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Found 27 results

  1. i wanna see if we can get some weapons released sooner than some others so we can get into late game even more, and even implement more slots for armor like single slot for leg armor, and single slot for arm armor so we can get away from people power spraying you legs and getting the RNG for you losing a limb and dieing then losing a massive amount of gear and loot. As well some impromptu armor explained in my last topic if you haven't read it i would stop what you are doing and read it so the second part will make sense.
  2. i wanna see if we can get some weapons released sooner than some others so we can get into late game even more, and even implement more slots for armor like single slot for leg armor, and single slot for arm armor so we can get away from people power spraying you legs and getting the RNG for you losing a limb and dieing then losing a massive amount of gear and loot. As well some crafted impromptu armor explained in my last topic if you haven't read it i would stop what you are doing and read it so the second part will make sense.
  3. Adding more end-game weapons

    i think we should definitely add more weapons into the game, especially bigger ones for better end-game playability like higher caliber, and more expensive battle rifles, i have a large selection of guns that you guys could choose, what you would want to see the most out of the whole shaboodle, or add a weapon of your own.(the second segment of my poll that show assault rifles, and battle rifles can be accessed through my account.
  4. Suggested changes

    Ok, I'm new to the beta, I've enjoyed gameplay, couple of things here and there that you would expect from any beta. But there's a suggestion I would like to make about weapons and insurance. I believe that if this game is going to go far as in a pubg (player unknown battlegrounds) or a csgo type publicity. You'll need to add a feature where you can save at least one item. Possible that it could be added into the insurance feature. It'll cost more but you can "save" a weapon indefinitely. Ive been searching for an m4 or ar15, and I've considered the possibility of turning the game off if I got one and lost it. I might have a melt down, or in respect, make guns a little more accessible from loot stations. Maybe put armory style locations, a police station with an armory type thing, gun closets in houses, etc. i like the thought of the game and I want it to take off and be popular, so we can have some bomb fire fights, Squad fights, clan fights, etc. but currently in the beta there isn't much appeal to stick around compared to other games. Pubg grabs you by the ears and sucks you in, in having a hard time finding the thing that makes me want to continue to raid over and over again. Maybe im misinformed on some level of the research I've done on the game but as I've stated, just suggestions, maybe others will have something to add. also, no admin has to reply to this and tell me why I'm wrong, just suggestions. Take them or naw, either way it's ok.
  5. Inventory Bug

    I am having a bug where i cant drop/switch items around in my inventory. please help i am new and this is really ruining my gameplay.
  6. Make it random

    Why not make the spawns random,why people have to run to dorms to get the factory key or to get the wallts ?is it fun ??no its not,the game would be much more chalanging if the players take more time and try to search and loot evrywhere,same is for the scavs,they wont have any chance to loot all the good stuff cuz they spwan in next to it nah they have to look for it too,tell me if u share my opinion and thx.
  7. The USEC operator has what seems to be either a Banshee Shellback or Mayflower PC. I am curious if this will be added in the game, and if so, will their be more PC variants and color options, OD, CB, Tan, RG (color of USEC pc). This isn't crucial I know, just picking the brain and sharing my thoughts, another thing I noticed, is the hoodies with Velcro patches for morale patches. Another neat little feature, is to add rail covers that add just a little bit of ergonomics and are cheaper then other grips.
  8. So lets get a few things straight, if someone is not even wearing armor with a pistol it can still take 3-5 shots to kill someone. I'm pretty sure with how some things work in this game they want it to be realistic but with that low of damage this game seems pretty far from realistic. Another thing is grenades in this game, theirs the mini nuke and the worthless trash one. These are better known as the F1 grenade (Mini nuke) and the RGD grenade (never kills anything). Both grenades can do damage from massive distances and through walls. I tested on an offline game mode and if you throw either grenade into a room with no windows and the door is closed and stand about 10m away the grenades can still do damage to you (taking health away) and will give you the shakey screen affect. The F1 grenade can kill from 0-20m and the RGD can't even kill if you throw it on someones head. Please tweak the damage to guns to make them how they should be, increase damage fall off on pistols. Also with m4's not sure about ak's they still take about 3-4 shots into and un-armored player which doesn't seem right at all. With the melee weapons in this game even with no head protection they cannot one shot to the head and usually mean you have to headshot someone with the melee weapon and then bodyshot but by then you are most likely dead. If you want the game to stick with a realistic theme don't make people seem like they all wear body armor.
  9. So to start this off I'll be talking about in this post everything in the game that is ruining the game and the dev's are not trying to stop it when they have an easy way. To start I'll be talking about the gun glitch you can do with pistols in the gamma case. I won't explain how to do the glitch because i simply don't want others trying it, if you do not know what this glitch is this is a brief summary. Using the gamma case and item can be in the gamma case but on your hotbar at the same time meaning you can use it but when you die it is not left on your body. The amount of times I have been nearly killed then to find someone is glitching their gun and I get nothing is annoying as all hell and seeing how this is an exploit it would seem common sense for the dev's to give out soft bans or perma bans for people doing this however they say things like this is our beta game making us responsible while it is ruining the player experience. Next, I see almost a hacker every day at this point and when getting killed by them, add them and try to talk to them I ask them general questions one of them is did you buy or make hacks for this game and if you do make the hacks how hard/easy was it to make it for this anti-cheat. For almost every one I contacted (around 12 out of 15) they all said they made the hacks and was actually pretty easy to make hacks and hide from anti-cheat. If I try to play a game of customs or woods (don't see it as much on shoreline or factory) every 5 raids or so I will see someone flying around with godmode killing everyone he fly's to. I've not seen many ban waves for this game meaning not many people get banned flooding this game with cheaters. Finnaly, if a game is not ready for play don't add it to early access/beta to make money for the game wait until weapons are balanced, the anti-cheat is working and overall the game is fun in the current state. I've lost full gear and modded m4's/ak's 80% of the time where the other 20% is either from game crashes and getting killed by AI or general PVP.
  10. This is what I have. I edited it quickly to give it a more apoc look
  11. MG, HMG, MMG

    Are there some information about machine guns? I think that it would be awesome playing m249 or m60 in Escape from Tarkov. I know that balancing these guns would be hard but what do you think about it?
  12. I'm saving up alot of money. I am an experianced airsoft player. Been playing since the mid 2000's. I was looking at getting a WE Tech Scar-H but the damn retailer sold out of them. I would go Russian, but I need to create my NATO loadout. (M4's, M16's or any AR-15 in general is a NO go! AR-15's are for pleb's.) I wish someone would just make a gbb MPX...
  13. Hello devs, So here are my questions, If you buy a gun from the one of the traders is it possible to put some kind of ID tag on it to show the first person who owned it? Second is are we going to be able to "paint" our weapons? And are weapon malfunctions in the game yet? Thanks, Bret
  14. ak74M?

    first, before the mods think to move me to the weapons departament, this is suggestion in the game we have the ak74N and i did some research and discovered that the ak74n is a night version of the ak74m where u can put nightvision rails, ok but it can only be bought with a wood(with prapor in game) , looking like a .... idk ,like a civilian gun. so what i am propising is this picture here (dont look at the granade launcher this for a different post) i am proposing a ''military'' version of the ak74n that will be the ak74m . there is no night vision sight in this game so the capabilities of the guns will be the same, but the ak74m would come (without the gl) in a modern furniture , no rails (but you can change the dust cover , handguard or put a mount on it) and the only diference between all the combinations of the ak74n will be the handguard the handguard in the photo is the default ak74m handguard and we dont have it on the game yet. sure the price of the new ''milspec'' ak will be higher what about 2k rubels more than the default ak74n that prapor sells?
  15. AK-74N?

    I like to know why they chose this weapon and not go with the basic AK-74 or AKS-74? And I I read somewhere if you get all pieces for the AK-74M you can modify your AK-74N into AK-74M but will we see the weapon name change from AK-74N into AK-74M or It will remain the same? And for those who do not know what I'm saying ther is several variants of the classic AK-74. Most known variants of these weapons are: *AKS-74; is a variant of the AK-74 equipped with a side-folding metal shoulder stock *AK-74M; modernized variant of the AK-74 *AK-74N, AKS-74N; all this can be used in conjunction with NSPU and NSPU-3 scopes ( it is a night vision scope) *AK-100 series ty for your reply regard MBS
  16. Moin. Ich bin mir Zwar Fast Schon sicher das mich die Antwort Enteuchen Wird aber ich gehe einmal mit Optimismus an die sache heran doch bevor ich zum eigentlichen thema komme muss ich ein bis 2 dinge anmerken. (btw entschuldigt die rechtschreibung. ich bin seit 19 stunden wach und versuch das hier über ein miniatur hendy zu tippen.) Wie dem auch sei. Ich selber liebe es ein scharfschütze zu sein,und damit meine ich nicht die "MLG Bla Bla bla " Variante die wir aus cod ect kennen. ich liwbe es stunden lang in einer ecke zu sitzen und auf mein ziel zu warten nur um dan den perfeckten schus zu setzen. dieses gefühl hat mir bis jetzt noch kein spiel wirklich vermitteln können. bis auf EFT. ich muss leider auch zuceben das ich bis jetzt nur PVE gespielt habe...und das habe ich geliebt. doch leider wurde ja jetzt die option geld zu farmen wen man offline spielt entfernt. was mich nun interesirt ist volgendes. Weis jemand ob es einen PvE modus im Volendeten spiel geben wird (hust wo ich meine preorder bonuse nicht verlire hust) wo ich nach beliben campen darf und meine "Beute" mit nemen darf. ich persönlich mus sagen das ich offline bis her 20× mehr spaß hatte alls online. ich meine ich verstehe das spieler so enorm geld machen können aber wie wird das dan im final build des ganes aussehen? ich hoffe irgent wer von euch kann mir da weiterhelfen. in diesem sinne Lg D.
  17. AK-109 Real or fake?

    I can't find much info about this gun only (photoshopped?) pictures. Please post more info you find any.
  18. Adding more end-game weapons(continued)

    this is a continuation of my first poll about more weapons.( find it in my profile)
  19. Shell casings being visible

    I think it would be a great add to show the shell casings on the ground. Not only would it look cool but it would also be able to tell a player who came later to the scene of what happened here and there maybe some loot or it would be a good place to stay away from. I doubt it would take much to do this. But just a suggestion.
  20. Guns!

    So guys as guns are a huge part of this game and i'm sure there are plenty of gun enthusiasts in this community i was curious as to whether or not any of you out there are guns owners and if you are what guns do you own? I myself currently own a mossberg 500, a gsg 522 and a M&P 15. I don't have any pictures of mine right now but plan to upload some. I'd love to see some pictures of your guys builds!
  21. IWI X95

    Can you put this gun in the game <3 i feel like it would fit the game nicely
  22. Dummy guns

    Hi gents and ladies... Does anyone knows where i could buy a dummy gun looking like this in UK ??
  23. 50 BMG

    I was just wondering if the devs are planning to add large caliber weapons, like the 50 BMG. @Kiba_Stream
  24. Какое оружие вы собираетесь использовать в ЕФТ? Почему? Какое оружие вы ждете? Какой стиль игры вам ближе? Ваш опыт игры в подобные проекты (Типа Arma, DayZ, Stalker, Survarium)?
  25. Just found this, nicely done: Tarkov, guns what : we know so far!