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Found 32 results


    I was in the customs and I saw a dead body that carries full upgraded TT. When I search the guy, again there was no weapon. Still people find a way to glitch...
  2. They already found a way!!!!

    A friend and I were in a raid on woods while doing the quests. Had already engaged one guy when someone else came up behind us. He shot at us nonstop with only the impacts being heard around us and he had no rifle in his hand so I assumed PB drum. Being excited because ive wanted one, only to be let down by the fact that they found a way to glitch them again. IDK how, nor do i care how. Just want it to be known.. this can happen to you. Also maybe the devs can fix it .. hopefully. Pictures are as get to the body not looted yet just checked to find the gun not in inventory. Backed out, screen shotted the body, then the inventory. If you know the glitch please do not spread it.. and do the right thing and report it to the first dev you can contact... if you cant find someone go tell Kotton or Kleanupguy.
  3. Are your trader's glitched too?

    Hi guys, I don't know about anyone else but my traders are completely glitched out since patch. I sent a support ticket as I've seen no one else with this problem. My traders have de-leveled now. Only peacekeeper is fine. Skier, therapist and propor have all been set to level 1 even though it still has a recording of my level and spent money ;( This sucks so bad as now I really have to hold onto my modded weapons and I looked forward to taking them out to quest. If anyone else has this same problem please bump and give any details you can. Thanks all!
  4. Hallo Liebe Leute , Postet mal eure Komischen momente als Video ! ich fange mal an ob das ein Hack oder Glitch ist mir noch ein Rätsel aber dennoch war ich sehr verblüfft ! und ich hab so einige komischen Szenen auf lager ! Ich nehme jedes Spiel auf und werde halt immer wieder überrascht . ob ein Spieler 10 Granaten aushält oder 4x 60 Schuss es ist immer wieder lustig zu sehen ! Sicht meiner Freundin hier aus meiner Sicht Viel Spass beim Lachen oder Staunen
  5. glitch in factory

    when you jump of the bridge, onto the 2 containers and you walk off it. You get stuck into the highest container. Excellent camping spot but you can"t get out of it.
  6. Money Glitch

    So i have come across a glitch that can be used to get unlimited money very quickly. I have practiced it enough to be able to recreate it almost every try now. I will not be explaining how to recreate the glitch because its broken and will ruin the game if everyone does it. Just bringing it up to say that it is out there. Ps - Yes, i have submitted a report. Extra: -Screenshots for proof
  7. Fix reconnecting issue

    Second time the server take 30 seconds to complete any action and I leave the raid to reconnect and fix the connection issue only to find myself stuck under the map and be forced to abandon the raid.
  8. pistol glitching needs to be fixed

    this is insane. on every customs match i run into at the minimum of 2 pistol glitchers now, my last game i ran into 4 of them. it ruins the fun knowing someone can be risking nothing they bring in yet im risking everything i bring in. i have even seen it done with rifles. i would almost go as far to say it should be a bannable glitch abuse
  9. I was just on factory, and i was picking up a bunch of backpacks and keeping them within eachother, and then i also came across some good individual loot in the metal cabinets on the third floor. so i went to discard the backpack inside my backpack, so i could fill up one of them, and then place it back inside the other backpack. well when i went to discard it literally went through the floor and down into the locker rooms/bathrooms. (not that it matters much to this post, but it mattered to my post-death rage, i went downstairs to the locker room to get it and got killed by a camper in there lol) the backpack was in the locker room when i got there though, just got killed as soon as i got to it.
  10. So to start this off I'll be talking about in this post everything in the game that is ruining the game and the dev's are not trying to stop it when they have an easy way. To start I'll be talking about the gun glitch you can do with pistols in the gamma case. I won't explain how to do the glitch because i simply don't want others trying it, if you do not know what this glitch is this is a brief summary. Using the gamma case and item can be in the gamma case but on your hotbar at the same time meaning you can use it but when you die it is not left on your body. The amount of times I have been nearly killed then to find someone is glitching their gun and I get nothing is annoying as all hell and seeing how this is an exploit it would seem common sense for the dev's to give out soft bans or perma bans for people doing this however they say things like this is our beta game making us responsible while it is ruining the player experience. Next, I see almost a hacker every day at this point and when getting killed by them, add them and try to talk to them I ask them general questions one of them is did you buy or make hacks for this game and if you do make the hacks how hard/easy was it to make it for this anti-cheat. For almost every one I contacted (around 12 out of 15) they all said they made the hacks and was actually pretty easy to make hacks and hide from anti-cheat. If I try to play a game of customs or woods (don't see it as much on shoreline or factory) every 5 raids or so I will see someone flying around with godmode killing everyone he fly's to. I've not seen many ban waves for this game meaning not many people get banned flooding this game with cheaters. Finnaly, if a game is not ready for play don't add it to early access/beta to make money for the game wait until weapons are balanced, the anti-cheat is working and overall the game is fun in the current state. I've lost full gear and modded m4's/ak's 80% of the time where the other 20% is either from game crashes and getting killed by AI or general PVP.
  11. Please, im tired of those ... doing this who has no balls and cant play the game legit. Get good at the game. Peace.
  12. Game-Breaking Reload Glitch?

    Hey all, So I already know about the mechanic where you double tap reload and throw the mag to the ground to hurry and get the new on in. This is definitely not that. That motion has a certain animation and you can hear the mag hit the ground. I wanted to see if anyone else had this happen to them and if this was a glitch or yet a different mechanic. 1) Often when I go to reload a mag, especially a two-handed weapon like a the AK74u or the Saiga, i'll drop the mag to the ground but it happens when just performing a standard reload. Usually the mag should back in my tac vest, but instead it falls to the ground. No sound or animation is played and if you didn't look down at the ground or at your inventory as you are reloading, it is very easy to not realize you lost your mag. By every account this seems to be a glitch or bug and it is not replaceable by any action or set of actions I can find. Also, when it happens it continues happening from the start of a raid till the end. I'm not sure if restarting the game fixes it. 2) Also I randomly can't check my chamber and I've never been able to check ammo. Again, I haven't had trouble with any of these things at times but at others they just don't work at all. Again the problems last all for the entire round when it happens and again it is random when this will or will-not happen. 3) Finally, now always have a glitch that when I crouch, I cannot stand back up with any key but the jump key. Very annoying and has gotten me killed as I press the crouch button to uncrouch in a panic only for nothing to happen. But I can crouch again with the crouch button and am stuck in crouch till i press jump or prone. Does this happen to anyone else? Oh and this only happens when playing as my main character while playing in an online raid. It never happens while playing as a Scav or as offline in the test modes. I checked the forum for people having similar issues to these but didn't see any post about them. Playing on an Alienware gaming laptop if that helps devs narrow down the issue at all. Thanks.
  13. I think I stumbled upon someone that found another way to use the gamma case to keep there pistol even when they die here is a clip of it after he shot me a couple times with what looks like a suppressed handgun I killed him and looted him but no handgun was on him just a shutgun
  14. Time-Warping Scavs

    Is it technically possible to ensure this never happens? I'm on an extremely high, Ethernet internet connection. This is game-breaking on a game with where you only have one life and such a high penalty for death. Never seen this happen before in Tarkov with AI. Skip to 9:18 to see the problem (spoilers, it's me loosing multiple shotguns and pistol to a time-bending scav).... just look at how fast the door "opens." It's instant. Watch in slow motion (.25 speed), if you can, please. Enjoying the game otherwise. Thanks:
  15. No idea if this was just the desynch or not..just wanted to get some second opinions before I run screaming to the mods lol.
  16. Extraction Glitch

    Not sure if this is the right place for me to be posting this but every time I attempt to extract from customs, and ONLY customs, I have to force shutdown the game, and re-log or else my character will not extract. Teammate claims my character model flies up through the roof outside of extraction upon re-log. Once re-logged, I can successfully extract. Please look into it. Not sure if others have had the same issue. Thank you.
  17. Teleporting hatcheter?

    This is now the second game I've had this happen in, same culprit. First time was as a PMC, the second was scav. I load in, everything is fine. But I hear hatcheting noises against walls. Everywhere. It's 1: Very annoying. 2: Scary as balls. But I randomly get hit every once in awhile, at first I thought it was possibly a desynch. But when playing as a scav, that was proven to be a no, due to scavs dying immediately upon being shot or hit, looting immediately, etc. The first one I wrote off as a desynch/lag. But this is the second time, from the same person. Also when playing as a Scav. The 3 scavs around me were just...dying. I could hear screaming/dying players/scavs in the distance. It was like some friggen horror movie. Will record the next time (if) it happens. Hoping this is just a HUGE bug or something client-side, and not an exploit/hack.
  18. Trador: Prapor. Problem: Every time a purchase is made the transaction is not counted by the spending meter, meaning i cannot progress from tier 1 to tier 2 gear with this trader. Here is what happened: I noticed I had spent 333.3k with Prapor and I needed to spend 400k to reach tier/ level 2, I had about 450k so I thought I know i'll buy a load of ak74u's. So I buy five but then notice the money did not register as it still say's that I have spent 333.3k. I thought maybe I needed to log out and log in again, so I did and still the purchase has not been registered. I bought another five and again the money did not register. I went into a game and came back out, and it still says I've spent 333.3k with Prapor. So I log out and log back in again, for the second time now and still its saying I've only spent 333.3k so I buy another 5 ak47u's for the third time and some bullets just to make sure its not a gun thing... and for the third time it does not register my purchases. it takes my money and i get the goods but does not register the spend. Has anyone else had the same thing? is it limited to only one trader? I dont have a before or after picture as I am a casual and didn't think to document it. - but I've tested it 3 times and can say its definitely a thing, well for me anyways. Are there any others who've had the same issue? If so - is it limited to only Prapor? How can I get around this? - If I'm stuck with tier 1 gear with Prapor that's going to suck balls.
  19. buying or selling will not make my roubles level change for the PK, restarting game did not resolve this.
  20. Yet another gamma glitch

    So I just found another gamma glitch, which works in off- and online mode. I just created a support ticket with steps how to reproduce it, is this the right procedure?
  21. Bad glitch in Factory

    I'm currently writing this in the stair well in Dorms closest to the Main Exit. Escape From Tarkov's are pretty bad right now and cause an immense amount of desync and connection issues. I went to the main exit and waited for the extraction. I never extracted and after dropping an item and waiting 12 seconds for it to leave my inventory, the problem was desync. I alt+f4 the game in order to try to reestablish my connection to the server. When I reentered the raid I teleported to the stair well closest to the main exit. I got stuck in the wall and I'm able to see outside the map (very white and bright). I also got stuck (this includes changing stance) so I can't move and Scavs can't see me even though I can see them. So I'm doomed to find out what happens when the timer reaches zero or I can abandon the game a lose the loot I acquired. I've attached some screenshots to help with what I'm describing. Thought I'd let the Devs know that this glitch can ruin a raid and also cause some potential exploit.
  22. BUG: Disconnecting

    So I tried connecting to Customs after I died and it loaded the map in and all, everything was fine, until it said, "awaiting server response" then it disconnected me. I tried to reconnect multiple times, but instead the following pictures is what I got...
  23. invisible player callled -snip-

    he kill me 2 times on Factory and he is invisible all time
  24. Glitch to open doors needing keys

    I have found a way to open and even loot without opening locked doors that need keys, I would like to know how to get in contact with the developers so I may work with them to fix said glitch, amongst others I have found and indefinitely will find. Thank you for your time I very much appreciate the work being done. =)
  25. Bugging extraction point

    Hello everyone. Today I have witnessed something weird that led me into dying of starvation/dehydration. I was playing typical factory game where I have killed a buddy with a ak. After doing so I was happy and went to the only extraction point that is free to use without factory key. Unfortunetly I couldn't open it. There were 2 USEC guys that were hitting walls with their hatchets and were shouting with using Y control. The door what completly stuck. Have you ever had the same situation? Where Can I report it?