I've found quite a bit and the only gun I've seen that battlestate's made a model for that would fire this is the SKS. Is the SKS in the Extended Alpha or should I just sell my stock?
  21. How do Raids work?

    I've been looking around the forums and videos to see the game play since the NDA has lifted and am a bit confused on how these raids work. First question is based off the keys, i see some people talking about how you can purchase a raid key in order to participate in the raid, than others who say you need to find a key somewhere spawned in the map in order to escape. Which is it? And is it that easy to survive a raid if all you need to do is get from A to B with a key? Doesn't seem that difficult in theory. As well about the scavs, i know they aren't a part of the alpha yet. But i read somewhere that has me worried. That as a scav you go in with nothing, but a randomly selected gear set. Then you need to survive and escape like everyone else and leave with the equipment you collected. This seems stupid to me, because whats the point in risking your equipment as a PMC for some gain. If you can just not risk anything for a big gain.
  22. Can I make videos of the game?

    I want to upload videos to youtube but i am not sure if i can do that
  23. Gameplay Trailer Fanmade

    Hi all ! I've created a Gameplay Trailer for fun Have fun !
  24. Hi everyone. just bought the game yesterday and OMG i cant wait for the full release. I got a question tho, if i for example join a raid as an USEC player, will i be up against other BEAR players? or is it still just scavs? Thx.