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Found 21 results

  1. New hack? (possibly?)

    I was fully geared on a factory pvp run, I do these all the time. after shooting a player i was looting his body and i heard a taunt coming from below me. I was outside the PVE spawn, and not near the underground tunnels. I walked around trying to locate it when a player popped out of no where with nothing but a 3M body armour, a knife and a pilgrim bag. At first i thought he was a fresh spawn who'd luckily stolen some loot and was just messing with me. But he stood in front of me doing the Q E friendly dance, I unloaded an entire AKM mag into him and he taunted and disappeared. He flew through the wall behind me. I ran towards him and confirmed he had done this. I immediately thought "Oh poo." So I ran to the exit point as he flew behind me hitting the walls and floor with a knife. He wasn't aggressive, he never attacked. He was a troll, or someone just out for a laugh, maybe even a Dev? Thought i should bring this to the communities attention in case there is a new cheat/hack for EFT. I didnt record or screenshot as i was too busy trying to run and save my gear.
  2. Isn't this a hack??

    My friend and I encounter a hacker, twice in a game. Same day. There's no way he got us with a shotgun that far. My friend saying "I got shot on the chest" while we were crossing the main storage yard. Anyone else experiencing this??
  3. 今天我们4个人进工厂拾荒者模式,遇到一个外挂。他的ID是********。 他每枪都能直接Headshot 并且我们在地道隐蔽处的队友不也能被他Headshot. 希望能引起官方的重视。
  4. hacker found Caught a hacker, killed three of my buds in the same way but from longer range with a pistol and his name was hidden at the end........prolly cant ban him or anything but there has to be a way to make sure his name appears so he can be banned at the end at least.........thanks
  5. where do I report players?

    deployed in factory with full fort and an mp5 silenced with a eotech and started hearing individual silenced shots and my unarmored friend dropped and asked if I shot him. I then died, then my other armored friend said he just died. I guess someone named t-hunna was exploiting and headshotting everyone in factory. Rip full fort, hate hackers and they almost make me regret spending 150 dollars just to put up with them. Edit: we spawned in an empty tunnel corner mind you
  6. Guy Admitted To Hacking

    I don't know where I should post this but a guy admitted to hacking in Global Chat asking if anyone wanted him to spawn guns for them. His name is CraxzyLegit
  7. Reporting aimbotter

    named in Factory. shot down 4-5 people including me with just a pistol using a glitch to make it fire rapidly and shot us all in the head without a single sign of Recoil to his gun and new where we were coming from instantly. Cheating hacker, with aimbot.
  8. War das ein Cheater ?!

    Hallo hatte heute dieses Erlebnis auf der Factory?! War das ein Monster Desync oder ein Cheater ?
  9. The Cheater Battle Wages On!

    Good Day, Escapers! The outcry has not gone unheard. Our every wish is to keep cheaters on the run, never giving them a moment to rest. Let their black hearts pound with every kill they make, knowing, it may be their last. You will not hear us coming, you will not see our hand, but you will feel the hammer. We are pleased to announce that over 400 cheaters have met their end in Tarkov. Give these poor souls a round of applause, and bid them good riddance! You will never again bask in the warm sun of Tarkov. Let us prostrate ourselves before the mighty BSG, in thanks for their righteous judgment! The French translation is here. Thanks to Emissary @AGN_YuD The Italian translation is here. Thanks to Emissary @baggio The Chinese translation is here. Thanks to Emissary @Hazel The German translation is here. Thanks to Emissary @ramjid The Japanese translation is here. Thanks to Emissary @GirafucusMD
  10. So this guy was flying around customs with a top tier vest and tripack full of nades, throwing them at players. I managed to get cover in a container and dodge him until he eventually blew himself up with the nades! Seriously devs, please do something about the flying hacks! We've been seeing this more and more often in the past week.
  11. Hacker in factory.

    Reporting a hacker that was in Factory, Using a TT pistol and was with 2 others who were not hacking. name was Marcelo_1979, sadly I do not have any video evidence, All I have is my aftermath report which shows I did a total of 58565 damage. Yes I did kill his two friends and wasted a full 60 round mag into the hacker himself but there should be no way that the amount of damage done between two players would equal to the amount shown.
  12. Can you please ban this guy

    This guy is blatantly hacking, I know there is a lot of desync going on but typically you can tell their is some when you loot and so forth but here i looted an ak no issues and flanked on 2 players when i killed one the other teleported until he had a shot on me. Video evidence here-
  13. Cheater

    This guy hack on Woods,kill my entire squad with one single shot 2 times. at 10:25 pm / 28/08
  14. Hacker cliped

    Here is a clip a clear hacker comming under the floor Can u do something about this kind of player... They ruin the game
  15. Every one be careful a hacker just took out 5 of us he was flying then just murdered us. He was a scav on customs so had no name. All that gear we lost
  16. Hacker took out whole squad

    Hacker named fuztov took out a whole squad with a hatchet, no where near anyone, through walls and on different parts of the map.
  17. Hacker ???

    Sorry if it not the right forums but did not know were to put it. but i think this guy is a hacker
  18. hi i was just killed by a hacker and i would like to report him his name is tedusmc and wiped me and 3 other people i was playing with at the time.
  19. Hello dear Battlestate Games Team, So first i would recommend this game... Its very very nice to play and i had lots of fun with my friends! But since today my fun and my love to this game is gone... But WHY??? 1. HACKERS Was in a round with 4 mates of me all with silenced M4A1s. We were in a fight on Shoreline for the Gasstation. Won the fight laied down. 1 of us was running in the Gasstation allready. The other 3 would follow him... BUT ohh all 3 DEAD. 1 Person was shooting us with a pistol in 3 seconds and 3 bullets ALL HEADSHOT. We were all distributed to 50 meters... Then he looted us was going to the Gasstation and killed our last standing mate... Pls do something against this ! We had this for like 6 Raids today. God Mode seems like possible too! 2. Desyncs Today it was not possible for us to play together. Because we were never there for our mates where we said. So we were on our own. You could not find your friends anymore. And when I saw someone, he could not tell me if he is the person i see. 3.Scavs As a Scav you are often killed by other players who camp the escape. 4.Scavs (KI) I'm glad the scavs are not as hard as they used to be. But you still get headshots from high distance. In addition, they can shoot through walls and see better through bushes. 5.Camper I had 4 rounds today, where I was already dead after 15 seconds. And my raid partners also. Why is it possible to see a player before he can react at all? 6. Speak- or TalkSystem It is simply not possible to talk with strangers and for example "I am friendly" to scream. I played with strangers who wanted to show me the map Customs. And I could not tell them I was thirsty. So I died in the grass. The game is just cool. The graphics are great and the idea is awesome too! But there is still much to be done. Stay with it. Maybe my thread helps. And you make the game one of the best games ever. Best Regards Shleft
  20. This just happened: Was this person cheating, or was it something else? If he was cheating, where can I report? Didn't find a specific area in the Forums. Thanks!
  21. invisible player callled -snip-

    he kill me 2 times on Factory and he is invisible all time