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Found 22 results

  1. Hi, why there is no women characters in game? This should be changed ASAP, there should be women Scavs and character for PMC.
  2. Assim que levantarem NDA transmitirem Gameplays do EFT ao vivo no Canal Vigilat no youtube. Pessoal de uma força lá. Canal Vigilant
  3. Hi Everyone, I decided to make this video with some scenes from my stream on twitch. With this video I wanted to show how hard, painful and at the same time beautiful the life in Tarkov can be, especially for those who are new "here". Please let me know what you guys think, would be great to create better videos in the future. =)
  4. Here is what I think. Alot of us can't get into matches, and that is a little upsetting, so sitting at our computers, what will we do with our time? I say we introduce a spectator mode where before the game starts you can bet roubles on which team will win. This will ease those who can't get into filled lobbies, while circulating money more in the game, helping out the economy. If 4/8 spectators bet that USEC will win, and USEC wins, obviously the pot is distributed evenly, and vice versa. You can leave it like that or you can go further and bet on things like: Who will have the highest K:D, who will survive and be extracted, etc. This would mean obviously that spectators cannot communicate through chat or voice to the players, only in their seperate channel. Just an idea, gambling is fun in all games but it should always relate to the main game its self. also, just if you wanted another idea, to distrubute lobbies more evenly, instead of using the system of playing one game and then the server kicking you for the next batch of players, you could have 8-10- however many players in game, and an equal amount of spectators, so that when the game ends and all the bets are won and lost, the players become spectators and bet on the same things. I am no game developer so I don't know how hard queue systems are to make, but it would be an enjoyable and balanced system that stimulates the players and the economy.
  5. Hey guys, what do you think of my latest video? Anything i can improve?
  6. So I used to be a rapper at one time... In my excitement for what may be the greatest survival game EH-VER, I was listening to some royalty free music I get, as part of my YouTube Partnership. Let's just say, lyrics popped off in my head. Here is the result..."Welcome to the most dangerous city in Russia 2028. Where savages, and scavengers run wild. Where guns are the most precious commodity. Where you can die over a pack of crackers..." Colonel Twerkins - City Of Tarkov [Music Video]
  7. Just a quick question. I'd like to know if there will be Sling types added to the game later down the line? Like the One Point Sling, Traditional 2 point, and the Three Point Sling. It's completely okay if they don't show up in the game at all. I'd just like to know if there are plans for them. It be cool to have a sling that shows the weapon hanging from the front of the body like a one point sling and boosting a weapons ergonomics making it faster to bring up to the ready position.
  8. ammo

    Is there any point to keeping 7.62x39 in the game right now? I've found quite a bit and the only gun I've seen that battlestate's made a model for that would fire this is the SKS. Is the SKS in the Extended Alpha or should I just sell my stock?
  9. I've been looking around the forums and videos to see the game play since the NDA has lifted and am a bit confused on how these raids work. First question is based off the keys, i see some people talking about how you can purchase a raid key in order to participate in the raid, than others who say you need to find a key somewhere spawned in the map in order to escape. Which is it? And is it that easy to survive a raid if all you need to do is get from A to B with a key? Doesn't seem that difficult in theory. As well about the scavs, i know they aren't a part of the alpha yet. But i read somewhere that has me worried. That as a scav you go in with nothing, but a randomly selected gear set. Then you need to survive and escape like everyone else and leave with the equipment you collected. This seems stupid to me, because whats the point in risking your equipment as a PMC for some gain. If you can just not risk anything for a big gain.
  10. I want to upload videos to youtube but i am not sure if i can do that
  11. Hi all ! I've created a Gameplay Trailer for fun Have fun !
  12. Hi everyone. just bought the game yesterday and OMG i cant wait for the full release. I got a question tho, if i for example join a raid as an USEC player, will i be up against other BEAR players? or is it still just scavs? Thx.
  13. It's legit, I didn't watch it yet, but no commentary, and it's gameplay not seen, same location though. The devs were probably gonna post it here, but I figured I'd post it for people that are eager, and who didn't see
  14. LoL already quite few videos and photos are starting to pop up all over the internet... are DEVs/Admins taking action ?
  15. I have thought about this issue for awhile now, and it possibly various for most people. Until recently I enjoyed ARMA3 and the whole modding aspect, but the poor graphics, a weak game engine, and constant updating Mods (plus ingame bugs) reduced the whole immersion. What I liked most was the communications skills/tactic etc that I learnt from real current and ex-military members, and from other team members. Some were fun and other were not as fun (too hardcore/ingame bullies). So choosing your ingame friends/Clan is just as important. At the end of the day, it should be fun to play. It may be frustrating/challenging, but still fun. Currently, I'm back to BF4 for now (nothing else really to play), however, it does not have the same team play cooperation etc. Sometimes it does, but not always. The graphic and speed of motion seems well balanced. Pushing through bottleneck doors, quick scoping, and all that other stuff are totally unrealistic, but still enjoyable, especially when you C4 six players (multi-kills). It's a challenge at times. Sometimes you win/sometimes you don't. It's this challenge that is enjoyable for me. I find all aspects of sniping enjoyable, which is my preferred game mode, however, close quarter assault is also fun to play. At the end of day, top quality graphics, no lag, great game physics, real sound effects, great character animation (including some fun animation from time to time), great ingame friends, and great interaction with the surrounding environment with full real life effects makes it for me. So getting the right balance is critically important. For example: Insurgency seems too slow for me. It feels like I'm walking on the moon. Squad is also too slow, but the biggest issue for me is not being able to clearly see the enemy in Squad. Distinguishing friend from foe is important. Also, If I make a head shot, I want to see a head explode like a balloon plus blood/grey matter, plus hear a death scream etc (See my earlier posts on death screams): At present Tarkov DEV have hit some of my key buttons so far, especially on the graphics/game content side/ guns/ gameplay etc, and I sincerely hope it will live up to everyone's expectation. It certainly seems to have that potential. What are your critical buttons that will make Tarkov great for you? I'm just wondering if there might be a consensus view or not.
  16. Is registering on the website enough? I have no idea whats going on but Have been trying to follow this game for a couple months. Thank you for any answers. TCO
  17. So just a quick couple of questions. Prob could find these answers myself but these could work out to be a speculation / idea post. Will there be rope / climbing / rappeling in the game? Will there be a way to interact with other players other than turning their brains into mush? More as my mind wanders about. I'll keep this up long as theres some replies and adjust the main post to any questions that should be asked and talked about.
  18. I saw a video about this game on Youtube and was immediately curious about it. I read the information on the about page but still have some questions I hope the community that has been following it more closely can answer. 1. Is this game strictly a PvP open world MMO like game or will it feature PvE elements? If it will also feature PvE elements as well, will you be able to exclusively partake in it without having to do anything PvP related or will they be mixed in some manner? 2. The video I saw mentioned permanent death but the about page makes it seem different from a rogue style game. So when you die, do you lose that character and their progression in experience and skills as well or is it a matter of you lose your gear where you died? Thus requiring you to have a backup set of gear to load up and head to that area where you died to recover what you can? 3. Again from the video and what I've read, it's just buying the game and future DLC. No micro-transactions confirmed. No subscription either, correct? 4. Game play is slated to be much more hard-realism instead of soft-realism. Such as the difference between ARMA and STALKER series? 5. When it's said to be an MMO, meaning like traditional ones where it's a server cluster and everyone on that server is active on a main world instance at the same time with instances for certain parts? Meaning hundreds if not thousands of players active in the world map at the same time? Essentially, what is the scale they are looking to create. 6. First person perspective entirely or will there be possible third-person? I thank you for any answers and information you can provide. My curiosity is piqued by what I've seen and would really like to know more if this will be the right game for me or not!
  19. gameplay

    We should be able to drag our teammates away from the line of fire if they are injured, especially if they are wearing a vest with a handle designed to do so.
  20. I am sure most of us at this point are really wanting to see more of this game. It looks really promising ( not trying to get too hyped) Are there going to be shown any gameplay in the near future? I know the closed alpha is coming up soon for the ones pre-ordering the higher editions, but will there be shown more of the game soon, for those who are not sure if they want to pre-order?
  21. Will you have weight limit in the game how much you can wear? And if ther is a limit how much is it? +will ther be restrictions when we carry too much? ty for the reply regard MBS