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Found 46 results

  1. Full Auto vs Single Fire

    I wanted to get some group opinions on this, I've watched a lot of videos of people like Kotton playing this game and it seems like they are all always running Full Auto all the time. Personal preference of mine is single fire as it allows better accuracy for distance shots and I just change the fire rate when I get in close quarters. But I guess the question is, is that a waste of time? Should I just learn to shoot full auto all the time?
  2. My pewny little TT will surely kill em all (ง ͠° ͟ل͜ ͡°)ง come at me.
  3. Scav Gameplay

    Hello Battlestate Games; DivinePhantom here, and I would like to express my concern with a experience of mine. This experience comes from one of my gameplays as a Scav. So the one thing that has caught my concern and suggestion for the game in future releases, is the having the fact that rogue scavs have a completely different status than any other scav. And this Allow me to elaborate from my experience. In my latest run playing as a scav at customs at 6 in the morning with the sun not out(in game timer), I was acting like an AI scav myself at the UN Checkpoint at Customs. Mimicking and acting like an AI scav, I stood next to two other AI Scavs at the UN checkpoint Then comes another scav and he is infact a player scav. How did I know this? 1)He was running as a scav and I sneaked past him in one of the factory buildings. (AI Scavs don't run) 2) In the dark he had toggled his weapon tactical light. 3) AI scavs would have been shooting him from at least 15 meters, from my experience. (which in this case is the P226 with the underbarrel flashlight). That is how I knew, but the problem lies when he started shooting me from behind the closest UN vehicle in the ditch next to the UN Checkpoint. He first shot me, perhaps because I had an unfinished assault rifle in my hands (It was dark, but enough to see silhouettes). Then lies the actual problem, the AI Scavs that were standing next to me wasn't shooting him back at all?! Since the AI scavs didn't shoot back, I decided to act like the AI scavs and just not return fire. Instead I stepped behind another AI scav so it could shield me from the incoming P226 fire. Then the Player Scav shoots the AI scav and LOL. The AI Scavs do absolutely nothing! Until he had kill two of the AI scavs, I then return fire and I did not see if I killed him as my legs were fractured and I just shot I'm 3 times. After an immediate 6 seconds two AI scavs approach me and start shooting me?! How do I know they're AI Scavs? 1) They were speaking Russian all the time. 2) There should have been atleast 4 scavs around the UN Checkpoint within a 30 meter distance. My issue is that I shot the Rogue Scav in defense to save my scav life, but in return, since I shot a "SCAV" (Actually a rogue player scav) I became a rogue scav myself. Please help and make this change! So that I can shoot rogue scavs freely without having myself be at risk from the AI scavs! Thank you for reading this suggestion and if you have any constructive advice and suggestions to add on, please do feel free to do so! Over n Out, DivinePhantom
  4. For ppl like me, that are not the best in this game, and getting more and more frustated about all of these guys with theire heavy supressed guns, why isnt there just a offline inventory, so that we can play just with ki? i know that the current one, is to figure out thinks and report bugs, but it only needed a offline inventory and it would be perfect. may implent rare m4, vals and the other weapons to these ai scevs, thats all what would be needed. it would be still a hardcore game, it would be still difficult and it would still have the same meaning of the game, just against ai, why wont this coming? I ducking love this game, but im to bad to kill some one with good equip, and every time im getting in to a raid with some ''good'' stuff, im dieing out of no where. this is no fun. and it would be perfect for every one, whos not as good as need to kill such guys, so the player base could be more different, than just hardcore pro gamers. more ppl could play this also. tell me your opinion about it, so we can talk. have a good day:) and sorry for my bad english^^
  5. Matching Fixes/Ideas

    Hi, I see some ideas around but not a place where people talk about matching. Also I see a lot of problems with the current matching system. I'll not even talk about the long waits on the match screen (let's assume it's a bug been fixed at the moment). I'm going to talk about spawn because as well. I believe matching and spawn have a high correlation, unless we go into a system where the match closes at the beginning (what I really don't like). 1 - Squads: I believe the main problem I've been facing is squads matches. What do I mean? - Squads should match with other squads with approximately same size. So I would love to see the match system prioritizing 5vs5, 5vs4, 4vs4,, 4vs3, 3vs3, 3vs2, 2vs2, 2vs1, 1vs1 teams. My 5c is to even the max number of players in each map so the end game will maximize the number of squads matches (for example 3x 5players squads), today the max players numbers are not really good for the 5 man groups (6,8,9,12). And please, stop filling up matches with single players vs 5 players squads! That brings me to the second point. - Change the max number of players in a squad depending on the map, so it can maximize the squads fights. I can see some threads talking about limit the number of players in a squad or reduce, I believe it should depend on the map and the number of players on the map. For example factory with max of 6 players should allow only 3 man squads, that way you will have 2x 3man squads or a 3vs2 man squad, it may make sense to add a single player in this fight (refer to skill based match). 2 - Skill based Match: I can't tell if the skill is been used to match. - Would be good to have the skill based match in place, this would help on the game play. Also with the skill based could make sense to add squads with small numbers to play against squads with hight numbers of players. I can even see a solo player against a 2 or 3 man squad. For example, let's say match by avg skill: if you have 2 players lvl 20 a lvl 40 players could fight the 2 man squad. That should help fill up matches. 3- Matching wait: If you can't find a fresh match in 2-3min give an option to join a old match. - Let's say it's been hard to find me a new match. Show an old match option and give the option to "join or not" with the remaining time of the match. So if I want to keep waiting more 2-3 min for a fresh match I have the option to stay in the queue or I can just jump in an "old" match and see what is going on. Waiting 10min for a fresh match sometimes is really boring. Also sometimes I'm not looking for the early PVP fight, I just want to chill, PVE and loot every single item (nice surprise if a PMC is still around). 4 - Spawn time: Spawn time could be spread across the match. It kind of hard today since the map is very linear, but with some improvements in the spawns areas would be nice to see a spread on spawn time so it stop been a battle royal at the start. It could help on matching time as well, since if you are in a squad of 5 you can jump in a new match without having to wait for another 5 players team and so one. - It could spawn PMCs up if the match still have 15min or more to go in the clock (depending on the map, for example: customs/shoreline 25, woods 20). - It could spawn Scavs at any point (keeping things quite on edge for PMCs), if a PMCs still on the match. Scavs groups should try to match with the same number of players (see item 1) 5 - Scavs AI: Respawn should be random and away from Players. It's really strange today, not sure if it's random or not. - Scavs AI should have a high probability of spawning on the map and always away from Players. Would be nice to have a constant number of Scavs on the match all the time. Let's say a min and max Scavs depending on the map. Scavs could respawn on waves (like they are group of people getting in the area) and always away from areas the player is. This way they/scavs can be attracted by the player if there is some gun fight or the player can constantly seek for interaction in the match. - I feel very strange the scavs just spawns when PMC goes over a area, at least this how it looks like to me today. They could spawn at the start of the match and do as suggested above on waves. There you go... Hope more people can collaborate and we see some improvements in next patch! A lot of ideas, I hope people can collaborate and give some good ideas for good gameplay. Cheers ps: let me know if I need to do any typo/grammar fix, really tired
  6. I hate the mechanic in which your character will point his weapon upwards (like hes against a wall) when close to an enemy. I generally just think its unrealistic in the fact that a scav with a pistol can come round a corner and you cant do anything because your character thinks the ceiling is more of a threat to him than the dude with the pistol in front of him. I've noticed in this patch that your character will begin to point his weapon up a lot further away from objects before.
  7. Medical System

    Hi, the medical system is getting good. With the change on grizzly now people is having to carry the correct items. I would suggest a system from America Army 3 to use medical items with more than 1 function (video bellow as example). I would also suggest to penalize the use of incorrect medication. Something very cool would be to change the grizzly and other multi proupose medical items to be a "bag" that you can buy/find new or resupply with the current item or similar (lets say use normal bandages instead of military, use pain killer instead of morphine, etc). Hope you guys enjoy. ps: I would focus on server and desync/lag, match problems first. I hope you guys are already on top of this problem so we can move on and suggest new cool features

    Salut à tous ! Quelle ne fut pas ma surprise !
  9. Les aventures De Black Et Goulag

    Salut à tous ! un peu de gameplay avant la maj de cette semanie !
  10. A End Game Puropose?

    Hi all, i was wandering if you are thinking about a late-game purpose for this game, maybe specially hard raid mission or some special pvp mode.The game is great really i can see the effort you developers are putting in the game, i love how hard and punishing it is ,and all the spec of the weapons are insane. I mean when i reach my final perfect gear, what i have to do then? I think is a question worth wondering about because it can be a great asset for the game i mean everyone can feel as all the looting he do have a reason, win an hard raid or win something like a clan/faction war. What did you think about it? (players too)
  11. Attacking Scavs as a Scav

    Hi All, I had a look around but could not find any information regarding this, but i saw a few videos where people mentioned that if you attack a scav while playing as a scav all other scavs attack you/ know you have killed another scav. Is this the case or was the video wrong?
  12. Spawn Art Suggestion

    Hi art/devs, I have a quick suggestion that may give a bit more work to the art guys but would be very immersive. The extraction points are very nice and gives you an immersion that you are actually leaving the place (round). However the spawn is a bit random and looks like you just drop out of the blue in this place. My suggestion is to add some artwork on the spawn areas so it looks like a entry point. Could be a window, a rooftop, a door, rope, tunnel door, anything that gives you the impression of a place you just came in from. I know it will "reveal" the spawns areas, but since it's quite easy to find out the spawn areas form a map i don't think it will affect game-play and will improve the immersion. Also the "entry point" don't need to be exactly on your foot (so people can just camp it), I would say something more like on the area of the spawns (somewhere near) you can have a place that looks like you could have entered. Maybe in the future you could even have different animations on the entry points and extraction points (depending on the type). Here is my 5c hope you guys like the suggestion. All the best and keep up the good work.
  13. Rotating camera

    Anyone else experiencing a rotating camera that's constantly looking left and upward? any help is appreciated fwiends 0_0....
  14. Un gros gunfight

    salut les gars ! une petite vidéo en armure !
  15. STORIES OF TARKOV -Let‘s Plays

    Stories of Tarkov - Ikarus-Effekt 3 kleine Episoden aus EFT
  16. Escape From TeamKill

    Salut les gars, une nouvelle vidéo un peu fun !
  17. VOIP, The wonderful idea

    HONESTLY There has been so many times where I run into another player in raid that I wish I could communicate with. For instance I was playing Customs and ran into a weaponless player, I had only a P226. We danced then worked together to take out AI on bridge by spawn, great teamwork.... Until I wanted to ask him if he had water We survived PvP at buildings but i took a few hits and of course he thinks I am making grunting noises do to lack of health which in reality I just needed a damn drink! I GET IT Some People, dont quote me, seems like they feel VOIP would ruin the experience. Hear me out. The game IS A HARDCORE SURVIVAL, so why not give the ability to survive with others? I mean having to search forums or dark tunnels for some friends is not always easy and maybe you are an old school person and enjoy meeting your buddies on the battlefield! Yea more people would team than usual but there will always be that suspensful PvP action, I can almost assure you people still would want to kill each other. I mean think about it, think about how many people you killed on instinct, impulse. Meeting someone friendly can sometimes be a rewarding moment, let there be friends! Let there be bottles of water to share! PROXIMITY BUDS Obviously I feel the only in match chat would be proximity voice. Feel like it would make the match even more bone chilling! Imagine walking through factory but you hear feint whispers from your left, just the idea of what could happen next makes it more thrilling I would think. Will they be friends? Or will they disagree and draw? FINAL SUMMATION VOIP is something that I have always found interesting and useful in survival games. Makes for a much more thrilling and sometimes goofy adventure. Nothing is better than the ability to talk to the man with a big gun next to you, no need to be strangers.
  18. Guten Abend, dass neue Update bringt deutliche Verbesserungen in der Performance in Game, zumindest für mich. Allerdings wird das Spiel so langsam sehr langweilig und monoton. Nicht zu vergessen sind dabei die Punkte die bereits in anderen Posts beleuchtet wurden. Performance: Nach dem Update sah bei mir alles gut aus, das Spiel hat deutlich schnellere Ladezeiten und die FPS waren stabil, in Game und im "Menu", also im Charakterbildschirm. Connection: Die Verbindung und die Reaktionszeiten der NPCs, sowie die Spielerreaktionen (erschossen werden) waren deutlich besser als vor dem Update. Gameplay: Das Gameplay stagniert sehr schnell und wurde, auch durch die "Tasks" nicht verbessert. Es gibt keine Möglichkeit bei Gegnern zu sehen ob es die gleiche Fraktion oder die gegnerische Fraktion ist. (Von dem her macht auch ein "Karma"-System keinen Sinn.) Man muss jeden Spielercharakter erschießen den man sieht, da Loot und überleben wichtiger sind als alles andere. Es gibt keinen Anreiz darauf zu achten wer getötet wird. Anmerkung: Falls ein System eingeführt wird müsste es den "kill" eines Verbündeten so stark bestrafen dass sich der ganze Raid nicht lohnt oder es zumindest eine Strafe gibt die mindestens soviel Wert abdeckt wie die teuerste Ausrüstung des Spiels kostet. Da es sich sonst, trotz Bestrafung lohnt, Verbündete zu töten. Die Stagnation liegt allerdings auch daran, dass es keinen Nutzen des Überlebens gibt. Neues Equipment gibt es auch für Scav Runs oder Axe Runs. Oder man tötet (später) Verbündete. Es besteht also kein Grund das Spiel längerfristig zu spielen. Cheater: Ich spiele wirklich nicht allzu oft. Allerdings sind mir bei meinen Spielen schon recht viele Ungereimtheiten bei dem Verhalten von Mitspielern aufgefallen. Ohne darauf herumzureiten möchte ich hier anmerken dass es viel zu viele Cheater in dem Spiel gibt. Macht das Spiel echt langweilig. Und falls das Problem nicht in absehbarer Zeit in behoben bzw. wenigstens mit Motivation angegangen wird wird das Spiel eine Ruine wie H1Z1. Ich könnte mich noch weiter zu dem Spiel auslassen, sowohl positiv als auch negativ. Hätte hier aber lieber die Meinung anderer Spieler. Anmerkung: Bitte keine Antworten wie "Werd halt besser" oder "Spiel mehr" Es geht mir hier um das Spiel und nicht wie ich persönlich spiele. Außerdem zeugen solche Antworten von einem Unverständnis der Kritik.
  19. Was playing on woods the other day and my friend disconnected from the game so I was waiting around for him to return. Decided to lay down in the grass to hide my position. Another player was wandering across the field from spawn, he was using low detail due to his specs and just saw me laying on the ground with nothing around me, snuck up and shot me in the head. On my screen and at closer distance I was surrounded complete by grass but at range I stood out like a giant poop in a field... is this the desired result? Should I just be setting my graphics to ultra low with high draw distance or something?
  20. Well respected Devs, Let me suggest you to reconsider and prolong the time frame you provided to accept the insured gear at traders. There is nothing to do with realism that atm we have such a short time, causing I have to think twice to play in a good gear few days before traveling, being offline, going for holiday or any issue which doesn't allow me to get back my gear, even if I payed for the insurance. At least 1 week or 10 days would be my minimum. Hope you will think about and could change it.
  21. двери

    Доброго времени суток , есть иидея запретить выбивать двери ,если у вас сломана нога
  22. Looking for someon to play with

    Hi, I am locking for someone to play with, should be able to teach me some basic tactics and tips for raids. I am familiar with basic gun-modding, traders and insurance system, but not quite firm with it. I speak English and German
  23. Missing Footsteps

    Has anyone had the issue where the footsteps of AI or Players completely disappears, not sure what happened but an AI somehow managed to get behind me after I heard a bush swipe to my front left, next thing I hear is an AI shouting over my left shoulder, magically the AI had passed by me without so much as making a sound! Anyone else having this issue, sometimes when I wear my Comtacs the footsteps are inaudible at times! And no, there is no profanity Woodsen
  24. Game-Breaking Reload Glitch?

    Hey all, So I already know about the mechanic where you double tap reload and throw the mag to the ground to hurry and get the new on in. This is definitely not that. That motion has a certain animation and you can hear the mag hit the ground. I wanted to see if anyone else had this happen to them and if this was a glitch or yet a different mechanic. 1) Often when I go to reload a mag, especially a two-handed weapon like a the AK74u or the Saiga, i'll drop the mag to the ground but it happens when just performing a standard reload. Usually the mag should back in my tac vest, but instead it falls to the ground. No sound or animation is played and if you didn't look down at the ground or at your inventory as you are reloading, it is very easy to not realize you lost your mag. By every account this seems to be a glitch or bug and it is not replaceable by any action or set of actions I can find. Also, when it happens it continues happening from the start of a raid till the end. I'm not sure if restarting the game fixes it. 2) Also I randomly can't check my chamber and I've never been able to check ammo. Again, I haven't had trouble with any of these things at times but at others they just don't work at all. Again the problems last all for the entire round when it happens and again it is random when this will or will-not happen. 3) Finally, now always have a glitch that when I crouch, I cannot stand back up with any key but the jump key. Very annoying and has gotten me killed as I press the crouch button to uncrouch in a panic only for nothing to happen. But I can crouch again with the crouch button and am stuck in crouch till i press jump or prone. Does this happen to anyone else? Oh and this only happens when playing as my main character while playing in an online raid. It never happens while playing as a Scav or as offline in the test modes. I checked the forum for people having similar issues to these but didn't see any post about them. Playing on an Alienware gaming laptop if that helps devs narrow down the issue at all. Thanks.
  25. When the full game is released will it have like a single player mode where we can have fun with just more AI as I sometime like playing on my own as well? And also will it save you progress separately to online pvp?