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Found 12 results

  1. Multigaming community " Pogrebok "

    Our first video puzzle on the game "Escape from Tarkov" (EN / RUS) How do you like the idea? Write your feelings in the comments))
  2. I am still working on this guide, if you want to help I accept suggestions
  3. Questo thread nasce con lo scopo di raccogliere varie risorse presenti sul forum che possono tornare utili ai novizi del gioco. Raggruppate in un unico thread e suddivise per argomento saranno di più facile accesso. SETTAGGI DI GIOCO (impostazioni grafiche, controlli, ecc) Guida alle impostazioni grafiche: Graphic settings guide Lista dei controlli di gioco: Controls [Help] Lista dei controlli di gioco in italiano in formato PDF (download): link 1 - link 2 MAPPE & LOCATION (mappe, punti d'interesse, chiavi, ecc) Guida alla mappa FACTORY: Guide for Factory (Map with Exit) Guida alla mappa WOODS: Map of Woods (Optimised for Teams & GER) Guida alla mappa CUSTOMS: Guide for Custom (Map with Exit) Guida alle Chiavi ed alle Exit: Knowledge base about the keys and exits ARMI & GAMEPLAY (modding armi, statistiche per arma, ecc) Lista armi e relative modifiche: My knowledge base about the modifications of weapons Lista proiettili e relative statistiche: Link esterno a Gamepedia Foglio elettronico con statistiche degli utenti su danno ecc: Link al foglio elettronico - Link alla discussione Guida al riconoscimento del selettore di fuoco Auto/Colpo singolo: Guide - Auto / Single shot fire slector # Aggiornato alla Patch
  4. Key Guide

    WARNING: This information is subject to the developers and could change at any moment. Please share anecdotes as to what needs to be changed or added. Cited: Herein find the combined knowledge of UWS about keys in the game. Gamma space is precious after all, so I hope this helps with the confusion as to which keys to bring to which maps. I'm using the term "loose loot" to designate random items (mags, food, first aid, low grade ammo, etc). Factory Factory Key - This should never leave your gamma and opens two additional extracts and allows you to open the locked room in third floor offices. Possible super weapon in locked room, loose loot and occasional high end ammo. Key - An unnamed key that opens the "closed bunker" near machinery in the exit area. There is rarely anything worth picking up in here but it can be a good ambush position. Woods ZB-014 - Opens the locked room inside the bunker nearest to the exit. There is an openable locker possible loot, a weapons crate, and loose loot on spread around. Yotota - Opens a pickup truck in lumber yard next to the three huts. Loose loot in the cab. Customs Misc Keys: Customs Key - This opens the top floor office in the big red building at spawn. The far room has a safe and two lootable PCs. Coats, duffel bag, rubles on the ground, loose loot. Key (black handle) - This opens the gas station office door. There is a safe, very rarely a pistol under the desk, rubles on the ground, and loose loot on the shelves in the back. Key (black handle) - This is identical to the gas station key but opens the office trailer in construction. Contains a weapons crate. Cabin Key - This opens the mobile trailer inside of bus depot. There's loose loot and rarely some 7.62. A disappointing key. Factory Key - This should never leave your gamma and opens shortcut. There's a loot box and a filing cabinet within the checkpoint. Sometimes a grenade spawn on the table. Machinery Key - A strange key. It's colored purple like the factory key but seems to only open the fuel truck's cabin inside construction. Not only has it been empty every time I've searched it, but it's so high up that it'd be hard to get any loot inside. Checkpoint Key - Opens the building at the UN Checkpoint at the far end of Customs. There are two ammo boxes, a grenade crate, and a weapons' rack that spawns a weapon more often than others. Storage - Opens to the medical storage room in gas station. This is next to the office and contains a medical crate and a medical bag. Car Key - This opens the trunk of the car in the customs parking lot. There is a grenade crate. Two Story Dorms: Dorm Guard Desk - Opens the security room in the lobby of two-story. Two ammo crates, a weapon crate, a weapon rack, and a possible key spawn in a key locker. Room 104 - Opens room 104 in the two-story building. Two jackets on the wall and a toolbox on the ground. Room 105 - There is a safe and loose loot on the ground. Room 105 (206) - This key is identical to Room 105 in appearance and name (probably a typo) but opens room 206. No or unknown loot at this time. Room 110 - Opens room Room 110 in the two-story building. There is a safe on the floor and some loose loot on the ground. Room 110 (114) - This key is identical to Room 110 in appearance and name (probably a typo) but opens room 114 in the two-story building. There is a safe, a PC that you can loot, and a medical crate on the bed. Three Story Dorms: Room 108 (103) - This key opens room 103 and contains shelves with loose food / water. Room 117 - No key required, but it's barred and rarely looted. Contains a filing cabinet for more keys (useful for scavs). Room 118 - Coats (lootable), loose loot on furniture Room 204 - Blue weapon locker with an openable compartment on the bottom and a searchable on top. Possible weapon spawn. Loose loot on ground. Room 214 (203) - This key opens room 203 across from 204. There is a duffle. Room 214 - The Ammo Room: generally some high-grade ammo, there's a safe on the floor near the wall. Room 218 - The Weapon Room: It'll be on the floor near the upturned bed. If not there, there will be some junk attachments. Room 220 - Coats, duffle, loose loot on shelves / desk. Room 306 - Often empty, possible loose loot on desk / shelves. A useless key and it still makes me angry. Room 308 - The Money Room: Money, money, money. Rubles, euros, and/or dollars scattered on furniture. Marked Room (314) - The Ritual Room: Scattered money on the floor, loose loot, possible pistol / grenade spawn. Room 315 - Possible pistol spawn on couch, loose loot on furniture. Unknown/Useless Keys Weapons Safe Key - This and the other keys in this section have either unknown or no use. They are possibly quest items. (VAZ) Sixpack Key - This and the other keys in this section have either unknown or no use. They are possibly quest items. I still need confirmation on the contents of the following as well as any new keys discovered: What does the other mysterious black-handled key open?
  5. Hand Gestures & Voice Commands are Here!

    Hello, Escapers! Rally up your men, deliver orders or just plain give the enemy the finger! Tell your squad what's really on your mind and show that hatcheteer your little birdy before you lay him to waste. There are also some other tidbits of useful information on new update features. We hope that this will give you a better understanding of the desire for more useful features to aid you in your Escape From Tarkov.
  6. Quest Guides [Video auf Deutsch]

    Moin Moin, mein Name ist Leo und seit kurzem mache ich Videos auf Youtube. Momentan ist mein Content noch ausschließlich EFT bezogen, dass wird sich aber bald ändern (keine Angst EFT wird es auch weiterhing geben). Wenn ihr Hilfe bei Quests von Prapor oder Skier braucht (Therapist kommt nächste Woche) dann findet ihr hier die passenden Videos (Zeitstempel zu den einzelnen Quests sind in der Beschreibung). Ich würde mich natürlich sehr über ein Abo oder nen Daumen freuen aber gerade eure Meinung ist mir wichtig. Also falls ihr einen Vorschlag habt wie es besser geht oder etwas Bestimmtes sehen wollt, schreibt es mir in die Kommentare auf Youtube, als Pn im Forum oder im Discord ( ). Falls ihr Items für eine Quest sucht findet ihr mich im Discord ;). Prapor Quest Guide: Skier Quest Guide: Therapist Quest Guide: [Kommt am 13.10 um 18Uhr] Ich freue mich auf eure Rückmeldungen. Leo aka Cynicunikos
  7. Hello Brothers, I'd like to share my Reshade preset for Escape from Tarkov with you. The goal was to create a warm, cinematic look for the game without draining FPS. First of all: Q: Does the use of Sweetfx / Reshade get a player banned? A: No, SweetFX will not be detected and flagged as a cheat by our anti-cheat system. We are constantly making improvements to help catch and ban any player who wishes to gain an unfair advantage over other players. (Source: ______________________________________________________________________________ Download Preset:⚔ Vikings Cinematic Tarkov ⚔.ini?dl=0 NOTE: You can deactivate the letterbox (black borders on top and bottom) with 1 click in the Reshade menu. Simply deselect the "Border.fx" option. ______________________________________________________________________________ Screenshot comparisons: [Click through the screenshots in the top left corner] ______________________________________________________________________________ How to install Reshade: * Install ReShade (Download: * Navigate to the EscapefromTarkov.exe (NOT the Launcher) * Click on OpenGL and then press "yes" * Start the game and open up the ReShade menu with Shift + F2 * OPTIONAL: To speed up the loading of the shaders by like 90%, open the ReShade menu (Shift + F2) and under Settings activate "Performance mode". After loading the "Vikings Cinematic Tarkov" Preset into your game, close Escape from Tarkov and go to your installation folder. Go into "C:\Battlestate Games\Escape from Tarkov - Edge of Darkness Limited Edition\EFT\reshade-shaders\Shaders" and create a folder called "inactive" and drag ALL .fx Shader-files in there EXCEPT "AmbientLight.fx", "Colourfulness.fx", "AdaptiveSharpen", "Levels.fx", "ReShade.fxh", "Border.fx", "Bloom.fx", "Vignette.fx". This will make sure that the game only loads the shaders we need which speeds up the process enourmously. ______________________________________________________________________________ How to install a preset: * Drag & Drop "⚔ Vikings Cinematic Tarkov ⚔.ini" into your Escape from Tarkov folder ("C:\Battlestate Games\Escape from Tarkov - Edge of Darkness Limited Edition\EFT") and simply start the game with ReShade installed. Now bring up the menu with Shift + F2 and click on "home" and in the small dropdown menu there will automatically be a preset called "⚔ Vikings Cinematic Tarkov ⚔.ini" which you just click and you're done! Easy peasy. * Other Presets can be found at if you search for "Escape from Tarkov" ______________________________________________________________________________ Thanks for reading and good luck out there!
  8. Escape from Tarkov - Game Guide

    Escape From Tarkov - General Guide Hello all, I’m proud to introduce to you my EFT guide. This guide focuses on strategies and tips to improve your gameplay. The guide is split into 5 parts, but has been designed to allow you to easily switch from one topic to another. If you’re a TL;DR kind of person, simply find the section that you need. I’ve put down the best of my knowledge in this guide. Should you feel that I’ve either left something important out, or that there’s something incorrect in the guide, you can contact me through the EFT Forums or UWS Forums. Separate from the guide itself, I’ve also put together some reference sheets to help with quick questions such as “What’s the best ammo for the AK?” or “What does this key go to?”. Enjoy the guide, and if you’ve found it to be useful leave a comment down below. Donations are always welcome too. You can get the guide and reference sheets from the UWS Forums using the links below. Game Guide Reference Spreadsheet Thanks, - Tax Donate Here
  9. Hello everyone, here i leave you this short guide i made about the Spawn locations in shoreline. i found 10 . tell me if i am missing any. Please subscribe and Share !
  10. Guide the fugitive

    I present to your attention a document designed to answer the most popular questions of a novice player in the world of EFT. Download link: Wishes to add new sections that can be useful for a beginner (and only for a beginner!) are welcome. Any comments, detected errors and suggestions please send in private messages. Contents:
  11. Da ich ein neuer Streamer bin, Vielen dank nochmal an alle Zuschauer. Ich werde auf Wunsch den nächsten Stream aufzeichnen und Hochladen für die, die es nicht schaffen. Planmäßig am Samstag den 15.04. um 20:15 uhr mit folgenden Themen: -Munitiontypen -Sight modifications -weitere Tipps zum leveln, farmen und battlen. da ich den Post zum heutigen stream, zuerst im falschen Forum eröffnet hatte,der ein oder andere den stream verpasst hat und ich ihn nicht zusätzlich aufgezeichnet habe würde ich sogar den Heutigen stream wiederholen. Es ging um -Laufwege, keys, fundorte, etc. -Verhalten im PVP, map controll , flankieren Review der neuen 308. DVL-10 und MPX Mit freundlichen Grüßen Hier noch ein screen after stream
  12. Hi, yesterday I was very lucky and I joined Alpha. As far as you know there are guides (written), better for beginners, here in the forum or somewhere else? I tried a search online but couldn't find none, except 20" or longer videos on Youtube. Thanks!