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Found 46 results

  1. ドアグリッチ

  2. Game is Completely Broken

    Am I the only one experiencing glitches. I don't mean the ram lag but I have had a large amount of random stuff happening to me. I couldn't pickup a backpack and when I tried I got seriously wounded and died. Once I died it said I was lost in action the only problem was 10 minutes before hand I checked the clock and it said an hour. I've had the problem with not being able to move stuff but then not being able to reload. I've had my guns instantly reload and other times me mag disappears completely. It isn't dropping on the floor as I checked and checked and then lost server connection. Is this just lag from the servers starting up I don't understand how but maybe. Anyway I'll likely reinstall the game but I've got no clue.
  3. Hello, Just here to report a pretty weird bug. Not sure where else to post this (hopefully it isn't already posted) Anyhow, in Factory, while being on the locker room, 2nd floor, my buddy and I have experienced several times where a scav (AI) will shoot through the wall. The AI (usually only one scav) is on the stairwell (non water dripping stairwell) and AI will shoot through the wall and your character will take hits. (One time I actually was killed by this) We tested this several times, and I will try to get it on video next. But you can see the sparks coming from the wall, towards the ceiling almost. and you can hear the scav's weapon muffled (Because its on the other side of the wall) But yet, your character is getting hurt. It doesn't seem to be lag. During this time, I can fully move items around, as usually when it lags, your items blink if you try to move them. Also, to make sure it wasn't lag, my friend would join me and we could see each other moving around in real time. He would also drop items and I would be able to pick them up. Finally, to test to see if it was server lag, I remained in the locker room to try and have a scav shoot at me through the wall, while my friend went around the rest of the map fighting other people and scavs. He even worked his way around the map and then saw the scav shooting through the wall and hitting me and ended up killing that scav for me. Odd glitch. Anyone else experiencing this? I don't think it's lag. I'm familiar with how lag appears in this game. I've had the game for a while, just haven't posted much on the forums But I'll try to get a video up soon. Will test again tonight.
  4. Golden Swag (Quest) Bug, Please Help!

    As you can see from the attached photo, I have found the glided lighter, as well as placed in the bunkhouse. Upon picking up the lighter the music placed and the game notifies me that I have completed the quest. However, even with escaping, "Find the gilded Zibbo Lighter" is still unchecked. After placing the lighter in the bunkhouse and leaving, I tried picking up the zibbo and leaving without dropping it off and I escaped. However it still does not check that i have found it. Please help!
  5. Fix PVE Hole in the wall, Factory1

    Hole in the wall on third story PVE side in factory, is the most buggy thing in the world, if you dont hit it perfectly and at full spring your character glitches into it and runs on the spot not able to move. Has killed me numerous times and is getting very, very annoying. Its not a hard fix a simple hitbox change will be all it takes. Please take the time to fix this thank you. - RedCitadel
  6. This one wasn't the worst possible glitch I've encountered, but it made me tense up because it in combination with the shortened extraction times, made me leave with barely 3 minutes remaining. Okay, so I was doing a raid in Customs, and I was going about my usual things. I was looting some areas and walking around, then I started running, and as I ran I heard my character grunt and I had the "hurt" effect on my screen. I thought I was getting shot at, but I didn't hear gunshots, so I was weirded out. As I look around with my Tokarev pointed at the shadows, I notice I didn't take that much damage, only 20 damage on each leg, but my other leg was broken. I still didn't trust I was alone, so I walked about checking for hostiles, but 15 minutes of slowwww looting later nobody turned up, so I figured I was dealing with a glitch. What do you think? Is it a glitch, or does my character have weak bones?
  7. Hatchet Runners are Tanks?

    Why is it, that i can kill the first guy who was clearly wearing a PACA within the first 5 - 6 shots, But then his annoying little hatchling friend ducking Tanks 2 shots at first, then later takes 3 more than just after that takes 5 more? What the duck is this? why are they so resistant to bullet damage? But when I wear a Kiver & PACA i can die instantly in one shot?
  8. Alt tab/Full screen bugs

    I have been experiencing some odd bugs with full screen and windowed modes. Specs: Win 10, gtx1050Ti, ryzen4 1800x, 16Gb ddr4 Full screen: when you attempt to alt tab out the windows aero selection dose not show over top of the game and is hard to tab back into because you cant see what you are tabbing to next. Windowed mode: Dose not lock the cursor into the window and when looking left or right the cursor moves past the edge of the screen and can click out of game. Your character still will look right and left, up and down as if your cursor is in the game but when you fire it clicks the other apps or the desktop. I can provide proof in a video if requested but i don't have one at the moment.
  9. Loadouts and Matchmaking

    This might be a bit of a vent as being fed up with gameplay is what drove me to write this, but is there going to be a system implemented that awards a gear score when matchmaking, leading to higher tier geared players being more likely to be placed in the same matches? Or perhaps forcing higher geared players to spawn further away from choke points like on customs. As it stands right now the game is nearly unplayable for me as I am constantly being popped at a choke point by ppl who already have all the gear they could ever need and are now just messing around trolling the have-nots. Once I came to this realization, the game became supremely unfun. This I think is what leads to hatchlings cluttering up the maps because this is the only way for them to gain any kind of progress. What is the point in bringing in even medium tier gear when you are just going to be camped at a crossing by a player whos gear cost x5 what yours does. And on the off chance that you do get the drop on such a player, his armor gives him a ridiculous edge. I am 35 hours into the game and I have yet to kill a single M4 equipped forted player. Well, I did once, but he died standing up and was unlootable, then a scav player came to my exact location 2 minutes later, disinterested in the standing fort armor + silenced m4 wielding player and shotgunned me in the face. No doubt all a coincidence I am sure. I have the video to prove it but no names of course. I have many times succeeded in getting the drop on players only to find they have glitched their fancy pistol in their cases. The fact that Devs are not going to punish players for this is sad. Well this turned into more of a rant than I expected. I really want this game to come out a beta a finely polished tactical shooter and it has a great deal of potential. However, I also realize this is a game made by Russians and no offence but Russian/Warsaw Pact games tend to hit the wallet hard but never deliver. The fact an automatic 18% gratuity was assigned AFTER the miscellaneous handling fee that was not mentioned in any of the game literature is appalling and nearly made me cancel the purchase altogether. That is Gaijin tier shenanigans. I hope that has been fixed.
  10. Cannot get to lobby screen

    Hi, just wanted to report a bug/issue. When I log into the game and it loads my profile, I am unable to access the dealers or messages (even public chat). When I hover over the messages tab it says that messages cannot be accessed while in a raid. I am clearly not in a raid. Thanks! CitizenX
  11. Cannot get to lobby screen

    When getting to the insurance screen, after clicking next there is a screen where I am given options "next, back, insure" and none of the buttons work. This is the case for myself, and my friend on a seperate pc. It was working perfectly for me just an hour ago- my friend just finished installing it for the first time.
  12. Cannot log in to launcher

    So I logged out of my launcher as the start game button was not showing and now I cannot log back in I get this message Unable to connect to the remote server ERROR: ConnectFailure So after a while I decided to close the launcher login with task manger and then opened the launcher again but this time a bug report came up so I filed a bug report and it said this One or more errors occurred. Wrong password So I changed my password and now when I type my new password into the launcher it just changes back to the old one so I tried to login with my username and it changed that to my email it seems it does not change and is locked to what it was when I last played yesterday? or when my account was created?
  13. Mouse keeps spinning

    Please fix this. mouse keeps spinning on every spawn for no reason
  14. super weird view movement etc glitch

    So i was just looting a dead body then went into my inventory and moved an ak to my duffle when i was randomly moved into a perspective glitch in which i couldnt open doors or move much places. Included a recorded clip and doesnt bother me just bringing it to your guys attention.
  15. Gamma Glicthing still..

    I'm sure this is something that has been brung to light to the devs but Gamma glitching kedrs and pm's is still very much a thing catching back on after last patch in my recent youtube video i killed a squad of 3 gamma glitching on customs and im sure the answer is this is always being worked on but how much of a priority is this bug among other bugs?

    I was in the customs and I saw a dead body that carries full upgraded TT. When I search the guy, again there was no weapon. Still people find a way to glitch...
  17. They already found a way!!!!

    A friend and I were in a raid on woods while doing the quests. Had already engaged one guy when someone else came up behind us. He shot at us nonstop with only the impacts being heard around us and he had no rifle in his hand so I assumed PB drum. Being excited because ive wanted one, only to be let down by the fact that they found a way to glitch them again. IDK how, nor do i care how. Just want it to be known.. this can happen to you. Also maybe the devs can fix it .. hopefully. Pictures are as get to the body not looted yet just checked to find the gun not in inventory. Backed out, screen shotted the body, then the inventory. If you know the glitch please do not spread it.. and do the right thing and report it to the first dev you can contact... if you cant find someone go tell Kotton or Kleanupguy.
  18. Are your trader's glitched too?

    Hi guys, I don't know about anyone else but my traders are completely glitched out since patch. I sent a support ticket as I've seen no one else with this problem. My traders have de-leveled now. Only peacekeeper is fine. Skier, therapist and propor have all been set to level 1 even though it still has a recording of my level and spent money ;( This sucks so bad as now I really have to hold onto my modded weapons and I looked forward to taking them out to quest. If anyone else has this same problem please bump and give any details you can. Thanks all!
  19. Hallo Liebe Leute , Postet mal eure Komischen momente als Video ! ich fange mal an ob das ein Hack oder Glitch ist mir noch ein Rätsel aber dennoch war ich sehr verblüfft ! und ich hab so einige komischen Szenen auf lager ! Ich nehme jedes Spiel auf und werde halt immer wieder überrascht . ob ein Spieler 10 Granaten aushält oder 4x 60 Schuss es ist immer wieder lustig zu sehen ! Sicht meiner Freundin hier aus meiner Sicht Viel Spass beim Lachen oder Staunen
  20. glitch in factory

    when you jump of the bridge, onto the 2 containers and you walk off it. You get stuck into the highest container. Excellent camping spot but you can"t get out of it.
  21. Money Glitch

    So i have come across a glitch that can be used to get unlimited money very quickly. I have practiced it enough to be able to recreate it almost every try now. I will not be explaining how to recreate the glitch because its broken and will ruin the game if everyone does it. Just bringing it up to say that it is out there. Ps - Yes, i have submitted a report. Extra: -Screenshots for proof
  22. Fix reconnecting issue

    Second time the server take 30 seconds to complete any action and I leave the raid to reconnect and fix the connection issue only to find myself stuck under the map and be forced to abandon the raid.
  23. pistol glitching needs to be fixed

    this is insane. on every customs match i run into at the minimum of 2 pistol glitchers now, my last game i ran into 4 of them. it ruins the fun knowing someone can be risking nothing they bring in yet im risking everything i bring in. i have even seen it done with rifles. i would almost go as far to say it should be a bannable glitch abuse
  24. I was just on factory, and i was picking up a bunch of backpacks and keeping them within eachother, and then i also came across some good individual loot in the metal cabinets on the third floor. so i went to discard the backpack inside my backpack, so i could fill up one of them, and then place it back inside the other backpack. well when i went to discard it literally went through the floor and down into the locker rooms/bathrooms. (not that it matters much to this post, but it mattered to my post-death rage, i went downstairs to the locker room to get it and got killed by a camper in there lol) the backpack was in the locker room when i got there though, just got killed as soon as i got to it.
  25. So to start this off I'll be talking about in this post everything in the game that is ruining the game and the dev's are not trying to stop it when they have an easy way. To start I'll be talking about the gun glitch you can do with pistols in the gamma case. I won't explain how to do the glitch because i simply don't want others trying it, if you do not know what this glitch is this is a brief summary. Using the gamma case and item can be in the gamma case but on your hotbar at the same time meaning you can use it but when you die it is not left on your body. The amount of times I have been nearly killed then to find someone is glitching their gun and I get nothing is annoying as all hell and seeing how this is an exploit it would seem common sense for the dev's to give out soft bans or perma bans for people doing this however they say things like this is our beta game making us responsible while it is ruining the player experience. Next, I see almost a hacker every day at this point and when getting killed by them, add them and try to talk to them I ask them general questions one of them is did you buy or make hacks for this game and if you do make the hacks how hard/easy was it to make it for this anti-cheat. For almost every one I contacted (around 12 out of 15) they all said they made the hacks and was actually pretty easy to make hacks and hide from anti-cheat. If I try to play a game of customs or woods (don't see it as much on shoreline or factory) every 5 raids or so I will see someone flying around with godmode killing everyone he fly's to. I've not seen many ban waves for this game meaning not many people get banned flooding this game with cheaters. Finnaly, if a game is not ready for play don't add it to early access/beta to make money for the game wait until weapons are balanced, the anti-cheat is working and overall the game is fun in the current state. I've lost full gear and modded m4's/ak's 80% of the time where the other 20% is either from game crashes and getting killed by AI or general PVP.