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Found 47 results

  1. Launcher issue

    After updating my game in the launcher, i started getting this problem in the launcher. the game is not running in the background at all when i start my launcher yet it still says it's in game and i cant actually start the game because of it. please help?
  2. Quest Mega Thread

    Where do people find the pocket watch for one of Prapor's quests? Thx.
  3. Tips on actually extracting

    How can you learn where extraction points are I've been playing for about 10 hours and haven't extracted once because I can't figure out where they are. Everytime I just kinda wandered over to where I think the points are with full gear and then I die and lose everything.
  4. Hello, haven't played for a while I am an Alpha Tester, do I need to reinstall the Game so the Beta runs? The Alpha Launcher has no connection and cant update. I would like my keybindings etc. to stay the same, if I can't update - where are the Config files i need to copy? Thanks in advance Frizzant
  5. Set to the wrong region

    Hey. I set my profile to UK and I currently live there meaning I live in the EU however when opening the Tarkov launcher it sets my region to USA making my ping way too high to play. Any suggestions on how to change the region. I don't see why it set my region to USA. I don't live in the USA my account is set to the UK yet it is region set to USA Just what it shows:
  6. New player

    Hey there! I recently bought Escape From Tarkov and was wondering if I could join a clan/find someone to teach me practically how to play the game. I've played a variety of game like Tarkov before but the game mechanics of Tarkov feel foreign to me with the different Raid locations. If anyone could teach me how to play this game I would be grateful.
  7. Всем неравнодушным привет. Как один из первых участников ЗБТ. Скажу сразу проблемы то все теже! И перед тем как добавить, что то новое выведите игру на "ноль", сейчас просто наблюдая за стриммами и опять много негатива, эффект вау пропадает через неделю. А перед выпуском похожего проекта от студии ForOneGame, боюсь конкуренции. дабы проект не умер, предлагаю: 1. Уберите неадекватное раскачивание деревьев. 2. Поправьте гамму, похожа на детскую книжку 90ых годов. 3. Поправьте модели персонажей! Они похожи на модели из игры дум! 90ого года. 4. Ну про качество текстур в общем надеюсь рано говорить видимо просто бетта. 5. Добавьте нормальную физику тел это же так просто и физику для мелких предметов: ящики, корзин, шины и т.д. 6. Не забывайте про хардкор, который обещали в начале! Заражение! Радиация! Все умения и перки! И немного предложений из старого опыта: 1. Перенос тел убитых. 2. Командные бои/клановые бои с возможность аксессуаров типо кепок определенного цвета и так далее. 3. Открыл дверь ключом, закрой ключем что бы ни кто не открыл. 4. Чёрный рынок, торговля между игроками, но эти вещи нельзя застраховать например ну или регулировка цен пусть там будет ну или не напрямую а через бота. Кроме квестовых вещей ну понятно. * или покупка там возможна только за реал. 5. Кнопка быстрой игры после смерти: нажимаешь и попадаешь в игру с тем же снаряжением и на ту же локацию, фактический на новую но просто та же. 6. Замки которые можно открыть только перебором, что бы в них самый топчик или квестовые вещи лежали, что бы у игроков был смысл идти именно туда и бороться за крестовую вещь. 7. Естественно радио подрывная взрывчатка или растяжки там, светошумовые. И средства борьбы: кусачки там и все такое. 8. Возможность бить прикладом. 9. Анимация движений типо танца чисто по фану )) 10. Улучшенная статистика в общем и более полная статистика: был убит в голову, попал а артерию. Удачной игры.
  8. Hello peeps. So I want preface this by saying I got all level 4 traders and am lvl 36, so I have been playing for a long time. Today was the first time I realized that this was really a bug or issue and haven't found a forum post that resolves it or even confirms that other people are having it. So I might be the only one. Basically my Special Action Modifier [default = ctrl key] is not working at all ingame. I know it recognizes it because in chat i can use ctrl-c and ctrl-v plus i can unbind it and rebind it. However it does not work in game for some damn reason. I cannot use CTRL-T or CTRL-RMB to toggle LAZERS or SIGHTS. Before i had lazer sights and when trying to toggle them it wouldn't work and I thought, "O well, guess its a bug" but now that I'm trying to get hybrid far/short range sights I realized that it also doesn't work and its a huge issue.... Has anyone encountered this or know of steps to troubleshoot this. I have tried to bind it to something else but to no avail... I cannot understand what would cause this issue for me uniquely. Like I said, it works everywhere (in-game other games) except when I am actually in a session with a gun in hand Please help Thx in advance.
  9. Willing to help new players

    I know my way around this game pretty well now and would be willing to help people struggling, not understanding or who just want to play with good people. (USEC)(ENG) Add me on discord: Wacko#4924 I'm willing to play the game most of the time
  10. Discord Server for EFT Help & Info

    Hello, I made this server for Rookies and Vets alike can ether find help or give it. This is a NO Judgement zone where players can have fun and learn the game. I am working on having the most and easiest to understand loot and call out maps. Plus other useful tips and info to turn you from prey to predator. Feel free to message me or join the room I'm in for some in game help.
  11. Stuck in reconnect screen

    My friend and I were playing Scav on Shoreline. The server crashed and we decided to just try and reconnect. When his didn't work I just decided to back out as well. We both got stuck in confirm leave screen afterward. No matter how many time we tried to confirm, it would not go back to the original home screen. Please help me
  12. Moin zusammen, ich habe gerade nach langem wieder versucht EFT zu zocken. Leider habe ich ein gewaltiges Problem. Sobald ich in einer Runde bin bsp. Factory dann schnellt mein Ping bis auf 1500ms hoch. In der Lobby ist jedoch alles schick und liegt dort bei etwa 80ms. Das macht es mir unmöglich das Spiel zu spielen. Hat jemand vielleicht eine Idee woran es liegen könnte evtl gleich mit Lösungsvorschlag? Danke!
  13. Im getting backend error, black screen when i die, cant load into the title screen after i die...ect.
  14. AK-74u problem

    Seems i am having an odd glitch where i cannot equip the cobra mounting bracket and optic on my ak-74u. i have done it before.... anyone else having a similiar problem? am i just playing with the wrong model? missing a step?
  15. Traders Stuck

    Hello I have an issue where Prapor is stuck. Im trying to level him up, but its stuck, whenever i spend money/sell the ''money spent'' doesnt go up... its just stuck at the same number... anyone know how to fix? EDIT: I just realized its all of the traders not just him
  16. Crafting MP5 trouble

    So i bought all the pieces to craft the HK MP5 i followed the pieces on the prebuilt one from peace keeper and every item is identical except the stock. however none of the items will attach themselves!! please help if you guys have any suggestions, Thank you
  17. Hello, kinda new to the game and while getting past the usual frustrations that I hope the dev team is working on, there are a few things that I wish were better explained in tutorials or somewhere else. I will list these out in a list format so it will hopefully be easier to answer so those like me looking for these answers can finally know what we are doing wrong: 1. When playing Scav mode, what is the true purpose behind it? Are you playing to hunt other PMC's or are you grabbing quick loot while shooting other Scavs? Every time I join in a game, I either get lucky and spawn alone or I immediately find myself in a gunfight with those I thought should be on my team. 2. When using Scav mode, what is the best way to gain XP, and does it transfer to main character when earning XP? I understand that playing as Scav is a great way to gather loot when you have sold or lost all your equipment, but I am trying to level my character and traders. To do so I need character level so I want to squeeze every bit in that I can. However, if XP does not transfer, I will be a little disappointed in wasting my time with it. 3. When playing as a PMC, what is the best way to maximize earning XP without cheesing the game? I know this is a debatable topic, but I try to at least give those in my faction a chance to be friendly, but killing them gives a lot of XP. I try to go on bigger maps like 'customs' and 'woods' but after spending my time looting, desync hits so hard that defending myself from NPC's is nearly impossible (another issue I hope they are working on). So in the current state of the game, I want to know what the best way to go about leveling up and boosting trader attitudes is without burning my own faction's players or running hatching on factory. 4. What is the best way to level your skills. I see that we have access to 6 or 8 skills with general descriptions of what they are, but I have zero idea how to actually level them up and keep them from dropping in level. This would be a major game changer for me so I don't aimlessly try to figure these out. 5. Last one. I know that they spoke about possibly adding colored bands on arms to help groups identify each other, but I am curious if anyone knows if they will be instituting the ability to wear different colored clothes or putting big emblems on your sleeves so that you don't have to play the wiggle lottery to find your friends. I think it would be a great idea to institute the ability to wear matching shirts and pants so players know who your friends are. I appreciate anyone that would help this noob out as I am trying to enjoy this game with every fiber of my being through the problems currently felt in the beta's current state. The more info anyone is willing to offer me I would gladly accept as I want to "git gud" and hopefully help other players down the line. As a side note, if anyone who is good at this game and has time to play with me and help me understand the game, or is looking for a friend to game up with, my in game name is OumaShu. I would love to shadow someone as they show me the ins and outs of this game, or run along side someone else who is also trying to learn this game. Hopefully this thread was within the bounds of the forums rules, as I didn't see any posts talking about starter information or answers to the questions above. Thanks for reading my entire essay and I hope to hear some feedback soon.
  18. I've tried loading into both shorelines and forest, and on both occasions, several times to make sure it wasnt just a one time issue, the game freezes as the ambient music changes to white noise, and then I get an error code saying the game crashed. I'm trying to reinstall now, so hopefully that will help. If not, if someone else has had this issue, can you give me a hand? edit: here's a picture of the crash report if it helps.
  19. Antialiasing Question

    I have recently bought Escape from Tarkov and have realized that AA is disabled. I have all my settings completely maxed out and my game still looks worse than many youtube videos that YouTubers make of the game. While watching their videos the game looks more cinematic as well as it looks like it has AA. Does anyone know how I can enable AA or use a third party program to do so? For Example: His grass and trees are much more smooth without any flickering, my grass and tree are jagged and they flicker. Overall the objects in his game are much more smooth, It seriously looks like he has something that is giving him AA. I have a Nvidia GTX 1060 6GB.
  20. failure to receive profile data

    Upon loading the game I am greeted with a screen that says failure to receive profile data

    [Error] : Could not load traders: Backend error: Backend error: Couldn't connect to server [Error] : Backend error - url:, error: Couldn't connect to server Traders wont load at all. They don't even show up. I've tried restarting and nothing is wrong with MY connection. My friend can use the market just fine
  22. Just upgraded to Prepare for Escape!

    So I just upgraded and I have seen people saying you have to reset user profile. Do I have to do this? I have made a fair bit of progress and have a full stash currently with a decent level and I don't want to lose this. Does anyone know if I will receive my upgrades or do I HAVE to reset. Thank you, Scottish.

    I'm trying to find some people I can play this with add me on discord if you'd want to play Bad_Luck_Roy#1611. I'm trying to get better loot and a good squad to play with hmu asap!
  24. As I said in the title. The title is the error message, but I paraphrased a little because I got mad and kinda forgot what it said lol. Before this error, I got one scav run in, which was glitchy and didnt let me aim??? Then when I tried to reinsert I kept getting "Backend error" or something like that. I closed the game and relaunched 2 or 3 times, then I was apparently joining a a raid while still being on the home screen? IDRK Fam im just tryin to loot up lol Thanks for any help guys (Feel free to move topic to a new thread or something)
  25. What am I supposed to do?

    Ok I seriously need help because I am starting to get incredibly frustrated with the game. How am I supposed to get some loot or even finish a raid? I get only a pistol (I have only two left) and nothing else. Server is full of people equiped with AKs or shotguns against which I have absolutely no chance. I several times had an advatange that I aimed at someone who did not know about me and fired several times, nothing happened and again I got killed by one shot. People are killing on sight. ALWAYS, no exceptions. I am getting kos even when I obviously have only knife and nothing else. AI is incredibly strong, so meeting pretty much anyone in raid means most certainly death as I have either Makarov or knife. Let's say if I was an average player and I met 3 players during the raid it's very unlikely that I will finish it. Even if I did I will have no gear because I don't have a backpack and I never found another one. So currently I: - have no resonable weapons - lost everything - have no backpack so I can't get loot - have no chance to finish any raid. In it's current state the game is incredibly frustrating and filling me with desperation. I hardly try to like the game, but this just feels so ... pointless. What do I do?