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Found 11 results

  1. Can this please be stopped

    Can the no sound aimbot instakill impact grenades that AI SCAVS seem to throw get removed at some point? Thanks. Feels like it's a joke that has gone to far at this point.
  2. F1 Tactical Nuke Question

    Hi I threw my first F1 atomic bomb today from the blue container of alley into construction and turned around and ran to wall and was severely injured even bled out this raid after watching the mushroom cloud go off. So my question is if anyone has tested the kill radius on these?
  3. RDG-2B Smoke Grenade

    Hello Escapers, Have you been hungering for a way to do some more tactical stuff? Have you wanted a way to escape a losing battle easier? Or have you just wanted to blind someone while you come up and wreck them!? Well today is the day we announce something that will help make it all come true! Below I introduce the RDG-2B smoke grenade. This little puppy, along with other grenades, will be coming to a scav near you, soon™.
  4. VOG-25 readded or rare?

    Found this today. Curious if anyone else has seen these spawn recently.
  5. Running with a Grenade

    This maybe more of a bug report however its an issue ive noticed in a few gameplay session when throwing a grenade while running (to give it more moment) the grenade just drops at your feet
  6. F1 Tactical Nuke!

    Just had the strangest death so far! Threw a F1 grenade at what seems to be max distance, but as I was looking straight at it, it blew my head off! Can someone please explain!?
  7. Dud grenade?

    I threw a grenade (not the f1, the other one) up to the 2nd floor in the dorms. I thought I heard someone up there, and I had grenades to spare. I heard it land, and I waited. And waited. It never went off. I did hear a sound like it was slowly rolling down the steps, clink.... clink....clink. but no boom. After like 40 seconds, I went about my business. Did I throw a dud grenade? Are there duds in EFT? Or did I experience a glitch?
  8. Will the availability of frag grenade and or effectiveness will be reduce for open beta ? I have watch a lots of streamers , and grenade spam from naked guy seams to be so effective that you can take on groups of 3 to 4 peoples having loot or got 2 to 4 grenades ... the frag grenade availability and effectiveness seams to be way to much ... I think , having more " flash " or Smoke grenade , or even molotov would be better than having this much availability for frag grenade ...
  9. grenade launcher attachments

    Hello Awoken here again =) I would really like to have this implemented attachment for gunns it´s a smal "grenade launcher" that has a pretty cool reload mechanism & also shoot smoke grenades they are used when assulting urban buildings and causeing "chaos" =) here is the link aswell best regards
  10. Picking up Live Grenades

    Was wondering if there's a game mechanic where you can pick up live grenades. Since your one life in a raid is invaluable, I can see this being a useful mechanic in some situations.
  11. Smoke Grenade

    Will there be smoke grenades in game? Within the footage released so far and from the FAQ's it is confirmed that there are fragmentation grenades however I have seen nothing on smoke grenades.