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Found 8 results

  1. Hatchet Runners are Tanks?

    Why is it, that i can kill the first guy who was clearly wearing a PACA within the first 5 - 6 shots, But then his annoying little hatchling friend ducking Tanks 2 shots at first, then later takes 3 more than just after that takes 5 more? What the duck is this? why are they so resistant to bullet damage? But when I wear a Kiver & PACA i can die instantly in one shot?
  2. No keeping melee after death

    If we remove the ability to respawn with the melee weapon you have the hatchling race should die off! The EOD people should either be able to claim one through a trader with no cooldown or buy them off a trader, but if its made so the people who naked run have to buy the weak knives instead of the OP hatchets it should drive them to actually play with guns and try to play the game instead of running around factory at the speed of light whacking everyone who wants to have good fun shooting at eachother, Instead they get dinked out in one little slice of a hatchet.

    I personally have observed that the hatchets and the people who come completely ungeared with them only.... are unstoppable murder machines, especially on factory... HERE I AM, Basic AVS with 4 30 round 5.45 mags with an ak-47n with nice scope set to full auto. I take this loadout onto factory to encounter hatchlings EVERYWHERE. I run into one on the stairs to office... he died fast.... lucky me... a second later another one pops up so I bolt out in hopes I get a full mag... I turn and dump 30 ROUNDS INTO HIS CHEST WHEN HE HAS NO ARMOR... he keeps running... so I bolt again reloading once more... TO TURN AROUND AND DUMP 25 MORE INTO HIM BEFORE HE 2 HITS ME WITH HIS FLIMSY CHOPPER!... I mean seriously why use expensive/nice gear when I can just HATCHET it up? HATCHETS NEED A NERF OR make it so hatchets are lost on death!!!
  4. Fear Itself

    This has happened to me, so many damn times. Minding my own business, when some maniac comes sprinting from the bushes without a scream or a cry, just cold and hard determination. The cold dead look in his eyes as he takes round after round to the chest, somehow living simply because he is zig-zagging better than Rickon Stark ever could. All I see is my life flash before my eyes as my 8 bullet pistol, which I worked so hard for, clicks after firing... 8 rounds. "Nothing personal, kid" he says, as he plunges his Edge of Darkness edition axe into my chest twice, and I fold like a lawn chair as I drop to the ground. Seriously though, sometimes I never even hear their footsteps or the swing of their axe and I just fall over randomly in a match. #ineversawhimcoming #droppedintothedust #heresjohnny
  5. Why You cheeky little

    Lol you never would of guessed, I certainly didn't gave me the scare of my life though, T-bagged for tossing a nade, you cheeki little breeki lol
  6. Hatchet Run Changes

    I have been thinking about a way to help limit the number of hatchet warriors in EFT. What if they add a cool-down of 3-5 minutes that would begin after the end of a raid when a player enters with just a knife/hatchet? This way players won't be able to spam hatchet runs back to back. However, if a player is in need of money or does not have a weapon, they could use the hatchet run to either make money by looting items to sell or if they are skilled/lucky are able to kill a scav/pmc for their weapon(s). What are everyone's thoughts? Note: I am writing this as a player that doesn't mind hatchet runs. I just want to encourage other players to bring out their gear more often during raids.
  7. Hatchet violence

    Seriously guys could we just stop the immediate Hatchet on Hatchet violence? We are all trying to get some loot be a bit nicer!
  8. Remove Hatchets from the game.

    I can't count how many times I've brought guns into a raid, only to be killed by a maniac with a hatchet that kills me in one swing. Even if I do kill the hatchet wielding maniac, he loses absolutely nothing. It's simply stupid and infuriating, also I can't do it because I didn't get edge of darkness.